Two Year Taiwanese Trial on the Effects of AI Begins

As part of an experiment into how artificial intelligence can attempt to influence the real world decisions of people, researchers in Singapore have developed a smartphone app focused around convincing people to adjust their travel plans to be at less busy or more affordable times.

The researchers hope that as many as tens of thousands of people will participate in the experiment. As a starting point, the app will take into account initially set user preferences, such as they tolerance for crowding, willingness to adjust travel plans to avoid congestion and the price they find acceptable for public transport. The AI engine will then tailor suggestions to the user, such as offering cheaper travel if they defer to less congested times or offer incentives to help alleviate congestion if they plan to travel at a busy time. The system will also keep track of the users willingness to accept the suggestions offered by the app and incorporate them in creating a uniquely tailored model for everyone.

Overall, the aim is to reach a compromise for travelers. With congestion being a source of annoyance and stress for many, convincing people to defer travel would yield benefits across the board even for those unwilling to adjust.

The research done here will seek to improve future consumer AI systems, both in creating positive tailor-made experiences for users, but also for businesses, who would be able to deliver personalized advertisement to potential customers.

Who knows, if people are receptive to the recommendations of AI, this could be a good step towards the future where everyone has their own AI personal assistant.

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Inno3D Join in the GTX 980Ti Teasing

We have been teased with pictures and specifications on the expected NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980Ti for a few weeks now, some of our previous coverage can be found here.

So with the release of AMD’s new Fiji graphics card(s) featuring High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) roughly a month away; NVIDIA seem to be pushing the release of the GTX 980Ti out to take some of the limelight.

The Taiwan team at NVIDIA posted, and almost immediately removed, a teaser image of a new GTX graphics card to be released on 2nd June. Some speculate the release of an upgraded Titan or possibly a lower powered GTX 950; the general thoughts are towards the GTX 980Ti.

With Computex just around the corner, we are starting to see companies using Facebook to gain interest; here’s Inno3D’s attempt.

Well, it seems that the GTX 980Ti will be announced at Computex. I feel that if this card is as big as specs state, we should see something simply amazing. What do you think the performance of this card would be? Just a little better than a GTX 980 or a little slower than the Titan X? Let us know in the comments.

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Three-Day Gaming Binge Kills Taiwanese Man

After a three-day gaming binge at an internet cafe, a Taiwanese man died, slumped in his chair in front of a computer. Doctors declared that the cause of death was sudden heart failure from prolonged gaming.

The 32-year old man, identified only by his family name Hsieh, was a permanent fixture at the internet cafe, often gaming so long that he slept there, according to the employee that discovered his body.

The employee told the Taipei Times: “Hsieh was a regular customer here and always played for consecutive days. When tired, he would sleep face-down on the table or doze off slumped in his chair. That is why we were not aware of his condition in the beginning.”

Though the title was not revealed, Hsieh was described as playing “combat computer games”.

Source: Yahoo! News

Seasonic Release ECO 430W Power Supply

Taiwan-based power supply manufacturer Seasonic has just announced their launch of two new skews – set to be on sale in mainland China in the coming weeks.

Their first announced product is the ECO430, being given a 80PLUS 230VEU certification, this PSU is marketed at those who are looking to save a little extra on their power bills. For those who are unaware, an 80PLUS Bronze rating means that the power supply efficiency rate is that of 85% or above – signifying that at least 85% of the power that is drawn in through the wall socket can be distributed throughout your PC components.

This unit comes with your standard 120mm FBD bearing fan alongside Rhine temperature control technology. By looking at the images provided, it doesn’t look like this model is modular (news sources were unable to confirm) – but modular capabilities is something that we don’t often see in a budget-level power supply. The ECO430 does however feature a flat 24-pin Motherboard cable to help a little with your cable management capabilities.

The announced release price for this product is 399 yuan ($65 US), which see’s it competing with budget ‘eco’ offerings including Thermaltake’s TR2, FSP’s 400w, The Corsair CX500 and Antec’s Neo.

There is no set plan of release in the Western world as of yet – we will report if the story develops. Looking at the links provided above, will this Seasonic unit be worth the extra $10 US for a 430w offering when compared to the Corsair CX500 which comes in at $55 US?


