Sharkoon Releases USB 3.1 Docking Station and Add-In Card

There can be many reasons why you would want to add some external storage to your system and there are about as many different possibilities as there are reasons. One of the easiest ways to connect storage to your system is via a USB docking stations. Whether you have a notebook or stationary system, this allows you to connect any normal internal drive to your system externally.

Sharkoon just released a new docking station that can do this with ease and it is one that also sports the newest type of USB connection: USB 3.1 Type-C. The new docking station is literarily called what it is as it is called Sharkoon QuickPort USB 3.1 Type C. While the docking station itself features the tiny and reversible Type-C connector, it connect to any normal sized Type-A USB port on your system by the included cable.

Whether you want to use 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA drives in this docking station, it’s covered and it will work just as well as you can connect the docking station or older USB ports such as normal 3.0 or 2.0. Both SATA and USB are backward compatible which allows you to connect this modern enclosure no matter what hardware you have – but you naturally won’t get the impressive 10Gbps speeds possible from the USB 3.1 or the 6Gbps from the SATA3 when you connect slower drives or use an older connection standard. But it is great to have the option.

Should you not have a system with USB 3.1 yet, then Sharkoon fittingly also introduced a new add-in card to give you just this. The new host controller features both a Type-A and a Type-C USB 3.1 connector on the rear and plugs into your normal PCI-Express x4 or bigger slots.

Both new Sharkoon items are built around ASMedia’s controllers and that is a company with a lot of experience in the field. The docking station is powered by an ASMedia ASM1351 bridge controller while the add-in card is powered by an ASMedia ASM1142 USB host controller.

Both new Sharkoon USB 3.1 devices are available now. The docking station has a suggested retail price of €39.99 while the host card is a little cheaper with a suggested retail price of €29.99.

Sharkoon Releases DG7000 Midi Tower

Sharkoon’s newest chassis follows the trend of other cases and peripherals from the company when it comes to the appearance and still remind us a little bit about the Transformers. But the new DG7000 Midi Tower looks to be more of a premium item than we’re used to and it comes with quite a few great features.

The Sharkoon DG7000 is available in three different colours to match the setup that you prefer, blue, green, and red. With these colours, you should be able to find matching hardware all the way through and make an overall great looking system. The colour isn’t just in the form of coloured LED fans in the DG7000, the interior backplate has also been coloured to match.

There’s a large CPU cutout that should make CPU cooler mounting easier, but we don’t see much else when we open the normal side panel. The PSU shroud at the bottom hides the HDD drive bays and PSU area, only leaving the main compartment and 5.25-inch drive bays visible.

The DG7000 has room for three 3.5-inch hard disk drives at the bottom next to the power supply unit. There is also room for two SSDs on the rear of the motherboard tray and there should be plenty of room to route your cables this way. Speaking of the motherboard area, being a midi-tower you can mount mini-ITX, micro-ATX, and normal ATX motherboards in this case. The max power supply length can be 230mm with the hard drives at that location.


There aren’t many other limitations in this case as the main area is so open as it is. The graphics cards and other add-in cards can be up to 380mm long and the CPU cooler can be up to 175mm high. There is also enough room for water cooling setups in this case with a max radiator clearance in the front of 57mm including the fan. The limitation here comes from the bottom shroud that can create conflicts with thicker radiator and fan combinations.

The top and front vents have removable dust filters and there’s also one placed below the PSU area. Other than that, there isn’t that much more to say about the DG7000. It is a simple PC chassis that seems to offer a lot of space and room for the most common drive amounts.

The Sharkoon DG7000 should be available already for the suggested retail price of €69.90 Euro. You can also view the product video below of check out the official product page.

Sharkoon Releases SHARK ZONE MK80 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Sharkoon is mostly known for the budget oriented hardware aimed at gamers, but it looks like they’re trying to take a new approach with the release of the SHARK ZONE MK80 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The new keyboard brings quality around, but also a price tag that is quite a bit higher than what we’re used to from Sharkoon.

The SHARKZONE MK80 uses mechanical switches, but not the CHERRY MX switches that we usually find in high-end mechanical keyboards. Instead, Sharkoon used Kailh switches and the MK80 comes in three different versions: red, brown, and blue. The Kailh switches have an average operating life cycle of at least 60 million clicks, so on that part they should be as good as those we know from CHERRY. How the actual feel is, that’s something that needs to be tested.

