UK May Have Hit Broadband Targets

When it comes to the internet the coalition government made a pledge that by 2015, they would have the “best superfast broadband in Europe”. The UK may have hit broadband targets, but still fears remain over the future and if the targets are good enough.

The problem with setting targets with technology, they look great but they have to change as technology does. The original target for 90% of properties having superfast broadband by 2015 was changed in light of the difficulty and processes involved, eventually changing to 95% of properties by 2017. We may have hit the 90% marker now, but that last 5% needed to meet the goal posts next year may come at difficulty.

The difficulty comes from the properties located in rural areas, with fibre optic speeds slowly reaching those areas (although not as the speeds users want to gain access to the internet). The second problem though is the big one, what is super fast internet these days?

Back in 2010, the definition was 24 Mbps, but these days you can grab 100 or even 200 Mbps internet. With the kind of fibre optic cables needed to reach 24 Mbps used in its current roll out the question is being raised that if we compare ourselves on “superfast broadband” in a few years time, will we need to roll out new options all over again.

The standard option  for many European countries is now FTTH (Fiber to the house), an option that is only reaching 1.56% of British homes. The city of Hull has one of the lowest superfast broadband availability, listed at 37.6% because Hull’s independent telecoms provider, KCOM, has already opted to deploy the FTTH strategy, resulting in 37.6% of houses now getting fibre optic speed straight to the house.

9-Year-Old Finds Christmas PS4 Replaced by a Block of Wood

9-year-old Scott Lundy was left deft devastated when, upon opening the box for the PlayStation 4 he received for Christmas, found that instead of the console there was a similarly sized block of wood, with a crude message written on it.

“He got a PS4 and he says ‘this is the best present ever this is the best Christmas ever,'” Brian Lundy, the boy’s father, told Boston’s Fox 25 News. After bellowing, “Can we set this up now?”, Lundy’s son opened the box to find his PS4 absent, replaced the wooden slab. The thief responsible for the cruel switcheroo, to add insult to injury, wrote the message, “From c*** and balls with love,” on the plank.

“He’s crying and he’s upset and he’s in the playroom by himself and he just wants to be alone so at that point. I was crushed,” said Kristin Lundy, Scott’s step-mother, added.

Thankfully, the Target store that Scott’s parents bought the PS4 from were happy to exchange the fraudulent contents of the box for a real console.

“They not only gave us a new game system but they also gave us a $100 gift card as well as an additional game that the original game that was supposed to be in the box. Couldn’t have been any kinder,” Kristin said.

“We never like to disappoint our guests and are thankful for our store team’s quick response to make things right,” Lee Henderson of Target Communication added.

Swapping out PlayStation 4 consoles for low-value items has become a sad Christmas tradition, with last year’s victims finding bibles and rocks in their PS4 boxes.

Online Trolls and Racists Being Targeted With Billboard Ads Near Their Homes

Online bullies, trolls and other people hiding behind the half-anonymity of the internet while insulting people have been a cancer on our society for quite some time and it probably won’t be stopped anytime soon either. We got a lot of stupid people in this world and they don’t seem like they’re learning. In Brazil however, they now risk their comments to be blown up and shown on billboards near their homes for everyone to read.

The campaign is called Virtual racism, Real consequences and it is backed by the civil rights organisation Criola. The group collects comments from Facebook and Twitter and uses geolocation tools to find the location from where the racist comments were posted. The group then buys billboard space nearby and posts the comments in huge letters for everyone to see. The group does blur the photo and names out, but the message comes across.

Translation: “A black girl called Maju. You can’t complain about prejudice.”

“The campaign is intended to encourage people to speak out and report racism,” said Criola’s founder Jurema Werneck. “Those people [who post abuse online] think they can sit in the comfort of their homes and do whatever they want on the internet. We don’t let that happen. They can’t hide from us, we will find them,”

The campaign was launched in July when a prime-time weather presenters photo, who happens to be coloured, was posted on the channel’s Facebook page and sparked a wide range of racists comments. Ironically, the same day was the Brazilian national day against racial discrimination. The billboard campaign has been running ever since and it has gotten mostly positive feedback since launch as well as launched a debate about the issue, which probably is the best effect they could have hoped for. Dialogue is the start of getting along.

Translation: “If she bathed, she didn’t get grimy.”

Does a comment on the internet cause less damage than a direct offence? Maybe for those who make the comments, but those who suffer the abuse experience the same prejudice and effect. I personally think that it is very sad that a campaign like this is needed in our day and age. We as the human race should have evolved beyond such neanderthal-ish behaviour by now. We are all humans and we all share the same small planet, it is about time that we all finally get along.

