Dark Souls 3 Trailer Reminds Us Why We Love Fantasy Games

Fantasy games are some of my favourite games. Being faced with unknown powers and abilities lets you use your imagination as you conquer dragons, dungeons and even gods. The Dark soul games are one such series that want’s you to feel everything about fantasy, and the latest Dark Souls 3 trailer reminds us just why we love fantasy games.

Starting with a selection of lore, reminding you about how the world came to be you are quickly thrown into a series of clips outlying that this isn’t your everyday happy green fantasy world. In the world of Dark Souls, darkness and fire are what rule the world, something you’ll constantly be fighting to survive against.

With a whole different level of graphics and characters and creatures that look like something out of a fantasy film, how long will you last when you face the inevitable creatures that seek to end your life?

With hordes of skeletons, dragon-like creatures, skeleton knights and giant worms after you, it will take everything you have to survive as the trailer reminds you that you walk among the accursed.

Set for release on April 12th, fans everywhere will be looking to grab the next game in the Dark Souls trilogy and after that trailer, we can’t blame them.

Fallout 4 Official Modding Tools Release Date Revealed

Fallout 4 players have had no trouble surviving the harsh wasteland, fighting off everything from ex-government forces to giant irradiated mutant creatures. In their spare time, the wasteland doesn’t have to be a hostile place and some people have even taken to building with the recreation of the TenPenny tower being amongst the most noticeable. All of this is made even greater and more remarkable given that it is done without any real support, that is soon to change though as Bethesda have announced when they hope the full mod support will be available for Fallout 4.

In an interview with Game Informer, Todd Howard mentioned that “our goal is between the first two DLC’s” following up with “it’ll go up at that time on PC in April. All of that stuff will go up on PC. People are beta testing it”.

The first two DLC packs for Fallout 4 will be titled the Automatron and Wasteland Workshop. Revealing more details on these Howard mentioned that Automatron has “a little quest line and this Pokémon-esque ‘kill robots, get their parts, build your own’ [gameplay]. The robot building is really deep”. Laser guns and mini nukes just weren’t enough, you need your own robot too apparently in the wasteland.

The Wasteland Workshop will be there so you can “build your own arenas, capture animals, and also build other things”, offering those of you who prefer creation over destruction a short reprieve before walking out into the sand with your robot followers.

Survival mode, a highly rumoured feature, has also had some secrets revealed, with the lack of saving (unless you are sleeping), the removal of fast travel, a bucket load of diseases and the combat getting a whole new feel, instead of being just a “bullet sponge” experience.

Halloween Comes – Time For The Games To Come Out And Play

It’s that time of the year again for the ghosts and ghouls to come out and play. With Halloween soon approaching you may find yourself in need of some spooky activities. So why not, instead of watching a horror film, sit down and play a game. Become part of the story and enjoy yourself while feeling those familiar spooky chills. Listed below are but a few of the games you could play to keep that Halloween fear going all year round.

The Amnesia Series and SOMA

Two games, The Dark Descent and a Machine For Pigs, see you traversing a world where everything may not be as it seems. With nothing but your wits and bravery to help you survive explore and evade as creatures stalk you in the shadows and where the darkness may actually harm you.

At £26.99 for both games, or £14.99 each, there are many hours of gameplay to be had but be warned, there will be hairs standing atop your neck when your playing on these. If you feel like these games, why not SOMA from the same creators, featuring the same fear and horror set deep under the sea.


A little more action that the Amnesia series, see the aftermath of a series of games and this time you can bring friends. Enjoy the story with a friend tagging along or enjoy a cooperative survival in a misty battlefield featuring everything from hell hounds and mechs to ghostly soldiers.

Aptly named Contractions, in waves you will face increasing difficulty enemies while gaining more weapons and facing an arena which will slowly cover with greater depths of fog as the waves increase. Not feeling up for surviving in a corner? Why not try getting from point A to point B while avoiding a literal wall of death? With many options for players, there is nothing quite like hearing a spooky little girl laugh only to hear your friend scream seconds later as they are teleported across the map into the middle of a horde.

