Oculus Waives Shipping Fees for All Past Orders

The Oculus Rift may have won the race to be the first VR headset to be available to consumers, but it hasn’t been so easy for Oculus due to the boom in interest for the VR headset. The Rift began shipping out to consumers on the 28th of March, but many preorder customers are still yet to receive any notification that their device will be shipped to them. Now Oculus VR has admitted that they have been struggling to meet demands for the Rift, with CEO Brendan Iribe taking to Twitter to state that the first batch of Rifts was “going out slower than we orig(inally) estimated.” This was backed up by an email sent out to waiting customers, citing an “unexpected shortage” as the reason that many were still waiting.

We’ve been working through an unexpected component shortage, and unfortunately, that issue has impacted the original shipping estimates for some early customers. We’re working hard to get up-to-date ship windows, and you should expect to see your order status updated on oculus.com by Tuesday, April 12th.

In order to make it up to customers who had pre-ordered one of the headsets, Oculus stated that they will be disregarding any delivery charges for all orders that have already been placed. It’s not all delays, though, with many customers having received their Rifts on time, one even being delivered by Palmer Luckey himself! Hopefully, Oculus will be able to sort out this issue before their main rival, the HTC Vive makes it to market when both sides will have a fight on their hands.

Samsung Start Shipping 15.36TB SSD Drives

Samsung is one of the key companies when it comes to providing memory to everything from your phone to your PC. With their latest revelation being the creation of a 256GB flash memory chip, it was only a matter of time before they made the news again. Today they’ve done just that by releasing to the public the 15.36TB SSD.

Stored within a 2.5-inch enclosure, the latest evolution of the SSD means all that more trouble for traditional hard drives which have slowly been losing out to the SSD’s, winning only on cost per GB (something that solid state technology has been catching up on quickly).

While it would be amazing to plug this drive into your computer or laptop, it may be a while before your everyday device can deal with this drive as it requires a 12Gbps SAS interface, with sequential read and write speeds going up to 1,200 MBps.

While it is currently being released with memory choices going from 960GB to the 15.36TB version, a 480GB version is expected to be released later in the year for those needing a little less storage.

Do you use an SSD? What would you store on an SSD of this size? With no price detailed yet, what do you expect this monster will set you back?

Image courtesy of Gordan Mah Ung.

BBC Micro Bit Shipping Date Revealed

BBC’s Micro Bit pocket-sized and programmable computer is an amazing little piece of technology, but the best of all is that one million of them will be given free to any year 7 pupils across the UK. Originally the BBC Micro Bit should have started shipping out October last year, but there were issues with the power and the project release got pushed back. At first, it was said that teachers should have the new units in December last year with students receiving them early this year. But that didn’t happen and it got pushed once again. Last month we got another minor delay as teachers already should have had their units ahead of the February half term, but that didn’t happen either.

Enough with the old bad news, time for the good news. The Micro Bit is ready and broadcaster has confirmed a countrywide roll-out of the one million devices for pupils will begin before easter. Naturally they won’t send out all at once, but they will start to ship officially on March the 22nd. So mark your calendars if you got children of that age, you might have new toys to play with soon.

Sinead Rocks, head of BBC learning, said: “It has been a joy to see these micro:bits make their way to educators across the country over the last couple of weeks. It feels like this adventure into the world of coding is really gaining pace. And so it’s with great excitement that we will be starting our delivery to pupils on March 22.”

The Micro bit (micro:bit) is a handheld and fully-programmable computer that encourages children to get creative with technology. The 4cm by 5cm device is the successor to the popular 1980s home computer, BBC Micro, and includes a Bluetooth antenna, USB plug and a processor, linked to a printed circuit board with 25 red LED lights which flash messages.

The BBC is yet to announce when the Micro Bit will be available for the public to buy and how much it will cost us ordinary mortals.

HGST’s Helium-Filled Ultrastar He10 10TB HDD Now Shipping

The world’s first 10TB perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) hard disk drive is now officially shipping and it is naturally HGST’s helium-filled Ultrastar He10. This is the third generation helium drives out of the Western Digital Corporation and it offers an impressive 25% increase in capacity over the previous generation.