The keys feature RGB background lighting as well as pre-programmed lighting effects with up to 16.8 million colours. The MK80 supports N-key rollover and comes with a 1000 Hz polling rate. The function keys work partly as media keys and programmable macro keys and the MK80 also features on-the-fly macro recording. You can store up to five profiles in the onboard memory. The keyboard also features a removable palm rest and a two-port USB hub and audio connections.

The Sharkoon SHARK ZONE MK80 Mechanical RGB keyboard should be available now for a suggested retail price of €139.90 euro. A premium price, especially from a company that usually makes budget devices. Would you opt for on of these or rather pick something else? Let us know in the comments.

Sharkoon Released The BW9000 ATX Midi Tower

Sharkoon released a new chassis once again and I have to say right away that it’s my opinion that this is the best-looking chassis of theirs till date. The new BW9000 ATX Midi Tower comes with and without a side panel window and it is available in two colors as well: black and white.

The small tower only measures 49 x 21 x 48 centimeters (height, width, and length) but supports a full-sized ATX motherboard, ATX power supplies with up to 26cm length, and CPU coolers with a height of up to 16.5cm. Graphics cards can be up to 43cm long with one of the HDD cages removed and 29.3cm with the cage installed. Plenty of space for most hardware.

You can install up to five 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives and two more 2.5-inch drives in the Sharkoon BW9000. The case also has two external 5.25-inch drive bays for optical drives, fan controllers, or liquid cooling accessories. The BW9000 features great cooling abilities with a pre-installed 120mm fan at the back and two pre-installed 140mm fans in the front. You can mount an additional two 140mm or three 120mm fans at the top of the chassis and both the front and top supports the use of radiators (max 5.5cm top, max 6.5cm front).

All fan areas feature washable dust filters. The top has a magnetic dust filter, the bottom PSU area has a pop-out removable dust filter, and the front also features a removable dust filter which, however, requires the front panel of the chassis to removed. The top IO panel features two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports next to the obligatory two audio jacks for surround sound or headset connections.

As previously mentioned, the middle HDD cage can be removed to make space for longer graphics cards and all drive bays features tool-free installation. There are plenty of cable routing abilities in this chassis and there’s also a large CPU cooler cutout.

End customers will find the Sharkoon BW9000-W (Window version) available immediately for the suggested retail price of €69.90 from authorized retailers. The Sharkoon BW9000-V (Value version) is also available starting at €67.90.

Sharkoon Releases Shark Zone H30 Stereo Gaming Headset

Sharkoon released a new headset aimed at gamers and mobile users alike, and it comes in a retro design that I quite personally quite like. The robust construction should give you a long durability as well as comfort while wearing it. The large 40mm speakers are padded well for extra wearing comfort and so is the headband. The headset is adjustable with screws on both sides, a mechanism that should last a lot longer than the click-adjustment methods that most headsets have in the headband. The microphone arm is adjustable too and also removable for the sessions where you don’t need to talk to anyone.

Sharkoon included two cables with the Shark Zone H30 headset which both use gold-plated connectors and allow for a modular use.

You can connect the headset to a PC via two 3.5 mm stereo jacks, one for the microphone and the other for the headphones, and you get a total cable length of 260cm. The second setup method for the cable is for modern laptops and smartphones as well as the PS4 where you connect the headset via a single 3.5mm TRRS plug that provides both microphone and headphone connection. In this setup you’ll have a total cable length of 120cm.


The ear piece padding reduces ambient noise thanks to the closed design and in return it also keeps the sound insulated from the outside world, allowing you to concentrate more on your gaming and music. The sound is also only transmitted in on direction.

Taking a closer look at the specifications of the Sharkoon Shark Zone H30 and we see that the 280gram light stereo headset has a 32Ω impedance, a 20 Hz to 20 KHz frequency response, and a 92 dB sensitivity. The microphone is omnidirectional with a 2.2Ω impedance and 50Hz to 10KHz frequency response.