If you are interested, check the game out here.

Slender: The Arrival

Originally a free game, designed to prove a concept that you could have a game without guns and combat, Slender gained fame when players faced the challenge of running through a forest to collect several pieces of paper, easy right? Slenderman likes to do things in style, appearing behind that tree so you can just make out the white head and black suit, the static of your camera playing as he approaches you from behind, your heart beating faster and faster. Like Amensia, it will see you finding new ways to survive when fighting isn’t an option, why not gather your family and friends and see who can last the longest before stepping away from the game. Currently, I have yet to fully complete the game so why not try beat my efforts and check it out here.

Ghost Master

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the fear and scares. Ghost Master looks to reunite you with that childish fun and imagination that all those scary stories used to bring us joy with. The concept is a simple one, you are a ghost master. With an arsenal of ghosts and horrors at your disposal complete objectives and scare people what isn’t there to like?

Summon an elemental and flood the room, use a poltergeist and scare hospital staff, your imagination is your best friend and their worst nightmare. At £4 on GOG you don’t have an excuse to not even look at the page do you?

Dungeon Keeper 2 And Evil Genius

Why be scared when you can be evil? Dungeon Keeper sees you order your minions to expand your caves and wealth while fighting off mighty knights but also gives you the option to possess your minion, running them into the fight with an evil smile on your face. So why evil genius? It’s for all you bond fans who imagined what it would be like to rule the world from a secret lair, with everything from henchmen to super weapons there isn’t anything quite like finding that the agents of good tripping all those well-placed traps, or on occasion a rather dumb minion.

At £4 for Dungeon Keeper 2 (Currently £1.39 thanks to a sale) and £4 for Evil Genius, why not be the bad guy just once?

Five Nights at Freddies Series

So you started that new job as a night security job, remember that Ben Stiller film Night at the Museum with everything coming to life? Sounds pretty awesome right, so what happens when they aren’t quite so friendly? Those fun-loving robots that entertain the children during the day want to scare the adult during the night, so why not play their little game of peek a boo, just be warned if you don’t see them quick enough, things won’t be all fun and games.

£18.99 will grab you all four games, or the original will set you back £3.99 with the next three costing £5.59 each.


The last in the list sees you and four friends (or complete strangers) wander from Hospitals to Hotels, looking for ways to get out. Sounds okay, right? The items you need to escape are randomly located, so the chances you can find them easily are slim with some events randomly triggered to keep you on your toes. So why get a locked room simulator? Simple, one of the five may not be there to help. Scratch that, one player is selected as the Monster, and with a wide variety of them, all with unique abilities and techniques for hunting down and thinning the crowd of survivors, each game can become a ball of laughs as you quickly realise you may have just told your friend and the monster where you’re stuck and that your flashlight isn’t all that safe after all. £15 for one copy or £45 for four can see you living out all those horror films you’ve ever seen, just remember to run!

So what games do you enjoy that inspire that Halloween spook factor? Don’t forget that you often get Halloween sales as well, so maybe check out the games that go on sale for those hidden gems that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Far Cry Primal Announced

Far Cry has seen players jump from the peaks of the Himalayas to driving through jungle islands and deserts. You’ve fought off pirates, mercenaries and even cyborgs, all the while searching for and finding your path through the modern-day (or even a cybernetic world based around the 1980’s TV everyone’s grown to love). So where could they throw you next? How about the Stone Age?

Far Cry Primal will once again see you play a survivor, named Takkar, as he recovers from an ambush on his hunting group. Not only will Primal see the return of a crafting system utilising everything from wild resources and bones and including a new feature.

Much like those in the Ice Age you will be responsible for protecting your tribe as you search to defend fierce predators and even rival tribes. The game looks to carry on the tradition of taking the last game and stepping everything up.

With a clear step on the graphics and a whole twist on how you will have to play to survive a savage environment and even more savage company. Personally I’m looking forward to the game, a mix between Turok and Far Cry, how about yourselves? What was the last Far Cry game you played? What was the last game set back in the stone age you played?

