Zotac Tease a 5-Fan NVIDIA GTX 960

Zotac is not exactly the company to stick to general design conventions, with stylish hugging cooling shrouds and lashings of carbon fibre look materials, they know how to make a card that appeals to the enthusiast market.

In their latest teaser, it seems that the Zotac boffins have taken a humble GTX 960 and added their AMP! cooling solution to it, but that wasn’t enough. They cut down the shroud and added another TWO fans; they may only be 60mm, but dedicated rear PCB cooling can only mean a good thing right? The PCB features excellent VRAM and support Zotac’s own OC+ external overclocking module design; this new card has been dubbed the GTX 960 TOP-X and will feature within the Gamer Force series.

It’s unclear whether this will be based on the AMP! PCB and features, but this card is reportedly capable of a core clock of around 1,500MHz, which isn’t something to be sniffed at.

Zotac have created this ‘overpackaged’ card to attract the price conscious buyers, who look for the most bang for buck purchase. Sadly this would be limited to the Greater China region, so seeing this card in Europe or America would be a rare thing, at least for now.

Would you be interested in buying this particular model of the Zotac family if it does become available in your market? I would love to get my hands on one; see how the acoustics stack up compared to others.

Thank you to TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.