Customers can enjoy an overall decreased total costs of ownership thanks to the increase in capacity. The new 10TB HGST Ultrastar He10 uses 56% fewer watts per TB capacity compared to traditional air-filled HDDs. WDC expects its 10TB drives to be a key enabler of video, photo, business and other cloud-based applications, and that it will be a cornerstone for public and private cloud deployments.

The Ultrastar He10 isn’t just the first 10TB PMR drive to hit the market, it also comes with the highest reliability rating and features an impressive 2.5 million hours before meantime failure rating. The drives are also backed by 5-year limited warranty.

There are both 6Gbps and 12Gbps SATA and SAS versions as well as Instant Secure Erase (ISE) and Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) options. The drive further features a 256MB data buffer and a 7200 RPM rotation speed. The average access latency is 4.16ms and the 10TB Ultrastar He10 is rated for a sustained transfer rate of 249MB/s with seek times of 8ms. With a power consumption of just 6.8W during operating and 5W when idle, you get an effective power consumption of just 0.50W per TB storage. Impressive.

Mad Catz Now Shipping the R.A.T. Pro S Gaming Mouse

About a month ago Mad Catz started to ship their flagship R.A.T. Pro X gaming mouse and now its little brother the RAT Pro S gaming mouse is ready to take on the job of being your instrument on the virtual battlefields.

The new R.A.T. Pro S follows the same scheme as the other R.A.T. mice by combining aggressive looks with eSports focused performance features and user customization options. It doesn’t feature all of the same as its bigger brother, but it still delivers a solid feature list.

You’ll get 8 programmable buttons with one mode per profile. You can store 3 profiles in the onboard memory and have access to a total of 24 programmable commands. The sensor is an optical PMW331 infrared optical sensor with 5000 DPI. The DPI is adjustable in steps of 50 DPI all the way down to 50 DPI itself. The report rate can be set to 125, 250, 500, or 1000Hz. The buttons should withstand up to 20 million clicks. The Mad Catz R.A.T. Pro S Gaming Mouse comes with a gold-plated 6ft/1.8m USB connector cable.

“Together with the R.A.T. Pro X, the R.A.T. Pro S illustrates Mad Catz’ next-generation of PC gaming and our commitment to designing high-performance products that enhance the experience of competitive gamers,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz. “The R.A.T. Pro S combines blistering speed, lightweight design and user customization options, making it an ideal gaming mouse for tournament gamers and beyond, and we look forward to it contributing positively to our Holiday 2015 lineup of products.”

With a price tag of just $69.99, it is quite a bit cheaper than the R.A.T. Pro X, although it isn’t a budget mouse either.

AMD Chip Codenamed “Magnum” Spotted on Shipping Manifest

A strange entry has appeared on a shipping manifest at Zauba, with AMD’s codename “Magnum” relating to an FPGA prototype board, as well as DTV. This is certainly a strange entry, but what does it mean?


This is a very strange thing to be attributed to AMD, especially since they sold off their DTV division seven years ago to Broadcom, although it does fit with rumours in the industry that AMD wanted to do something in terms of FPGA. Although, what AMD are doing in the digital TV market at the moment certainly remains to be seen.

The pricing on the label leads us to believe this is a high-end product, perhaps something along the lines of the Nvidia Shield TV, as it would make sense that AMD would love to take the wind out of Nvidia’s sails in this market. It’s most likely something related to Zen hardware, however, there’s one more very obvious solution staring us right in the face, could this be for a new console? With Nintendo already shipping some development kits for their next console, this could be the first hints of the hardware development. Of course, this is all speculation, we don’t know what they’re working on, but AMD are without a doubt cooking up something!

What do you think it could be? Let us know in the comments section below.

Mad Catz Now Shipping the R.A.T. Pro X Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz announced that they have begun shipping the pretty amazing R.A.T. Pro X high-performance gaming mouse. The R.A.T. Pro X was initially revealed during CES 2015 and now it can be yours too. This is a very unique looking mouse, as its predecessors, and it looks pretty cool at the same time as it looks utterly ridiculous, but one can’t argue with the features.

