Bug Found in The Division That Lets Players do Unlimited Damage

Tom Clancy’s The Division has enjoyed enormous popularity since its release, despite the almost constant existence of issues that have plagued players. Now, a new exploit has been found in the shooter that effectively breaks the game by allowing players to do potentially unlimited damage, making PvE trivial and destroying the PvP ‘Dark Zone’ areas.

The bug is based around the use of the “competent” talent, which boosts damage output after another ability is triggered. This can be found on a number of weapons, but can most easily be gotten from a high-end AK-74 purchasable at a special gear vendor at the Base of Operations. With this (or another qualifying weapon) all you have to do is switch back and forth between the gun and any other weapon for some time causing competent’s DPS boost to stack on each switch. After switching the weapons for a number of minutes, the damage boost becomes enormous, capable of temporarily boosting damage by as much as 10 times over, with Youtuber Simplified showing his weapon going from 10,000 damage per shot to 100,000 with the talent active.

This bug has enormous potential for abuse in both PvE and PvP, with players able to kill difficult bosses with relative ease and effortlessly kill any player who crosses them with a single shot. While PvE uses of the exploit have relatively low impact on other players, this bug may drive many out of the PvP Dark Zone areas for fear they will be killed with ease by users of the exploit. It isn’t just the competent talent with the issue either, with players reporting a number of other pieces of equipment are able to stack their talent activations by swapping it on and off making players able to earn millions of credits for a single headshot, amongst other things.

It is reasonable to assume that Ubisoft will be giving abusers of this exploit the same treatment as in the past, with many people likely to face a ban should they have been found to be using the glitch. How long it will remain unpatched though still remains to be seen, but there may be a distinct drop off in players in the PvP zones until a hotfix is released.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Was More Popular Than Black Ops for a Moment

Tom Clancy’s The Division has attracted a lot of attention, with it making a staggering $330 million during release week alone. With such high levels of sales is it really any surprise that the game became the most popular title on Xbox one?

The Division has risen to the most popular title on Xbox One, knocking off Activision’s call of Duty: Black Ops III, a favourite for many games and a series that seems to claim the most popular title every year when the next in the series releases. With no exact numbers, it’s hard to tell how much (or how little) the Division had overtaken Black Ops III but by the time, we managed to grab wind of this, Black Ops III had already regained its title, hinting that the competition is closer than people might expect. Thanks to VG247 for grabbing a shot of the Divisions title, shown below.

The Division doesn’t look to be slowing either, starting with its large opening week momentum, people are keen to see how the game progresses with patches being released regularly to deal with players troubles and issues in the game such as the inability for players in safe zones to even get a quest. You can see the current chart (as of 27th March 2016) below, showing that Call of Duty III is back at the top, but maybe for only a little while.

The Division is grabbing some help with mods, such as the SweetFX Mod responsible for turning the game into a 4K experience within the game. Are you a player of the Division? Is it worth the hype? Have you stopped playing it? Tell us about your experience with the game in the comments.

Steam Gives Ubisoft a Weekend of Discounts

It’s hard to argue when you look at Steam that it’s not the leading distributor of PC games, with its digital platform offering sales and protection for both creators and players of games. This weekend it’s Ubisoft’s turn with a weekend of discounts on all of their games.

Want to grab one of their new games? Why not try about Rainbow Six Seige at 33% off, costing you only £26.79, or how about going a bit Savage in Far Cry Primal for 20% off at £31.99.

Feel like you need something in between? Why not try out Assasin Creed Syndicate for 50% off for only £19.99! Enjoyed the game? Why not purchase the Season pass, which is also 50% off at £9.99.

With Far Cry 3 at 75%, Far Cry 4 at 50% off, the modern Far Cry games all call to be purchased. But what about the older ones? Don’t worry these are also on sale, with the original Far Cry coming in at only £1.74 (75% off) and Far Cry 2: Fortune’s Edition costing only £4.99 (50% off).

Want to play some classics, grab Rayman Legends for £3.99 at 75% off or race around in TrackMania United Forever Star Edition at only £9.99 (50% off).

Classic games like Rainbow Six 3 Gold, the Brothers in Arms Series and the Ghost Recon series are also included in the sale at 50% off.

With so many games to buy, check out the full list here and brace your wallets for a steep decline in funds.

*All prices were listed from the UK version of the site and were valid at the time of writing.

