Zinc Alloy Body USB 3.0 Flash Drives by Team Group

Team Group has just released a series of new USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 flash drives that feature compact designs created using zinc alloy. To be specific, we’re talking about the release of the rectangular compact Mini Block USB drive C157/C156, and the AmaZinc USB drive C162/C161, both models featuring tough metal bodies as well as capless designs that add a plus of practicality. The C157 and C156 versions are based on USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 technologies respectively, and they are available in silver and black color variants. When it comes to capacity, these models come in 16 to 64GB and 8 to 64GB versions, which means that they can satisfy a wide range of storage needs.

However, if you’re looking for the absolute fastest offering, you might be interested in the USB 3.0 C162 model, which boasts read speeds of up to 85 MB/s as well as write speeds of up to 20 MB/s. The C161 variant is also noteworthy, but since it features a USB 2.0 transfer interface, it is aimed mostly at mainstream consumers. Below you will find a complete list of specifications for these new zinc alloy USB flash drives by Team Group. Let us know which one you like best so far!


Overclockers UK Titan Dark Zone Gaming PC Review


Overclockers UK is one of the leading stockists of PC hardware and their engineering team produces an impressive range of custom rigs to suit contrasting tastes. Whether you’re looking for a silent air-cooled build, or extreme overclocked PC with premium water cooling parts, there’s something designed for your specific requirements. Often, whenever a new game is released which sells remarkably well, consumers like to pay homage with a system based around its theme. This can be a challenge especially if the game in question doesn’t have a distinctive colour scheme. The Division is an open world third-person shooter set in a bleak vision of New York City ravaged by a smallpox pandemic. This intriguing setting and captivating multiplayer confrontations have proved to be incredibly popular! As a result, The Division became Ubisoft’s fastest selling game on record and attracted a very passionate community.

This success story has given Overclockers UK inspiration for their latest gaming PC entitled the Titan Dark Zone. The system opts for orange braided PSU extension cables and vibrant LED lighting which creates a stunning aesthetic design. Combining the orange tones with black jet black components is quite unusual and a reference to The Division’s box art. Therefore, the Titan Dark Zone is a dream come true for fans of this particular title and features a very potent specification capable of powering VR devices without any concessions. The Intel i7-6700K is professionally overclocked to 4.5GHz using the Alpenfohn Broken 2 cooler. As a result, I expect to see an impeccable performance to noise ratio which surpasses many closed-loop-coolers. On another note, the 16GB 2400MHz DDR4 memory, factory overclocked GTX 980Ti and Samsung 250GB boot drive should be able to provide a sensational gaming experience even on high-resolution monitors. Rather surprising, Overclockers UK have decided to use a non-modular power supply which complicates cables management. On the other hand, the PSU has received a great deal of critical acclaim and showcases the careful decision-making process when designing a system’s specification.


  • Name: Overclockers UK Titan Dark Zone
  • Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX
  • Motherboard: MSI Z170A-SLI Plus
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K Overclocked to 4.5GHz
  • Processor Cooler: Alpenfohn Broken 2
  • System Memory: Team Group Elite 16GB (8x2GB) 2400MHz CL16 RAM
  • Main Boot Drive: Samsung 250GB 850 Evo SSD
  • Additional Storage Drive(s): Seagate 2TB 7200RPM HDD
  • Graphics card: MSI GeForce GTX 980ti Armor X2 6GB
  • Power Supply: XFX TS 750W 80 Plus Gold
  • Peripherals: N/A
  • Monitor: N/A
  • Optical Drive: N/A 
  • Wireless: N/A
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
  • Warranty: Three Year (24 Month Collect and Return plus 12 Month labour) Mainland UK and Ireland Only
  • Price: £1549.99

Packing and Accessories

The system arrived in an extremely large box which cannot fit on my photography backdrop. This is the reason why I’ve taken a snapshot in the hallway to emphasize the package’s mammoth size. Overclockers UK always adopt such an attentive approach to packaging and employ durable materials which enhances the level of protection substantially. It’s evidently clear that the company has considered the strain delicate PCs go under during transit and taken every necessary step to dramatically reduce the probability of damage occurring.