You can adjust and replace pretty much any part of this mouse and thereby truly create a mouse that fits the palm of your hand, no matter what play and grip-style you might have. The R.A.T. Pro X is built on a durable magnesium alloy chassis and comes with 10 programmable buttons over 9 profiles for a total of 90 programmable commands. There are three different sensors to pick from. A Phillips Laser and an Avago Laser with 8200 DPI as well as a PixArt Optical 5000 DPI sensor.

Both the thumb and pinky rests can be replaced to fit your needs and it even comes with three different kinds of scroll wheels. The scroll wheel doesn’t work the same way as you’re used to either. It isn’t a mechanical solution but rather an optical that allows for even more control. The side movements of the wheel aren’t buttons either, but rather analog axes.

A mouse like this won’t come cheap, but theoretically it could be the last you ever buy. Seeing as you can replace any part, including the sensor array, you could theoretically upgrade it forever and as long as the company decides to create compatible parts. And that is a risk that can happen anytime, we’ve seen it in the past with other controller types that featured replaceable parts.

So how much will it cost you, well, the MSRP is set to $199. A hefty price for a mouse, but then again, this isn’t your everyday generic computer mouse.

Gigabyte Out-Ships Asus in Q1 2015

During the first quarter of 2015, Gigabyte shipped more motherboards than its main rival, Asus. Gigabyte ended the January-March period with motherboard shipments of up to 4.8 million units, while Asus only managed 4.5 million units.

With demand low across Europe and China, motherboard manufacturers, such as MSI, ECS, and Biostar are expected to see a decline in shipments over 2015, while Asustek and Gigabyte specifically – the top two mobo vendors in the world – are expected to miss their 20 million-unit shipping target for the year, since projections for the first half of the year are projected at 9 million units.

The drop in motherboard sales is attributed to the rise of tablets and smartphones, which has shrunk the PC market significantly. ASRock, which is estimated to ship between 2.8-3.2 million units in the first half of 2015, is already making moves into the gaming notebook market in an effort to compensate for shrinking motherboard demand.

Source: DigiTimes

Pebble Time’s Kickstarter Smashes Records by Raising more than $20 Million

Pebble’s Time watch has launched on Kickstarter a month ago and has recently closed with a $20.3 million funding campaign.

The Pebble Time is said to feature a colour e-ink display, 20% thinner body, a seven-day battery life and even has a waterproof feature. The watch was available at $179 during the Kickstarter campaign compared to the retail price of $199 you can find it today.

The company’s campaign apparently broke two Kickstarter records. The first one was on the day it launched, having it be the fastest project to raise a huge amount of money in a matter of minutes and the second one was achieved the following week, when it became Kickstarter’s most funded campaign.

For those of you who have contributed to Pebble’s Time watch campaign, it is worth pointing out that the company will start shipping the watches in May.

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Mad Catz Starts Shipping the C.T.R.L.i Gamepads

Mad Catz announced that the shipping of the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i and Micro C.T.R.L.i Mobile Gamepads have begun. The only difference between the two models is that the micro is about 20% smaller and better fit for young gamers or people who just have smaller than average hands.

The new range of controllers is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and are the first controllers in the company’s GameSmart mobile product range designed for iPhone 5 to 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and 3, and 5th generation of the iPod touch (running iOS 7 or iOS 8).

With mobile gaming becoming more something that actually can be considered gaming, a high-quality gamepad is a welcome product. It features pressure-sensitive action buttons and D-Pad. Using low-power Bluetooth technology, the gamepads should provide up to 30 hours of gameplay via two AAA batteries.

The Mad Catz C.T.R.L.i app will allow you to update the firmware and provide input diagnostics for battery level, buttons, and axis input as well as displaying you a list of gamepad compatible iOS games. The price starts at £49.99 via Amazon UK.

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A 4Chan Post Sold For $90,900 on eBay… Wait, What?

Everyone can sell literally anything on eBay nowadays. For example, this eBay seller has auctioned a simple 4Chan post and expected to get a lot of money for it.

The really interesting part is that the user actually made a fortune off the post. It is said that Artnet originally caught the post, a vendor known as “Artwork by Anonymous”, who turned the simple Chan post into a $90,900 masterpiece.