Translation: “I arrived home smelling black people.”

Fallout Nuka-Cola Quantum Soda Gets Real

Fallout 4 is probably one of the most anticipated games of the year and it has been waited for since the last game in the series. The release date is almost upon us and now we’re able to bring the true Fallout fans even better news. You can get your own and real Nuka-Cola Quantum on the same day as the game is released, the 10th November, as officially announced on Twitter.

Fallout developers Bethesda Studios partnered with the soft drink maker Jones Soda Company to create a cross-brand promotion. The downside is that this mainly will be for US-based readers as the soda will be sold there at Target. Nuka-Cola is best known for its caps that are used as currency in the game series, but the drink itself is just as iconic.

Okay, I have to be honest here. It isn’t completely like the drink in the game as it doesn’t glow fluorescent blue due to radioactive strontium. In reality, it is just a rebranded version of Jones Soda’s Berry Lemonade flavor. It is still pretty cool and I wished I would be able to get some of it here – if for nothing else than to place it next to my other game collectibles and figurines.

Will you be stocking up with the drink to play the game in style on release date or is that too much fandom for you? Let us know in the comments.

Hackers Broadcast Pornographic Audio Through Target Stores PA

In the past couple of months, a number of Target stores have fallen victim to an embarrassing, yet hilarious pornographic prank. The hackers can access the store’s PA system and broadcast audio at large volume. In this particular case, the pranksters played a pornographic film on full blast for an entire 15 minutes. Naturally, most shoppers were completely outraged according to Gina Young:

“”People were up in arms,”

“Some people threw their things down and walked out. Others were yelling at employees.”

Apparently, an e-mail obtained by the BBC was sent out to bosses at the company which reads:

“Non-Target team members are attempting to access the intercom system by calling stores and requesting to be connected to line [xxxx],”

“If connected, callers have control of the intercom until they hang up.”

“We are actively working to limit intercom access to the Guest Services phone only. In the meantime, inform all operators to not connect any calls to line [xxxx].”

Target’s spokeswoman Molly Snyder wouldn’t deny or confirm the e-mail’s authenticity but told the BBC:

“We are actively reviewing the situation with the team to better understand what happened and are taking steps to help ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

“Because this is an active investigation, I’m unable to share additional details, but we want our guests to know that we take this very seriously.”

This entire situation emphasizes how vulnerable many PA systems are in leading retail chains. Although, the embarrassment might result in enhanced security in the long-term.

Akasa Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Akasa have a great reputation in the component market for their coolers and chassis, but their latest ranges are certainly better than ever! Their new NUC passive cooled chassis are super sleek and offer a wide range of usage options, from digital advertising, to HTPC use and so much more in-between. What really caught my eye, aside from their range of high-end air coolers, was this stunning NUC passive cooled chassis with a DVD drive, it’s something I’ve never seen before and it’s a perfect addition to these compact and energy efficient systems, as it opens up a world of possibilities for using this is a media centre, or in places where you need to display media for professional purposes. We’re already in talks with Akasa for a review sample and hope to take a much closer look at this in the not too distant future.

Kingston Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Kingston are one of the best known names in this industry, providing a huge range of storage products, as well as a few gaming products that have won virtually countless awards; a fair few from us here at eTeknix too. Since this is a B2B event, there isn’t much new, but there’s certainly some cool products on show, such as the Cloud II gaming headset, one of the best gaming headsets available today! As well as their still crazy expensive 1TB USB 3.0 flashdrive, should you absolutely need so much data on your keyring, it’s still the better part of £700!

There is of course their M.2 and PCI storage drives, which offer blazing fast speed, albeit for a premium price, but if you want the best, then you’re going to have to pay for it.

It’s certainly an interesting looking unit and if you’re tired of waiting for your games to load, then you’re going to love having one of these in your system.

There’s still more to see from today’s show, so stay tuned for a few more updates!

Club3D Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Here I am at the Club3D booth at today’s event and while I must admit I was very happy to see their beat a pro gamer challenge, I wasn’t so thrilled when I scored zero kills to 9 deaths in the latest Unreal Tournament beta… I guess that’s why he’s the pro; humbling to say the least. Moving on, we’ve got a lot of cool products from Club3D today, starting off, they’ve got a Fury X powering their gaming systems and while we’ve seen them before, it was still nice to sit down and have a few games on one myself, smooth frame rates all round I’m happy to report.

Now onto the big stuff, MST hubs and connectivity is becoming one of the best things about Club 3D, from hooking up multiple monitors via DP, HDMI or USB, to linking USB ports and other connectors for docking ultra books, they’ve got it covered with their extensive range of connectivity products.