Once the top cover has been removed, we can see an ample supply of durable cardboard inserts which holds the system firmly in position.

The Titan Dark Zone is placed in the original chassis box and secured with strong tape. Honestly, I’d be extremely surprised if you received the system with even cosmetic imperfections considering multiple layers were used for protective purposes.

There’s additional support inside the chassis box via two strong polystyrene blocks.

The system’s internal components are surrounded by three Instapak foam pieces. These are essential additions which protect the CPU mounting and prevent the graphics card from applying too much pressure on the PCI-E slot during delivery.

In terms of accessories, OCUK included a Welcome Pack and Windows 10 Home OEM DVD containing the product code. The Welcome Pack outlines the system’s specification, and warranty terms in an easy to understand manner. Personally, I love the overall presentation and solder joints design on the front cover.



Team Group Announces L3 EVO Series SATA3 SSD

Team Group just launched their all new L3 EVO SSD that thanks to its SATA3 interface is compatible with almost any system. While M.2 and U.2 along with PCIe might be what the future looks like right now, SATA is still the most compatible interface out there and the one that most people can take advantage of.

The name, L3 EVO, suggest a budget drive and it is, but the Team Group L3 EVO still provides some good performance figures. The drive is also available in a wide variety of capacities, ranging from 120GB over 240GB and 480GB onto the biggest version with 960GB capacity.

The bigger the capacity, the better the performance rating. The 120GB model is rated up to 530MB/s read and 400MB/s write while the 960GB version can read with the same, but write with up to 500MB/s. The figures look about the same when we look at the random performance where the 120GB model can do 70/20K IOPS in 4K read/write benchmarks and the 960GB model performs with up to 85K/60K IOPS.

The new Team Group L3 EVO series has an MTBF of 1 million hours and comes backed by a 3-year warranty. Team Group didn’t announce what NAND or controller they used at this time and a release date and price wasn’t revealed either.

Team Group Introduced the Team MiDRIVE for MacBooks

One of the downsides on MacBooks is the limited internal storage and no way to really upgrade it on the fly. Team Group has now created the Team MiDrive for just that and it plugs neatly into the side of your MacBook.

The Team MiDrive makes use of a UHS-1 high-speed memory card and comes as either 64GB or 128GB versions out of the box. With the expandable design and through the help of the high-speed memory card, MiDRIVE is able to take a step further to improve the storage capacity and the file management efficiency. Continuing Mac’s exquisite minimalist design and also satisfying users’ needs for both practical and personal style, the exterior features an ultra slim and short design with classic black and white pattern.

The included Team UHS-1 memory card can read with up to 60MB/s and write with up to 20MB/s. That’s no groundbreaking speed, but it’s not that bad either. It surely isn’t a replacement for USB 3.0 drives and their speed, but it has the benefit of sliding into the laptop instead of sticking out like a flash drive does.

Team Group did not reveal any pricing or availability in their announcement, but the new Team MiDrive with 64GB and 128GB should be available shortly.

Team Group M131 16GB Dual Flash Drive Review


The limited storage in mobile devices can be a real problem just as the fact that a touchscreen rarely is the optimal input device. Both these things might be a thing of the past if you invest in a Team Group M131 Smart Dual Drive with OTG support that. I’m taking a closer look at 16GB model of just this drive today.

Whether you want to create a copy of the files you got on your mobile device onto a flash drive or just want to create backups, switch out content or extend the internal storage for a while, the M131 USB drive is here for you. You just slide the cover back and plug it into your OTG capable device.

Once we have our files copied from the smartphone or tablet onto the M131 flash drive, we would like to be able to use it our PC that doesn’t have a micro USB port. For this purpose, the M131 is designed as a two piece drive. Simply pull it apart and you’ll expose the normal USB 2.0 connector and have a flash drive like you’re used to from all the other ones you have.

Plugging it apart also exposes the third feature of this flash drive, the separate OTG adapter that you can use to connect compliant devices directly to your tablet or smartphone and this includes USB keyboards, mice and hard drives.

