Steelseries Siberia 200 Gaming Headset Review


The legendary Steelseries Siberia gaming headset returns, with almost a decade of being one of the most popular headset ranges on the market, SteelSeries are back with their latest edition, the Siberia 200. Following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the iconic design remains mostly unchanged, but that doesn’t mean the headset isn’t still improving with each iteration. If you’ve ever used any of the Siberia headset range over the years, you’ll no doubt know why it has proven so popular, not only with at home gamers, but also a huge portion of the eSports and pro gaming community. The build quality, the comfortable fit, the competitive price and most importantly, the great performance are all just right, but will the latest edition improve or, at least, live up to the standards set by previous models?

Check out the new Show Your Colours promotional video from SteelSeries. If the video leaves you a little confused, it’s more about their new customisation options, even if that’s not really clear from the video. The Siberia 200 is available in a range of funky colours, although we’ll just be taking a look at the iconic while model today.

Equipped with powerful 50mm Neodymium drivers, a good quality microphone and multi-format 3.5mm connectors, the Siberia 200 is ticking all the right boxes in terms of features. What’s nice is that you can use the headset on PC, Mac, Mobile and PlayStation devices although anything that supports 3.5mm 4-pole or dual cables will work just fine too.

The packaging is nicely designed, with a great image of the headset on the front. Please ignore the crushed corner of the box, that’s got a lot more to do with the courier than it does with Steelseries. At least if the headset is in one piece, we know it’s well protected.

Around the back, you’ll find a quick rundown of the main features, such as the lightweight and comfortable fit, auto adjusting headband, balanced drivers, in-line controller and improved cable design.

In the box, you’ll find the hard-wired headset as well as a dual 3.5mm to single 3.5mm 4-pole adapter cable.

All cables come with a really nice quality rubber coating which should help prevent tangles and also looks pretty great too. All of the jacks are gold-plated too, so they shouldn’t corrode or fade over the next few hundred years.

The in-line controller is pretty slim, but has a nice and large slide switch for the master microphone mute, with a clear red indicator so you can quickly see when it’s muted. there’s also a master volume wheel on the side.

Roccat Renga PC and PS4 Gaming Headset Review


Roccat is one of the most popular gaming brands on the market, so we’re very happy to see their latest headset, the Renga, in the eTeknix office today. Having already produced some of our favourite headsets, such as the Kave XTD True 5.1 and my own personal in-ear headphones/headset, the Syva, I have high expectations for their new multi-format lightweight stereo gaming headset. Roccat has always worked hard to push innovative features to their products, and you only have to take a quick look at their Ryos and ISKU FX keyboards, Tyon gaming mouse, or any other products they’ve produced, to see how they’ve innovated in terms of design, features, performance and their feature-packed desktop software.

“Renga is ROCCAT’s vision for a studio grade over-ear stereo gaming headset that creates the utmost audio experience for gamers. With multi-platform support, its over-ear design with optimally aligned 50mm driver units ensures comfort and deep, powerful bass for completely undivided in-game focus. Its reinforced structural housing provides the framework for a super comfortable build, with ergonomic headband and ear cushions. Perfect for gaming, music playback, movies and more, Renga is developed for gamers who demand more from their headset.” – Roccat

The Renga has been designed for serious gamers, both at home and within the eSports community. It’s open-backed design will help you stay focused on your environment and your game, with a high-quality fold up microphone that will give you the performance you need for team chat or even a few Skype calls at home. It promises a durable and highly flexible design that should ensure the headset takes more than a few knocks and bumps too, handy for those heading out to a lot of gaming events. To add further value to the Renga, you’ll also find it support PC, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices, giving you more bang for your buck by only needing one headset for multiple gaming devices. So let’s go take a closer look at what Roccat’s latest headset has to offer.

The packaging is typical Roccat, with the strong black and blue theme, a great photo of the headset and all the major specifications listed right on the front. As you can see, we’ve got multiformat support, powerful stereo drivers, and an open-back ventilated driver design.

In the box, you’ll find the headset, which comes hard-wired with a dual 3.5mm cable for desktop use, a Y-split to single 3.5mm cable for console/mobile use, as well as the usual documentation.

The cables are fantastic quality, with a thick rubber anti-tangle coating in stunning electric blue. There’s also a hard-wired in-line controller that gives you quick and easy access to the microphone mute switch, as well as a master volume dial.