The big star of the show, or should I say the little star of the show, the Nano! It’s one of the few in the world I actually know of, so I’m surprised to have seen one in the wild like this. It’s incredibly small, rather lightweight too and unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to take it away and test it… doh!

This may not look like much, but it’s one of the best products I’ve seen today. It’s a docking bar for the new Macbook, which famously comes with a single connector for external devices.

As you can see, that problem is quickly solved and this soon to be released bar adds more ports than you’re ever likely to need, but it could be very handy for using your new Macbook in the office.

ASRock Booth @ Target Open Day

Target Open Day 2015: We’ve just stopped by the ASRock booth here at the famous B2B event in Leeds, and as you can see, ASRock have brought along a great range of motherboards to show off. As you’ve no doubt seen in quite a few of our recent motherboard reviews, ASRock are making some great solutions right now, from their cost effective and energy efficiency Braswell motherboards, which come with the CPU in a BGA socket, right up to their flagship Z170 gaming focused motherboards. There’s nothing especially new here, with the exception of the recently launched Z170 products, but it’s still great to see them out on show.

The Z170 PRo4 is a stunning beast, featuring that stark contrast of black and bronze finishes, a welcome break from the often black and red that we’ve seen time and time and time and time again. It’s also packing a mean punch in the audio department, as you can see from the DAC and solid caps in the bottom left of the board.

OK, so we’re back to the black and red stuff again, but I’ll let that one slide as the Fatal1ty series has long kept this theme and it works well with that crazy looking VRM heat sink at the top, perfect for helping this board take on some impressive overclocks.

The Extreme is designed similar to the Fatal1ty, but comes with that more fetching bronze. as well as a front panel add-on that gives you that much loved USB type-C connector!

The small, fast and super quiet BeeBox! A tiny form factor PC and these are quickly gaining in popularity due to their compact size and stylish looks; certainly a lot more manageable that a desktop chassis!

Genius Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: Genius are one of the most recognisable brands on the market, sure they’ve not pulled a lot in terms of high-end hardware, but they’ve proven time and time again that they can make cost effective solutions for almost every desktop peripheral you’re likely to need. They’ve got all their latest keyboards, headsets, speakers and more on show here at the B2B Target Open Day event, and I must admit that their gear is starting to improve.

Their new GX speakers look a little garish, but they’re not without their charms and they pack plenty of punch that will no doubt appeal to gamers.

A little more refined, the smaller GX speakers look pretty smart and have decent quality drivers for a low price. I would prefer an option to have pop-off covers on them, but overall these are pretty good desktop speakers.

their latest gaming keyboard features thumbster keys, as well as a range of quick launch, multimedia and macro controls. The chassis is a little wider than I would like, but overall, it’s a good looking keyboard and it’s pleasant to type on.

There’s a lot more to come from today’s show, so stay tuned for more!

Biostar Booth @ Target Open Day

Target Open Day 2015: Biostar are out in full force at today’s B2B event, showing off many of their latest motherboards, ranging from their low-cost, low-power integrated solutions, such as the J1900H2, right up to their new gaming series Z170 motherboards. There’s nothing particularly new here, but it’s still good to see them pushing their newest products here in the UK and we look forward to seeing more from them in the near future.

The TR970 Plus is certainly an eye catching design, on first glance, it’s a normal AMD motherboard, but there’s a strong focus on quality audio here, as you can see with the massive “HiFi” badge on the heat sink above the PCI connectors, as well as a DAC at the back.

As an added musical bonus, this stunning, albeit somewhat peculiar, keyboard themed VRM heat sink.

There’s a lot more to see here at today’s show, but I would certainly keep an eye out for these Biostar products hitting more retailers very soon.

Tenda Booth @ Target Open Day 2015

Target Open Day 2015: There are lots of great products on display today at Target Open Day, including the latest range of Tenda modems and routers. While Tenda do make a lot of products for the B2B market, they’ve got some nice consumer models too, as you can see in the pictures below. Details were a little thin on the ground, but we can see their latest commercial products cover a wide range of solutions. There’s range of high-speed devices, power line adapters, switches, ceiling mounted routers and more! Of course, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of these in the near future and we look forward to testing them in upcoming reviews.


Bitdefender & Modecom @ Target Open Day 2015


Target Open Day 2015: The event is in full swing today here in Leeds, offering a great gathering place for B2B deals in the tech industry. There’s a lot of cool stuff on show here today, but one thing that caught my attention was the Bitdefender Box, a simple and rather unassuming device that can be used to product your home network from external intrusion and more. This little white box simply connects to your home network via an RJ45 cable input and and RJ45 output, it will help protect your connected smart devices, such as TV, blu-ray player, consoles, Wi-Fi cameras and IOT devices.

