Street Fighter V Ragequitter Punishment Not as Effective as Hoped

Last week, Capcom revealed that they were aware of the issue of ragequitters damaging the online mode of their recently released Street Fighter V and announced there would be a “severe punishment” for those who continued to cheat by doing so. Now a blog post from the developers has declared that around 30 players had been penalized for ragequitting by docking some of their league points. They also stated that there would be weekly checks on accounts that were seen to have abnormally high disconnect rates (particularly at the end of matches) and reset their league points.

The community’s response to Capcom’s call for the submission of evidence of rage quitting has been a great success, with the article stating “we’ve received a ton of videos both here on Unity and our social channels which we’ve been able to cross reference with our data and put together a clear picture as to which players are abusing the system.” They were reluctant to make punishments too widespread or harsh immediately, as the current system of discovering ragequitters still has the chance of catching players with legitimate connection issues. Those who are flagged as rage-quitters by Capcom’s systems are those with a disconnect rate of between 80-90%, far beyond what typical connection issues would cause.

Unfortunately, this system will have to make do for now as there is no current ETA for a permanent solution to the problem, however hopefully the news that punishments are taking place may deter would-be ragequitters and go some way to improve the quality of online play for skilled players.

Capcom to Add “Severe Punishment” for Street Fighter 5 Ragequitters

Street Fighter V’s online play has a big problem, rage quitters. Players who wish to retain their winning streak despite losing can simply leave a game or disconnect just as they lose in order to both preserve their own win streak and deny their opponent the win. This has led to distrust online for those who have large winning streaks, as they are often the result of abusing disconnections. Now Capcom has announced that they are moving to punish the worst offenders in the next few weeks.

A post on the Capcom Unity blog by the Street Fighter V developers, they stated that they were aware of the current blight on the game’s online play and that they will soon be putting an end to it. Exactly what the changes and punishment will be as well as the date that they will be implemented were not part of the announcement, but direct action is set to begin next week, with more details on the subject to be made clear in the coming days. Of course, until a proper system is in place, Capcom cannot fight the problem alone and are asking players to record every instance of rage quitting they encounter. The suggested method is via the PS4’s “share” function after the match, but any other video evidence, such as Twitch archives will serve the purpose for PC players.

On a more positive note, Capcom has also stated that they have rolled out some matchmaking improvements, however, some regions such as Europe, the Middle East and some others are still having problems with the system. They are continuing to address the problem in these regions and monitor the quality of the matchmaking, with more announcements to be made when additional fixes are in place.

It is good to see Capcom addressing one of the problems that are making a very key part of the latest Street Fighter annoying instead of fun for good players. Capcom may take some flak should the punishments be too harsh, however, I am sure that the majority of the fighting game community will welcome anything that makes the online play better for legitimate players instead of abusers.