Roccat Announces Renga Stereo Gaming Headset

Roccat has rapidly gained an impressive range of products including keyboards, mice, headsets, and gaming surfaces. The company is renowned for manufacturing reliable peripherals while adopting a unique aesthetic design. This is achieved without impacting on affordability and there’s something to suit various price brackets. Furthermore, Roccat has an official League of Legends team and continues to help the eSports industry. Their latest creation is the Renga stereo gaming headset for the PC, PlayStation 4, mobiles, tablets and other devices. The headset opts for an over-ear design, and produces a premium audio experience.

More specifically, the Renga utilizes a high-end 50mm neodymium driver in each ear cup to provide crisp trebles and a deep powerful bass. Furthermore, the headset features a reinforced skeletal frame which adds a robust feel while remaining surprisingly light. On another note, there’s ventilated ear cups, an ergonomic headband, and plush ear cushions. This ensures the headset is comfortable for long durations and should be a great option for streamers. The in-line remote control provides quick access to commonly used sound settings and allows for on-the-fly no-look control. The bundled microphone apparently offers crystal clear recording and can easily switch between gaming and music playback. It’s also rotatable which means it should be fairly easy to find the optimal positioning.

René Korte, CEO and founder at ROCCAT described the new announcement and indicated this is just the first product in a new range:

“The Renga is the first of our newly-designed headsets built for just one use – the perfect stereo sound experience”,

“Lightweight, robustly built and compatible with almost any device, the Renga is the everyday gaming headset that comes with an affordable price tag, without making compromises in quality.” 



The ROCCAT Renga will be available in late February with a suggested retail price of 49,99 Euro/USD. This is an excellent price when you consider the features and Roccat warranty.

Corsair Void 3.5mm Stereo Gaming Headset Review


The Corsair VOID gaming headset range is here at last and while we’ve already taken a look at the flagship headset in this range, the Corsair Void Dolby 7.1 Wireless, today we’re taking a look at the other end of the spectrum, the Void Stereo 3.5mm. The Wireless absolutely blew me away, it’s by far one of the best headsets we’ve ever tested and the price was a real surprise, coming in at under £100. The wired stereo model is a fair bit cheaper though, coming in at around £60 from most major retailers, so it’s certainly going to appeal to a wider audience and the 3.5mm connector means it’s also going to be universally compatible with a huge range of audio devices, including mobile.

Corsair has put a lot of work into the design of the Void, which you can see in the video below.

In terms of specifications, the Void 2.0 doesn’t really offer a lot, but it does tick all the right boxes regardless. There are no crazy features here, but the basics are more than covered with powerful 50mm drivers, a 4-pole connector that’s perfect for mobile, although a Y-splitter is provided for desktop use, a noise-canceling microphone, and that’s about it really.

The packaging is nicely designed, keeping in theme with the rest of the Void range. There’s a large window on the box too, which is nice for people in retail, as you can get a look at the actual headset design. Down the bottom, you’ll notice a quick run-down of the major features, such as the 3.5mm 4-pole connector, Y-split cable and system compatibility; PS4, Xbox, Mobile, etc.

Around the back, a more in-depth run down of features, but we’ll take a much closer look at those ourselves in a moment.

Everything you need is included in the box, such as the headset, obviously, as well as the appropriate documentation.

There’s a Y-split cable with takes the 3.5mm 4-pole connector and converts it to dual 3.5mm 3-pole, which you’ll need if you want to use the microphone on your desktop computer for gaming, Skype or similar tasks.

SteelSeries Siberia V3 Gaming Headset Review



Today is a great day, as I finally get to take a look at the latest entry in the ever-popular Siberia gaming headset series. The original Siberia was widely regarded as a great headset, the V2 was and still is thought of as one of the best price vs performance headsets on the market and now we’re at V3, will it continue the trend and be even greater than its predecessors?

As you can see from the specifications below, the V3 is equipped with all the basics. Good quality drivers, a unidirectional microphone and 3.5mm jack plugs; nothing extraordinary, but certainly everything you’re likely to need.

In the box, you’ll find a small booklet to help you setup the headset, although it’s not rocket science really. There’s also a 4-pole to dual 3-pole 3.5mm adaptor; the V3 is compatible with mobile devices and desktop systems.

The headset its self comes hard-wired with a 4-pole cable, perfect for hooking it up to your MP3 player, tablet, smartphone or any other 3.5mm compatible audio output.