Thank you Polygon for the information. 

Image courtesy of Lazy gamer.

Ark: Survival Gets New Content and $25k Mod Contest!

Ark: Survival sees you play in a tropical desert-bound environment with everything from other players, to dinosaurs to giant fortresses guarded by a mixture of the former two. All of this combined with large servers and large scale graphics results in a game that is selling well given it is still in development; yet more seems to keep coming with their latest updates.

Firstly you can now start adding your own mods to the game. Ever wanted to create a dinosaur catapult, or how about a trap door for those pesky T-Rex’s? Well, now you can get them and enjoy as you watch your castle become a fortress and your dinosaur become a walking tank.

To kick-start the modding, the creators of Ark: Survival have teamed up with Alienware to host a modding contest. With a grand price of $15k, a brand new Area-51 desktop with a GTX 980ti, your mods could soon become super charged with that little extra firepower behind your rig. With second place holding $5k, an x51 desktop and a GTX 960 graphics card with third following at $2.5k and a 960 graphics card, some people are going to be coming out of the modding contest with smiles on their faces.

Thew new game mode, survival of the fittest, was actually built using these mod tools and pits players against each other in an arena match which shrinks over time, eventually forcing players into a smaller space in which to meet their fates.

With all these features and added components to the game, are you interested in herding dinosaurs and building a fort?

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Image courtesy of Steam and Studio Wildcard.

Indie Developers Working on P.T. Spiritual Successor!

With the recent cancellation of Silent Hills, horror fans have been let down and disappointed, Silent Hills truly looked liked the horror game we have all been waiting for, but sadly in March of 2015, due to conflicts with Konami, the game was sadly cancelled.

However an indie developer has decided to start where Silent Hills left off not recreating the game but starting another game that heavily using the base of how the game looked and felt, from watching the short demonstration of the game it looks very promising the developer has done a very successful job of recreating the P.T look. The game has you exploring a British-based house and exploring and looking at items with things getting progressively more scary and eventually ending with the player being killed.

The project titled Allison Road will have a lot of expectation if it intends to take the place Silent Hills was in, Lilith Ltd is the six person team and has been developing the game since september only just weeks after the release of P.T.the trailer is intended to how off how the final game should look but note that this is a vertical slice and not the stuff you will see in the final version.

Do you think Alison Road can live up to the hype that Silent Hills did?

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Survival Game Update Roundup

Last week brought a variety of changes to some of your favorite survival games and we’ve got a consolidated list of the major shake-ups right here on eTeknix.


To start off the list on a lighter note, Day Z released a status update on April 29th to highlight their work toward build 0.56 focusing on nixing major bugs. Day Z is an infamous, brutal survival game that made it’s origins as a modification for ARMA 2 years ago and has since exploded in popularity for its emergent, unrestricted gameplay experienced.

The 0.56 build is slated to include changes to how long-range optics are utilized on firearms, a new village store model placed across the map, refactoring police station locations, and some small changes to the Stary Sobor barn location. You can read all about it on the Status Report #29 page right here.


The same day, Seven Days to Die released Alpha Patch 11.4. 7 Days to Die is a zombie survival game that focuses more on realistic Minecraft-inspired sandbox elements with a few differences that shake up things like block physics, smooth geography, and dynamic day/night gameplay differences. Dogs, wasps, and other horrors also mix up the zombie survival experience in creative ways.

The patched that rolled out reverted default DirectX settings to DX9 following client problems with DX11. The meat of the patch was primarily network changes for better hosting and admin support by using both Unity and Steam in parallel for improved client connectivity to private servers. Windows dedicated servers now use their own registry keys so clients can expect to not have their resolution changed upon connection.

A few other improvements included some minor performance tweaks such as clearing chunk caches when all players disconnect as well as a handful of bug fixes. You can read a more in-depth list right here on their official page for Alpha 11.4.


