Google Fiber Home Phone Service Announced

It had already been revealed in a leak of the trial program, but now Google has publicly announced Fiber Phone, the home phone addition to the existing Google Fiber high-speed internet and television package. This comes as part of a move by Google to offer a single package of broadband, TV and landline in a single package, as despite the increasing move towards mobile phones, many still consider a landline important and according to Google Fiber’s product manager, John Shriver-Blake, they are planning to bring the landline into the future.

Fiber Phone costs $10 per month, which will include unlimited local and nationwide calling and rates identical to the existing Google Voice service for international calls. Fiber Phone also takes cloud-stored phone numbers from Voice, with users able to take either an existing phone number with them to Fiber Phone or pick a new one and have it available wherever they are. “You can use it on almost any phone, tablet or laptop. It can ring your landline when you’re home, or your mobile device when you’re on-the-go,” said Shriver-Blake. And if you can’t take a call, the service will transcribe your voicemail messages into text and send them to you via text or email, so you won’t have to rely on calling up voicemail.

The service won’t be rolling out to all Fiber-supported locations immediately, with it planned to be slowly made available to all customers in Fiber cities. Getting Fiber Phone will involve signing up with Google and going through a “simple installation process”, including a Fiber Phone Box that works with existing home phones. How quickly this rollout will happen is unclear, but those interested in the service can sign up for the latest updates here and be ready for when it is available in their location.