HGST Demonstrate Phase Change Non-Volatile Memory

HGST blew people away last year when they presented their amazing PCM PCIe SSD that could deliver a record-breaking three million IOPS. At this years Flash Summit in Santa Clara they’re planning to have the same effect with their newly developed breakthrough persistent memory fabric. HGST’s Phase Change Memory is expected to deliver performance very close to DRAM, but at a much lower cost of ownership, as well as offering much greater scalability.

DRAM is fast, but it isn’t an optimal medium to store data for longer periods of times. The data needs to be refreshed fairly often due to leaky capacitors and the refresh power consumption can be as much as 20 to 30 percent of the servers total power consumption. That means that PCM storage could create huge cost savings for server farms while they still deliver the same performance.

The new technology doesn’t require any BIOS modifications nor rewriting of applications, so it can be deployed as soon as it is ready. It isn’t entirely clear what kind of products we’ll see from this and if we will see any at all – at least as consumers. It is still great news as our consumer technology started as enterprise technology at some point and even if these drives won’t make it to our systems, then the online services that we use will benefit from them and be able to deliver even better services, hopefully.

No matter what comes out of it, the demonstration by HGST and Mellanox show random access latency of less than two microseconds for 512B reads and a throughput exceeding 3.5GB/s for two KB block sizes using RDMA over InfiniBand; very impressive!

NVIDIA’s Futuristic HQ On Schedule Again

NVIDIA’s proposed futuristic triangular headquarters is back on, a year after being shelved. The GPU manufacturer confirmed on Tuesday that the first of its two planned buildings will be erected after demolition at its Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara site is completed.

The pair of 500,000 square foot buildings, their shape meant to represent polygons, were first announced two years ago, but the project was delayed last year, with NVIDIA claiming it needed more time to get the $300 million design “just right”.

“NVIDIA is growing. We are expanding our campus to support our growth businesses,” Nvidia spokesman Hector Marinez told Silicon Valley Business Journal. “After working hard to optimize each aspect of the building’s design and cost, we are ready to move forward.”

Though the HQ will be mostly executive offices, there will be space for advanced computer labs. NVIDIA hopes to occupy the first building by 2017.

Source: Silicon Valley Business News

Nvidia announces plans for their new Santa Clara HQ

Nvidia planned that the company will be building a new campus across across the street from the old one in Santa Clara. Looks like Nvidia is doing extreme well to announce this new plan as since Nvidia is considering this as a “birthday gift” to itself” as the company was found 20 years ago this month.

What’s also more interesting is the shape of the buildings. The architect on this project is handled by Hao Ko from Gensler.

The phase 1 consists of office space with labs and support functions along with parking for 1,800 vehicles. Phase 2 consists of 500,000 square foot office where Nvidia didn’t reveal any plans as of now, but the construction of Phase 1 will begin by June 2013 and should be completed to be used by July 2015.

Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said,”Together, we’ve created something wonderful. The design harmonizes smart functionality and a shape that connects with and inspires our employees – a triangle, the fundamental building block of computer graphics. Efficient in every way, the design is thoughtful in its use of space, energy, and environment, and, of course, cost. Its vast open floors will facilitate our cross-functional work. The nature of building our products requires experts from multiple disciplines to come together, and this building is designed above all for collaboration. I am thrilled to present NVIDIA’s new headquarters. You’ll see how it fuses together smart design, craftsmanship, and soul. It’s hard to find a better definition of NVIDIA.”