The back of the drivers have a nice finish to them with a mixture of gloss and matte plastics that feel durable, but incredibly lightweight. There’s a pivot on the back of the ear-cup to help provide a closer fit over your ear.

At the back of the left ear-cup, you’ll find a small switch to mute the microphone, it comes with a raised section that makes it easier to find and toggle without having to take the headset off and look for it.

As with the previous Siberia headset, the microphone has a flexible boom and can be retracted back into the earcup; a nice solution to hiding the boom when you don’t need it, without having to resort to a detachable one.

The microphone looks pretty straight forward,  but the pull-out/push-away design, combined with the flexible boom makes it really easy to find a comfortable speaking position.

The headband is very similar to previous headsets in this range. Instead of a sliding headband, you have two fixed outer supports that help keep the headset clamped over your ears, while the soft inner section is sprung and will auto-adjust to your head size.

It’s a really cool design, but it also helps cut out a lot of unrequired materials, which in turn helps reduce the weight of the headset.

There’s very little padding here, but since the inner band moves outwards, it still very comfortable to wear; more so than most headsets with thick padding.

The springs are strong, but quite forgiving and it means you never need to adjust the headset; even when switching between users.

The headband design is durable but also very forgiving and you can put quite a lot of strain on it without any concern that it is going to break. This is good for those who plan to chuck the headset in their backpack and travel with it, as it’s certainly not going to break anytime soon.

There’s a soft leather padding on the ear cups that is comfortable to wear, but also provides a nice clean fit over your ears, blocking out a lot of unwanted external sound, whilst also keeping your personal audio from leaking.

Overall, a very nice looking headset with great build quality and a lightweight design.

Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 Gaming Headset Now Available

Sharkoon revealed their Shark Zone peripherals a little over half a year ago, and now the new and affordable gaming headset is available, the Shark Zone H40. The new series of peripherals have a black and yellow colour theme and on the headset the yellow covers both the cable and the built-in LEDs in the ear cups and microphone.

The headband is padded and adjustable and is said to provide excellent comfort during wear, especially during long gaming sessions. The headband is also reinforced with metal to withstand higher stress and make sure that headset lasts you a long time.

The lightweight headphones are only 350 grams, but they come with two professional 50mm premium speakers for great sound with penetrating bass and crystal clear highs. It has easily accessible controls on the connection cable to mute and adjust the volume. It connects via two gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jacks as well as a gold-plated USB plug for the illuminating function. The 2.5 meter long cable also offers a lot of roaming ability for the gamer.

The Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 Gaming Stereo Headset comes with an MSRP of just €44.90 and should be available at authorized retailers now. A useful transport bag is included so you easily can bring it along to your next LAN party.

Roccat Kave XTD Stereo Gaming Headset


A great headset can enhance your desktop gaming experience. Being able to get closer to the sound in your favourite game, or just further away from the sounds around you in your home or office. Then you’ve got the benefits of a good quality headset for team chat, something that plays an ever more vital role in competitive gaming, or even for work when you need to make a few Skype calls.

The Roccat Kave XTD comes well equipped with powerful 50mm drivers, noise canceling technology, an omni-directional microphone and it’s equipped with a pair of 3.5mm jacks for the headphones and microphone, meaning it should be compatible with just about any desktop system you can think of.

The Kave XTD comes hard-wired with a lovely blue cable and a built-in in-line controller.

The jack plugs are nice and slim, but still feel durable. They’re also colour coordinated so you can quickly see which is for the headset (green) and which is for the microphone (pink).

The in-line controller is pretty simple, with an on/off switch on one side for the noise cancelling and a master volume dial on the other side; there’s also a shirt clip on the back.

On the left side, you will find a detachable boom microphone which can be swiveled on its mount a full 360 degrees, so you should be able to quickly find a comfortable speaking position.

Once rotated into position, the mic can also be adjusted thanks to its flexible boom.

The left ear cup has a part of the ‘ROCCAT’ logo in bright blue, matching the bright blue of the attached cable.

While I don’t normally like pre-installed cables, the one on the cave feels durable and benefits from a tangle-free rubber sleeving. The lower back edge of each ear cup has a little ventilation, giving them a semi-open back design that should help balance noise pollution and bass performance.

The headband is mounted at a slight angle, giving it a better resting position over your head; something you’ll come to appreciate after wearing it for a few hours.

As with previous Roccat headsets, the headset is incredibly durable. You can apply significant force to the headband and feel confident it’s not going to break.