UPDATE: While the games themselves may be discounted at good prices, be wary of buying in bulk as the bundles seem to cost more than if you were to add and buy the games individually. For example, the Assassins Creed Pack will set you back £27.99 but the sale puts the contents of the bundle at only £21.98, something that Steam itself even picks up and tells you. It always helps to shop around, even during sales.

The Division Made $330 Million During Release Week

Video games are a big money earner for the companies that get them right, and in this case, it would appear that Ubisoft got it very right with the Division dwarfing expectations and netting $330 million during release week.

Working off the average price for the game (standard edition, physical and digital) at $60, that would equate to around 5.5 million copies sold alone during release, week surely to grow as patches and fixes appear for its numerous “bugs”. The calculated figure does include other editions, though, such as the gold edition which contains the game and the season pass alongside the exclusive “national guard” gear set.

While 5.5 million users may be off, it may not be as far off people think with the game reaching 1.2 million users concurrently online during the game’s launch weekend, and 100 million hours logged of playtime since its release.

With so many players lining up to help save New York from a pandemic devastated black Friday, it looks like the game could go for a while longer with players eagerly awaiting everything from the next fix to the next DLC.

Are you a member of the Divison? Have you enjoyed the game so far or did you get hit by the release day bugs? Tell us your stories in the comments below.

Ready To Enjoy The Division? Collisions Mean You May Have To Wait In Line

When a game releases, it has teething problems. These can be anything from the servers not having enough space to accommodate as many players that want to play the game at the same time, it can even be as simple as a bug that wasn’t found during production leading to the game crashing. Tom Clancy’s The Division has a different kind of problem, meaning that in order to enjoy the game, you may have to queue up.

Typically online games disable collision when you enter a “social area”. Given their focus and the number of players that gather in these areas, being boxed in and stuck by other players isn’t uncommon if the collision is enabled. The Division doesn’t disable this collision, which has resulted in some rather funny situations.

With players only able to receive quests from certain people, the Division has come up with an ingenious way of solving this problem. The solution would appear to just wait in a cue.

This is better than the alternative that some players have come up with. The alternative being that if they stand in a doorway, players are blocked from going in and out of the room.

As shown in the video, when players are inactive your character will perform jumping jacks, leaving you to experience the “jumping jacks nightmare” should a group of players decide that you need to stay put for a while.

The only current solution being that if you keep moving forward you’ll be able to pass through a player, however if people stack up (such as in the video below) you won’t be able to pass through them. It also doesn’t help if you need to stand still to receive your next quest update.

Enjoying the Division? Give us your thoughts on the game below.

EA Withdraws Ghost Trademark After Dispute With Ubisoft

Ghost Games, formally known as EA Gothenburg, is a video game developer based in Sweden and Romania. The studio is composed of 80 percent of the employees from iconic British company Criterion Games and produces the latest entries in the Need for Speed franchise. EA filed two trademarks for the term ‘Ghost’ (US Serial No. 86/568,852 and 86/568,854) upon its initial formation. However, Ubisoft wasn’t pleased by this move, and decided to launch a complaint in September last year. Only now, the lawsuit has come into effect, and Ubisoft claims the term ‘Ghost’ will be damaging to their business. The company provided a long list of reasons why they object to EA’s Ghost trademarks which reads:


Ubisoft Entertainment, a French corporation having a principal place of business at 107
Avenue Henri Freville, Rennes, France, and Ubisoft, Inc. (“Ubisoft”), a California corporation
having a principal place of business at 625 Third Street, San Francisco, California 94107, believe
they will be damaged by registration of the mark shown in Application Serial Nos. 86/568,852
and 86/568,854 (the “Applications”) and hereby oppose the same pursuant to the provisions of
15 U.S.C. § 1063. Ubisoft Entertainment and Ubisoft are collectively referred to as “Opposers.”

The grounds for opposition are as follows:

1. Opposer Ubisoft Entertainment is the parent company of Ubisoft. Therefore,
privity exists between Opposers. Both Ubisoft Entertainment and Ubisoft are video game
developers and publishers and also sell various products and services related to their video games
and entertainment services.

2. Since at least as early as 2001, Ubisoft has used the trademark GHOST RECON
in connection with video games and entertainment services in the nature of online video and
computer games. In addition to its longstanding common law trademark rights, Ubisoft owns
several incontestable federal registrations for marks comprising or containing the distinctive
GHOST RECON trademark, including the following trademarks:

[Several Ghost Recon trademarks listed in the filing omitted from here, check the link]

3. Ubisoft Entertainment also owns several federal registrations for marks
comprising or containing the distinctive GHOST RECON trademark, including the following

[Several Ghost Recon trademarks listed in the filing omitted from here, check the link]

Collectively, the marks that set forth in Paragraphs 2 and 3 are referred to as the GHOST
RECON marks.

