Hexoskin Smart Shirt Monitors Your Health

As a race, we seem drawn to making things smarter, from self-driving cars to watches designed to interact with our mobile phones. One thing that everything from smart watches to phones includes on an all too regular basis is health apps, tracking everything from your steps for the day and calories burned to your heartbeat and temperature. Hexoskin is known for their smart clothing, with you now being able to go so far as buying a smart shirt.

Hexoskin offers everything from men and women’s tank tops to long sleeve shirts, all with the added bonus of being made from lightweight, stretchy and breathable materials. With each top containing a small zipped pocket for you to connect up the battery to the shirt, the tops look all but identical to the same thing you would already wear when you hit the gym. With 14 hours of monitoring from a single charge, and 150 hours of standby you could easily get a few days of heavy exercise before having to plug in the battery pack. With sensors to monitor heart rates and your breathing rate, you may find out something useful when you start using the Hexoskin top, but at $399 for a single shirt, battery pack, Bluetooth sensors and a charging cable

With 14 hours of monitoring from a single charge, and 150 hours of standby you could easily get a few days of heavy exercise before having to plug in the battery pack. With sensors to monitor heart rates and your breathing rate, you may find out something useful when you start using the Hexoskin top, but at $399 for a single shirt, battery pack, Bluetooth sensors and a charging cable, it probably isn’t something you’ll be filling your wardrobe with.

With companies looking for more and more ways to help us do everything from exercising to taking out the rubbish, it comes as no surprise that the sensors could help you find out something quite useful during your exercises, sadly though the price will probably put off more people than it will attract.

Alphacool Announces Eisdecken Top For D5 and DDC Pumps

Alphacool is one of the leading experts in water cooling and produces an impressive selection of enthusiast products including pumps, reservoirs, tubing, fluid and more! The latest addition to Alphacool’s extensive range is a TOP for the D5 and a similar product designed to use with the DCC pump. Also, the company has launched a reservoir which accompanies either of the new TOPs remarkably well. Furthermore, the reservoir has been designed to maximize compatibility with smaller cases and measures 3.3 cm for the D5 and 12.1 cm for the DCC.

The TOPs contain easy-to-mount screwable feet, and come in Acetal or Plexi options. Also, it’s even possible to add up to four LEDs on the Plexi addition to create a more ostentatious visual design.

Here is the specification list in full:

Eisdecke TOP DDC Version Acetal/Plexi Version

  • dimensions: 80 x 80 x 23mm
  • Thread: 5 x 1/4″
  • material: Acetal or Plexi

Eisdecke TOP D5 Variante Acetal/Plexi Version

  • dimensions: 80 x 80 x 40mm
  • Thread: 5 x 1/4″
  • material: Acetal or Plexi

Accessories for both versions

  • 2x stands
  • 3x locking srews 1/4″
  • screws for mounting

Eisdecke reservoir

  • dimensions: 80 x 80 x 45mm
  • capacity: max. 123ml
  • Thread: 1x 1/4″
  • Material: Plexi


  • 1x Bubble Down
  • screws for mounting

German Smartphone: Linshof i8 with 80GB of Storage

Equipped with a 5-inch 1080P screen, utilizing super AMOLED IPS technology and with 80GB of internal storage – this German smartphone offering by Linshof is named the i8 and seems to be one of the first top-notch smartphone offerings out of this country.

Reports claim that there will be two produced models of this phone, both featuring 80GB of storage. This storage offering is reportedly designed in the form of a 64GB memory chip added into the device alongside an additional 16GB memory chip. This is said to not only provide more storage, but also faster transfer speeds – something we haven’t really seen before offered commercially, thus we are interested in seeing the release results.

This phone will come pre-installed with Android 5.0, using Linshof’s own “hardware acceleration” user interface which looks somewhat similar to that of a Windows OS phone –  this is due to it’s ‘panel’ like design.

Alongside the 1080p display, the i8 will be complete with a 3100mAh battery, GPS support, Blutooth 4.0, an electronic compass, gyroscope and 3D support. This comes alongside HDMI 1.4 support, NFC connectivity and WiFi/LTE (4G) capabilities.