The surface is made from a matte anti-fingerprint material and it has a slide cap design over the Micro USB port to prevent dust gathering and collisions to the somewhat weaker point compared to a normal USB plug. Like most flash drives, the M131 also comes with a strap hole slings to carry it more convenient and prevent unnecessary loss and searches.

Finally, the dual design with the OTG Converter is a lot more convenient than a cable in most cases and the 2-in-1 design plugged together avoids the trouble of missing pieces and searching the cable.

The compact size of just 44 x 16.6 mm and weighing just 6.6 grams make this drive highly portable. It comes backed with a lifetime warranty and is available in three capacities: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

Target Open Day 2014 – Team Booth

Team are one of the coolest memory manufacturers out there, so I was pleased to see them on show at Target Open Day 2014. They brought along a few of their latest memory modules to the show, including their new DDR3 memory which comes in a choice of high and low profile designs.

A wide range of memory products were on offer, quite a lot of flash drives and OTG flash drives too; although I did spot a rather cool one that allowed you to slot a microSD card into the USB header.

Mobile recharging devices are an essential part of owning a modern smartphone, Team had their stylish PePPY on display which offers up 10,000mAh of power.

The Dark L3 120GB SSD was on show and on the complete other end of the scale, red and yellow referee cards that are also 8GB flash drives.

Unfortunately no new DDR4 modules on display, but having only recently announced their new hardware, it could still be a few weeks before we see those in the wild.

Team Group Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz C10 Memory Kit Review


When high performance memory from gamers and overclockers is mentioned Team Group certainly isn’t the first name on my mind. However, today I’ve been provided with a kit that I hope will prove me to be wrong in not recognising Team Group as a top brand. The Vulcan 8GB 2400MHz kit Team Group have provided us with, or the TLAD38G2400HC10TDC01 to be exact, is a well priced 8GB memory kit that packs all the hallmarks of a solid memory kit: a lifetime warranty, a black PCB and the promise of overclocking potential, not to mention a variety of colours that are a bit unusual including Orange and Gold.

The aesthetics are certainly unique. The Orange heat spreader with a black PCB is perfect for something like a Gigabyte Z87X-OC or OC-Force. These kits do also come in 8GB DIMM densities, according to the Team Group website, if 4GB isn’t enough for you but for most people an 8GB (2 x 4GB) dual channel kit is perfectly adequate.

On our motherboard they actually match pretty well even though it is a red and black theme.

The dark nature of the orange means it is quite subtle and it certainly isn’t going to stand out from your rig even if your motherboard isn’t orange. The Gold model looks like a particularly exciting prospect too given the Gold theme ASUS have deployed on all their new Z87 motherboards.

Team Group To Launch The T133 Java Sparrow Flash Drive

Team Group has launched the new T133 Java Sparrow flash drive. It, as stated by Team Group, learns from nature, integrating the design with simplicity and organic life. The drive features a matte finish along with low profile and unique design. The appearance consists of striking contrast of black and orange colors, a superb and appealing combination.

Special auto-retractable device

There is a patent auto-retractable cap-less design. One push with your thumb is all you need when you are using the flash drive. The plug retracts automatically as soon as the drive is pulled out from USB port, saving all your troubles while using the device.

Combination of Java sparrow look and ergonomics

The flash drive features a unique Java sparrow design, having the beak as a button along with the special auto-retractable device, making it an amazing combination of ergonomics and craftsmanship design. Team Group also states that users will feel incredible smoothness when push it out or retract it. Whether this feature is indeed useful or not, it’s up to everyone to find out on his/her own.

Unique aesthetics of simplicity

The T133 apparently abandoned the rectangular design, and instead incorporated round corners and curved edges. The perfect curve is said to bring out the smoothness, as Team Group apparently brags about its design. The casing features a matte finish which prevents the surface from staining and scratches, having the eye-catching color combination of black and orange, along with the “thoughtful” auto-retractable device.

Team Group has the T133 in three flash drive capacities, a 16 GB model, a 32 GB model and a 64 GB model, all variations using the USB 3.0 interface. The flash drive apparently comes with a lifetime warranty as well. There is no word on pricing or availability at the moment, but should be available in the following days.