End customers can find the Sharkoon Shark Zone H30 stereo headset available immediately for the suggested retail price of just €36.99 where you also get a little bag to have it all in.

Sharkoon Releases Two New Mid-Tower Series for Users on a Budget

Sharkoon expanded their product series with two new midi tower case series that come at an attractive price point for users that build a system on a budget. The two new case series are the T3 and VG5 and they come with tool-free device installation, adjustable fan configurations, and cable management system despite the low costs.

Both new series have a classic PC case look and come in several versions, with or without windowed side panel and with coloured additions to the basic black base colour. The T3 case series has a simple front panel that suits the use for office PCs or generally computers in a classic style. Colored power LEDs in the front as well a 120 mm LED fan in the Value and Window version completes the optical details for the entire series.

The Standard version comes without any LED fans as it isn’t everyone that wants a flashy system, some just want one that works as intended. The case looks easy to install thanks to the wide open areas and tool-free drive bays.

You can fit tower coolers with a height of up to 160mm, graphics cards up to 385 mm, and power supplies up to 250 mm into this case, making it suitable for almost all hardware. There are three external 5.25-inch drive bays, three 2.5-inch internal drive bays, and three 3.5-inch internal drive bays that should be enough for most people. There is also space for an additional 2.5-inch drive on the bottom of the case. The Value and Window versions feature USB 3.0 front ports while the Standard version only features USB 2.0 ports.

Depending on the version, the T3 comes with either one or two pre-installed front fans, each 120mm. Again depending on version, you can add more fans to the side panel as well as the rear. The Standard version is available in black. The Window and Value versions are available, with matching interior painting, in the color versions blue, green and red.

Where the T3 series is aimed more at office and work systems, the VG5 series is aimed more towards gamers and their general needs with the brawny designed front panel and features. If you want a simplistic design, this isn’t it. But if you want something to stand out, it looks like a safe bet.


The Sharkoon VG5 series features two illuminated 120 mm LED fans on the front as well as two USB 3.0 ports and easily accessible audio ports for your headset. The front panel also allows for easy cleaning due to its removal abilities without having to unplug any cables or other parts before taking it off.

The VG5 allows for bigger CPU coolers than the T3 series, here we can go all the way up to 160mm height. The GPU clearance of 385mm and PSU clearance of 250mm is the same.

The case comes with a pre-installed dust filter on the case bottom for the power supply, but other than that you’ll have to clean the system from whatever it takes in. There is one less 5.25-inch drive bay here, but the other drive bays are the same as in the T3. There is however an enclosed 5.25-inch to 3.5-inch drive bay cover and mounting frame that allows you to install smaller external drives too.

Two 120 mm LED fans come pre-installed in the front panel. Additionally, it is possible for another fan to be mounted in the rear panel and, depending on version, also installed on the side panel. The Value version is equipped with blue LED fans. The Window versions are available in the color versions black, blue, green and red with matching interior painting.

End customers can find the Sharkoon T3 ATX case in the Standard, Value and Window versions available immediately for the suggested retail price starting at 27.99 euros from authorized retailers. The Sharkoon VG5 case series is also now available starting at 32.99 euros for the Value and Window versions. Sounds like a good deal for that price.

Sharkoon Released QuickPort XT Units With Cloning and Card Reader

Sharkoon announced two new docking station for storage and they each have their little extra function. The two new Sharkoon docking stations are the QuickPort XT Duo Clone and the QuickPort XT HC. Both will add a hot-swappable hard disk dock ability and connect through USB 3.0.

The Sharkoon QuickPort XT Duo Clone allows you to dock two drives at the same time, both can be 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch models, and it also comes with a built-in clone feature. The cloning feature doesn’t require the unit to be connected to a PC or other device at all and works simply by pressing a button on the rear of the unit. Just remember to place the full and empty drives in the correct port, so you don’t copy the full over with the empty one.

The QuickPort XT HC drive dock only supports one drive, but it comes with a card reader instead. Connect one SATA storage drive as well as SD or MMC cards via the built-in USB 3.0 connection and expand the connectivity options of your system. The integrated card reader won’t get the fast USB 3.0 5Gbps speeds as it only connects through the USB 2.0 protocol.

