Spintires Fixed – Returns to Steam!

Remember when Spintires was pulled from Steam? Well, don’t worry, as it was only this week and after much rage on the bottom half of the internet, fans of the game will be happy to hear that it is now back and ready to rock once again!

Oovee Game Studios and Pavel Zagrebelny have released an official fix for Spintires, providing a solution to the critical and game breaking timing bugs that were causing crashing issues for its users. Having fixed these issues, Spintires has been allowed to return to Steam in all its glory, and you can once again purchase it, if you haven’t already, or play it again if you already owned it.

This has been a huge screw-up and it’s not fully clear what and why things happened. However, Oovvee Game Studios has stated that it will release a full statement in the next few days and hopefully that will clear up any questions for fans of the game. We’ll update you as soon as we hear the official word.

“In the next few days we will release a full and frank statement regarding the cause of the problem and how we plan to avoid this happening again, as well as details of the next update we have been working on since the start of 2016 which we plan to start testing next week.” said Oovee Game Studios.

It’s good to see this get resolved as swiftly as it did, as I know there’s quite a following for the game and a few of us here at eTeknix have really enjoyed it too, or at least we did until it became unplayable due to bugs. Either way, the game is fixed and all is good in the world of muddy wheels and off roading, hurray!

Are you happy to be enjoying this game again?

Spintires Removed From Steam

Ever felt like going off-road and bringing that large truck of yours into the wilderness to enjoy the outdoors? Spintires looked to do just that giving you the ability to enjoy an off-road driving experience based in Russia. The game may be no more though as it has now been pulled from Steam, with issues between the creator and the publisher, causing more than a few little bumps in its development.

The creator, Pavel Zagrebelnyj, came out last week and stated that he was still owed money by the publisher, the UK-based publisher company Oovee. Oovee state that while they are late their accounts are still filed, meaning that Zagrebelnyj would soon receive his money.

That may not be enough though as the game has experienced a recent slew of bugs and malfunctions. These have in fact been due to timebombs, certain pieces of code that go off after certain amounts of time or set dates. The time bombs were supposedly created by Zagrebelnyj, but have since been patched by a user with unofficial fixes.

Oovees are keen to deny any speculation that it may have been due to international sabotage, claiming to have been working with Pavel since the bugs were discovered.

With no option to buy the game on Steam, users may be disappointed as the signs point to development ending on this game and a sour relationship between the creator and publisher for what could have been an interesting game.