4. Notwithstanding Ubisoft Entertainment’s and Ubisoft’s prior rights in the
GHOST RECON mark, on March 18, 2015, applicant Electronic Arts Inc. (“Applicant”) filed
two intent-to-use applications seeking to register the mark GHOST (“Applicant’s Mark”): one
was filed in connection with “Computer game software; Downloadable computer game software
via a global computer network and wireless devices; Video game software” in International
Class 9, which was designated 86/568,854, and the other one was filed in connection with
“Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game; Provision of information
relating to electronic computer games provided via the Internet” in International Class 41, which
was designated 86/568,852.

5. The Applications were published for opposition on August 4, 2015. Ubisoft
sought, and was granted, two extensions of time to oppose the Applications: one on September 2,
2015 and one on November 30, 2015. As a result, Opposers have until January 31, 2016 to
oppose the Application. Therefore, this Notice of Opposition is timely filed.

6. Opposers began using its GHOST RECON marks in connection with video games
and entertainment services long before Applicant filed the Applications on March 18, 2015 and
long before Applicant’s November 19, 2013 claimed date of first use.

7. Opposers’ common law and statutory priority dates precede the filing date of the
Application and, upon information and belief, any priority date upon which Applicant may rely.

8. Opposers have priority over Applicant.

9. Prior to filing the Applications, Applicant had constructive knowledge of
Opposers’ GHOST RECON marks given Opposers’ federal registrations set forth above.

10. The goods and services identified in the Applications, namely “Computer game
software; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless
devices; Video game software” and “Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line
computer game; Provision of information relating to electronic computer games provided via the
Internet” are identical and highly related to the goods and services offered by Opposers in
connection with the GHOST RECON marks.

11. Upon information and belief, Applicant intends to market the goods and services
identified in the Applications to the same consumers who purchase the goods and services
offered by the Opposers under the GHOST RECON marks.

12. Applicant’s proposed mark GHOST mark is nearly identical to the GHOST
RECON marks used and owned by Opposers.

13. Applicant’s Mark so resembles Opposers’ GHOST RECON marks alleged herein
as to be likely, when used in connection with the goods and services identified in the
Applications, to cause confusion, to cause mistake, or to deceive. Consumers are likely to
believe, mistakenly, that the goods and services Applicant offers under Applicant’s Mark are
provided, sponsored, endorsed, or approved by Opposers, or are in some way affiliated,
connected, or associated with Opposers, all to the detriment of Opposers. Registration of
Applicant’s Mark, therefore, should be refused under 15 U.S.C. §§ 1052(d) and 1063.

14. Registration of Applicant’s Mark would be a further source of damage to
Opposers, as it would confer upon Applicant various statutory presumptions to which it is not
entitled in view of Opposers’ long prior use of the GHOST RECON marks.”

In response to this opposition and the threat of legal action, EA has withdrawn their initial application. Here we can see the documentation which outlines the course of events:

This is an absurd situation and the dispute revolves around Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon brand, which they believe would be negatively impacted by EA’s trademarks. Clearly, Ubisoft isn’t doing themselves any favours, especially when the company could be taken over by Vivendi. EA should have the right to trademark a studio they created without dealing with frivolous lawsuits. Perhaps, publishers should work on creating enriching experiences instead of being embroiled in stupid legal action.

Image courtesy of Collider.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Will Not Have Microtransactions

We have some more news for you regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division, this time concerning the way the game will handle microtransactions. Well, it looks like it won’t be handling them at all as Ubisoft has decided to leave microtransactions out of its new game, which is a bit puzzling to me if I’m honest. In the past, Ubisoft has implemented microtransactions in single player games such as Assassin’s Creed, albeit in a rather non-intrusive way. And even though single player games don’t necessarily need microtransactions in order to generate revenue, MMOs such as The Division would likely benefit from the system in a big way.

Naturally, the gaming community was worried that The Division would become a pay-to-win game because of microtransactions, and in order to set their minds at ease, Ubisoft’s community manager, Natchai Stappers, has decided to clarify things once and for all on Twitter.


We’ll just have to wait and see if Ubisoft will actually make good on its promise. Companies such as VERKILL Software have made similar claims regarding their PAYDAY 2 title, which eventually became flooded with controversial microtransactions. Tom Clancy’s The Division will launch officially on March 8. Will you be picking up this game once it becomes available?