It may not seem much, but protecting the data, video feeds, cameras, microphones and more in your home network is no bad thing and with hacking and virus attacks showing no signs of slowing down, it never hurts to play it safe. It’s a tiny unit too, so it’s going to blend into your home network with ease and shouldn’t get in the way.

Another fun demo, this tiny pocket PC, which connects directly to the displays HDMI socket. I’m sure you’ve seen a few of these on the market already, but they’re still super interesting and it’s not going to be much over £100, meaning you can have a highly portable and cost effective workstation that fits in your pocket.


It’s Going Great for Independent UK Retailers According to New Study

It is going great for independent UK retailers according to a new study performed by ShopTalk, and there are also a couple of surprises in it. ShopTalk is a not-for-profit service operated by IT distributor Target Components to provide free impartial business advice to IT resellers.

The most surprising find was that independent retailers that have heavily discounted prices do not enjoy better sales than those charging the highest prices. The ones selling the most are the ones placed in the middle of the field, most likely as a result of people not wanting to pay too much but in return also don’t trust a product sold too cheap.

ShopTalk didn’t just compare the figures of independent shops, they also took in large chains into the comparison. The Study found that independent retailers are offering both lower pricing and a wider range of products and services than their larger rivals. Independent retailers offer prices that are 9% lower on average, that’s £9 of every £100 marker and that’s not insignificant. The only bigger company that beat the independent retailers on an average scale of products offered was PC World, they offered 50 of the 65 items surveyed. But over half of the independent retailers also offered more than the 50, and that’s a double-up from last year’s survey.

“Under-pricing for indies simply doesn’t work – our research shows it depresses sales and stifles profits – so it’s encouraging to see signs that support what we hear anecdotally, that indies are taking a more considered approach to pricing.” said Shoptalk’s John Coulter on the report

Despite a drop in the price margin over last year’s result, independent shops continue to improve their sales for a more sustained business model. The number of lines selling ‘ok’ or better have improved from 71% to 75% over the last year.

Google Targets Firefox Users with Special Warnings

Mozilla users will soon see a new message in Google’s search engine urging them to switch their default search engine to Google. Users can also choose to ignore the message and hide it until clearing the browser’s cache by pressing the “No, Thanks” button.

This comes as a result of Mozilla changing its default search engine to Yahoo! in November 2014. Default search contracts are the main route to monetizing third-party browsers. Search providers like Google and Yahoo pay browser-makers tens, or even hundreds of millions of dollars for the unique access, as it is a major driver of search traffic from modern browsers.

Firefox has been working with Google as its default search engine since 2004, but the recent change terminated the long partnership with the top web search engine. Google’s new popups make it clear that the company isn’t happy with the shift and it’s also clear that it considers Firefox search traffic a primary target. Firefox is the third most-used personal computer browser after Google’s Chrome browser and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Thank you Daily Tech for providing us with this information

Woman Buys PlayStation 4, Gets Box of Bibles

In a repeat of a story from last week, a woman from California bought a PlayStation 4 as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend discovered, when her boyfriend opened the gift on Christmas morning, that the console had been replaced with two heavy bibles.

Sandra Ortiz bought the PS4 from a local Target store, with no clue that there could be anything out of the ordinary lucking within the console’s box. Ortiz told CNN that her boyfriend reacted in good humour, saying, “He said he didn’t want the Bibles unless they were autographed by Jesus himself.”

The most likely scenario is that a customer bought the console, swapped it for the two bibles, and returned it to Target for a refund, granted without re-checking the contents of the box. When Ortiz return the PlayStation to the store, Target employees “immediately apologized for any inconvenience and exchanged it for a new one.”

Source: CNet

Target & Kmart Australia Remove GTA V From Their Shelves After Massive Petition

Earlier this week, Target announced it was pulling Grand Theft Auto V from its shelves after it had reviewed the game’s content – obviously a year too late. Well, after this event, Kmart Australia decided it would follow suite, announcing it too had removed GTA V from its shelves.