Expected to be released to the public for $380 US, this product is priced extremely competitively into the market and is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2015. Alongside the i8 release, there’s an expected upcoming tablet release predicted.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more product release information.

Image and information courtesy of Chiphell and ITHome

Intel Announce 10nm Chips Capabilities and Release Plans

We reported early in 2014 of Intel’s 14nm “Fab 42” plant remaining closed and the rumors surrounding 10nm chip manufacturing that came with it – from recent reports it now seems like it’s a a reality.

As IBM and NVIDIA have teamed up to win the next generation of top-level US government supercomputers, Intel is not to be left in the dust. After 50 years of global supercomputing, the Intel platform occupies a massive 85.5% of all machines, with a reported 97% ownership in new age systems. Today, Intel have announced the details of some of their planning in high-performance computing.

The announcements have come to us thanks to CNBeta and Chiphell, these are listed in dot point form as:

  • The third-generation Xeon Phi family, codenamed “Knights Hill”, will use Intel’s 10nm process. This is the first publicly identified 10nm product, as well as Intel Omni-Path fiber optic interconnection technology. Intel’s upcoming second generation “Knights Landing” will be the first commercial system set to debut early next year.
  • The industry’s interest in Xeon Phi is more concentrated. There are already a large number of customers looking to order Knights Landing, of which more than 50 percent will use the processor version, and the rest set to utilize the PCI-E accelerator card version. The total computing capacity is said to contain more than 100 PFlops (10 quadrillion floating-point calculations).
    NOTE: Using the Intel Xeon Phi to accelerate your system is done through a PCI-E expansion card, this card must be used with Xeon processors and can only be used as a coprocessor. The next generation will have separate processor and coprocessor versions.
  • Knights Landing’s latest implementations include: Los Alamos, Sandia Supercomputers “Trinity”, the US Department of Energy National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) ultra-count “Cori”, Earth Science Enterprise DownUnder GeoSolutions, large-scale cooperation projects in SGI and the National Supercomputer Center IT4 Innovations projects in Europe (to deploy large clusters).
  • Omni-Path Interconnect architecture with provides 100 Gbps of bandwidth, fiber-optic switching and medium-sized clusters. Comparing this to the now popular InfiniBand, latency can be reduced up to 56%. The product architecture will use a 48 switch chip, in comparison to InfiniBand using up to only 36.
  • Intel Fabric Builders project has started, created based on the ecosystem Omini-Path. The Intel Parallel Computing Center also announced their expansion will be the construction of 40 facilities in 13 countries and regions.
  • Intel Enterprise Edition for Lustre v2.2 has been scheduled for release.

That’s quite a lot of information to take in one hit, so we will continue to report on this as the story develops. We’re sure that Intel will now sit down and take a look at these siz points one by one in the near future, so help keep it streamlined and easy to track for consumers.

Image courtesy of Chiphell

‘Serial’ Becomes a World-Class Podcast

The popular podcast was born ‘Serial‘ as a user report of a lengthy criminal investigation. In 1999, a school girl was murdered with her ex-boyfriend being sent to jail for the crime. Dedicated to the cause, Serial is still analyzing this case on a week-by-week basis and has become of one of the most downloaded podcasts available online.

Based around the accused, Adnan Syed, Serial explains of his life sentence which is currently being serves in Maryland correctional facility for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Haw Min Lee. After a lengthy search for her body, it was established that her murder was conducted on the 13th of January, 1999. The Serial podcast was kicked off by Sarah Koeing, a journalist who was asked by a family friend to look at the case at hand – later becoming her obsession and turning into a weekly podcast for her to share her thoughts, discoveries and theories.

15 years since her tragic death, we’re now eight episodes into the series -which became the fastest podcast to hit 5 million downloads and streams on iTunes in history. Serial is now ranked one of the top offerings among iTunes’ 285,000 podcasts and 9.2 million episodes currently available for the consumer.

Podcasts are an ‘old technology’ that seemingly still has it place in our society – much alike radio. Whether you’re sitting on the train or driving to work, there’s no easy way you can sit down and watch a TV – so why not load up an interesting cast? we’ve heard that Serial will provide you with much better entertainment that your general murder-mystery fictional series, providing the listener with a connection to the people, places and things that occur within.