Overclockers UK Adds new “PCs by Game” Section

Overclockers UK has launched a new section on their websites for game-themed pre-built PC systems called PCs by Game. To celebrate this newly launched section, they have built a new range of systems based on the latest AAA titles Hitman: World of Assassination and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

There is a total of four new gaming PCs in this section in addition to the already existing two. The two Hitman machines are the Titan Contract “Hitman” Gaming PC and the Titan Agent 47 “Hitman” Gaming PC. The two Hitman systems come along with two The Division PCs, the Titan Pandemic “The Division” Gaming PC and the Titan Dark Zone “The Division” Gaming PC.

The Titan Contract PC and the Titan Agent 47 PC are naturally both developed with Hitman in mind and they come with a free copy of the game included. They are built with AMD R9 380X and R9 390X that should help to achieve maximum frame rates in the game.

The Titan Dark Zone PC and the Titan Pandemic are built in a colour scheme to fit with Tom Clancy’s The Division. Where the Hitman PCs were built around AMD-based graphics cards, these systems are built with Nvidia cards instead. The GTX 970 and the GTX 980Ti graphics cards are both known for the raw power that will ll let you play The Division with the best possible experience. Naturally, these systems come with a free copy of the game included too.

As for the rest of the specification, they are customizable as you are used to from Overclockers UK. It starts out with 8GB RAM and 120GB SSD coupled with 1TB HDD and that can all be upgraded further. The Hitman systems are built around the AMD FX series CPUs and the The Division systems are built around Intel’s Core i5 and Core i7 processors.

You can check out the new section right here, see the prices and customise the systems to your liking. Kind of like self-built but without the trouble of actually having to build it yourself.

Nvidia Reveals Tom Clancy’s The Division GTX Bundles

Tom Clancy’s The Division is almost here and to celebrate this, Nvidia has revealed their latest GTX gaming bundle that will add even greater value to their graphics card range. Those who are planning to purchase an Nvidia Geforce graphics card will soon find a bundled code for upcoming tactical FPS, Tom Clancy’s The Division. This is great news for gamers, as the early beta testing of the game has been mostly positive, showing great potential and a good return to form for the franchise.

Of course, it the best news for those upgrading their graphics hardware, as you’re most likely upgrading to play the latest games, but with this bundle you won’t have the extra burden on your budget to purchase the game as well as the graphics card. The bundle is only available for a limited time, however, so it would be good to grab one while stocks last. How long the promotion will last is currently unknown, but I’m sure there will be plenty available.

Nvidia is still set to release more details on the bundle but for the most part, its pretty straight forward. Buy one of the valid cards from any retailer participating in the promotion and you’re good to go. The current deal covers the GeForce GTX 970 or above, but will also cover notebooks, so long as they feature a GeForce GTx 970M or above.

With Tom Clancy’s The Division currently preparing to go into free open beta on February 18th, you’ve got time to prepare to play it. While the game is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with this promotion in place, it’s clear that PC is going to be the ultimate place to play it.

Are you looking forward to playing Tom Clancy’s The Division and will you be snapping up this offer to play it on a new Nvidia graphics card? Let us know in the comments section below.

Fives Minutes of PC Footage from The Division Leaked

The hype for Tom Clancy’s The Division has been building with some impressive pace over the last few weeks, and today, it’s about to kick up another notch. The latest leak surrounding this game comes in the form of a video, released by DailyMotion user ‘Voodoo’. The new video demonstrates five minutes of footage, taken from the PC version of the game in its current beta form.

We’ve seen quite a lot of leaked screenshots circulating the web recently, and they looked pretty decent overall, but what we’ve seen in this new video certainly looks better than we expected. Sure, it’s still not as shiny looking as the 4K screenshots revealed by Ubisoft, but I’d trust the honesty of Ubisoft’s press images about as far as I could throw a car.

The footage of the game is said to be running on high settings, and overall it seems the game is running nice and smooth, although it’s currently unclear what hardware the beta tester was using to play the game. Given how Ubisoft have a history of poor game optimisation, we’ll assume the uploader has a pretty decent gaming rig.

The game looks pretty decent so far, but check out the video below and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

Want to know more about The Division? Check out the official trailer from Ubisoft below.