The post originally started at $500, which is still a lot of money for a common thing you find on the internet, only to end at the above mentioned bid price. Also, the lucky bidder is said to enjoy free expedite shipping for the product at hand.

Re/Code mentions that the bid reached the five digit count in just 36 hours, confirming that the auction is fake since it is pretty easy to inflate an eBay listing. Even so, people can just bid and not pay for it, a common practice found on the site.

Anyone who has missed the first auction can now enjoy a second listing of the Chan post, which seems to have a starting price of $500 as well. As for the eBay seller, it seems that art doesn’t have to be unique in order to get a heap of money out of it.

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DeLorean’s Flux Capacitor from ‘Back To The Future’ Now Available for $25

Back To The Future movie series fans should be familiar with the Flux Capacitor, the item that makes the DeLorean car be an actual time travelling machine. According to Doc Brown, the character from the movie, the Flux Capacitor is the thing that ‘makes everything work’.

Every fan would like to have such a device in their car. At least for show if not for actual time travelling experience (which is not possible of course). However, the item now appears to be for sale, courtesy of ThinkGeek. They have apparently made something that looks like the real flux capacitor, aside from the time travelling feature of course.

The device is said to be a gadget which you plug into your car’s cigarette lighter. It has two USB ports which can be used to charge your phone or other gadgets such as GPS or others. Also, a great feature about the flux capacitor is that it lights up, similar to how the original flux capacitor from the movie does.

The gadget is said to have been unveiled back in April as an April Fool’s joke. However, due to the overwhelming demand, it seems that ThinkGeek made a real product, which is said to be selling quite nicely. The flux capacitor is selling on ThinkGeek’s website, having it priced at $24,99 and expected to ship to buyers in September.

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First Batch of Oculus Rift DK2 Delayed!

My daily routine today consists of getting out of bed, putting the kettle on, making a coffee and starting work, but I don’t type a single word until I’ve check my email to see if my Oculus Rift development kit has shipped, but it hasn’t. Now it seems I’m not the only one left disappointed by a “pending” message on the Oculus order page.

Shipments of DK2 were supposed to be making their way to developers around the world, but now it seems that Oculus VR have put a short hold on the stock. Oculus have “decided to hold the initial shipment of DK2s until the middle of next week so that [they] have an additional week to polish and QA the new Oculus SDK.” Oculus want their software and everything else to be 100% ready to rock when developers get the hardware, and I can’t blame them, there are still a lot of hurdles for Oculus to cross and it needs to be perfect.

“We’ve been working on this update for over a year, with a focus on making the Rift easier to use and develop for. There are multiple major improvements including overhauled device and display handling, and we want to make sure the new SDK ready for integration by thousands of developers when DK2s start arriving at doorsteps. Sorry to make everyone wait another week. We wouldn’t delay if it wasn’t important.” said Oculus.

Keep in mind that while there has been a delay, there is nothing wrong with the hardware, they’re ready to ship and the hold up should only last another week before the first batch of DK2 hardware is shipped.

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New Windows v2 Kinect Available For Pre-Order, Shipping to Start on the 15th of July

Microsoft’s team of engineers designated for the Kinect have announced that developers can finally pre-order the new Kinect for Windows v2 sensor from Microsoft’s Store at just $199. Microsoft has also stated that customers who pe-order the new Kinect now will be able to receive it ahead of general availability, stated to be a few months away.

Information gathered from Microsoft’s Store indicate that customers pre-ordering the new Kinect during the pre-order phase will receive the device somewhere after the second half of July, having the company start shipping the new batch on the 15th of July. Microsoft is also said to plan a release of their public beta software development kit for the devices as soon as the first new Kinect devices start shipping.

In terms of specs, the new Microsoft Kinect is stated to come with increased depth-sensing features, full 1080p video support, improved skeletal tracking and enhanced infrared technology. The company also states that the v2 sensor will also start shipping in July to whomever participated in the Developer Preview programme, though not a lot of developers were accepted into it.
Microsoft also hopes that the pre-order option will address the sensor’s demand before it is made available to the public.