On the right ear cup, a Roccat logo and the Kave XTD branding.

The ear cups can be adjusted, if only by a little; it should be enough to help provide a clean fit over your ears.

Finally, each side of the headband can be adjusted to suit your head size and there is a number guide to help you ensure each side is the same length.

The Craziest Car Stereo You’ve Ever Seen

CES is nothing but a distant memory amongst many of us, but there still are loads of gadgets, gizmos and interesting products still coming out of the woodwork.

Take this one for instance, probably the most ridiculous car ‘stereo’ you’ve ever seen. The Hertz Audio Fiat 500 “Pole Dance” is essentially a Fiat 500 with more speakers fitted in it than your average concert arena. The car is absolutely loaded with nothing but speakers – from the dashboard to the doors, to the walls, to the boot.

meade916 who posted the video bellow on YouTube says “No, i don’t know if it actually drives” – I would certainly like to find out!

Source: meade916 on YouTube

Vamp Smart Cube Rejuvenates Old Speakers

It used to be that the central audio hub in every household was the Hi-Fi system. A combination record player, tape deck, and CD player, unified in a single system, hooked up to two stereo speakers.

The advent of digital media has undermined these old familiar ways. Smartphones and mp3 players now carry shelf-fulls of music within their tiny cases. Users now listen to music by either headphones or tinny Bluetooth speakers, while 10,000 old speakers are sent to UK recycling centres every month. But now, inventor Paul Cocksedge has developed a bridge between old and new: the Vamp.

Vamp is a Bluetooth smart cube that can be hooked up to a conventional speakers via terminal or cable. Pair the Vamp with a smartphone or mp3 player and the audio is output to the connected speakers. Your Hi-Fi may be obsolete, but Vamp offers its speakers a new lease of life. The only downside is that, as of yet, the Vamp does not support stereo sound, meaning both left and right channels are combined into mono output.

“I kept seeing Post-it notes on old speakers saying, ‘Please take me home’. I thought, these are beautiful and functional. Their designers cared for them. Why are people throwing them away?” Cocksedge lamented. He realised that “people are communicating with technology differently now. We play music through our smartphones. No one has a CD player or record player any more. So how do I design something that links the new to the old?”

Vamp is available now, priced at £49.99.

Source: The Guardian

Speedlink Gantry Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review


It’s no secret that mobile phones lack impressive audio. There have been many developments in the mobile market over the years, with phones getting better bass, louder speakers and more. However, it’s still not enough to satisfy the needs of someone like myself who loves to blast out a few albums every day. My phone (a Sony Xperia Z1) sounds pretty decent, but without headphones it’s really not a great way to listen to music.

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Gantry, a mobile Bluetooth speaker with NFC support from Speedlink. It promises to offer a big performance boost for your mobile audio, while being significantly more portable that a full-size dock. It features a USB rechargeable battery and a downward firing bass speaker port for extra punch.


  • Active wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • NFC function for easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Bass-reflex Downfire function for powerful bass
  • Integrated Li-polymer battery
  • Wireless range of up to 10m
  • Integrated microphone for hands-free phone calls
  • Up to 5hrs’ battery life – USB chargeable
  • Charging and audio cable included
  • Rubberised coating

In the box you will find the speaker, a simple user guide, a 3.5mm male-to-male cable and a USB to microUSB charging cable.

The Gantry comes with a red mesh finish on the front, behind which you’ll find a pair of small stereo speakers.

On the base of the unit are four rubber grips to prevent it sliding around your desk, as well as four small holes that will help push better bass levels.

There is an NFC tag built into the right side, just tap your compatible phone against it and it’ll pair up the Bluetooth.

Around the back you’ll find the AUX line-in, a microUSB charging port and a master power switch.

On the top you will find the volume, skip track and a multifunction play/pause/answer call button.

Mionix Nash 20 Gaming Headset Review


Today I get to take a look at the latest headset from premium gaming peripheral manufacturer Mionix, the Nash 20. Mionix aren’t the biggest name in the industry for peripherals, but their reputation is incredible, anyone I know who has tried their products has been immediately converted to a fan of the brand, and that’s simply due to their attention to quality and performance, creating products suitable for the enthusiast PC user, without charging the kind of money often associated with that level of quality. Unfortunately for Mionix, their reputation is a tough one to live up to, with each new product I see from this brand I expect the same unwavering attention to detail, so I’m hoping to see something pretty special from the Nash 20 today.