Kmart spoke with Kotaku, where they said “Following a significant review of all content in Grand Theft Auto games, Kmart has taken the decision to remove this product immediately.” They added “Kmart apologises for not being closer to the content of this game.” Officials over at the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association were asked for their comment, to which they replied:

“Over the past few decades videogames have taken their place alongside film, literature and television as a medium capable of entertaining all ages, including the ability to sustain complex and mature themes for an adult audience that rival similar works in other media. As a result, IGEA are surprised by the recent removal of a popular R18 game from retail shelves given the average age of a gamer in this country is 32. Games should not be treated any differently than books, music, television, or movies rated R18.  IGEA’s members are proud of their compliance with the National Classification Scheme and believe that consumers, which includes parents and caregivers, should be allowed to make informed decisions for themselves.”

Why did Target remove GTA V from its shelves in the first place? Over 44,000 signatures were acquired by survivors of violence, including sex workers, who wanted to see Target remove the game. The petition writes  that Grand Theft Auto V “encourages players to murder women for entertainment.” The petition continues “The incentive is to commit sexual violence against women, then abuse or kill them to proceed or get ‘health’ points – and now Target are stocking it and promoting it for your Xmas stocking. Please Target – we appeal to you as women survivors of violence, including women who experienced violence in the sex industry, to immediately withdraw Grand Theft Auto V from sale.”

Source: Polygon.

Sony Xperia Creative Director Leaves, Sony in Turmoil

Creative leader Kirchiro Kurozumi has called it quits, leaving large-name tech Company Sony to pursue a slightly different career in Japanese telecommunications and Internet corporation SoftBank.

This is especially bad timing for Sony, as they’re currently transitioning through a current re-design of their whole smartphone strategy. Kurozumi was responsible for overseeing the product planning for Sony’s Xperia phone series and is said to be carrying out a similar role now in SoftBank’s Mobile department. After his departure one month ago, reports began to immediately surface of Sony’s current turmoil in the form of sales figures.

The Financial Times has reported that Sony’s market performance was already suffering before this loss, as they’re expected to lower their annual smartphone sales target again at the end of October; this will mark the second time they’ve done so this year. We’ve also learned that Sony will be removing their line of low to mid range phones in the Chinese market, but they will not confirm this statement.

Suppliers aren’t too happy either – Sony has reportedly held a meeting with them with no said plans to cut back production, but then announcing a roll-back in production a few hours later. A Japanese supplier has added “We’ve set a sales forecast for Sony phones that is more conservative than what the company told us,”.

All in all, this news isn’t looking too good for Sony’s mobile branch – here’s hoping they can get someone on board to steer them in the right direction. We’ve seen plenty of good products out of them in the past, it’s only a matter of time before something new comes out to tackle the large beasts such as Apple, HTC and Samsung.

Image courtesy of Poder pda

Target Open Day 2014 – Exhibitors

Target Open Day 2014 is drawing to a close and what better way to round up the day that with a quick gallery of some of the booths here at today’s show!


BioStar were on board with their new SoC motherboards, which feature the chipset and the CPU together, allowing for a single cooling unit for both. Great for integrated solutions that need to reduce cost and size; without sacrificing performance.


Kingston were keen to show off their DDR4 X-Predator memory models, but not as much as their new Cloud headset. It’s a budget friendly headset, but gamers around the world are already flocking to it thanks to it’s exceptional performance.


As rock brought along their latest X99 motherboards, which certainly put on a colourful display with their mixture of metallic blue, red and yellow designs.

Evo Labs

I haven’t seen an Evo Labs chassis in the wild before, but their little mini-ITX chassis really caught my attention. Tiny form factor, but room for a full GPU, full ATX PSU and a mini-ITX motherboard; not much room for anything else though.


I’m a big fan of Akasa chassis design, they were initially created for industrial use, but their monolithic design looks really cool in a home theatre. They’ve upgraded their Euler to feature two USB 3.0 ports on the front and have added a subtle silver trim around the front panel, turning their once industrial product into something more consumer friendly.

Target Open Day 2014 – Chieftec Booth

I stopped by the Chieftec booth at the Target Open Day 2014 and they’ve certainly got a few things on their booth that grabbed my attention. First of all are their chassis products, while they’re not the latest and greatest from the company, they’re the first products to mark the return of Chieftec to the UK market after several years absence.

Most notable is their DX-02B, which we reviewed recently.

Then we have their mini-ITX form factor HTPC style chassis. I failed to catch the model number, but Chieftec have agreed to ship us a review sample, so keep your eyes peeled for an in-depth look at this in the very near future.

One of the best products that Chieftec have (if not the best), is their 500w SFX PSU. There are a few other companies touting similar models, but so far Chieftec are the only ones available to buy at retail. With all that power in such a small form factor, as well as an 80PLUS Gold rating, this could be a huge product for the company.

Chassis, PSUs and more are obviously of keen interest to the crowd, but when you’ve got a barrel of beer that pumps through a custom pump made from two power supplies, then you’re easily going to be host to a popular booth.

