GALAX Teases Upcoming HOF PCI-E SSD

GALAX, formerly known as GALAXY, is well-known for their amazing graphics cards that push the hardware to the limits of what’s possible and we have also seen them create the same great things with memory modules. The next logical step for the company is to branch out and enter the SSD market.

During our visit to CES in January, we had a first look at the HOF PCI-E SSD although the details were sparse at the time and we didn’t find out when it was to be released either.

What we do know is that it is a PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and the drive is using NVMe rather than AHCI for its connection. This in return results in a much better performance and the officially given ratings will allow the drive to read with up to 2600 MB/s and write with up to 1300MB/s. The random performance is equally impressive with 300K IOPS at 4K read operations and 200K at write operations.

The PCB itself was hidden from us at the time and we could only see the beautiful casing with signature HOF engravings. That changed today as GALAX published more photos, renderings, and real benchmark results on their Facebook page. While the information still is sparse, we get some more information from just looking at these newly shared pictures.

While the finished product is a full-sized card, the PCB itself seems to fit the HHHL standard (half-height, half-length) which should make it compatible with low-profile brackets. Whether such a solution will be released is another matter, but it does open up the options for modders.

Below are the officially released benchmark results which look pretty good to me, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be tweaked a little more with firmware optimizations. There’s still a little work to be done by GALAX and the HOF PCI-E SSD is now officially classified as “near completion”.

Are you looking forward to this storage drive or do you prefer something less extravagant and smaller such as the newer M.2 type drives? Let us know in the comments.

EA Tease Star Wars Fans with X-Wing from Battlefront Game

EA and Dice have been teasing a lot of bits from the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game and with the release date being set for November 20th (November 17th in North America), we don’t have to wait that much longer to find out the details for ourselves.

For now we know that the game will have a lot off different game modes from 10 vs 10 deathmatch games and also what appears to be close-quarter combat modes. One thing that everyone wants to have in the upcoming game is space battles, but sadly that mode has so far been denied to be in the making.

This newest teaser, seen below, was posted on Facebook by EA itself and clearly pictures a beautiful rendered X-Wing, but not much more information. The image was posted over the weekend and right away people got excited and started to question whether there would be space battles or not. Official representatives were quick to shoot the new rumour down with replied that still indicate the same, space battles aren’t planned for Star Wars Battlefront, sadly.

So it doesn’t appear as EA and Dice have made a U-turn on this decision, but also didn’t clarify what the X-wing will be used for. It might just be general (and well-known) graphics from the game or it could maybe be a vehicle only mode. We don’t know, but we would surely like to hear what you think EA could tease with this latest image.

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Gigabyte’s Upcoming Gaming 3 Motherboard With WoT Theme Pictured

A new Intel CPU is just around the corner and we get more and more pictures of the upcoming motherboards to go along with it. This time it is Gigabyte’s Gaming 3 motherboard with a World of Tanks theme that poses for the camera.

The new Gigabyte Gaming 3 motherboard is aimed at the sweet spot between performance, features, and price. It supports 2-way SLI and CrossFireX graphic setups and offers a 7-phase CPU VRM. The four DDR4 memory slots support up to 64GB dual-channel memory and the two PCI-Express x16 slots will run at 8x when both are populated. You get one more PCIe x16 slot that is wired as a x4 and also three x1 PCIe slots.

There are plenty of storage options with two 32Gbit/s M.2 slots that can take 42, 60, and 80 M.2 modules, three SATA-Express 16 Gbps, and six SATA 6 Gbps ports. Externally you can connect two USB 3.1 devices, four USB 3.0 and four more via headers as well as numerous USB 2.0 ports.

The audio is provided by an 115 dBA SNR CODEC with ground-layer isolation and EMI shielding, OPAMP tuned for gaming and music, and audio grade capacitors. The network connectivity is covered by a Killer E2200 chip while it also provides D-Sub, DVI, and HDMI outputs for iGPU usage.

More details are sure to emerge soon and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

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Advent Sci-Fi Game Teased by 2K.

2K, the people behind Bioshock, have tweeted an obscure reveal of what looks to be a new game. Of course at this point it could be anything, but the safe money is on it being a game.