The Nash 20 is priced at a little over £100, so it’s obviously a premium price product, and at this price range you’re obviously going to want to see a good return on your investment in terms of build quality, features and of course performance. As you can see from the quote below, Mionix takes their products pretty seriously so it will be interesting to see if it lives up to both their own standards and mine.

“The NASH 20 is circumaural analog stereo gaming headset, engineered with our three most important values: Design, Sound and Comfort. The fully adjustable ear cups and memory foam cushions are made for long comfortable gaming sessions. The flip-up-to-mute microphone and on-ear cup volume control allows you simply access the mute or volume functions. The NASH 20 is developed with a unique audio filtered semi closed back acoustic chamber which is optimized especially by Mionix for our own developed angled 50 mm DACT drivers to enable exceptional sound reproduction and precision. The sound is as the perfect mix of mid and high precise crystal clear audiophile tones for the most demanding music lover. High-lighted low, mid and high frequencies for accurate in-game positioning with a deep balanced bass for you to be able to experience the most out of your music, gaming or multimedia.”

I’m also a fan of this quote on the Mionix website of how the headset got its name, most often I find products have a made up name that just sounds cool, but it’s nice to see a brand putting a little more thought into the name rather than just a product number like NX20.

“The NASH is named after the third largest star in the Sagittarius zodiac constellation. The meaning of NASH, according to Arabic mythology is an Arrowhead, which is a suitable name for a top class gaming headset with superior precision and sharp sound.” reads the Mionix website.

The spec sheet for the Nash 20 headset is impressive, mixing powerful 32Ω 50mm drivers, thick leather and foam padding, a high quality microphone and more, so let’s get right to it and take a closer look at what the Nash 20 has to offer then put them to the test.

Headset Specifications

  • Headset Type: Analog Stereo Headset
  • Type of earcup: Semi-closed back circumaural
  • Audio connection: 3.5mm gold plated connector
  • Mic connection: 3.5mm gold plated connector
  • Ear pads: 22mm Memory foam wrapped in leather
  • Head band: 18mm Memory foam wrapped in leather
  • Cable: 2 m braided cable
  • Volume control: Scroll wheel on left ear cup

Driver Specifications

  • Driver type: Dynamic, 50 mm, Nd magnet
  • Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% at 20kHz
  • Sound pressure level: 103dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Resonance Frequency: ≥ 100Hz
  • Input power: Nominal 40mW Max. 80mW
  • THD: Less than 2%. at 1K Hz Less than 5%, at 300Hz to 3KHz

Microphone Specifications

  • Microphone direction: Uni-direction
  • Microphone mute: Flip up to mute
  • Pick-up pattern: Uni-direction
  • Sensitivity: (@1kHz, 1 V/Pa): -42 ±3db
  • Frequency response: 50 – 16,000 Hz
  • Signal to Noise: 58 dB
  • Microphone dimensions: 6mm

I spoke with Mionix earlier this year at CES 2014 where they were keen to point out their own driver design. Unhappy with “off the shelve” components, they decided the only way to get the sound they were after was to do it the hard way. This extra development is likely reflected in the premium price tag, but I’m betting they didn’t go through all this trouble for nothing.

“Our own developed 50 mm neodymium DACT drivers with optimized frequency response ratio for gaming, music and multimedia usage” say Mionix on their product page.

The packaging is neat and tidy, a clean design with just the product name and a nice quality image on the front.

Around the back you’ll find the technical specifications (see above) as well as a labelled image which details some of the major features and function, but we’ll take a close look at those in a moment.

The headset is neatly packed with plenty of protection around it to keep it safe in transit.

In the box you’ll find a user guide, sticker and of course the headset; which comes hard-wired with a very long, high quality braided cable.

LUXA2 Groovy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


LUXA2 is a name that not many have been introduced to. The current market for mobile accessories has been flooded with brands that are trying to make a name for themselves, but for the last several years LUXA2 has been in a constant pursuit of feature-rich products with modern aesthetic appeal at affordable prices for everyone to set themselves apart. Apple centric accessories has been the company’s forte, but at CES this past month LUXA2 has shown that they have narrowed down their wide array of products that had included iPhone/iPad cases and misc device accessories to a more focused product stack that is nothing short of impressive.

LUXA2 has split their products into three categories: Portable Battery Packs, Audio Solutions, and Mobile Device Holders. Today we are going to look at the first of their entries into the audio solutions market; the Groovy Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

Out of the box you are provided with a very easy to read user guide, 3.5mm analog cable, micro USB charge cable, two interchangeable leather straps (in both black and tan), and an attractive black leather carrying pouch.