Thank you Roger from Chieftec for allowing me to review the performance of this unique beer pump. I may have sampled a couple of the beers too!

That’s all from the Chieftec booth for now, but I’ll be back shortly with even more coverage from the event.

Target Open Day 2014 – Team Booth

Team are one of the coolest memory manufacturers out there, so I was pleased to see them on show at Target Open Day 2014. They brought along a few of their latest memory modules to the show, including their new DDR3 memory which comes in a choice of high and low profile designs.

A wide range of memory products were on offer, quite a lot of flash drives and OTG flash drives too; although I did spot a rather cool one that allowed you to slot a microSD card into the USB header.

Mobile recharging devices are an essential part of owning a modern smartphone, Team had their stylish PePPY on display which offers up 10,000mAh of power.

The Dark L3 120GB SSD was on show and on the complete other end of the scale, red and yellow referee cards that are also 8GB flash drives.

Unfortunately no new DDR4 modules on display, but having only recently announced their new hardware, it could still be a few weeks before we see those in the wild.

Target Open Day – Club3D Booth

Here we are at the Club3D both at the Target Open Day; this is their first time at this event, but they’ve got loads of cool products on display for us to investigate, as well as a really fun gaming challenge. They’ve brought along their favourite pro gamer and set him up on Unreal Tournament 3, score a kill and grab yourself an AMD Never Settle Reloaded gaming code, win the game and get yourself a gold; naturally I got by butt handed to me, but I had a blast doing it and it’s been fun watching him sit there and make a mockery of everyone who thought they stood a chance.

Out on show are Club3Ds latest and greatest graphics cards, including their stunning Radeon R9 290X royalAce and R9 280 royalKing.

They’ve got a superb display rig on show, featuring the gorgeous Corsair Air 540 chassis and a pair of Club 3D graphics cards with their impressive Cool Stream cooling solution.

Those who managed to score really well in the gaming challenge would have won themselves an R9 280 RoyalKing, but so far I didn’t hear of anyone who had! However, if anyone does win, or has won, then the prize is certainly awesome, perhaps their gamer will start showing some fatigue towards the end of the day.

Their latest connectivity solutions are on show, including the MST hub and other display port hubs and USB 3.0 to display devices; perfect for those running multiple monitor setups.

That’s all from the Club3D booth for now, but we’ll be back very shortly with more coverage from the event.

Target Open Day 2014 – Antec Booth

Antec have brought along some of their latest and greatest products to the Target Open Day 2014 event, I stopped by their booth to check them out. First up we have their new Edge power supplies, which feature a fully modular design, loads of ventilation to help keep them running cool and quiet, plenty of high-end power for gaming rigs and they even come equipped with a set of funky rubber anti-vibration mounts; we’ve got a full review of this here, so check it out.

A few Antec Mobile (A.M.P.) products were on display, including their stylish mobile headset and their wireless mobile speaker.

The Antec ISK110 Vesa M-ITX chassis on display; it may not be their greatest chassis, but it’s certainly one of my favourites as it makes a great choice for HTPC solutions.

A range of Antec chassis products on show.

This one certainly caught my attention; it’s currently the only one in the world and doesn’t go into production for another week or so.

This new chassis will be part of their ISK range, a slightly larger model than the older ISK600 (on the right in the picture below). It features four PCI bays, a bottom section for a PSU and storage, with room for m-ATX motherboards in the top section.

Finally we have the massive Antec Nineteen Hundred equipped with a custom cooled display rig.

Stay tuned for even more coverage from the event.

Target Open Day 2014 – Cooler Master Booth

Target Open Day 2014 is in full swing today and while the event is generally just a B2B event, we thought it would be a great opportunity to drop by and get an exclusive look at the festivities and hopefully some cool products.

We start today’s coverage with a look at the impressive Cooler Master booth; they’ve certainly got the biggest booth at today’s show and it’s packed to the brim with their latest and greatest products such as the HAF Stacker, their latest power supplies, coolers and more.

The team have been on hand all day to offer product advice and information to help educate retailers about what they do as a company; it’s been a great opportunity to pick their brains and learn more about the products they produce, many of which we’ve already reviewed here at eTeknix.

Many of their top chassis are on display for people to poke around, ask questions and more. The HAF Stacker and the mini-ITX Elite chassis are certainly proving popular.

The new Nepton coolers, ranging from 120mm to 280mm.

The V series PSUs which now meet the new EU regulations, as well as the 80Plus specifications; I’m told that CM are the first to meet these new rigorous standards.