Microsoft also mentioned that the new Kinect is available in limited quantities spread throughout 23 regions, including the US and UK, being priced accordingly based on the respective region’s currency.

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Amazon To Start Shipping Items Before They Have Sold

It sounds like Amazon have their heads in the loony bin with their latest idea, as the company announces that they’re working on “Anticipatory Shipping”, a procedure that the company hopes will speed up order shipping times on many of their popular items, at least until they finally get their drone delivery tech off the ground.

The new system will see Amazon ship items before they have been ordered, their system will flag highly sought after items in each geographic region before anyone orders them, the item will be packed and shipped to that location and then redirected to their specific customer once an order is placed. Rather than shipping items to customers blindly, which would be stupid, they’ll be sending them to a central location near to you. So if you live in London for example, a warehouse near you may have that item on the way to them in bulk and will automatically have the parcel redirected to yourself, meaning the parcel has already undergone a significant part of its journey to you, speeding up delivery time in a big way.

So no, you won’t be getting that CD a day before you ordered it, but you may get it several days earlier than you expected! Which is still pretty awesome.

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Maxwell Powered GeForce Cards To Shipping before March 2014

Rumor has it that the new Maxwell based graphics cards are coming in Q1 2014 and will hit the shelves in the same quarter. Multiple sources have confirmed that there will be Maxwell based cards in retail that will ship before March 2014. This is quite big news for GPU lovers, as Maxwell should be much more power efficient than Kepler. According to Nvidia’s roadmap it is supposed to have four times the Dual Precision Gflops per watt compared to Kepler. According to the same roadmap Maxwell has been pushed from 2013 to 2014 which implies a slight delay from the original plan.

Fudzilla’s sources have confirmed that the cards will start shipping in Q1 2014, but they are not aware if this is another 28nm or first 20nm graphics chip to hit the market. GPU performance lovers as well as Tesla compute performance enthusiasts will like this core as it can offer much more performance per watt than any previous generation including Kepler. The question remains if Nvidia plans to officially introduce this card before March 24 2014, the first day of its GPU technology conference, of if the launch happens a bit earlier.

In case Nvidia wants to ship cards to customers, that will have to mean that it has the production right now. Therefore, we will just have to wait and see more about the Maxwell cards shipping to customers in the form of retail graphics cards by the end of March.

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Zavvi Threatening Customers To Return Items After Accidentally Shipping Out PS Vitas

A few weeks ago there was a mixup in the Zavvi warehouse, instead of giving customers the copy of Tearaway for PS Vita, the company actually sent out the PS Vita handheld console. So instead of getting the £19.99 game that they pre-ordered, customers instead got a computer worth around £149.99.

Obviously Zavvi want the hardware back, but consumers aren’t so keen to give up their £19.99 games console so easy, and despite several emails asking for details on how they can collect the items, many have yet to respond (obviously).

“We are very sorry to inform you that due to an error in our warehouse we have dispatched the incorrect product.
We are contacting you in order for us to arrange a collection of the incorrect item which is on the way to you.
If possible, please keep the parcel in its original packaging ready to hand back to the courier.” read one of the emails.

“The Distance Selling Regulations are very clear on this. If you’ve been sent unsolicited goods, you are entitled to treat them as an unconditional gift and do with them as you choose. You are not required to keep them for any amount of time and you are certainly not required to pay for them. Any attempt to demand payment (by threatening means or otherwise) is unlawful.” was how many users chose to reply, citing their rights as consumers.

Zavvi aren’t going to give up that easily of course and no doubt have an eager legal team at their disposal. Zavvi have responded with a heavy hand via the following mass email (see below).

It’s a tough debate, there are rights in place to protect both the company and the consumer, but at the end of the day the customers have knowingly accepted an item they didn’t really pay the full amount for. I guess that would just be a moral issue more than anything. Personally, I think I would keep the console unopened and try to battle it out politely, if I had to return it by law, then sure I would. If I didn’t have to return it in the end, you know I’m giving it to myself for Christmas.

What would you do in this situation, do you think it is right that people should keep them? Or that Zavvi should get them back?

