Swivl – The Robot That Follows You as You Make Video Calls

The Swivl Robotic Platform for Video seems very basic at first glance, looking like a typical stand or dock for phones, tablets or other devices. It is far more than that as it includes a sensor on the front of the base and the ability to swivel and angle the docked device as you move around.

This may seem very simple, but as shown in the promotional video, very effectual. Whether you’re making a video call on Skype or Google Hangouts or recording yourself, the Swivl lets you move around freely, as well as direct attention to props nearby. Functioning based the sensor built into the base and a hand-held marker device, the Swivl can even work for groups, with the marker being passed from person-to-person or being held between two people to allow both of them to be in-shot. It even includes a wireless microphone so that audio won’t be lost due to being at a distance from the device. There is also the option to use the Swivl with the Swivl Cloud video hosting service.

Definitely a cool device, the Swivl does seem somewhat niche, branding itself as a tool for teachers and student, although I can see the appeal of using it to watch a video when you’re busy. It isn’t cheap at $395.00 on Amazon and for your money, you’ll get the base device, marker, charger, mounts for mobile devices and a lanyard.