CM make some great keyboard and mice products and they’ve got everything from their budget friendly Devastator to their flagship Aluminium series mechanical keyboards on show for visitors to try out.

We’ve got more great coverage from the show, so stay tuned for more.

Chinese Authorities Pay an ‘Unexpected’ Visit to Microsoft Offices

Microsoft offices from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu have been unexpectedly visited by the Chinese State Administration for Industry & Commerce, according to a report from Reuters. A spokesperson for the company has confirmed the visit, but declined to give a reason for the inspection ‘outside of working hours’.

The company is said to have become a target for the Chinese government since former U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, revealed the various spying programs enforced by the agency, including PRISM. However, Microsoft states that its goal is to provide quality products, security and reliability to customers.

“We aim to build products that deliver the features, security and reliability customers expect and we’re happy to answer the government’s questions.” the company’s spokesperson stated.

The Chinese state media have been out to get American tech firms since the NSA leaks went online, calling for “severe punishment” for companies found to be helping the U.S. government steal secrets and monitor the country’s activities. Microsoft’s OneDrive has even been targeted by activists this month, having its services disrupted in China.

Further anti-U.S. activities have been stated to be present in central government offices, where the Chinese have banned installing and/or using Windows 8 on new computers. The ban has been stated to still be in effect even today.

Given the above, Microsoft still plans to release its Xbox One console in China this September, while also aiming to form ties with China Telecom Corp and e-commerce company, Inc.

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Exclusive: First Look at Latest Chieftec Chassis That Will Be Launching in UK Market

eTeknix exclusive: Earlier today we brought you the exclusive news that legendary chassis and PSU manufacturer Chieftec will be return to UK shores. After an eight year long departure of what used to be one of the biggest brands in the UK market, it’s great to see them making a return. Of course it’s not like the company went bust, they’ve been going strong ever since and were unfortunate to run into distribution troubles all those years ago. Now that they have the great team at Target Components on their side as their distributor for the UK market, the chassis and PSU products from Chieftec are now being prepared to start shipping to resellers and system integrators in the UK once again.

Earlier today I stopped by Target Components to meet with the team at Target and Chieftec representative Roger Oka, where I got an exclusive first look at the products they’ll be bringing to the UK market. There isn’t anything really new here from the brand right now, most of these products have been reviewed internationally and are already available in the US and Asian markets, but this is the first time they’ve landed in the UK.

First up we have this gorgeous white mini-ITX chassis, ideal for those with limited space, but the sleek front panel design will also lend well to HTPC solutions.

FI-01W-U3 Flyer Series ITX Tower

FI-01W-U3 – Vertically or horizontally? It is up to your convenience to decide how to place CHIEFTEC’s new ITX case. The FI-01W-U3 comes with a preinstalled 250W TFX power supply and can comfortably accommodate lowprofile cards. With its “glossy” finishing, it spreads an aura of Life style in your home and/or office.”

FI-01W-U3 Flyer Series ITX Tower

One of the smaller cases offers plenty of ventilation and extra fan mounts, with dual USB 3.0, dual 5.25″ drive bays, plenty of room for drive expansion and more. It’s not the most exciting looking case ever, but it does offer a lot of practical design that will no doubt appeal to the business market.

Uni Series BD-02B-B-U3 Mini Tower

BD-02B-B-U3 – Maximising functionality in a small space is what CHIEFTEC’s Mini Tower offers. It has several front panels for choices and its interior space has more than you would expect. With its additional depth of 21mm, the installation of standard ATX power supplies is no problem at all.”

A budget friendly model here will be tailored to those building gaming rigs or rendering rigs; it comes with dual USB 3.0 and plenty of connectivity options. It’s real benefit is in fan mountings at it features dual 120mm fan mounts on the side, a filtered fan mount on the front and two 80mm fan mounts on the back. It may not look terribly exciting, but you can get a powerful rig in here without too much concern over airflow.

UNI Series BM-02B-U3 Midi Tower MS

BM-02B-U3 – The M-Chassis was developed for price-conscious users, who look for top-of-the-art quality and easy-to-use functions. Besides it offers 5 different front panels with USB/HD Audio connectors to meet individual demand. It proves that functionality and design can be affordable with reasonable price.”

The next model up features a similar design to the one above, but its design is a little more consumer friendly thanks to a better designed from panel.

CM-01B-U3 Mesh Series Midi Tower MS

CM-01B-U3 Mesh Series Midi Tower MS

Next up we have their midi tower GIGA series, this features four full 5.25″ drive bays, plenty of storage and slide out drive trays on the interior, flip-off front panel cover with dust filter for front fans and plenty of extra fan mounts / ventilation on the back and left side panel.