Both units should be available now where the Sharkoon QuickPort XT Duo Clone and QuickPort XT HC will cost you €38.99 and €37.99 respectively.

Sharkoon Released Shark Zone M51+ Laser Gaming Mouse with Bungee Hub

Sharkoon is known for their budget devices that still pack a good punch feature wise and they’re back to add one more to the list. The new Shark Zone M51+ is a laser gaming mouse with bungee hub in one package.

The black and yellow mouse has an ergonomic design and comes with a rubber surface for better grip. The yellow cable is braided and it comes with a gold-plated USB plug.

Inside the mouse is an Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor with 8.200 dpi, it features a 4-way scroll wheel, and 11 programmable buttons.

Sharkoon’s M51+ also features a 4-step LED indicator for your DPI profiling as well as an onboard memory to store your gaming profiles and macros.

The mouse in itself weighs 150 grams, but that weight and the balance can be adjusted with the included six 5 gram weights.

The bungee hub’s stand has a self-adhesive, anti-sliding pad as well as the bungee arm for your mouse cable. It also features a built-in 4-port USB hub.

Customers can find the Sharkoon SHARK ZONE M51+ Gaming Laser Mouse with MB10 Bungee Hub available now for the suggested retail price of 47.99 euros from authorized retailers. The SHARK ZONE MB10 Gaming Bungee Hub is also separately available for 17.99 euros.

Sharkoon Released Minimalistic S28 Value Case

Sharkoon created a new simplistic standard ATX chassis that should go well for many different kinds of builds, the new Sharkoon S28 Value ATX Case. The midi-tower is a value case with plenty of options and it is fully equipped with quiet fans out of the box.

The case features two 5.25-inch drive bays for the tool-free installation of optical drives and other large parts while the internal setup allows you to mount up to three 3.5-inch hard drives as well as four 2.5-inch HDD/SDDs. An additional 2.5-inhc HDD/SSD can be mounted at the bottom of the case.

The Sharkoon S28 has room for graphics cards with a length of up to 415mm without the 2.5-inch drive cage and up to 325mm with the cage installed. Large CPU coolers aren’t a problem either as the S28 supports up to 170mm high coolers.

The front-panel in the S28 Value offers both two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports for easy connection of external devices as well as the obligatory audio jacks for your headset.

Seven expansion slots provide plenty of space for your add-in cards, may they be graphics cards, network cards, sound cards, or anything else that you can get that fits.

The case has one rear 120mm fan and two front 120mm fans, but doesn’t really provide space for internal liquid cooling. Sharkoon did however add routing holes for external radiators and complete units – so it is possible to set it under water.

Those who wish to show off their hardware and have fancy lighting in the case won’t be left out either as Sharkoon created a second model of the chassis with a side panel that has an acrylic window.

Both versions of this new case are available now. The Sharkoon S28 Value has an MSRP of €56.90 while the Sharkoon S28 Window with acrylic side panel comes with an MSRP of 59.90.

Sharkoon Presents the Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Keyboard

Sharkoon is probably most known for their cases and drive enclosures, but it is one of those companies that make a little bit of everything. Keyboards are also included in the mixture and Sharkoon just presented the latest in that series.

The new Sharkoon Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Gaming keyboard comes in a typical 3-block layout with a typical Sharkoon design. The label gaming might be a bit over the top with what most gamers demand, but it still sports some great features that can come in useful in many other places.

The illumination helps you to see the keys even in low-light environments and when working late. The programmable macro keys can be used for a multitude of things and it can store five profiles for those.

The function keys double as media keys and the keyboard has multi-key rollover support as well as a polling rate of 1000 Hz. To finish it all off, the Shark Zone K30 connects through a gold-plated USB plug.

Best of all, it won’t cost you hundreds of bucks like a lot of high-end gaming keyboards do. The Shark Zone K30 Illuminated Gaming Keyboard will be available at the end of June for a suggested retail price of just €29.99 euros.

Sharkoon Released USB 3.1 Enclosure and Expansion Card


The USB 3.1 has been out for a while now, but we haven’t seen that many sides adopting it yet. It has mostly been for the people getting a new system, with a few mainboard manufacturers refreshing their current lineup with the new standard. But there is good news for those who wish to add USB 3.1 capabilities to their current system too as Sharkoon released a new USB 3.1 expansion card as well as a new external drive enclosure to match.