“When you joined the Division, what were you expecting? I’m sure they told you about the sacrifices you’d have to make. But none of us could have ever predicted this.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division is heading for a multiplatform release on 8th March 2016, and those pre-ordering the game can also get into the beta for some early access action although personally, I don’t advise pre-ordering any game, ever, but that’s just me.

1TB Xbox One Will Be Bundled with Tom Clancy’s The Division

1TB Xbox One

Just in case you don’t already own an Xbox One console and you’re thinking about purchasing one soon, you might want to reach for that wallet as Microsoft is offering a relatively sweet deal right now. As you’re probably well-aware, Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled to come out on March 8, but the really good news is that the game will be bundled with 1TB Xbox One consoles. The bundle can be pre-ordered right now from several retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, GameStop or from the Microsoft Store for $400. Several retailers are planning to release the pack on March 8, but some of them could actually ship the bundle earlier.

Obviously, the US and Canada are not the only countries that will benefit from this offer, but its success will probably depend a lot on the game itself. Not too long ago, Ubisoft has revealed a new gameplay trailer for The Division, and quite a few gamers noticed that the graphics were washed down when compared to the initial trailers, especially as far as global illumination and material shaders are concerned. Recent gameplay videos from the Beta version seem to support these reports as well, but we should probably wait for the game’s final version before we jump to any conclusions.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Alpha Footage Leaked

With the beta sign-up already well on its way, some gameplay footage for Tom Clancy’s The Division alpha testing has leaked out. Lasting just over 20 minutes, the footage shows off pretty much all of the major game features from the map and combat to the in-game menus. The game is set to launch March 8th, 2016, after being delayed from its original launch this year. Overall, the leak demonstrates how The Division is an open-world game.


While the graphics aren’t the best, keep in mind that this is still the alpha release of the game. This means we can hopefully expect a lot more work to go towards better graphics and performance optimizations. This footage is also from the Xbox version of the game so we can expect the PC version to look better. The game will still most likely be capped at 30FPS which hopefully means the graphics will wow players and keep FPS to a constant 30 at least.

Looking at the HUD and UI, it is plain to see the console roots in that regard. Hopefully, PC gamers will get a worthy release and one that shows off the intriguing story. Whether or not the delays were worth it remains to be seen.

Rainbow Six Siege All Platforms Release Date Revealed

Ubisoft brings some good news at last! Rainbow Six fans will be excited to know that Siege will actually be launching this year, namely on October 13th for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Also, the company notes that customers who pre-order the title will get access to its closed beta test as soon as it launches.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a successor to the cancelled Rainbow Six Patriots title, which uses the AnvilNext engine. Ubisoft plans to focus the titles gameplay on more team play and realism and looks to take a similar approach as the Battlefield series in terms of multiplayer by focusing on a heavy multiplayer mode and destructive environments.

The company looks to be releasing an alpha test exclusively for Microsoft’s Windows platform, while the closed beta will be available on all platforms. I don’t know about you guys, but if you played the Vegas ad Vegas 2 titles back in 2006 – 2008 and know the gameplay experience, then add Battlefield’s heavy multiplayer scenario to the mix, you should be excited for its release as I am. So how excited are you? Still not as much? Then have a look at the title’s release date announcement trailer below and get your hype up!

Thank you Endgadget for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of WallWideHD

Ubisoft Delays Tom Clancy’s The Division to Q1 2016

Game delays have been happening somewhat frequently of what and Ubisoft has now delayed another title. During their Fiscal Year 2015 earning call, Ubisoft revealed that upcoming MMO RPG Shooter will be delayed till Q4 of Fiscal Year 2016. That puts it at a launch date somewhere in Q1 of 2016 for those of us going by the regular calendar. An announcement was also posted at the same time on the game page.

Originally primed to be released in 2014, the game was eventually delayed to 2015. The game first made major news back in 2014 when it was revealed that the game would only run at 30FPS. This was stated by developers as a compromise made in ensure higher graphical fidelity. The justification for the delay is somewhat similar as well, with Ubisoft wanting more time to polish up the game before release.

Delaying games has been a mixed record overall. GTA V was delayed for its PC debut but the game turned out great and relatively well optimised. That delay was worth the wait. Watch Dogs however, was delayed by Ubisoft to better polish it but still suffered from numerous bugs and optimisation issues as well as issues with graphical fidelity. Numerous post-launch patches had to be released to fix most of the issues. Whether or not this delay will be enough time for Ubisoft to release a good experience for players remains to be seen.

