Microsoft Announces Luxurious Surface Pro 4 Cover

Microsoft’s first Surface model received a fairly mixed reception due to the hefty restrictions on the Windows RT operating system. For example, you could only install applications from the Windows store, and there wasn’t any support for third-party Win32 software. In theory, there is a workaround but this isn’t officially supported. Thankfully, Microsoft realized this lack of flexibility was limiting the device’s appeal and eventually supported Win32 applications in later models. The company’s latest flagship laptop/tablet hybrid, entitled the Surface Pro 4 is probably the most impressive hardware launch I’ve seen from Microsoft. The device’s premium finish and powerful internal components makes it a superb device for demanding users on-the-move.

Clearly, the Surface Pro 4’s ingenious cover design is a great asset and looks stunning. Today, Microsoft launched a new “signature” Surface Type Cover featuring an Alcantata fabric “unlike anything you’ve ever experienced,”. This is a bold claim to make but there is a great deal of truth behind it. Alcantara is used on premium headphones, expensive steering wheels and a host of other products. It feels incredibly soft and there’s a certain level of satisfaction when brushing your hands against the finish.

The Signature Type Cover incorporates a large glass trackpad and improved spacing between each key to enhance comfort. In terms of pricing, Microsoft have set a retail price of $159.99 which is $10 cheaper than Apple’s “Smart” iPad Pro keyboard. If you’re interested in the item, it should be available today from Microsoft’s store. It seems Microsoft is trying to employ a similar tactic to Apple and cater towards users wanting fashionable hardware they can proudly display. I’m not entirely convinced the company has the same appeal as Apple when it comes to producing desirable pieces of fashion. This perception is a shame because the Surface Pro 4 oozes build quality.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Comes with a Very Impressive Display

Advertised as a product that can incorporate the functions of a tablet and a laptop at the same time, the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft is shaping up to be a very impressive product, and I’m not talking only about its performance. Lighter and thinner when compared to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4 also features one of the best tablet displays available right now, which measures 12.3 inches and boasts a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels. According to recent reports, this display offers outstanding on-screen color accuracy, which means that the tablet should become quite popular with graphics professionals who need something reliable to work on while on the road.

Moreover, the screen uses just 4.8 watts of power in order to drive 267 pixels per inch on a screen area of 69.8 square inches, which is definitely impressive as other tablets such as the iPad Air 2 require 8.3 watts for smaller, lower resolution screens. When compared to the screen installed on the Surface Pro 3, this one offers better color accuracy, a higher contrast ratio, better viewing angles, higher maximum brightness and a lower screen reflectance. Microsoft’s team has been hard at work making sure that the Surface Pro 4 would represent a step forward in every single way, and from what I’ve seen so far, it looks like its efforts have paid off.

Microsoft Unveils the Surface Pro 4

Following the reveal of the Surface Book laptop, Microsoft has officially unveiled the Surface Pro 4, the latest in its line of tablet/laptop hybrids, and it’s more powerful, lighter, and thinner than its predecessors, but boasts a larger screen, Windows 10, and a revised Surface Pen.

Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President and creator of the Surface Panos Panay presented the new system by reminding us of the catchphrase used to promote every Surface thus far: “This challenge of the tablet and the laptop… which do you buy? Remember that problem? It’s gone.”

The Surface Pro 4 runs on Intel’s new Skylake processors, and its new keyboard includes a fingerprint sensor, while the tablet, with its 12/3-inch display, features Cortana integration. Thankfully, owners of previous models will find that older Surface keyboards are still compatible. The new, improved Surface Pen has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, and even an eraser at the base.

In order to squeeze the Intel Core processor – with the company claiming that the Surface Pro 4 is 50% faster than an Apple MacBook Air – into its thinnest ever tablet, Microsoft has heavily optimised its innards, using a G5 chipset to control the optical stack and covering the screen with 0.4mm Gorilla Glass 4.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is available for preorder now, starting at $899/£749 for the 128GB 6th Generation Intel Core M3, 4GB RAM iteration, ahead of its 26th October release.

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Microsoft Might Soon Release the Surface Pro 4

Even though some of us expected the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to be released on July 4 alongside the latest version of Windows, it looks like Microsoft wasn’t willing or able to meet this deadline and decided to schedule the device’s launch to mid-fall. More specifically, the Surface Pro 4 will probably be released on October 4, which means that those of you who were planning to purchase a Surface Pro 3 should probably wait a bit in order to get your hands on its more powerful successor.

The Surface Pro 4 is not going to be an ordinary tablet, as it will serve the function of both a laptop and a tablet. This particular design will make it highly versatile and sought after, but since it will basically incorporate two different products, it will cost about $1,700, which is definitely not cheap. Still, for that price you’ll be able to enjoy the impressive performance. The Surface Pro 4 is expected to be powered by a Core i5 or Core i7 processor while its screen is rumored to measure 12 inches and to feature a resolution of 2160 x 1440 pixels. Despite its thinness, the “laplet” will be well ventilated and will probably feature a battery range of around 17 hours, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Are you looking forward to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

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