The QuickStore Portable USB 3.1 enclosure provides is an elegant housing for a 2.5-inch SATA HDD or SDD and connects via an external micro-B type port. The top is made from black brushed aluminium and gives the enclosure a nice touch.

The USB 3.1 Host Controller Card supports PCIe 2.0 and PCIe 3.0 and provides your system with two external USB 3.1 type-A connectors. The maximum transfer rate amounts to 10 Gbit/s, but that of course requires a drive capable of performing the same



The USB 3.1 case supports Windows 8 UASP and offers a maximum transfer rate of 10 Gbit/s to match the expansion card. You can install drives with a height up to 9.5mm, and the enclosure is entirely tool-less and screw-less thanks to the slide-lock.


Both the external USB 3.1 Hard Drive Case and the USB 3.1 Host Controller Card are available for an MSRP of €34.99.

Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 Gaming Headset Now Available

Sharkoon revealed their Shark Zone peripherals a little over half a year ago, and now the new and affordable gaming headset is available, the Shark Zone H40. The new series of peripherals have a black and yellow colour theme and on the headset the yellow covers both the cable and the built-in LEDs in the ear cups and microphone.

The headband is padded and adjustable and is said to provide excellent comfort during wear, especially during long gaming sessions. The headband is also reinforced with metal to withstand higher stress and make sure that headset lasts you a long time.

The lightweight headphones are only 350 grams, but they come with two professional 50mm premium speakers for great sound with penetrating bass and crystal clear highs. It has easily accessible controls on the connection cable to mute and adjust the volume. It connects via two gold-plated 3.5 mm stereo jacks as well as a gold-plated USB plug for the illuminating function. The 2.5 meter long cable also offers a lot of roaming ability for the gamer.

The Sharkoon Shark Zone H40 Gaming Stereo Headset comes with an MSRP of just €44.90 and should be available at authorized retailers now. A useful transport bag is included so you easily can bring it along to your next LAN party.

Sharkoon Announces Two New SFX PSUs With 80 Plus Rating

When you build a small form factor system then you’ll also need a small power supply and it’s great to see more feature rich PSUs arrive. Today it is Sharkoon that introduced two new SFX PSUs with 80 Plus rating and even include an ATX mounting frame for cases that don’t support these smaller PSUs. The two new units are the SilentStorm SFX Gold 500W and the SilentStorm SFX Bronze 350W, and the names kind off give away their specifications.

The SilentStorm SFX Gold 500W comes with an 80 PLUS Gold certification, a thing that’s not that common yet in the SFX form factor. Compact systems need effective and efficient power too, so this is great to see. The unit offers an outstanding efficiency of over 90 percent at 50 percent load and meets the strict requirements of the independent 80 PLUS Initiative.

The SilentStorm SFX Gold 500 PSU is a fully modular unit, allowing you to have an even better setup in your tiny case. You still get two 6+2 pin PCIe connectors, four SATA, two Molex and one Berg connector next to the obligatory CPU and motherboard connectors.



The quiet 120mm fan should reduce the noise output significantly over cheaper units while still keeping it all cool. It is compatible with Intel Haswell CPUs and backed by a three-year warranty. The suggested retail price is €79.90.

The second new unit isn’t quite as powerful, but it also costs about half of the Gold certified. The SilentStorm SFX Bronze can provide your system with 350W or 450W of power depending on version. It is only 80 Plus Bronze certified, but that isn’t without either. The unit offers over 85 percent efficiency at 50% load and meets the strict requirements of the independent 80 PLUS Initiative.

This unit only has one 6-pin PCIe connector, two SATA, two Molex and one Berg connectors next to the CPU and mainboard connectors. The 450W model comes with one more SATA connector and a 6+2 pin PCIe connector. The unit is kept cool by an 80mm fan and come backed by a three-year warranty.

The Sharkoon SilentStorm SFX Bronze series is available starting at a suggested retail price of €49.99.

The power supplies also feature over power, over voltage, under voltage as well as short circuit protection to keep all your components as safe as possible.