DF-02B-U3 Giga Series Midi Tower EL

DF-02B-U3 – The exterior and the interior of the DF-02B-B are fully designed in elegant black. The mesh front contributes to an optimized air flow through the chassis leading to a noticeable cool down. The users will appreciate the typical tool-free installation of ODDs and HDDs, as well as the intelligent positioning of the PSU at the bottom of the chassis.”

DF-02B-U3 Giga Series Midi Tower EL

This is one of my favourites of the bunch. A very heavy-duty looking design that is mostly targeted to the professional market. It features locking front and side panels for extra security.

LBX-02B-U3 Uni Series Medium Tower

LBX-02B-U3 –The medium tower with 540mm depth perfectly suits the installation of EATX server mainboard. It has enough space for up to 12x ODDs and HDDs. An optimal cooling design effectively prevents a possible overheating. The interior of the chassis has been split into two separate cooling zones, enabling the HDDs to be cooled in an area separate from the

LBX-02B-U3 Uni Series Medium Tower

The interior features quick release bay covers and tool free drive installation.

Support for everything from mini-ITX to eATX motherboards.

Clip-on rails for 3.5″ drives and adaptors for 2.5″ drive installation.

Metal quick release clips and extra mounting screws secured on the interior for easy access.

Large top rail mount for PSU means you can get a huge PSU installed in here, or even a second redundant PSU.

It also features extra ventilation on the sides for the storage bays and expansion card area, making this an interesting choice for small to mid size network / NAS solutions or rendering rigs.

Their gaming range is also exciting, offering a pretty aggressive design that is focused on high-end airflow and water cooling.

DX-02B Dragon Series Midi Tower HE

DX-02B –An unpredicted story of success continues with Chieftec’s new model DX-02B. A whole generation of gamers and modders will remember the legendary CS-601, better known as the Dragon DX. Hundreds of thousands of people have grown up with this case in the last decade. With the DX-02B you are receiving a case, which convinces with its design, and its highend quality finishing. Besides the integrated fan controller, the case also has an elegantly conceived Hot-Swap solution for hard drives.”

DX-02B Dragon Series Midi Tower HE

Full EATX motherboard support and room for a multi-GPU setup.

Extra wide CPU cooler cut-out and dual vertical cable routing.

Front access drive trays with hot swap capability.

Dual front panel fans with snap-on filters.

Extra clearance for water cooling setups.

Funky right side panel design, a welcome break from all the blank panels we normally see here and it’s got a large recess to allow extra cable routing space.

Fixed position fin-style top ventilation.

Dual 200mm fans pre-installed in the top and a single 120mm pre-installed in the back.

Dual slide out dust filters on the base and four large and very durable feet.

Built in three speed fan controller switchs.

There are even more products, as well as their range of PSUs coming to market, so stay tuned for more news and upcoming review on these in the very near future.

Thank you Chieftec and Target for inviting us to come down and check out these products.

Exclusive: Chieftec Returning to UK Market after 8 Year Absence

eTeknix exclusive: Chieftec backed out of the UK market 8 years ago now and back then they were one of the biggest brands around. Unfortunately they ran into a few issues with distribution and the decision was made to focus on other markets. Of course that is all changed and 8 years has given them enough time to see a change in the UK market to make their triumphant return.

I met today with Chieftec representative Roger Oka to discuss their new products and what they hope to achieve by returning to the UK. Chieftec may have been gone from the UK market for a while, but their brand has been far from trouble and they’ve been selling cases, power-supplies and enterprise solutions in the US and Asian markets with great success. They’ve already got a strong range of products for these markets and while they’re always making new products, they’ll be launching their existing product lines into the UK first, any new products in the future will also be made available when the time comes.

First up are their power supply and chassis products, they’ve got loads of great consumer level products in these categories to cater to a wide range of budgets, from high-end gaming chassis right down to budget friendly models that are suitable for office and retail deployment. The company also has a strong range of SMB products and enterprise level chassis solutions that will no doubt be making their return here too. What we do know is that Target Components will be handling the brand for now and helping them break back into the market. Target is one of the fastest growing distributors in the UK right now and they’ll be working closely with resellers around the UK to make the new products available.

Did you ever own a Chieftec product when they were previously available in the UK? If so, then let us know in the comments section below as we would also love to hear your feedback on what you think of the brand coming back to this region.

We’ll be back very shortly with an exclusive look at the first chassis products that Chieftec are bringing to the UK as well as some great product reviews from their range in the coming weeks.