Kanye West Being Sued Over Promises of Tidal Exclusive Album

Kanye West is not a new face when it comes to news and digital issues, with his latest album, the life of Pablo, pirated over half a million times while it was still an exclusive at Tidal. The problem for many was that Kanye had offered the album as an exclusive for Tidal, the online streaming service that he has invested in. The so-called exclusive has now led to Kayne West being sued over promises that it would be a Tidal exclusive album, promises that didn’t last very long.

Justin Baker-Rhett is a fan of musician Kanye West, but he is now at the center of a lawsuit targeted towards both Kanye West and S.Carter Enterprises (SCE), the company that owns the Tidal music streaming service.

The lawsuit alleges that the rapper mislead his fans into buying and supporting the streaming service by falsely promising that his album, the Life of Pablo, would only ever be available on Tidal. A month and a half later the album appeared on both Apple Music and Spotify, leading many to believe that his claims about the album being an exclusive were nothing more than false advertising to boost Tidal’s falling sales figures.

Tidal promises greater control and royalties to those that use it to share their music so it’s hard to see West’s tweet as nothing more than an attempt to get people to buy in and listen to it on the platform before realising that he might not get the following on Tidal, whose subscription numbers are reported to have jumped from 1 million to 3 million following the announcement.

Kanye West Caught Pirating Software in Social Media Blunder

Kanye West’s buffoonery on social media is reaching comical levels and makes me wonder if it’s all just a publicity stunt. Initially, West went on an e-begging campaign pleading Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion and claimed he now has $53 million in personal debt. Here is just a brief snippet of his embarrassing remarks on Twitter:

“Mark Zuckerberg I know it’s your bday but can you please call me by 2mrw… You love hip hop, you love my art… I am your favorite artist but you watch me barely breathe and still play my album in your house … World, please tweet, FaceTime, Facebook, instagram, whatever you gotta do to get Mark to support me…(sic)”

“I know I can make the world a better place… I have done the impossible … I retook the throne of rap… I beat the fashion game…(sic)”

“Mark, I am publicly asking you for help… one of the coolest things you could ever do is to help me in my time of need.”

Of course the irony is, he’s asking for help on Facebook’s main competitor and cannot fathom why he’s being mocked by so many people. Once again, this might all be an act, and I’d usually refrain from giving Kanye West any publicity. However, the latest development is absurd, and left me completely speechless. In an amazing turn of events, Kanye West posted a picture on social media of his music tastes:


On closer inspection you can see he was searching for a $189 synthesiser made by Xfer Records for Mac and Windows. Next to this tab, is a search entry on the Pirate Bay to illegally download this music application without paying. This really is unbelievable considering Kanye West spearheaded the re-launch of a music streaming service called Tidal designed to give artists a fair revenue share. The entire premise revolves around letting consumers know how damaging piracy is and providing a legal alternative. From this evidence, it looks very hypocritical and exemplifies how ridiculous this man is. Honestly, I worry about the future of humanity if people like Kanye West can become successful and obtain a position of significant influence.

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Tidal CEO Today Gone Tomorrow

Upheaval continues as the new kid on the streaming block, Tidal have announced their interim CEO, Peter Tonstad has left the company. Although by labeling your new CEO who only joined in April 2015 “interim” it does not give you much confidence of staying with the company either,

Tidal released a statement to the Wall Street Journal, before I go on; I bet you’re wondering why I have used a source which differs from the original source? I do have a valid reason; see the Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corporation which is then owned by the dark lord himself, no not Peter Mandelson, Rupert Murdoch.  Who in turn has made news sites, which he owns, for example the Wall Street Journal subscription based, nothing wrong with that, it’s just I don’t particularly want to pay for two-thirds of a story which I can find somewhere else for free.

Where was I? Oh yes Tidal released a statement to state “We are thankful to Peter for stepping in as interim CEO and wish him the best for the future,” Tidal which is owned by Beats creator Dr Dre, purchased Tidal for $56 million in March. Since then the aspiring Spotify killer has garnered 770,000 paying subscribers, this compares to Spotify’s 20 million subscribers. While relating both market shares it’s important to take into consideration Tidal has only been operating since 2014, while Spotify has been streaming music since 2008. Spotify also has a free option while Tidal only has a free trial, these factors contribute in an extremely slow start for Tidal.

I also think Tidal is banking on a higher quality music sound which is combined with an ownership structure which places artists in the driving seat. The problem is how many consumers can tell the difference between Tidal’s music qualities and say for example YouTube, Deezer or Spotify. True connoisseurs of music will tell instantly while casual fans will not, if Tidal is to gain a bigger market share, it will need to be a bit more open to fans instead of marketing itself as the millionaires music elite.

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Tidal Lagoons to Be Used for Power in the UK

With all the hoopla surrounding energy and making it clean and renewable, one oft forgotten source, the sea, is getting its fair chance again thanks to Tidal Lagoon Power. The company is set to build six total structures, with four alone being located in Wales. These plants will harness powerful coastal tides and eventually generate up to eight percent of the total power in the UK.

Backed by energy secretary Ed Davey, the company has already started working on a £1 billion plant in Swansea. Despite it being one of the smallest installations, the lagoon will cover five miles across and two miles of sea. Not only will this lagoon provide power, but a nice destination for locals. As tidal levels rise and fall throughout the day, the large space of water will drive turbines set into the walls of the lagoon.

The £30 billion investment needed to build these lagoons will be met by tax payers, as the UK is keen on backing renewable energy sources. Beyond Swansea, in Wales, Cardiff, Newport, and Colwyn Bay will host the lagoons. Outside of Wales, lagoons will be built in Bridgewater Bay, Somerset, and West Cumbria.

With the high predictability of sea movements, tidal power has a promising future, so long as we have no crazy lunar events. This differs from wind turbines which can stall on calmer days, or solar panels that only achieve maximum output on sunny days. The only resistance so far comes from marine experts, one in particular being fish sucked into the turbines. However, Tidal Lagoon Power feels the opposite, that the lagoons will create artificial reefs, thus benefiting local ecosystems.

When it comes to how much to charge for the electricity, the estimated price for the plant in Cardiff is £90-£95 per MWh, which is on par with what the nuclear station in Hinkley charges, £92.50. With these lagoons lasting for up to 120 years, and having very low risk factors, the UK government just might have struck gold.

Source: Engadget

Tidal Offering Audiophile Quality Music Streaming for $20 a Month

There is a big community out there that really care about their audio performance; I am one of those people. On my desktop I have a dedicated headphone AMP a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) and a whole range of other audio devices to get the best from my music collection. Streaming from sites such as Spotify and Last.fm is great for convenience, but it’s not really the best way to enjoying music.

A Swedish company named Aspiro has just launched their new service “Tidal”. Tital claims to offer CD quality streaming using the “free lossless audio codec” or FLAC. This is a great format for music in terms of quality, with the downside being that the file sizes are much larger than that of MP3. A typical high-quality MP3 may be 5-8mb in size, but a file FLAC will be more like 40-50MB.

High quality audio is tempting, but with a catalogue of 25 million songs, 70,000 ad-free HD music videos, editorial content and more available there’s certainly lots to enjoy. The site can stream at 44.1kHz 16-bit FLAC and ALAC music files at 1411 kbps; that’s almost four times the bit rate of rival music streaming services.

The service is $20 a month, which is roughly double that of Spotify, but this isn’t for your typical day-to-day listener. This service is for those who strive for that extra quality and acoustic performance from their music collection. It’s also incredible value for money, given that buying two albums from HDTracks per month would easily work out more expensive than streaming HD audio.

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