The T133 Java Sparrow full specifications can be viewed below:

Overall, the flash drive does look quite brilliant, though we wonder if its performance is as good as its exterior design.

Thank you Team Group for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of Team Group

Overclockers UK ‘Ultima 460i Scimitar’ Watercooled Gaming System Review


Our look at pre-built systems continues today as we take a step up and look at a fully water-cooled system from the guys over at Overclockers UK. We’ve had a look at a range of systems so far that use off the shelf components that most users would buy and fit themselves, however there is always the scope for more and when it comes to getting more out of your system, custom water cooling loops are the next step. Water cooling for the most part is an uncharted area for a large number of people due to the seemingly complex process that is involved and more so the worry of the system leaking and damaging other components in the build.

Overclockers UK are one of the UK’s biggest hardware retailers, both in their shop at their warehouse in Stoke-On-Trent and more so through their website at www.overclockers.co.uk where this system and much, much more can be found – sadly not including giraffes! Overclockers UK pride themselves in having a large knowledge in overclocking their shop built systems, as their name would suggest and this they pass on to their huge consumer base with their pre-built systems.

The Ultima 460i Scimitar is one of OcUK’s more recent system creations with a hearty amount of power from the latest generation of Intel processors and one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market courtesy of AMD. To top all this off, the system has been overclocked and fully water-cooled with a custom loop, which itself is made up of parts from the biggest names in the water cooling market.

  • Name: Ultima 460i Scimitar 
  • Case: Cooler Master Cosmos II
  • MB: Gigabyte Z87X-OC
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 4770k @ 4.5GHz
  • RAM: 16GB Team Group Vulcan Orange 2133MHz (2x8GB)
  • SSD: 120GB Samsung 840
  • HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
  • GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 7990 6GB
  • PSU: Corsair TX850W V2
  • ODD: OcUK DVD-RW / Blu Ray Combo
  • Radiators: XSPC EX120 120mm, XSPC EX360 120mm, Hardware Labs Black Ice SR-1 240 120mm
  • CPU Block: XSPC Raystorm
  • GPU Block: EK Water Block EK-FC7990 SE – Acetal
  • Pump: XSPC D5 Vario
  • Reservoir: EK Res X3 250
  • Fittings: XSPC Black Chrome Rotary & Compression
  • Fluid: Mayhems Pastel Orange
  • Fans: 6x Noiseblocker Black Silent Pro PLPS 120mm
  • OS: Optional Windows 7 or 8
  • Warranty: Minimum 24 month Collect and return (36 month optional)
  • Price: £2,764.00 inc VAT

As system specifications go, this is by far the longest and most impressive list that I’ve seen to date, however that is not all, it is also the biggest and heaviest system that I’ve had to haul around the office.

After muscling this hefty system up the stairs (which I will add was inside another box with loads of protective foam and heavy-duty straps around the outside), we find that the original boxes for the motherboard and GPU are included along with all of the manuals and extras for all the system components.

ASRock Z87 OC Formula Sets New Memory OC Record of 4285.6 MHz

Edit: And before the article is even published we have received news that Christian Ney has broken this world record at around 11:00am GMT June 11th with a memory overclock of 4289.2 MHz, taking the title from Nick Shih, see the details of Christian Ney’s overclock here.

Memory overclocking world records have been at the heart of motherboard vendor rivalries in recent years with them constantly sponsoring overclocking events to try and snatch records from each other. ASRock are the latest motherboard vendor to grab one of those records as Nick Shih posted a staggering 4285.6 MHz with some DDR3 RAM on the Z87 platform.

Using the ASRock Z87M OC Formula motherboard and some Team Group Xtreem-LV 2666MHz RAM Nick Shih was able to take the RAM to a hefty 4285.6 MHz with 14-31-31-50 2T timings. The official validation can be seen here and it looks like Intel’s Z87 Haswell platform is going to be an excellent platform for memory overclocking records. In fact the speeds provided by this overclock are at the upper limit of the frequencies we might expect to see with DDR4. DDR4 is expected to bring 2133MHz as an entry level speed with 3200MHz being the enthusiast range, so you can clearly see 4285.6 MHz is something special.

