Amazing Musician Reproduces Super Mario Bros. 3 Music and Sound Effects

Legendary Japanese composer Koji Kondo is responsible for some of the most memorable scores in video game history, scoring all major entries in Mario and Zelda franchises alongside a plethora of other Nintendo classics, a repertoire so flawless it belies improvement. But one Canadian multi-instrumentalist has achieved it, recreating one of the best video game soundtracks ever written and making it sound better than ever.

Steve Onotera, better known by his online pseudonym samuraiguitarist, used bass, keyboard, drums, ukulele, flute, tambourine, organ, harmonica, and shamisen to record a stunning interpretation of Super Mario Bros. 3’s wonderful score, including its signature sound effects.

Judging by his YouTube channel, Manitoba-born Onotera is a big pop culture fan, having covered the theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air via the Mississippi Delta and adapted the Game of Thrones theme as a bluegrass tune. He describes himself as “bred on rock, raised on the blues, [and] trained in jazz” and claims to have “honed his discipline under the study of the country’s most powerful musical sensei.” Despite having garnered over 1 million views on his YouTube channel, hopefully this musical maestro will get the attention and acclaim he deserves.

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Lumia 1320 Battery Test Show It Beats Nearly All Android Competitors In Web Surfing

The Lumia smartphone has its appeal, and together with the Windows Phone 8 tiles, it really does brighten your day. And the mid-end Lumia 1320 looks to be one of the best budget phones so far. It has a great design, big screen, light-weight and fair specifications. Latest news also bring some more good news for people who spend more time outdoors than on a couch inside the house.

According to GSM Arena battery test benchmark, the smartphone has scored big on the battery side as well. The Lumia 1320 scored similar points in 3G talk time tests as the Lumia 1020, 22 hours and 13 minutes, a mere 6 minutes behind the BlackBerry Z30 and 6 hours behind the Lumia 1520. When it comes to web browsing, the Lumia 1320 scored almost 12 hours (11:58 minutes to be more precise), which is not too bad given its 6″ IPS LCD screen. It is reported to be ahead of nearly all Android competition, having the Sony Xperia C score 12 hours and 45 minutes and HTC One Max 11 hours and 20 minutes.

Now, for the more interesting part, the video playback. The Lumia 1320 has reportedly scored 9 hours and 17 minutes, beating the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3’s time of 8 hours and 34 minutes. However, the Lumia 1320 should have been expected to score similar to the Lumia 1520 or 1020, however the latter handsets scored 12 hours and 31 minutes and respectively 13 hours and 12 minutes. This indicates that the Lumia 1320 needs a little optimization in utilizing resources when playing back videos.

Overall, the score really does match the Lumia 1320’s performance, and even price. The handset is priced at $429.99 on and £366.99 on

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First Images Of The MSI GeForce 780 Ti Lightning Revealed

The first pictures of the MSI GeForce GTX 780 Ti Lightning finally surface, having a shiny black color with yellow stripes and killer performance. Reports show MSI’s GeForce 780 Ti Lightning is not too different from the GTX 780 Lightning however.

It has an identical PCB with 20 phase VRM design and Military Class IV components, while drawing power from two 8-pin PCIe power connectors and comes with V-check points on board for accurate measurements. The biggest difference between the two is the use of Samsung memory chips in GTX 780 Ti Lightning which are perfect for overclocking. It features GK110-425 GPU equipped with 2880 CUDA cores, 240 TMUs and 48 ROPs. The downside is once again the memory size which is 3 GB GDDR5 spread across a 384-bit memory interface. The GPU comes with high factory overclock speeds of 993/1058/1750 MHz for GPU boost.

We can also see a TwinFrozr IV cooler with two aluminium fin stacks and eight copper heatpipes passing through them. The GPU has a good overclocking headroom with the help of two large and one medium sized fan placed on top. Similar to all other Lightning editions, MSI GeForce GTX 780 Ti Lightning also features the GPU reactor for extra stability with an illuminated MSI logo. The back plate of the GPU lights up with a lot of LEDs at the back, each for a different purpose.

MSI GTX 780 Ti Lightning scored 17,872 points in 3DMark 11 Performance, having the memory overclocked at 8 GHz, which is astonishing considering it is achieved on air. The LN2 ready GPU is set to break world records once its released worldwide and bring tough competition to EVGA’s GTX 780 Ti K|NGP|N edition. Regarding price and availability, no information is known at the moment. However, since the first pictures of the graphics card are out, it won’t be long until we get that information as well.

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