Image courtesy of Gizmodo

Disney Research Creates Impossible Spinning Tops

It isn’t easy to get an uneven object to spin, at least not for very long. We’ve all tried spinning our pen or what else is around us while on the phone or other down times. Disney Research employees must have done the same.

They have come up with a solution to make pretty much any shape spin stable for a longer period of time using 3D-printing technology. The idea behind it is, that if you have near-perfect control of the distribution of mass in an object, you can control its centre of gravity.

Using the knowledge of physics and just the right materials, Disney is able to 3D-print spinning-tops in pretty much any shape they can think of. In the demonstration video we see everything from spinning teapots, elephants, action figures and dancing Buddha’s.


The technique is quite impressive, and it isn’t hard to imagine how this will be turned into profit by the Cartoon giant. Sadly, it doesn’t look like any of the toys demonstrated in the video are going to be released for us to play with, that dancing Buddha was kinda cool.

Thank you TechCrunch for providing us with this information.

Image and video courtesy of Disney.

Top 25 Passwords of 2013 Still Reveal Security Risk Concerns

It appears that not even 2013 has been a revelation for users to come up with better passwords. With all the cyber attacks and malware floating around, users are still inclined to use extremely simple passwords. According to a list from SplashData, users are as naive as ever, given the passwords found in use on some accounts.

The list has been compiled from the millions of stolen passwords last year that were ultimately made public. The list was heavily influenced by the massive Adobe breach in October which explains some of the newcomers and for the first time ever, “password” was dethroned as the most common password… by “123456.”

Here is a list of the weakest passwords found so far:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 12345678
  • qwerty
  • abc123
  • 123456789
  • 111111
  • 1234567
  • iloveyou
  • adobe123
  • 123123
  • admin
  • 1234567890
  • letmein
  • photoshop
  • 1234
  • monkey
  • shadow
  • sunshine
  • 12345
  • password1
  • princess
  • azerty
  • trustno1
  • 000000

Besides “adobe123” and “photoshop”, a top choice made by Adobe users has been also been in favour for the “123456” and “123456789” password formats. SplashData CEO Morgan Slain stated the fact that “adobe123” and “photoshop” on the Adobe website is a strong reminder that using your password as the name of the website or application you are accessing is not exactly a good idea.

Thank you Tech Spot for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of Tech Spot

Asus GeForce GTX 650 Ti TOP Graphics Card Winner Announced

Back in March we teamed up with Asus to give one lucky reader the chance to win an Asus GeForce GTX 650 Ti TOP graphics card and we had thousands of entries from all over the world, but sadly there can only be one winner.

We have now compiled all of the entries and picked a winner as Robin Wilson.

All winner(s) have been contacted by email requesting address details for your prize to be shipped out directly.

Eon Alter Set To Bring Tabletop To iOS

We have all been there, no matter if we are nerds or just the old school style of gamers where we have enjoyed, not the world we are in, but the one we can create in our minds. Tabletop was one of those things that was only really limited by what the mind could create. Sadly, as the computer world has grown, very few games offer such a wide social aspect that used to come with three or more people chilling around a table and then just “letting the dice roll”. There have been several attempts at making games that people feel they could become part of the world within, most of these were thrown under the title of “RPG” or “MMORPG” but none of them really came close, in my opinion, to what a tabletop game was all about.

With the introduction of the likes of iPhones and iPads, it seems that Apple would be interested to capture another gaming aspect that has since yet escaped them, who do they have to thank for this possible conquest? Eon Altar. What is this many of you cry! Well, I shall not tell you until you have a look at this gem of an introduction.


Eon Altar is about five months in the development line and it looks sweet already! This might be the thing that will encourage me to actually go for an iPhone, even if I feel like I’m following a trend. The game itself is very close to a typical RPG with a set of styles and the like, but I can see coming from a vast amount of modding, expansions and holy heck was that a walking tiger?! But anyways, I digress. I personally find the game to be very promising and the fact that it is almost a local LAN party right there on your phone it seems to me that this would show the way towards something beautiful. I’ll keep you posted! That is for sure!

SourceEon Alter