Images courtesy of Chiphell

Lumia Cyan Update Has Been Released in Select Markets

Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update has been long teased and awaited by users of the latter operating system. The majority of users however are stated to be on Lumia handsets, having the Nokia devices engulfing the majority of WP market.

Lumia users also have some additional and exclusive features for their handsets, including Miracast support and Dolby Digital Sound Capture, amongst others. This is why they will be getting the WP 8.1 update under the name of Cyan, a special update designated for Nokia Lumia handsets.

There have been numerous reports from Spain, Finland and Taiwan regarding the Cyan update being released for their Lumia handsets. This is an unofficial announcement that Microsoft has started the world-wide release of its Cyan update, having it be released in select parts of the world in order to make sure no issues arouse before a full-scale release.

The first device stated to have received the update is the Lumia 625, having Microsoft breaking tradition from previous releases where the first devices to receive a new update were high-end Lumia handsets.

In addition to the release, an official Microsoft tweet stated that a widespread release of the Windows Phone 8.1 is set for the second week of July, having it now been backed up with the unexpected and silent release on the above mentioned markets.

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Image courtesy of Nokia

Taiwan’s SOPA-like Copyright Bill Shot Down In Flames

According to a report by TechDirt there has been public outcry in Taiwan over the government’s proposed copyright bill. Apparently during May the Taiwanese government created and submitted a SOPA-like (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill to combat copyright violations. The legislation was apparently draw up by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

Yet the public weren’t happy at all and clearly the Taiwanese IPO missed the fact that the internet doesn’t like SOPA wherever it is located and whatever form  it comes in. A public blackout begun with Wikipedia Taiwan and Mozilla Taiwan leading the way. In the end the proposal was abandoned without the need for lots of public protests.

Though like many other countries Taiwanese internet users are not out of deep water just yet because the proposal will undergo a process of adjustment and revision and will probably be introduced again in a different form in the hope that the public doesn’t notice and that the authorities can quietly slip it through.

As the EFF explains:

The unfortunate reality is that many government authorities around the world still buy into the belief that the health of the Internet is acceptable collateral damage in this manufactured war on copyright infringement. Lawmakers need to understand that creativity and innovation can only thrive when our platforms remain open, where users are free to share and experiment with content. While it’s clear that the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office did not learn from the mistakes of SOPA and PIPA in the U.S., let’s hope others see the defeat of this latest copyright blacklist law and recognize that users will not put up with efforts to censor the Internet.

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Computex 2013 Live Gallery

Keep your eyes peeled on this page as we update you with constant photos of our coverage from Computex 2013. All Computex based content articles about upcoming products and news will be found here.

This page will be split into pages for each manufacturer that we cover, and at the bottom of the page will be a handy navigation bar so that you can check out pictures of exactly what you want to see and yes of course that will include a page devoted to booth babes.

Stay tuned at we prepare for day 1 of Computex 2013 in the hot, humid climate of Taipei, Taiwan.

Gigabyte officially opens up a dedicated OC Lab at their Taiwan HQ

Gigabyte Taiwan has officially opened their OC Lab at the 4th floor in their Headquarters, and it looks all new and shiny!

The setup has been so nicely that any extreme overclocker will appreciate the money, time and effort being put up to put a lab dedicated for overclocking by a company. The lab is divided into 3 dedicated OC stations which can accommodate upto six overclockers, a mini-bar and a seating area but a whiteboard for team discussions and brainstorming, together with a very large thank of Liquid Nitrogen tucked in a corner and closet big enough to hold a lot of motherboards and other PC components.

With a lab like this, one shouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people end up spending few days in the lab and doing their thing.

This all happened because of HiCookie who works very hard to get his opinions and his dreams heard. HiCookie joined Gigabyte as technical marketing in 2006 and since then overclocking as evolved from a time when companies were afraid to talk about certain technical aspected about a product, to brands with a dedicated staff who can and will satisfy the overclocking community with different skillsets.

Its because of this evolutionary process that lead one after the other, the community has grown where even companies work with overclockers, whether they’re officially employed or not.

For those who wish to see the video of the lab, can do so over here.

Source: HWBOT