State of Decay Contractors Hid ‘Ridiculous Amount of Genitalia’ in Games Background

Hiring outside help can be a necessary thing, but it’s also one that can backfire as State of Decay’s developer Undead Labs recently discovered. One of their contractors hid a ridiculous amount of genitalia in the games background, but luckily the low resolution prevented them from being visible.

In the recent work to optimize the graphics for 1080p resolution the studio discovered something that was as unexpected as it was crude. “Some of our contractors worked a ridiculous amount of genitalia into the background,” Undead Labs Senior Designer Geoffrey Card told XBLA Fans at PAX East this past weekend.

The Seattle-based company was a small indie studio with a big vision and it needed to turn to outside help in order to complete development of the original State of Decay. Unfortunately, some of those hired people secretly drew penises into the game’s backgrounds, but they were not visible in the original release due to its lower resolution and texture quality. When the enhanced resolution and texture quality brought the penises to Undead’s attention, the studio began working them out of the game and said that the genitalia isn’t visible in any publicly available version of the game.

Thanks to XBLAFans for providing us with this information

State Of Decay Will Make It To The PC This Year

The zombie survival game “State of Decay” will apparently make it to the PC platform this year. Undead Labs, the developers, have been working on an open-sandbox version of the game since people have complained that the main campaign is too quick to complete. Thus people want to keep on playing but can only do so be re-doing the campaign. Despite this State of Decay became the second fastest selling Xbox Live Game in history surpassing 500,000 sales in only 2 weeks. Now Undead Labs want to bring the popular game to the PC platform. When discussing the PC version Undead Labs hinted at improved graphics:

Will the PC version have enhanced graphics? Higher res? Improved framerate? Yes. A high end PC can do all those things, so we’re modifying the game to support those things. The PC version will not have different content or features, however.

They confirmed it will be out in 2013 and gave additional details on the early testing procedures for the PC:

Speaking of the PC version, Jeff confirmed that we are going to be taking part in Steam’s Early Access program. That means we will be doing a controller-only PC version in advance of the final release for the purposes of feedback. The final version of the PC version will of course have keyboard/mouse support.

Image courtesy of Undead Labs, Information via NextPowerUp

State Of Decay Game Banned In Australia

On the back of Australia banning the unreleased Saints Row 4 from being sold, the same thing has happened to the game State of Decay by Undead Labs. The Australian Classification Board has said that the issue lays with the use of mediciations such as “methadone, morphine, amphetamines, stimulants, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, codeine, aspirin, ‘trucker pills,’ painkillers and tussin”. Due to this the game will not recieved a legal Australian classification and will be banned from sale.

However, Undead Labs have stated that they are determined to change the game to get it reevaluated so it will pass Australian certification as an 18+ game. They expect they can get around the ban by modifying drug names and perhaps changing the way drugs are used in the game. Apparently Fallout 3 had similar problems with drug use in the Australian market but got around this with changing names and descriptions of certain drugs.

Undead Labs are currently working on an open sandbox version of their game so gamers can continue to play after the single player is completed which lasts approximately 15-25 hours depending on your play style. The game was released on June 5th 2013 for Xbox 360 and is currently coming to PC “Soon” but no release date has been provided.

Image courtesy of Undead Labs