Fancy Building a Life-Size Millennium Falcon?

Just when you think you’re free from Star Wars it drags you back in! After a long break, the Force Awakens came out and fans have been excited since. With news that the next film is delayed, what else could fans do but build a life-Size Millennium Falcon?

The US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville wanted to do just that. Why would you settle for just seeing it on the screen when you can sit in a replica cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. Based off the version seen in “The Empire Strikes Back”, the entire display weighs over a thousand pounds (that’s around 454 kilograms).

With around 300 volunteers from around the world, tasks are separated so that if you can be there to help build it or if you are at your computer designing that little lever to jump to hyperspace, you can help.

The project is not cheap, with aircraft ejection seats being used to replicate the seats for the interstellar seat. This would be fine if it didn’t cost $20,000 a seat (that’s just for the used ones as well)!

In order to avoid legal issues with Disney the project is self-funded with volunteers and donations of materials and other items. If you’ve ever grown up and wanted to experience what it was like to live in a movie, this is the closest you may get to it.

Apple Campus 2 ‘Spaceship’ Construction Progress Recorded in 4K Video

Apple’s second Campus dubbed, ‘Spaceship’ is progressing at an impressive pace as constructions teams try to complete this mammoth project on time. Campus 2 is set to feature a massive ring-shaped building which measures 2.8 million square feet and includes parking areas. Additionally, there will be a 100,000 square foot fitness center, 120,000 square foot auditorium, and dedicated visitor’s area which contains a cafe, Apple Store and observation deck.

Recently, a drone pilot named Duncan Sinfield recorded overhead footage showing the construction process in pin-sharp 4K video. This provides a fascinating insight into a project of this scale and how each small area is slowly coming together. Although, there are concerns regarding privacy and the pilot’s ability to record footage without any restrictions. I highly doubt Apple gave their consent for this footage to be recorded.

On the other hand, perhaps their security measures should be improved to combat drones given the advanced technology at the heart of this venture. Clearly, the Campus 2 emphasizes Apple’s prosperity and design philosophy. I’m fascinated to see how the project will develop and what the final campus will look like.

It seems Apple’s financial success isn’t slowing down any time soon, and who knows how many of these campuses could exist in 10-20 years time.

NASA Reveals Their Warp-Drive Ship Designs

While some things can seem like science fiction, such as moving through space at warp speeds like seen in TV series such as Star Trek, there are still people in this world working hard to make such things a reality. NASA really do have people working on achieving faster than light travel, and the projects lead physicist teamed up with a 3D artist to create the stunning image seen above.

You likely know that faster than light travel is impossible, the speed limit of the universe seems absolute. However, rules that can not be broken can be bent, and warp drive is one of the tricks of the universe that could offer a way around the intergalactic speed barrier. It sounds bonkers, but these people get paid a lot of money to push our understand of the universe and so far they’ve been doing a pretty stellar job (/intentional pun).

Tip: Watch the video from 41:54 to see a discussion of the ships design.

[youtube width=”800″ height=”450″][/youtube]

A discussion of Einstein’s theory of relativity isn’t why I brought you here, I brought you here to gawk at that awesome picture of a spaceship and to summaries, it looks freaking awesome! Much as the Shuttle concepts must have looked incredible to people many years ago, this too could be us taking a first look at our intergalactic future… so long as they can figure out how to make it work.

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Image courtesy of IFLScience.

£3,25m Home Comes With Spaceship Simulator In Attic

Having a spare £3,250,000 ($5.3m) to spend on a house isn’t exactly something we all have, but for those that do, a certain house in South London has a little some extra to sweeten the deal.


From the outside this is just your normal big, expensive house, it’s a great looking property with classy interior and exterior, a large living room, stunning games room and conservatory, lovely garden and it’s generally pretty lush. but the real treat lies in the converted attic.

The house alone is worth the asking price, but you’ll also inherit this awesome retro spaceship simulator, full of lights, dial, ejector seats (although we suspect they’re pretend ejector units), and a rack of CRT monitors that are full of retro charm.

What is the point in all this you ask? None what so ever, it’s just an awesome room full of nerdtastic fun, I’m not sure who would enjoy this more, myself as a cool place to chill out with a few beers and a few Star Wars mods on a flight sim, or my son as a play room… it’s debatable.

Secretly, we all want a spaceship simulator in the attic.

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