What Happens When Batman Meets A Imperial Scout?

We’ve all wondered about the what if’s, what if your favourite superhero teamed up with someone from a different series, what if someone hadn’t been killed off so early in a series. The questions tend to plague us, but there is now one you don’t need to worry about. What happens when Batman meets an imperial scout from Star Wars, the answer is he creates an awesome looking helmet!

As part of a charity auction, artists are creating unique pieces of art based on the iconic Imperial Scout Helmet from the Star wars franchise. One of the first results was inspired by none other than the caped vigilante Batman. Creator Julian Checkley calls it the “Wayne Industries (Applied Sciences Division) Advanced Pursuit Helmet” and the design does nothing but pay tribute and honour both franchises.

With the piece set to be one of forty auctioned off in July this year, the proceeds of which will go towards the charity Star Wars: Forces Of Change. The charity is a global project to help groups like Unicef and supplying food to countries in need and should be recognised for the support and work they do.

For a full 360 tour of the helmet, you can check out the video below.

If that wasn’t enough awesomeness for one day, you can watch Batman fight off against Darth Vader in the Super Power Beatdown below and the alternative ending here.