So what is this Advent? From the look of the images that have been released and the quite informative in-world website, it looks to be a futuristic city. One that you wouldn’t be shocked to see Rick Deckard running amok in.

On the website there is a pamphlet that details the Advent gene therapy that apparently has saved millions, boasting a world without illness or pain. So what else could it be other than a George Orwell inspired, too good to be true, futuristic dystopia.

The website, tweet and pamphlet all leave a lot to the imagination, but there are theories out there that this could be the new X-COM game. Or more probable, the universe that follows on from Rapture and Columbia in the Bioshock series. This could all be wrong, as internet theories usually are, and be a new IP for 2K. What look to be a screen shot of the in game world don’t look to me as sequels to either of the aforementioned games, it looks more like a Sim City style game. All this is conjecture, it’s only one little glimpse of an otherwise mysterious thing. I’m sure the internet will be rife with more theories about what this new game is, but the only true way is to wait and see what 2K has in store for us.

BIOSTAR Tease Gaming Z170X4 Motherboard for Computex

Computex is just around the corner and the excitement is rising everywhere. We know that we’ll see a lot of new products ranging from blazing fast NVMe storage drives to motherboards built around Intel’s newest platform.

BIOSTAR is ready with a full lineup of motherboards with the new Intel 100 chipsets, Z170, H170 and B150 with support for Intel’s 6th generation Core processors.

The new press release talks most about current generation products such as the Nvidia GTX 900 series and Intel Z79 motherboards, but included was the above low-resolution image picturing one of the new motherboards.

The image might be low resolution, but we can still glance some information from it. The chipset/southbridge is exposed in the shot, showing us the actual chip that otherwise is hidden below a heatsink. We can also spot what looks to be three SATA Express connectors and three M.2 connectors for your storage. Two legacy SATA3 ports are supported within the SATA Express connector, so that part is covered as well.

The networking is powered by a KillerNic 2200 and the audio card is separated from the rest of the motherboard to prevent interference. The BIOSTAR Gaming Z170x4 motherboard comes with three PCIe x16 and three PCIe x1 slots for your expansion cards.

Zotac Tease a 5-Fan NVIDIA GTX 960

Zotac is not exactly the company to stick to general design conventions, with stylish hugging cooling shrouds and lashings of carbon fibre look materials, they know how to make a card that appeals to the enthusiast market.

In their latest teaser, it seems that the Zotac boffins have taken a humble GTX 960 and added their AMP! cooling solution to it, but that wasn’t enough. They cut down the shroud and added another TWO fans; they may only be 60mm, but dedicated rear PCB cooling can only mean a good thing right? The PCB features excellent VRAM and support Zotac’s own OC+ external overclocking module design; this new card has been dubbed the GTX 960 TOP-X and will feature within the Gamer Force series.

It’s unclear whether this will be based on the AMP! PCB and features, but this card is reportedly capable of a core clock of around 1,500MHz, which isn’t something to be sniffed at.

Zotac have created this ‘overpackaged’ card to attract the price conscious buyers, who look for the most bang for buck purchase. Sadly this would be limited to the Greater China region, so seeing this card in Europe or America would be a rare thing, at least for now.

Would you be interested in buying this particular model of the Zotac family if it does become available in your market? I would love to get my hands on one; see how the acoustics stack up compared to others.

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Intel Teases a Revolution in SSDs with New NVMe Drive

Intel is getting ready with their newest SSD and they’ve started to tease us with it. We don’t have much information yet, but a little can be glanced from the mini site and teaser video. The video starts out with the message “Get ready for a revolution in Solid-State Drives”, a bold statement.

But those big words might very well be backed by some serious performance, actually up to four times that of SATA. We’re of course talking about the ‘new’ NVMe drives that can utilize the CPU a lot better by working with multiple cores instead of just a single one.

There is less than a week until Intel reveals the new drive, and I can hardly wait and you can follow the countdown on Intel’s mini site, if you wish to do so.

There is a hint at the end of the video towards the Intel P3700 as a base for the performance figures, but those are somewhat older cards by now. Will this be a new consumer version at a more ‘reasonable’ price? We’ll find out in about a week.

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