The Crystal Maze is Coming Back!

Do you remember back to when times were good? No impending doom or missile attacks or bomb threats, just sat down around a TV and watching a random group of people humiliate themselves while you sit at home and gloat that you could have done it better. Yes, I am talking about that old gem (pun intended) that is The Crystal Maze. I used to sit at home on a Sunday afternoon watching re-runs while removing the similar fake crystal curtain pole ends to pretend with.

The show was all about conquering the crystal maze with as many crystals (and contestants) as possible. The more crystals equalled more time and more people meant a higher chance of catching golden tickets in the final round. To get to the final round, a small team had to take on multiple challenges based in four different sections of “The Crystal Maze”. Each section would be similar to the others, but with a dissimilar theme; including Industrial, Aztec, Futuristic and Medieval.

The show finally came to and end in 1995 when the show wasn’t renewed for further seasons and the set remained unused and finally dismantled in 1999. That’s until some die hard fans took it upon themselves to start an IndieGoGo campaign to bring the show back to life. The trio launched the campaign in hopes to get just £500,000, but the public saw this and donated a huge £933,000 to make sure this happens.

Why such a big threshold? Well it’s not for a TV show, this time you can purchase a £50 ticket and run amock in the authentic remade set with Richard O’Brien narrating in certain spots and he may even be your host. It is being rebuilt in a secret part of London which is “easily accessible” according to the FAQ, let’s hope it doesn’t stay secret for much longer.

This is probably something a portion of our readers won’t actually know what we’re on about with this, so for those who are interested here is a video of the first episode, enjoy!

Thrustmaster Announces Alacantra Edition T300 Ferrari Racing Wheel

To mark the occasion of the Monza Grand Prix, Thrustmaster unveiled their new T300 Ferrari Integral Racing Wheel Alcantara Edition this weekend. The racing wheel features official PS4 and PS3 licenses and it is also compatible with PC. The Ferrari-themed gaming wheel combines the latest available Force Feedback technologies and the highest-quality materials for an end product that’s worthy of the Ferrari sticker.

The T300 is a premium device and it will cost accordingly. If you’re in the market for a cheaper alternative, then you might want to take a look at the recently released T150 instead.


One the things that make this racing wheel stand out is also the one that gave the product its name. The wheel is covered in genuine Alcantara, a unique proprietary technology that is said to be a completely groundbreaking material with aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities that no other material can match. The material is the same used for real Ferraris and it’s made in the same facilities and it is hand-stiched around the wheels 30cm diameter.

The wheel is detachable from the stand and available as an add-on or complete set. It is an official Ferrari-licensed 8:10 scale replica of the actual 599XX EVO wheel. Attached are two paddle shifters, six action buttons, a 3-position rotary switch with push function, and a multi directional D-pad.

The base is the same that already has proven itself on the T300RS and the T300 Ferrari GTE Wheels. It uses brushless industrial servo motors and features a friction-free dual-belt mechanism. The H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology features a contactless magnetic sensor (16-bit resolution, with 65,536 values on the wheel’s steering axis), and an angle of rotation which can be adjusted between 270° and 1080°.


The final part to complete your setup is the pedal-set. That is if you opt for the complete package and not just a new wheel for your previous setup. The T3PA pedal set is fully adjustable in terms of their spacing with respect to one another, the angle of inclination, and height. The brake comes with a built-in Conical Rubber Brake Mod to give that real brake feeling.

As previously mentioned, this set won’t come cheap. It will be available from mid-October and set your back €469.99. The steering wheel alone, without base and pedals, will cost you €179.99.

SimCity Goes On Sale And New Airship DLC Is Launched

If you have yet to purchase SimCity and you have been waiting for a sale, now might be the right time to buy. Unless of course you just are not interested in the game. I am one where I will read what others comment about games, but it seems that many people don’t look at the individual game and point out the good and the bad about the game. Yes SimCity has some bad, and some good, but don’t nearly all games?

SimCity is currently on sale, $20 off. Perhaps this is just a sale, or maybe SimCity has reached that golden number for sales. Maybe even with the DLC that they are offering they figure they will make more money. Personally I am not a fan of paying $10 a pop for DLC, some people love it.

If you are interested in getting $20 off SimCity you can check out the Origin sale that is going on until the 30th of June! Click here for more information.

SimCity has a bit of DLC available for SimCity so far.

If you have SimCity and you’re still playing it, then you might want to get this cool new DLC that has been offered. SimCity is now introducing the AirShips pack. In the video balance designer Ross Treyz shows us the features of the Airships pack.


Price: $8.99

If you purchase the Airships set you will gain access to…

2 New Parks

  1. Hot Air Balloon Park
  2. Urban Hot Air Balloon Park

New Public Mass Transit

  1. Airship Hangar

An Event Blimp will also visit your town and hover around landmarks and stadiums during events

Personally I think that the game has been fairly well made, with many others to argue that it is not it is hard for anyone to say anything about the game. With this sale it gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself if the game is good or not. Of course I think that all of these DLC releases are killing the game though.

What are your thoughts about games that go on sale within the first few months of release? Are they placing the game in a dead category, or just offering it up for sale?

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