The entire overclocking team that achieved this record was Nick Shih, HKEPC’s John Lam and Splave.

Images courtesy of ASRock

Computex: Booth Babes Part 2!

We already brought you our “booth babes part 1” and now its time for another dose of some Computex booth babes.

First up we have a lovely booth babe with the PQI team marketing their storage options.

Next we have three Asian Persuasions working with Apacer in some rather questionable outfits.

Next is a rather stylish looking lady with the memory vendors Team Group who make DRAM, SSD and Flash memory products.

V-Color have made a big show of force with their booth babes, out in a rather striking skimpy red outfit to lure those punters in.

I think you’d be rather fortunate to slip by quietly without receiving about 10 leaflets from the V-Color girls.

ADATA had a selection of rather colorfully dressed ladies out and about holding some ridiculously large cardboard SD cards!

Moving onto another booth we had a couple of strangely dressed booth babes with Apotop the Wi-Fi and networking company baised in Taiwan.

Avexir were playing it quite safe with their booth babes opting to wear a decent amount of clothing!

Finally we had Vatyn using some cheap tactics to get punters to check out those “80 PLUS Gold” certifications that so conveniently happen to be printed onto this booth babes womanly parts.

Stay tuned to eTeknix for more Computex (and booth babe) coverage in our Computex section.

Image(s) courtesy of eTeknix at Computex

Intel i7 4770K Overclocked to 5GHz On Just 0.9 Volts

Of late it seems like Ocaholic could pull the lost city of Atlantis out of the CPU-Z database if they wanted to. Their latest find concerns the i7 4770K and is another exciting installment for enthusiasts to speculate over. According to this latest CPU-Z validation the Haswell Core i7 4770K is capable of running at 5GHz with just 0.9 volts. This is incredibly impressive given that you’d need about 1.4 to 1.5 volts to get an Ivy Bridge i7 3770K to that same mark.

Although it is possible to get into Windows and validate the clock speed at 5GHz on a i7 3770K with about 1.25 volts (depending on the quality of your chip). Consequently, we can’t actually tell from this CPU-Z validation if this is 5GHz stable or just a 5GHz validation. Either way it is still impressive because at 0.9 volts it is 0.35 less volts needed to grab a validation of the i7 3770K at the same clock speed and, if it is 5GHz stable then, it is 0.6 volts less than what is required to get the i7 3770K stable at 5GHz.

The rest of the test platform included a single Team Group 4GB module at 1333MHz, an ASRock Z87 Extreme4 motherboard and Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 32bit. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Haswell can run stable at 5GHz with just 0.9 volts? Do you think it is just a validation-run? Or is CPU-Z just misreading the voltages?


Team Group Xtreem Vulcan DDR3 1600MHz 8GB Memory Kit Review

Team Group are a memory brand that a large number of people may not have heard of and in the UK this is particularly true as not many people know of the brand when mentioned. They are building their presence however and since we looked at their Xtreem LV kit back in October last year, Overclockers UK now stock a large selection of the LV kits.

Based on the LV kit the Vulcan kit that we’ve got today is advertised by Team Group as being the memory for overclockers, which gives us a whole heap of hope that this has got a lot to give when it comes to our performance testing later on.

The kit we’re looking at today is 8GB of the 1600MHz variety so we’ll be looking to get it past the 2000MHz barrier and up when overclocking and allowing our Asus motherboard to lapse the timings accordingly to suit. We know that Team Group have got the foundations set with us as a brand that is not that well known and they have already built on that so lets see how this ‘overclockers’ kit matches up to other kits on the market.

Like we saw previously with the Xtreem LV kits, the Xtreem Vulcan comes in a card pack which rips open along the upper edge to slide the tray out holding the modules.

Looking a little closer at the modules we find a far more refined design with a far lower profile over the LV kits enabling for better compatibility with larger CPU coolers. Measuring in at 35mm tall, the modules have a set of red heatspreaders that feature the Team Group logo to one end and the Xtreem branding to the other with the flash ICs built on to a plain green PCB underneath.