First Pascal GPU’s to be Unveiled at Computex 2016?

Some of the first cards to run utilizing the all new “Pascal” architecture made by Nvidia, may debut at Computex 2016. The show is going to be in Late may / Early June in Taipei and is one of the biggest ICT shows in the world and you can be sure the eTeknix team will be there to catch the latest news from the event!

Mass shipments should start sometime in July according to Digitimes, the Taiwan based industry observer. With Nvidia unveiling the new cards via its add-in card (AIC) partners, with large manufacturers such as ASUS, MSI, and GIGABYTE being at the event.

The new GPU will be based on the GP104 chip and utilize GDDR5X VRAM; a whopping 8GB is rumored to be the amount. The leaked specs show it having a single eight-pin power connector, meaning that (due to electrical capacity) the max power usage would be 225W, though it could use a lot less power. The 980 is only 165W so this card can’t be a huge amount more. The leaked specs also tell us that it could feature up to 6144 CUDA cores and a whopping 12.6 Teraflops. We’re not sure how accurate these specs are as they have been sourced from various places, only time will tell. Either way, Computex 2016 is going to be huge this year.

So far, we can accurately say:

  • 2x performance per watt estimated improvement over Maxwell
  • DirectX 12_1 or higher
  • Successor to the GM200 GPU in the 980TI
  • Built on 16nm manufacturing process

It will be interesting to see the Polaris release too, as there is going to be some very tough competition on the GPU market shortly and that’s obviously great news for consumers.

Which cards are you most excited about this year, AMD’s or Nvidia’s latest? Let us know in the comments section below.

Nvidia Preparing GeForce GTX 950 Graphics Cards

We’ve heard a lot of news about high-end graphics cards lately on all fronts, Nvidia GTX 980 Ti as well as AMD’s new Fury line-up, but not everyone can afford nor need the best and fastest graphics card. There is a large customer base that wants a more affordable, yet good mid-ranged card.

Nvidia are working on a new GM206-base product that could very well result in the GTX 950 and GTX 950 Ti cards aimed more at the mid range of systems. The information is still sparse, but what is known so far is that the new graphics processor is codenamed GM260-250, it is a GeForce product, and it is a full GTX product.

That really isn’t a lot of information at all, but it is what a lot of people have been waiting for. Something to replace their current GTX 650 or 750 series with and it looks like they don’t have to wait that much longer.

The GM206-250 is a cut-down version of the GM206-300 that is used in its full capacity on the GTX 960 cards. Looking over to the red side and we’ve seen that AMD compares their R7 370 and R7 360 to the GTX 750 series, meaning that these new cards could cause a stir in the low-end pool, if priced properly.

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The HGST 10TB Hard Drive Is Almost Here

It’s been about six month since we last reported on the HGST 10TB drives as they were introduced, and now it looks like they’re finally about to hit the market.

The UltraStar HelioSeal drive will feature a seven platters design with 1.43 TB of capacity on each of them. The new hard drive makes use of the modern shingled magnetic recording technology and is filled with helium inside for increased recording density, a longer life, and very low noise output.

We don’t know the full specifications yet, but the 3.5-inch form factor SATA 3 drive will offer 128 MB of cache, a five-year warranty, two million hour meantime between failure (MTBF) rating, and Instant Secure Erase features.

These new 10TB helium filled drives should be released by the end of Q1 2015, but they aren’t the only one in the works.

One 10TB drive is hardly enough and HGST is planning a second drive. The yet to be announced drive will use increased recording density and allow the drive to achieve the capacity with just six platters, 1.66 TB each. No word on features or pricing as of now.

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Lian Li Launches O Series Wall-Mountable Chassis in the UK

It has been about three months since Lian-Li tried out prototypes of their new Wall-mountable chassis on the Facebook community, and what a wait it has been. But the wait is over as Lian-Li has introduced the new O series Wall-Mountable chassis in the UK.

Lian-Li listened to the DIY community’s feedback and optimized the final design that now has been released in the form of the PC-05, PC-05S, PC-06S and PC07S. The four aluminum constructed cases all feature a similar design and aesthetic but differing in their hardware compatibility.

With the oversized tempered glass, they allow you to show off all your hardware and the included riser card even allows you to display your graphics card in a proper fashion while a black anodized aluminium shields covers the hard drive cage.

The S models come with water cooling support. The PC-05S can hold a 240mm radiator while the other two models can go all the way to 360mm radiators. All four models have versatile placement options as wall mounting is just one of them. The included stand will allow you to have it vertically or you can just place it horizontally on your desk resting well and secure on the four rubber feet.

We’ve already got a review of the Lian-Li PC-05S ready for you, so head on over and check out all the details on this gorgeous chassis. You can also check out the full specifications on the official Lian-Li website for the PC-05, PC-05S, PC-06S, and PC07S.

The MSRP for the foursome is £190 for the PC-O5, £214 for the PC-O5S, £254 for the PC-O6S, and £278 for the PC-O7S. The O series will be available soon at Caseking/Overclockers in the UK and Alternate also has them listed for pre-orders.

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Images courtesy of Lian-Li