Ubisoft To File Another Trademark For Splinter Cell

Ubisoft filed another trademark application for the mark “Splinter Cell” on October the 23rd. The difference between the other trademarks and this particular one consists in the type. This filed trademark deals with entertainment services such as television programs, interactive television programs and live stage show performances, just to name a few.

Here is what the trademark details tell us about what is to come:

“IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment services, namely, continuing television programs and interactive television programs featuring comedy, drama, live-action, and animation, broadcast over television, satellite, audio, and video media; presentation of live stage show performances, presentation of live show performances by costumed characters, and presentation of live theatrical performances; production and distribution of television shows and motion pictures.”

This could indicate that Ubisoft has plans to do more that just make a Splinter Cell movie, or it could just be that they are covering all of their bases when it comes to the intellectual property. There are currently 13 trademarks filed for the term “Splinter Cell”, this not including trademarks for other Splinter Cell games, which includes almost anything you can possibly think of.

Thank you NextPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Collectors Editions Unveiled

Ubisoft have announced the details of the upcoming tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, more specifically they’ve detailed all new Collectors Editions that will be available upon the games release. The game is set to launch on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on the 28th of August and with so many variants being released it can be hard to work out which edition is the best value for money and which one will give you the extra content you want, the question is that come release day, which edition will you be picking up? Hopefully this quick run-down will ensure you make your pre-order in the right place. Personally, I think I’ll just take the standard edition, much easier.

The 5th Freedom Edition (Exclusive to Game in the UK and Gamestop in Ireland):

  • A Sam Fisher figurine (24cm)
  • A steelbook case
  • A 96 page graphic novel, Splinter Cell Echoes
  • Single and Multiplayer Co-op maps: Dead Coast and Billionaire’s Yacht

+ Unlockable Digital Items:

  • 5 pieces of gear: Gold Goggles and Amber Goggles, Ghost Boots, Armored Boots and Tactical Gloves
  • 5 suits: Elite Digital Ghillie Suit, Spy Suit, Mercenary Suit, Upper Echelon Suit and Eclipse Suit
  • 5 Weapons: VSS Sniper Rifle, M1014 Tactical Shotgun, HK 416 Assault Rifle F40,  Pistol and Crossbow

The 5th Freedom Silver Edition (Exclusive to Uplay):

  • An exclusive Silver Sam Fisher figurine (24cm)
  • A special steelbook case with silver finish
  • A 96 page graphic novel, Splinter Cell Echoes
  • Single and Multiplayer Co-op maps: Dead Coast and Billionaire’s Yacht

+ Unlockable Digital Items:

  • 5 pieces of gear: Gold Goggles and Amber Goggles, Ghost Boots, Armored Boots and Tactical Gloves
  • 5 suits: Elite Digital Ghillie Suit, Spy Suit, Mercenary Suit, Upper Echelon Suit and Eclipse Suit
  • 5 Weapons: VSS Sniper Rifle, M1014 Tactical Shotgun, HK 416 Assault Rifle F40,  Pistol and Crossbow

The Ultimatum Edition:

  • Special-Ops Digital Watch
  • A 24 page Splinter Cell Echoes Graphic Novel
  • Single and Multiplayer Co-op maps: Dead Coast and Billionaire’s Yacht

+ Unlockable Digital Items:

  • 2 pieces of gear: Gold Goggles and Ghost Boots
  • 1 Suit: Upper Echelon Suit

Upper Echelon Day 1 Edition (Exclusive to Game in the UK and Xtravision in Ireland)

  • The Dead coast single player and coop map
  • A pair of gold goggles
  • The legendary Upper Echelon Suit
  • Early access to the HK 416 Assault Rifle
  • Elite Digital Ghillie Suit

Pre-order Splinter Cell Blacklist at Amazon.co.uk and receive the following digital content

  • The Dead coast single player and coop map
  • A pair of gold goggles
  • The legendary Upper Echelon Suit
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Early access to M1014 Tactical Shotgun

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, a group of 12 rogue nations have had enough of the United States’ military presence in their countries. In an effort to rid themselves of the occupation, they mastermind an ultimatum called The Blacklist – a countdown of escalating terrorist attacks on U.S. interests. Given a presidential mandate and the power to act above the law, players take on the role of lethal special operative Sam Fisher.  As leader of the newly formed 4th Echelon unit, players must hunt down and stop these terrorists before The Blacklist countdown reaches zero. The thrilling storyline along with a wide range of intense, eye-opening covert missions will propel players to locate and take down those responsible for these deadly assaults by any means necessary.