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Sony Reporting That The ‘Blue Light of Death’ Affects Less Than 1% of PS4’s

Just a little while ago I was talking about how Microsoft’s latest console – the Xbox One was not going to offer more than 2ch audio through its optical output and how this may put some people off buying the latest console for the moment. There is however news starting to crop us that there is more worrying prospects for the owners of Sony’s latest offering – the PS4. Even though the PS4 is not going on sale in the UK and the rest of Europe for another week – till the 29th of November, the US has had the rival to the Xbox One on sale for over a week already.

Since its launch last week, there have been posts and threads popping up on the internet from a significant number of owners as they show their frustration over what is know being referred to as the ‘Blue Light of Death’. Whilst the cause of the blue light is not exactly know yet, the reason for the problems appears to be down to damage made to the units during the shipping process. A spokesman from Sony has made a statement saying that there doesn’t appear to be a singular problem across all those consoles that are affected and customers are reporting problems such as failure to turn on, a pulsing blue light or more worryingly a console that is totally bricked.

One unlucky user has posted a video on YouTube showing their console as it came out of the box with a pulsing blue light and nothing appearing on-screen. Other users have taken to Amazon’s US site where over 800 one-star reviews have been left on the product page for the PS4 stating that consoles are not working in one way or another.


Even though this problem is only said to be affecting less than 1% of users, with the UK launch just a matter of days away now, there is a strong possibility that some people may be thinking twice about going for the cheaper rival to the Xbox One. With troubleshooting in mind, a thread has cropped up on the Playstation forums for users to run through if their consoles appear to not be working properly.

If you’re looking to buy or awaiting for your order of the new PS4 to be ready, what are your views on this matter? Has it affected your choice of console? Let us know.

Source and Image courtesy of Nerdacy & CNET

Apple’s Retina iPad Minis Rumored To Have Limited Stock Availability

It seems Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed another rumor when asked about the availability of the iPad mini with Retina display. Cook said that the new model will start shipping “later in November,” but that it’s “unclear whether we’ll have enough for the quarter or not”. Cook quickly pointed out that “we know how many we’ll have,” but that it’s difficult to predict demand for a product until it starts shipping. He seemed to be confirming persistent rumors that the Retina mini would be in short supply during the holiday shopping season.

Although Cook insisted that “we’ll do fairly well with iPad,” and that Apple will have a “really great holiday season,” the company may have reason to be concerned about not being able to meet demand for the new model. As reported earlier, iPad sales were flat compared to the same period last year, even while competitors are seeing major growth in tablet sales. Apple has seen its share of the total tablet market drop from 60 percent a year ago to just 32 percent today.

Apple is hoping, according to Cook, for “an iPad Christmas,” but it may be one that many customers will have to celebrate without the company’s most notable new model.

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Amazon Raises Shipping Charges

Amazon has announced that they have made slight change, recently they upped their shipping charges. These changes are only to the FREE Super Saver Shipping, all of the other services will stay the same. If you still want to use the free shipping from using FREE Super Saver Shipping from Amazon, you will now need to place an order of at least $35 up from the normal $25 minimum that it has been for over a decade.

Amazon has loads of products that normally ship for free, and even more that use the Free Super Saver Shipping program, of course you could always just use Amazon PRIME which gives users free shipping without needing to fulfil a minimum order size as well as tons of FREE stuff!!!

AmazonPRIME is not only a shipping service, in which they offer users Free two-day shipping and require no minimum order size. They are trotting along with the digital age, offering users access to books, and movies for FREE. Amazon Prime users have access to over 41,000 movies and TV Episodes from Prime Instant Videos as well as over 350,000 eBooks that users are able to borrow from their extensive library collection.

If you’re interested in signing up for Amazon Prime, in order to save yourself a few bucks or even just to use as a movie or e-book service you can expect to pay $79 per year, though if you are a student or a mum you qualify for 50% off giving you the service for just $39 for the year. If you check out this link HERE you will be able to check out the rates for Amazon Prime.

Personally I do not see an issue with requiring someone to make a slightly larger order than they were planning. Most of the time users probably meet the requirements without even thinking. If you usually have an issue meeting the requirement, you can do what I do. Create a wishlist and when you place your order and it is a few dollars short add something from your wish list.

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