Microsoft Responds to Advert Claims in Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows Insider members recently noticed an unusual suggestions bar embedded into the Start Menu. This appeared in the latest testing build and offered information about third-party applications. Some critics and users quickly reported these suggestions as adverts which is open to interpretation. According to Microsoft, the suggestions are simply designed to customize your user-experience:

“We will continue to offer Windows Ads in Apps on Windows 10. Beyond that, we do not currently have plans for advertising in Windows 10.

“Lock and Start content is programmed by Microsoft to help customers learn and discover new features and apps to enhance their Windows 10 experience; app publishers are not paying to be featured.”

While the suggestions tab isn’t overly intrusive, some might feel its a hidden way to embed adverts into the Start Menu. Additionally, Microsoft shouldn’t integrate loads of visual tabs or the user-interface will become a complete mess. Currently, the suggestions tab is incredibly small, and doesn’t detract from the core experience. In theory, Microsoft could insert adverts into the operating system as the majority of upgrades have been via the free promotion. However, this would be extremely foolish and I’m sure their strategic team is aware of this.

Do you think the promotions tab constitutes an advert?

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Microsoft are Bringing back the Goodness in Windows 10

Remember the days, sat at your shiny new computer and all you could think of doing was playing MineSweeper and Solitaire; well it seems Solitaire will be making a return to Windows 10.

Solitaire, MineSweeper and Hearts were ditched by Microsoft for the release of Windows 8 to offer a lightweight Operating System by cutting all the fat. Most didn’t notice this little removal and carried on their lives, others turned to the Apps for Windows Store to get their fix. Now it seems Microsoft will be offering Solitaire as a built-in program when Windows 10 releases; users will still have to visit the store to get access to the other two games. Solitaire will come default as a program accessible from the start menu; which is also making a return in Windows 10.

This discovery was made after Microsoft unveiled a new preview build, before the official upgrade becomes available later this Summer. With the noticeable addition of Solitaire, there have been upgrades to the Start menu, Taskbar and Action Center and preview of the new calendar and mail app.

I can’t wait for Windows 10, so many times have I walked away from my computer in frustration over not being able to access recently used programs without having to search for them. Will you be downloading the new instalment or are you one of those refusing to move from an even earlier Windows version? Let us know what you’re running in the comments.

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New Videos Show Windows 9 Desktop in Action

The technical preview release date for Windows 9 is still a few weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped videos of the new operating system from leaking online. This is the first time I’ve seen the OS in action and so far it’s looking far better than I expected it to. The clips below show various features of Windows 9 including the start menu, notification system and the multi-desktop mode. The start menu has clearly been improved upon, bridging the gap between the more traditional start menu featured in Windows 7, with the app focused functions of the Windows 8 metro-style interface.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″]–wgAsHWNRE[/youtube]

The notifications system is certainly improved, featuring more extensive customisation options; it now has more in common with a smart phone notifications system than a desktop one.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

Multi desktops are nothing new, but having the feature more directly wired into the stock OS offering is no bad thing; especially for those who work on multiple projects, or want to keep their gaming and work desktops separate.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

Don’t forget that this is all from a pre-release build, so many aspects could still undergo a lot of changes, but for now, it looks like Microsoft are on the right track and the new version of Windows is shaping up nicely.

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Windows 9 Start Menu To Have Full-Screen Option

The Windows 8 Concept Start Menu

We’ve heard that Microsoft’s Windows 9 OS will have two different versions: the first is centered around the desktop with no modern UI and the second is centered around the modern UI with no desktop. The first OS will be aimed at desktop and notebook users, the second at tablet and touch-device users. According to a new rumour that is circulating the desktop version of Windows 9 might still retain the start screen, but it won’t be as “offensively” implemented as before. The full start screen could be accessed when using the start menu in full screen mode, that gives desktop users the choice of whether they want to use the start menu normally: like they would on Windows 7, or whether they would like to use it in a Windows 8-style way. Expect more details about Windows 9 to emerge as we edge closer to the expected Preview reveal date of September 30th.

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Windows 8.1 Update 2 Rumuored To Roll Out on The 12th of August

Microsoft is getting ready to roll out its Update 2 for the latest Windows 8.1 operating system this month. Rumours point to a launch date set for the 12th of August, which makes sense since it corresponds with the company’s Patch Tuesday rollout.

There is also word that Redmond is preparing for a MSDN launch on the 15th of August, 3 days after the update will get the update through Windows Update. Since Microsoft is still keeping a tight lip on this, there is no official confirmation for the given information. However, the rumours make sense at some level, even though people expect a MSDN launch before the update reaches Windows Update.

The Update 2 is said to only bring performance and security improvements. Head of OS division at Microsoft, Terry Myerson, said at the company’s BUILD conference that the new update will bring the long-awaited Start menu and options to run Metro apps in dedicated windows right on the desktop.

This promise is said to have been changed, since Microsoft is said to be focusing more on its Windows 9 operating system, which is expected to bring many more new features aside from the aforementioned ones.

While the Windows 9 preview version is said to come along with the Cortana personal assistant for desktop, it would make sense for Microsoft to divert all resources into its newest OS. As for the Update 2, the coming weeks should bring more concrete and official information about it.

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Leaked Windows 9 Screenshots Show Metro Apps On Desktop And Start Menu

A couple of images of a Windows build have emerged online confirming a few of the new features Windows 9 “Threshold”. The two screenshots are quoted by the source as being for the upcoming Windows 9 Threshold operating system. The about Windows section still details it as Windows 8.1 Pro but this is expected to persist until Microsoft actually decides what it wants to name the Windows Threshold project, although most people are already assuming Windows 9. The first leaked image confirms that metro apps will be able to run on the Windows desktop within a traditional window. This is something we heard over three weeks ago when we learnt of an overhaul of Windows 9 for desktop users.

The second image reveals the illusive start menu. As we can see it features a similar tiled interface as the Metro UI but it still has a list of programs and the shut down/power options like we would see on the Windows 7 start menu most people are familiar with.

If these two images both turn out to be true then we could see very happy Windows fans next year. Having a proper start menu and being allowed to remain within the desktop environment is something desktop users have been adamantly calling for, especially when most desktop PCs are not touch-enabled to take full advantage of the Metro UI.

What are your thoughts on the look of these alleged Windows 9 screenshots?

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