Sharkoon Shark Zone Peripherals Revealed

Sharkoon are still better known for their budget friendly chassis products, but the company is looking to make a bigger push into the peripherals market with the release of their Shark Zone products, targeted at the PC gaming market. The range includes the H10 Gaming Headset, the M20 Gaming Mouse and the P40 Mouse Mat, although Sharkoon have said that more products will join the range in the near future.

The headset features 40mm drivers, an adjustable microphone, a padded and adjustable over-ear design, dual gold-plated 3.5mm jacks and will cost around 21.99 EUR. The M20 gaming mouse comes fitted with high quality Omron switches, a 3200 DPI optical sensor, nine full programmable buttons, internal memory and a weight tuning system, which will retail at 21.99 EUR. Finally the mouse mat, which features a rubber bottom and a durable textile surface, measures 355 x 255 x 2.5mm and it will retail at just 9.99 EUR.

Thank you Sharkoon for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Sharkoon.

Sharkoon Announces its White ATX Vaya II Value Model

After its succesful release of the Vaya II Value model earlier this year, Shakroon has announced another model ready to join the Vaya II Value family, adding a white option to the case series.

Sharkoon states that the Vaya II Value white offers not only an additional colour option, but also various features at a fair price-performance ration. The case measures in at 470 x 205 x 437 mm, having it been given a white finish to the interior. Tower coolers with a maximum height of up to 16.5 cm now have more room and can easily be installed, thanks to the Vaya II Value white’s side panels, as well as providing more room for graphic cards with a length of up to 26.5 cm. Also, power supply units of up to 28 cm can be installed on the case floor, having the Vaya II Value white coming with a pre-installed PSU dust filter which adds extra protection.

In terms of cooling solution, the Vaya II Value white comes with a pre-installed blue 120 mm LED fan with a mesh hook, giving users the option to add an optional 80 mm or 120 mm fan on the back panel. In addition to the latter, the Vaya II Value white offers an installation opening for CPU coolers, as well as three openings for water cooling solutions and cable management.


The Vaya II Value white features four 5.25″ drive bays for optical drives and an externally accessible 3.5″ drive bay, while Sharkoon provided the interior case with four 3.5″ hard drive bays and additional support for a 2.52″ SSD or HDD which can be mounted on the case floor. All optical and disk drives can mounted easily and efficiently with the help of Sharkoon’s quick fasteners. Also, the Vaya II Value white offers two USB 3.0 and two audio ports on the front panel, as well as an acrylic side panel.

Sharkoon’s Vaya II Value white comes with a suggested price tag of €34,99 in authorised retailers.

Sharkoon Reveal Their Standard & Value Version mATX Vaya II Chassis

Two years ago saw Sharkoon release their competitively price Vaya chassis, now they’ve returned to their popular product with a range of new improvements with the release of the new Vaya II, their latest mini ATX PC chassis. Like its predecessor, the Vaya II offers various features at a fair price-performance ratio, something that will always prove popular with system builders.

The new version is available in a limited choice of colours, with black for the regular and gunmetal available for the value version. For the Value edition youll find the interior has a black finish and improved CPU cooler support that will now handle up to 16.5cm tower coolers. Graphics cards with a length of up to 26.5 cm are supported, so even the biggest cards on the market should fit with ease, as too will larger power supplies thanks to 28 cm clearance, the PSU will also benefit from a pre-installed dust filter. For cooling, a blue 120 mm LED fan with a mesh look is already pre-installed. Optionally, an 80 mm or 120 mm fan can be installed in the back panel. In addition, the Vaya II offers installation openings for CPU coolers, three openings for water cooling as well as a cable management system.

The Vaya II also features four 5.25″ drive bays for optical drives and an externally accessible 3.5″ drive bay. Internally, four 3.5″ hard drives can be mounted. Additionally, a 2.5″ SSD/HDD can be installed on the case floor. Both the locking of optical drives and hard drives occur through our quick fasteners.

The Value Version of the Vaya II provides two USB 3.0 (internal 19-pin mainboard connector) as well as two audio ports on the front, an acrylic side panel and available in the colors black and gunmetal for the suggested retail price of just 34.99 euros. In contrast to the Value Version, the Standard Version features USB 2.0 ports, a closed side panel with a fan mounting option and is available in black.