A day later, on April 30th, The Forest received an expectedly big update from their development team. The Forest is a game in which the player is forced into a forested region after surviving a plane crash and must utilize their necessary survival skills in creative ways to stay alive. Surviving The Forest is a bit more difficult, however, with the presence of native cannibals who are hell-bent on finding something to eat and you’re considered an exotic delicacy.

Last week build v0.17 was released with a focus on improving player control by reducing collision issues that have plagued players trying to navigate caves, a plethora of visual tweaks and optimizations for the newly released Unity 5 updates. Frequent players can expect to see a much more polished graphical experience as well as general movement (including swimming) upgrades. More details can be found on the update page right here on their official website.


Rust is a more traditional survival game in which you are thrown into the wilderness with only your wit and crafting know-how to survive. The game is somewhat like Day Z, only there aren’t any zombies and your primary threat is other players with animals contributed to the harsh experience.

Rust released a new build that included a new map called Hapis Island. Craig Pearson, a developer with Face Punch studios made an effort to remind players that, because the map is new, to expect bugs and issues.

“As this is only the first iteration, you can expect bugs, floating stuff, waterfalls that look like vertical rivers, and all that good stuff. Likewise, the layout of the land may change considerably as we refine it further with gameplay stuff in mind.” – Craig Pearson

The build mostly centralized around the new map but Dev Blog #58 highlighted a lot of changes that are upcoming for future releases from the entire team. Those future changes include (but certainly are not limited to) new world models for dropped items, displacement mapping for terrain shaders, animation revamps to humans and animals alike, a new SMG, and a water collection tank. Exciting news for the hardcore survival world of Rust. You can read a more in-depth list of the future changes with more pictures than you can shake a stick at right here.

Indie Survival Game P.A.M.E.L.A. Looks Promising

VYVE Studios, an indie games company made up of 4 team members, has announced a new first-person survival game by the name of P.A.M.E.L.A. It is powered by the latest Unity 5 game engine and is said to currently be in its pre-alpha development stage for PC.

The game takes place in a sci-fi world called Eden, where the player has to survive against all odds. Players are said to have the need for sleep, eating and drinking, just like any other survival game, but a unique element added here is time. It is said that days are short and the player needs to work on keeping the lights on in Eden to help him stay alive.

In terms of weaponry, the title gives players the ability to wield their own ‘unconventional’ gadgets. All of them can be mounted on the AARM, the mounting point between the character and the rest of technology on Eden.

Another key feature is its immersive technology, which comes in the shape of a holopad that aids players in their quest to survive in the Eden world. One interesting aspect is that Fallout fans might find the holopad to be an improved version of the Pip-Boy from the Fallout titles. More information about the title can be viewed here.

Source: P.A.M.E.L.A.

Alien: Isolation Announced By SEGA

SEGA has officially unveiled Alien: Isolation. In the game, you will take the role of Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. The game is planned for a late 2014 release on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.

“Creative Assembly has created a truly incredible gaming experience, capturing perfectly the very core of what has made the Alien franchise remain relevant after 35 years,” said Jeffrey Godsick, president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products. “This partnership has led to the creation of a game that is simply outstanding and sets the tone for what is to come this year for the 35th anniversary of Alien.”


One of the plot threads that is teased in the “Alien” franchise, but hasn’t been explored in the films, is the throwaway line about Ellen Ripley’s daughter, whom she outlived thanks to her 50 year stasis between the first two films. Now it seems that story is finally getting told, in the form of a new “Alien” video game from SEGA, Twentieth Century Fox, and Creative Assembly, titled Alien: Isolation. You can see the announcement trailer, a developer diary, and some screenshots for the game below along with the full press release.


“In Alien: Isolation, we have taken the series back to the roots of Ridley Scott’s 1979 movie, the original survival horror,” said Alistair Hope, Creative Lead at Creative Assembly. “Our Alien is a truly terrifying creature, as intelligent as he is hostile, relentless, brutal and unstoppable. This is the Alien game fans of the series have always wanted.”

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