The Strong National Museum of Play Just Named Its First Video Game Titles

Have you ever heard of The Strong National Museum of Play from Rochester, New York? Well, if you haven’t, then you should know it now houses its first six games in the new World Video Game Hall of Fame. It’s really exciting to see that we now have a museum with a Hall of Fame just for games.

The committee, made of journalists, scholars and game historians, have named the first six games to be Pong, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Tetris, Doom, and World of Warcraft. Fifteen candidate games have been considered out of thousands of public nominations, but in the end, the six were chosen for their “influence on the video game industry or on popular culture and society in general”.

“There were some very deserving games that did not make it this year,” he said. “There was a high level of competition with the first class, as one can imagine.”

But it’s not all that bad. While some games have been omitted this year, they may eventually end up in the collection next year. The Legend of Zelda, Space Invaders, Sonic the Hedgehog are still great games and deserve to be along the six nominated titles too, don’t you think?

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Grand Theft Auto V Sales Went Through The Roof

All this Grand Theft Auto V hype was bound to bring something like this sooner or later, so the recent sales figures won’t be a surprise to anyone. But before revealing them, let’s have a look at the sales technique used for the recent title and the Grand Theft Auto IV title.

First and most importantly, the Grand Theft Auto brand has been around for enough time to get players’ appreciation. Therefore, you mix something that players know, add some extra features and improve the graphics and you got yourself something to sell.

Secondly, the developer seems to have taken a unique platform approach. I mean GTA IV and GTA V were released on consoles first and then re-released on the PC one year later, so the hype won’t go away, but rather increase again a year later.

Given the above, we know that GTA V sales figures for PS3 and Xbox 360 brought over a billion in revenue, having the PS4 an Xbox One bring a sizeable amount too. Once the PC version launched, it sold about a million copies in just the first day.

Taking all that into account, can you guess the total number of copies sold? No? Well, let me tell you then. Grand Theft Auto V sold more than 52 million copies to date and I think the number will increase in the following months.

What this means is that Grand Theft Auto V is now the 4th best-selling title of all time, just below Wii Sports, Tetris and Minecraft. Pretty cool, eh?

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Guy Creates Annoyingly-Cool Game on Nintendo’s Virtual Boy

Nintendo’s Virtual Boy has been a failure into virtual reality gaming since it got released, but twenty years after it hit the market, someone finally found a way to spice things up with it.

Hackaday stated that designer Joe Grand bought a broken Virtual Boy a few years back at Portland Retro Gaming Expo. He didn’t have a clue what to do with it, so he took upon himself to learn about facial recognition and image processing using OpenCV.

Grand then adapted the BeagleBone Black Linux to work with the console and created “Moustache Mayhem”, a game which players score ‘mojo’ by holding moustaches over your friends’ faces.

While the game depends on modern hardware, Grand did succeed in making an experience that could be compared with the era of 3D Tetris and Galactic Pinball.

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Tetris Comes to Roku

On the 30th Anniversary of arguably the most addictive game ever made, Tetris is now available to play on Roku’s media streaming platforms, the Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick with HDMI. The marathon version is free to download, with the premium version, featuring different game modes, costing $4.99. The game will only be available in the US, Canada, UK, and Republic of Ireland, at least for now.

This marks a significant addition to Roku’s Channels (what the company likes to call its apps) which to this point has featured little worthy of note, which the possible exception of fellow retro amusement Pac-Man Championship Edition.

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5 Classic Cell Phone Games You Almost Forgot About

With smartphones able to play games that are roughly on par with console games, you may have forgotten how the original cell phones games looked and played. Here are 5 classic games that pioneered cell phone gaming.

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1. Complete Rows of Blocks in Tetris

Tetris was originally a computer game made in Russia. Players needed to create rows of blocks made of different shapes. Completing a row causes the entire row to disappear from the screen, which subsequently makes space for the blocks above it. If the blocks stack up to the top, the player loses. It’s not just a stacking game, you need to strategize and plan where to place the blocks so that you can score the maximum amount of points.

2. Chase Down Food in Snake

Another old game that made its appearance on cell phones is Snake. In this game, the player guides the snake to dots of food inside a box and consumes them, causing the length of the snake to increase.

As you consume more and more food, the length of the snake becomes a disadvantage because it becomes harder to maneuver around the box. In later versions, different foods appear in the box, including rats. The point value for this was much higher than the regular food. But you had to react quickly to these tempting rats, because they would disappear quickly from the screen.

3. Blast Aliens Before They Get You In Space Invaders

Space Invaders is another classic cell phone game that originated as a popular arcade game. Players needed to shoot down aliens as they approach them. Move your trigger across the bottom of the screen to aim at the targets and blast them before they reach the bottom of the screen. Some versions have additional features including bunkers protecting your position and special enemy aircrafts that become targets.

4. Avoid Getting Caught While Eating Pellets in Pac-Man

Pac-Man is an arcade game originally made in Japan that quickly gained popularity among video game fans. Even now, almost four decades later, the cell phone version is still wildly popular. The game essentially consists of guiding Pac-Man through a maze filled with pellets.

Eat all the pellets to get to the next stage, while avoiding ghosts, which roam the maze chasing after anyone in it. If the ghosts touch Pac-Man, one turn is lost. If all your turns are lost, the game ends. Pac-Man is available on virtually every device such as smartphones, notebooks and tablets. So if you can’t find an arcade cabinet, you can still enjoy this classic.

5. Blast Asteroids Before They Crash Into You in Asteroids V1.04

Asteroids was originally an Atari game. The main objective of the game is to shoot down asteroids to earn points. The game features a triangular-shaped spaceship placed in the center of the screen. You can rotate the spaceship 360 degrees to face any direction. As asteroids approach your spaceship, the objective is to fire on them to destroy them. While it’s similar to space invaders, the game play is considerably different in terms of the graphics and gameplay.

The next time you get bored; download one of these classic cell phone games. They’re so fun and addictive, you’ll wonder where the time has gone after getting sucked into them.