New ‘8Pack’ Product Teaser Video Released

Ahh OverclockersUK, you like your teaser videos don’t you; teasing us mere peasants with technology we can only dream of. Well since the introductions of 8Pack to the OCUK team, the amount of ‘8Pack’ branded hardware to come out of there has been consistent in terms of quality and performance. Starting off with the 8Pack highly overclocked super systems and then onto the world’s first SuperFlower 2000w PSU with 8Pack branding; he seems to be offering the top end market exactly what they want.

Let’s take a look at some of the previous 8Pack teaser videos.

Very choppy, very little information apart from the PSU one. Something tells me that a new product is coming with the new video, but what could it be?

From first impressions, it is definitely a fan of some kind, is that steam/ LN2 fog being pushed out to the bottom left or just the shine of the fan fins? Could this be a new cooling unit, maybe an 8Pack liquid cooling unit, or maybe even a graphics card cooling unit? Who knows.

What’s that at the end of the video, a subliminal message of some sort? Play the video back and let us know what you think you can hear in the comments.

Nintendo Could Be Preparing for Their next Console

A new console doesn’t appear overnight and it takes many years to develop one. The Wii U has been on the market for about 2 years now, so it is logical to assume that Nintendo already are working on their next generation of consoles.

Nintendo has posted a new job offering for a Lead Graphics Architect in the system-on-chip architecture group who will work with the group responsible for consoles. This could very well be the first official sign towards this, especially considering that the job-offer is mentioning consoles and not hand-held devices.

In the past Nintendo has sourced their talent in the home region of Japan, but this new job offer is listed in the US instead. Maybe it is an attempt to bring in new blood with new ideas, simply based on the origin of the new employee. The Wii U hasn’t been a big hit and only sold moderately, maybe it’s time to bury the hopes for better sales. Even Super Smash Bros won’t change the sales figures by much.

It will however be some time before we see an announcement or get any real information about the next generation consoles from Nintendo. This is mainly due to two reasons, they don’t want to betray the customers who did purchase the Wii U and secondly the job offering sounds like the project still is in very early stages.

We’ve had rumours earlier this year about a new Nintendo console named Fusion, but that rumour was denied by Nintendo. So the new console is nameless so far, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating on possible names. What would you call the next generation Nintendo console? I for one would like it if they returned to the NES naming as the new consoles do so much more than just playing games.

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Image courtesy of Nintendo

New Rumors Reveal Samsung Tizen Launch In March 2014

More rumors surface regarding the Tizen project, Samsung and Intel’s project aimed at diversifying the Android and iOS monopoly. The last thing heard about the project was that Samsung and Intel left it for “dead”. Well, more speculation points out that Tizen is very much alive and getting ready for its official announcement.

According to a statement made back last year by Samsung CEO, J.K. Shin, the “Redmond” handset, it being the first Tizen-powered prototype, has been pushed back and will be unveiled sometime in 2014. And since no Tizen could be found at CES, it would only be logical for Samsung to reveal it at MWC. It has been a bumpy road in terms of Tizen’s development, but at least it is progress. Huawei and Fujitsu could also make an appearance with their own Tizen handsets alongside Samsung at MWC in February, but that is to be expected since Tizen’s launch will focus on Asia after its launch.

However, Tizen will also make its way to Europe, and maybe America after that. There are some talks about the Samsung Galaxy S5 being able to dual-boot with Tizen, but we are still a long way to speculate about that now. It is a possibility having a look at Jolla’s Sailfish and its Andoird dual-boot capabilities. Even so, Samsung could stop depending on Google’s Android in the future. But it all remains to be seen at what is going to happen when Tizen launches and if users will enjoy it more than the current Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

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Image courtesy of Sam Mobile