The Sharkoon Vaya II should start appearing for the suggested retail price of 28.99 euros in authorized retailers. The Value Version has a suggested retail price of 34.99 euros which is to a bargain by any standard.


Thank you Sharkoon for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Sharkoon.

Sharkoon Released The “Mask” ATX Chassis

Sharkoon extends its chassis range and releases the “Mask”, a spacious PC case in a reduced, timeless design. The front has an aluminum-optic finish. The discreet appearance is further enhanced by a front door, behind which the installed drives are hidden.

The chassis measures 490 x 210 x 450 mm (L x W x H), having support for tower coolers with a height of up to 170 mm. Thanks to its modular hard drive management, graphics cards with a length of up to 415 mm can be installed. There is also a sophisticated cable management system provided that manages all your wires inside the case, not only improving airflow throughout the 6 kg case, but also ensuring that internal cabling to the components remains inconspicuous. There are also two 120 mm low-noise fans with dust filters pre-installed behind the discretely designed front air intake. Another 120 mm low-noise fan is pre-installed on the back. Furthermore, it comes with an installation opening for CPU coolers as well as openings for water cooling systems.

There are two USB 2.0 as well as two USB 3.0 ports hidden behind two panels on the top of the bezel, along with the HD audio ports. The Masks also offers two 5.25″ drive bays for the installation of optical drives, having up to three 3.5″ hard drive paired with four 2.5″ hard drives/SSDs slots available for hard drive attachment. An additional 2.5″ SSD/hard drive can be bolted to the bottom of the case, if necessary. There is also an external 3.5″ slot available for installing an additional optical drives, such as card readers, if the user deems necessary.


  • ATX case
  • 2x 5.25″ drive bays (external)
  • 1x 3.5″ drive bay (external)
  • 4x 2,5″ drive bays for hard drives/SSDs (rack-mounted system) in modular design
  • 3x 3.5″ hard drive bays (rack-mounted system)
  • 1x 2.5″ installation option for hard drives/SSDs (rack-mounted system)
  • Installation rails for hard drives/SSDs (3x 3.5″, 4x 2.5″) included
  • Top I/O: 2x USB 3.0 (internal 19-pin mainboard connector incl. USB2.0 plug), 2x USB 2.0, 2x Audio
  • Quick fasteners for ODDs
  • 2 openings for water coolers
  • Cable management system
  • Dimensions: 490 x 210 x 450 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: ~6.0 kg


The Sharkoon Mask ATX PC Case retails for a price of €49.99 in authorized retailers.

Thank you Sharkoon for providing us with this information
Images and video courtesy of Sharkoon

Sharkoon Bulldozer ATX Chassis Review


Sharkoon are not what I would call most people’s first choice when it comes to picking a new chassis, at least not here in the UK. However, we’ve seen a couple of Sharkoon products in the eTeknix office over the last couple of years that really impressed us, not only for being great cases, but also because they offered great value for money. This has left us eager to see more from Sharkoon and today we will be taking a look at their new Bulldozer chassis, a budget friendly ATX chassis that is available in a choice of three colours. Blue, Green or Red LED edition are available, with the blue model coming in a grey chassis, while the green and red LED models come in a black chassis.

Priced at just under £50 the Bulldozer is far from expensive, making it a prime pick for those looking for a cost-effective build, but still pack plenty of features without dipping down to cheap chassis brands. As you can see from the specification below, the Bulldozer has support for a decent amount of storage, while supporting long graphics cards thanks to a removable hard drive bay, it features a side panel window, cable routing and pre-installed fans.


  • ATX case
  • 2x 5.25″ drive bays (external), 1 mounting adapter for 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD/SSD included
  • 4x 2.5″ HDD/SSD bays (rail type) with removable design
  • 3x 3.5″ HDD bays (rail type)
  • 1x 2.5″ HDD/SSD bay (screw type)
  • Front I/O: 2x USB3.0 (internal 19-pin mainboard connector), 2x USB2.0, 2x audio
  • Quick fasteners
  • 2 openings for water cooling
  • Acrylic side panel
  • Cable management system
  • Supports VGA cards up to 32.5 cm in length (up to 41.5 cm, if middle HDD cage is removed)
  • Dimensions: 480 x 235 x 460 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: ~6.5 kg

