Aerocool Strike-X Cube Micro-ATX Chassis Review


Aerocool is well-known for their funky chassis designs and it looks like today will be no exception. Their latest creation is the Strike-X Cube, a micro-ATX form factor edition of their popular Strike-X chassis series. Aerocool have proven time and time again that they can cram an incredible amount of features into their products at a very competitive price and we’re expecting a similar performance from them today.

The Strike-X Cube chassis may be relatively small, but its capabilities are anything but. You’ll find the chassis is capable of housing a Micro-ATX motherboard, two graphics cards of up to 345mm, tall CPU coolers up to 187mm, up to a 280mm water cooling radiator, a built-in fan controller, removable storage bays and more!

1. Super cube gaming case solidly built with 0.7mm Steel.
2. Unique side bar design to take the strength of chassis to the next level.
3. PSU bracket makes installation of PSU easier.
4. Largely increased airflow front and top panels.
5. Completely removable ODD rack for ease of installing water cooling system.
6. Supports DUAL 240/280mm water cooling radiators.
7. Pre-drilled holes for cable management to reduce cable mess.
8. Pre-drilled holes for water cooling tubes.
9. Supports internal 3×3.5″HDD (also compatible with 2.5”) and 2×2.5″HDD/SSD under ODD rack.
10. Supports dual high-end graphic cards up to 320mm ( 345mm when front 20cm fan removed).
11. Supports max. CPU cooler height of 187mm.
12. Supports all PSU lengths.
13. Super-silent 20cm fan and 14cm fan included for front and rear cooling.
14. Supports up to 1 x 20cm, 2x12cm, or 2x14cm fans on top panel.
15. Supports up to 1x 20cm, 2x12cm or 2x14cm fans on front panel ( 1x20cm pre-installed).
16. Supports up to 2x12cm or 2x14cm fans on rear panel (1x 14cm pre-installed).
17. Magnetic PSU dust filter can be easily removed for cleaning.
18. HDD rack is double-secured by 2 screws to ensure the precious data don’t get damaged during transportation.
19. Shock-proof rubber pads for 3.5″ HDDs and PSU.
20. 2x USB3.0/ HD Audio & MIC.
21. Separate fan positions for exhausting the heat from HDD and motherboard.
22. Large Acrylic window for clear viewing.
23. Includes fan controller knobs controls fan/s up to max. 15W/channel.

The Strike-X Cube is available in both black and white, but we obviously have the white model at our disposal today. The left side panel is really nice, not only does it have a stunning white finish, but there’s also a huge side panel window, which will be perfect for showing off your fancy new graphics card.

The power supply is mounted on its side on the interior of the chassis, to accommodate this, the right side panel has a ventilated section in the bottom right corner which comes fitted with a magnetic dust filter.

The front panel has a very aggressive design, mixing the black mesh with the brilliant white of the exterior panels. There’s some blue LED lighting tucked into the vents on the left and right side, for a little added flair, and you can hardly miss the giant “X” shape that runs across the front of the chassis.

The main I/O panel features the usual power and reset buttons, a pair of USB 3.0 ports, HD audio jacks and a funky dial wheel for adjusting the fan RPM.

Around the back of the chassis, you’ll find a 120/140mm fan mount, although the fan is not included. There’s another 120/140mm fan mount in the base, where you will find a 140mm fan pre-installed. The PSU mount is turned on its side and has a removable bracket that allows you to install the PSU directly from the back of the chassis.

The top panel has a similar design to the front panel, with another large “X” shape acting as the top air vent. The sides of the top panel are raised, forming a pair of carry handles.

There are four large feet on the base with soft rubber grips, more than enough to help reduce vibrations and stop it sliding around your desktop.

Aerocool Strike-X Cube Chassis Revealed

Aerocool are back with their love it or hate it Strike-X chassis series, this time tackling the ever popular cube chassis form factor with the release of their Strike-X Cube Micro ATX PC case. The new chassis keeps much of the styling of the original Strike-X chassis, but squashes it down into a smaller form factor that makes it more suitable for popping next to your big screen TV or carrying it to LAN gaming events; the chassis measures in at just 435 x 280 x 412mm.

The Strike-X Cube supports Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboard, ATX power supplies, 187mm CPU coolers, dual 240 to 280mm radiators, 320mm long graphics cards and even 345mm cards if you remove the front cooling fan! There is room for six fans on the chassis interior, with a 200mm and a 140mm pre-installed. Storage options are well catered for, with room for three 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives, and there is room for an additional two 2.5″ drives under the 5.25″ bay.

If that’s not enough room for you, the optical and HDD bays can be complete removed to make way for modding, extra cable space or what ever takes your creative fancy. The chassis is packed full of extra features such as cable routing holes with rubber grommets, a magnetic and removable PSU dust filter, shock proof rubber pads for hard drives and the PSU, two USB 3.0 ports, HD audio jacks, an integrated fan controller and reinforced side bar handles; making the chassis carry friendly.

The only downside to this chassis is the design, I can’t say I’m a fan of the aesthetics at all, but that really doesn’t matter as I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who love the design and while I may not like the looks, I have to admit that I’m impressed by the number of features packed into this chassis.

The Aerocool Strike-X Cube chassis will be available to order from most major retailers this week with an MSRP $120,90 (US Ex/ Taxes).

Thank you Aerocool for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Aerocool.

Aerocool Strike-X GT Devil Red Edition Mid-Tower Review

It wasn’t long ago that we took a look at the Strike-X Xtreme mid-tower and here we are again with another Aerocool product, and this time we have the budget friendly Strike-X GT. There are no shortage of options at the more budget friendly end of the market and for around £50 you could pick and choose from a massive range of styles and features, certainly a lot more to choose from than there was a few years ago.

There is nothing wrong with having more choice on the market but with fierce competition in this part of the market you have to offer something unique to break through at retail, so it will be interesting to see what Aerocool have to offer us here today. So without further ado let’s get straight to the good stuff and see what the Strike-X GT can do.

The box is really brightly coloured and features a clear image of the chassis, albeit a misleading image! As it shows the chassis with LED fans mounted on the side panel and top panel, where as these are not included in the box.

The box contained a huge amount of extras, I found a stack of 5.25″ to 3.5 / 2.5″ adaptor trays, some cable ties, a wide selection of screws, bolts and washers and a user’s manual.

One the left you can see the top of the HDD brackets, on the right you can see the underside.

Aerocool Strike-X Xtreme Black Edition Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Today I will be taking a look at one of the latest budget chassis designs from Aerocool, a brand who might not have the biggest reputation here in the UK but one that we have seen produce some truly impressive products in the past, especially those from the PGS (pro gamer series) range such as the BX500 and the incredible Xpredator which we reviewed last year. Of course the PGS series were focused on high end performance and were nearly twice as expensive as the Strike-X, so it would be unfair to compare them. The Strike-X will set you back around £40 from most major retailers and that puts it right at the heart of the budget market.

The budget market is doing better than ever in terms of choice for the consumer and these days you often have to go out of your way to find a product that is rubbish as many of the top brands in the business offer something impressive for around £30-50, so it will be interesting to see what Aerocool have to offer as we already know they can do high-end chassis very well, but can they make a competitive budget solution?

The chassis comes in a brightly coloured box with a nice clear image of the chassis on the front as well as a run down of the major features and component compatibility.

In the box I found a 5.25″ front panel adaptor, user’s manual, a collection of screws, standoffs and a few cable ties.