Func HS-260 Stereo Gaming Headset Review


Today we get to take a look at the first headset from Func, one of the newest gaming brands on the market. The new HS-260 is designed with the gamer in mind and aims to tackle the mid-budget market by offering high quality performance and design. Gaming headsets are big business and are becoming more and more popular with the increase in LAN gaming events, pro gaming and eSports, not forgetting of course the people who just want to slip into their favourite digital world at their desk without bothering everyone else in the house.

We first saw Func products at Computex last year and since then we’ve been eager to get our hands on them and put them through their paces. The timing for this HS-260 review couldn’t be any better given that produce launches this week and marks the first of several new products from the brand for 2014, and we’ll be taking a look at their gaming mice and keyboards later in the year.

The HS-260 will set you back around £60 here in the UK, so it should be directly competing with a lot of great headsets such as the Razer Kraken Pro and the Roccat Kave 5.1, some strong competition that will mean the HS-260 has to offer something really impressive to stand out from the crowd in what is already a very busy sector of the gaming peripherals market. As you can see from the specifications below, the headset doesn’t pack too many special features, but it has one thing that really matter, big and powerful drivers, so it should at the very least pack a great audio punch.


  • Driver: 50mm, tuned and paired
  • Acoustic construction: Closed
  • Frequency response: 20-20 000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Connection: 2 x 3.5mm

Dimensions & Weight

  • 180x105x194 mm / 7.08×4.13×7.64 in
  • 0.37 kg / 0.77 lbs

System Requirements

  • 3.5mm Audio/Mic jack

The packing is nicely designed with a small image of the drivers in the bottom right corner as well as a nice clear Func logo on the front.

Around the back we have a nicely labelled image of the headset that details the major features such as the optimised drivers, detachable microphone and high quality braided cable.

There wasn’t much in the box, but certainly every we need. A braided cable, detachable microphone, user guide / warranty information and of course the headset.

Also in the box you’ll find a set of extra ear pads, these ones a leather but you’ll also find a set of velour ones pre-fitted to the headset.

Func HS-260 Gaming Headset Available Now

Today is the big day for Func with the release of their first gaming headset, the gorgeous HS-260. The headset follws the much-anticipated product launches from Func’s 1030² Series and hits the market alongside their first mechanical keyboard, the KB-460.

Func are brand new to the gaming peripherals market and while they are a completely new company they are in fact the gaming division of PSU and chassis manufacturer Fractal Designs, albeit a team that is doing their own thing, completely separate from the Fractal brand, but still willing to bring every bit of design, style and build quality that their component brand is famed for.

“The HS-260 has been designed to help you through long gaming sessions with comfortable, breathable ear cups and an extremely accurate sound image. The closed ear cup design blocks background noise allowing you to stay focused on your game, while the intuitive controls are located on the ear cup for easy access allowing you to keep your eyes focused on the screen, eliminating distractions. The added features of the removable microphone and detachable cord solution ensure that you have a well-rounded, multi-functional gaming headset.” said Func in today’s press release.

At a price of $79.95 / £59.99 the headset is entering a fiercely competitive sector of the market, where it will be going head to head with many great offerings from rival brands, so it will be interesting to see how well the new brand competes with more established names. As you can see from the specification below, the HS-260 packs big and powerful drivers, an extra long cable and a perfectly respectable price tag. Even better for you all is that we’ve already got the headset in the eTeknix office, it has been reviewed and you should keep a keen eye on the site for the review later today!

Technical Specifications

  • Driver: 50mm, tuned and paired
  • Acoustic construction: Closed
  • Frequency response: 20-20 000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Connection: 2 x 3.5m
  • Product Information
  • Func HS-260 MSRP $ 79,95

We look forward to telling you all more about this headset very shortly and of course checking out what else the Func brand has to offer throughout 2014. For more information, head on over to the official site here.

Thank you Func for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Func.

Wireless Earphone To Be Launched By Yurbuds At CES 2014

Yurbuds is transforming the athlete experience with its new Inspire Limited Edition Wireless earphones. Launching at CES 2014 in Las Vegas this January, athletes and tech enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the first-ever Stereo-Bluetooth wireless earphones guaranteed to never hurt and never fall out.