Fan configuration:

Front panel 1x 120 mm LED fan (pre-installed) + 1x 120 mm fan (optional)
Rear panel 1x 120 mm LED fan (pre-installed)
Top panel 2x 120 mm or 2x 140 mm or 1x 180 mm fan(s) (optional)


Max. length graphics card: 32.5/41.5 cm (if middle HDD cage is removed)
Max. height CPU cooler: 17.9 cm
Max. length PSU: 30 cm

The packaging features a decent representation of the chassis design on the front, as well as highlighting a few of the major features such as the USB 3.0 support, dual 5.25″ drive bays, cable routing and the side panel window.

In the box we found a small pack of components that includes hard drive rails for 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives, a user guide, 5.25″ front panel adapter, internal speaker, cable ties, and all the usual screws, bolts and some washers to install the rest of your components.

Sharkoon Announces New REX Water Cooling Edition Midi Tower

Sharkoon has extended its PC cases with the REX Water Cooling Edition Midi Tower dedicated for micro-ATX motherboards. The arrangement of the case offers space the installation of a 120 mm or 240 mm water cooling radiator on the top, and if water-cooling is not for you, it can still be used with an air cooling ventilator, providing its height does not exceed 165 mm.

The case does not look very different from the REX series from outside, but make no mistake, the inside is completely rearranged so as to fit only micro-ATX motherboards. Due to this, it gains a lot of space for cooling systems to be mounted.

You can also view inside the case with the help of a tinted acrylic window on the side, which provides insight into the housing interior and the installed components. Don’t worry about having cables all over the place when you want to show off all your LEDs and fancy equipment you have inside, because a cable management system is in place to help you with just that.

Looking at the Rex Water Cooling Edition features, we can see it has five slots for expansion cards and up to two dual-slot graphics cards with a maximum length of up to 40 cm can be installed. Also, the front panel is made completely out of mesh for perfect air circulation, having behind the panel two 120 mm Low Noise blue LED fans.An additional 120 mm LED fan is pre-installed on the back of the case to ensure optimum air circulation.

Optical drives can be installed without screws in the two available 5.25″ drive bays, also up to three 3.5″ hard drives or 2.5″ hard drives/SSDs can be mounted in the HDD rack system. There also is a panel containing a mounting frame for card readers is also included. The front panel has six USB ports, two USB ports on the top and four USB 2.0 ports in the front, along with headsets and speakers which can be connected via the two audio connections.

The case is retailing at around $68 / €50 / £42 and can be found in selected retail stores.

Thank you Bit-Tech for providing us with this information
Images courtesy of Sharkoon

Sharkoon REX8 Value Chassis Review

Its been a while since I had a Sharkoon chassis in the office, not since the T28 Mid Tower I reviewed back in July 2012. The T28 was a great little chassis and it offered plenty of features and style for such a small amount of money, making Sharkoon one of my favourite budget chassis manufacturers. So the REX 8 Value is a welcomed addition to my review schedule and I’m really looking forward to seeing if this chassis matches or even betters the quality that we saw in the last Sharkoon review.

Sharkoon aren’t the best known brand here in the UK but they have been around since 2002 and their popularity is slowly on the increase. There is a big market for PC chassis’ and it seems each year more and more people are looking to build their own systems, not forgetting the upgrade culture that surrounds the PC market as a whole.

“Our goal is the continued growth and expansion of our expertise, to be demonstrated in the establishment and development of successful and sustainable business relationships with our customers and partners. Some of our biggest strengths are our flexibility and rapid response capabilities and the ability to react to future market and technology trends. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of PC components. We strive to always offer unique and unrivalled products.” – Sharkoon

I’ll be looking for one important factor with the Rex 8 Value and that thing is right in its own product name “value”. Given that this is obviously marketed to be a contender for mid-range consumers, who want all the features but not the big price tag, I really want to see if we can find a strong balance of price vs performance here today.

The Rex 8 comes nicely bundled with a selection of screws, stand-offs, cable ties and washers that will provide you with everything you need to install your components, as well as a handy stand-off install tool, motherboard speaker and a 5.25″ drive adaptor bracket.