While designing the new Wireless product, yurbuds gathered consumer feedback. Responses helped the team to understand what user needs were not being met by current stereo wireless solutions. The development of the Inspire Limited Edition Wireless addresses the three key issues uncovered, including existing solutions hurt, they fall out and they do not provide optimal sound.

“We’ve cut the cords so fitness enthusiasts have less in the way of achieving the perfect workout,” said Daniel DeVille, Director of Marketing for yurbuds. “Designed based on user feedback, we are excited to deliver best-in-class wireless earphones that solve the needs not currently met by other wireless earphones and meet the rigorous standards of even the top professional athletes.”

With 15 mm drivers, the Inspire Limited Edition Wireless Sport Earphones more than double the driver size of many other stereo wireless earphones. This means bigger and better sound, while allowing for best-in-class comfort and fit with yurbuds ergonomic TwistLock design. They are sweat resistant and also come with a lifetime warranty. Seamlessly integrating volume, track and call control, the noise cancelling dual-microphone system also allows for optimal response during calls.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of TechPowerUp

Samsung HS3000 Clip-On Bluetooth Headset Review

Wireless headsets are not a new innovation to the smartphone world, they’ve been around as long as the smartphone itself, but over the years a lot of things have improved as the technology inside these devices matures. Battery life has increased, sound quality has improved, pairing speed has increased and usability is near enough universal. A Bluetooth headset then is no longer an accessory dedicated to just the businessman or woman. It provides access to telephony and media on the move when driving or perhaps cycling, whatever you’re doing you can clip on a headset to your person and know that your smartphone can be put somewhere secure and not get in the way.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Samsung HS3000, a stylish and generously specced stereo headset and exploring what it offers at its asking price of £35.

The packaging is very Samsung, almost all of their modern products come in minimal no nonsense packaging in either a translucent pack or white box. Accessories like headsets are mostly translucent to give you a sneak peek at what the product looks like and gauge its size. It’s a modern look and appealing, sure to catch your attention on a store shelf compared to completely boxed up competitor models. On the reverse the specifications and other information is well laid out, there isn’t a plethora of complex technical details but instead just the right amount to know that what’s inside is going to be good with a breakdown of the core features.

It’s worth noting that this supports Bluetooth 3.0 and the aptX codec for near lossless transmission of streaming audio. aptX is capable of CD quality performance and employs efficiency technologies so no longer will there be lip sync issues for video or delays elsewhere. Essnetailly this technology boasts wired quality without the wires.

Inside we have a booklet telling us how to use the headset, a pair of short cabled earphones and alternative size ear tips. The supplied earphones don’t come with a very long cable at all, I measured it to be 27cm from end to end which won’t get very far up the torso for many people, most especially those that like to clip wireless headsets to a lower pocket or s belt.

Optical Output On Xbox One Limited To Stereo Only

The Xbox One has literally just become available, however there is news going around that anyone with a surround sound headset will not be able to use them to their full potential at this moment in time. This is going to be severely bad news for a large number of people who own a high-end headset from the likes of Turtle Beach and Tritton to name only a couple as the new consoles optical output will only support two channel audio until an unknown date.

Albert Panello, the Director of Product Planning at Microsoft has made a statement that indicates that there will be an update coming in the future that will unload the full Dolby capability of the optical output, thus allowing surround headsets to run at their full potential. In the statement, he did specify however that if you were to own a Dolby only HDMI receiver then you should be able to get uncompressed 5.1 or 7.1 sound to your speakers as this has been made available.

“Dolby Digital is coming post launch. This was a SW scheduling issue pure and simple, and I know people are disappointed, but we will have it. Anyone with a HDMI receiver should be fine, as we pass the uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1 through HDMI as well as DTS. Even if you have a Dolby only HDMI receiver, you will still get 5.1 or 7.1 sound since those receivers should accept uncompressed surround. For the Dolby only headsets, my understanding is that these will work but you will only get stereo audio since we only pass Stereo and DTS through the optical port. I have not tested this myself, but I’m told it works. Regardless, I understand this is an inconvenience, but again we’re going to have Dolby coming.”

There is not any mention as to why full surround capability has been left out from the Xbox’s optical jack and there could be a number of reasons why, but there is the reassurance giving that it will be coming – we just don’t know when this will be at this moment in time.

With the battle against the PS4 just kicking off, there is the possibility that there will be some disgruntled customers who can’t use their existing hardware to its full capabilities, however this will become clear over the next week or so.

Source: Tweaktown