Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB 10k DPI Optical Mouse Review


Corsair produces some of the most popular gaming mice on the market today, from their MMO ready Scimitar, to their versatile Raptor M45, and many more. The Sabre walks a nice middle ground for Corsair, packaging a few extra gaming-friendly features, such as extra programmable buttons, as well as customisable RGB lighting, a 100g ultra light design, as well as their high-end 10k DPI optical gaming sensor.

“Ultra light weight at just 100g, the Corsair Gaming Sabre Optical RGB 6,400 DPI gaming mouse offers easy comfort and fluid reach balanced by consistently accurate tracking, 1,000 Hz refresh rate, eight configurable buttons, and super-responsive switches. Four-zone 16.8M color backlighting creates a beautiful, personalized look that matches your style.” – Corsair

Picking the right mouse for your desktop can be tricky, but equipped with everything you need for day-to-day work, as well as gaming, be that at home or in the world of competitive eSports, the Sabre is ticking all the right boxes. So let’s jump right in and take a closer look at what it has to offer.

“With advanced ergonomics that comfortably support your entire hand, you can wield the Sabre in a variety of grip styles. The adaptability in grip gives you the adaptability you need to compete in a wide variety of game types from FPS to RTS and MOBA. The 8 programmable buttons can be customized with ease to fine tune your play.” – Corsair

First up, we can see that the packaging is nicely designed, keeping in theme with all the other new Corsair Gaming hardware. All the main specs are detailed on the front, as well as a nice image of the mouse.

Around the back, a more technical breakdown of the features, but we’ll take a closer look at those in a moment.

The box also opens out at the front, giving you a nice look at the mouse design; handy for those picking one up in a retail store.

In the box, you’ll find the Sabre comes hard-wired with a black braided cable and a nice quality USB header.

Corsair Gaming Sabre Optical RGB Gaming Mouse Review


Corsair has already impressed us with their new RGB series products, which for the most part are revisions of previous models with a new lighting kit, but that’s not the case today. The Sabre Optical does indeed feature the new RGB lighting technology, but it’s also Corsair’s first high-end optical sensor gaming mouse. It is also available in Laser, but it’s the optical I’m most interested in.

Optical gaming mice are certainly gaining in popularity again and there are many great ones already available from the likes of Roccat, TteSports, Zowie and more; I’m really looking forward to finding out if the Corsair Sabre RGB has got what it takes to compete with them.

The Sabre Optical and Laser mice are both very well equipped with all the latest features you would expect from a high-end gaming mouse. The Optical has a 6400 DPI sensor, 8 programmable buttons, four zone RGB lighting, a soft touch rubber grip coating and more.

The Sabre comes hard-wired with a high quality black braided cable. There’s a velcro cable tidy fixed to the cable and a custom USB mould that looks pretty cool.

The mouse has a nice understated look thanks to the matte finish of the rubber coating; which also provides the mouse with an excellent amount of grip.

There are two buttons down the left side of the mouse and a deep recess below them that provides a comfortable resting position for your thumb.

The Corsair Gaming logo on the back, which I know some of you love, some of you hate. The logo is transparent and backlit with RGB LEDs.

The mouse wheel has soft rubber grip that makes it really easy to control and there is a clear trim on the edges of it for LED lighting. Behind the wheel is a single control switch and there are two more switches on the far left of the mouse buttons.

Here you can see the wide side panels and how they arch outwards; perfect for those who play right-handed, but no good for any lefties out there.

Each of the slipmats on the base of the mouse has a small groove next to it, making them easier to remove and replace. With four large slipmats, the Sabre should glide with ease on virtually any gaming surface.

Reaction Engines Limited’s New Engine Could Fly Anywhere on Earth in 4 Hours

Short of calling Superman or Iron Man to come and help you, air travel is slow. Sure, it’s faster than swimming or a boat, but you try spending 20-30 hours in the air – ugh. Well, British aerospace firm, Reaction Engines Limited, could solve that with a new engine system it is currently developing.

The new engine system could one day be capable of taking 300 passengers anywhere in the world, in under 4 hours. The engine doubles as a space engine too, as it could fly a plane into outer orbit. The engine itself is called SABRE, which relies on a device called a precooler, a technology that “cools down the air entering the engineer system by more than 1,000 degrees Celsius in .01 seconds. That corresponds to an unheard-of cooling rate of 400 megawatts, and will allow the plane to “breathe” oxygen” reports Science Alert.

What this allows is the SABRE engine to run at a much higher power than currently used in planes. Reaction Engines has said that its SABRE engine will be installed into two upcoming plane models – the LAPCAT A2, which is a commercial plane that will take passengers from Brussels to Sydney in just “two to four hours” while the SKYLON will be an unpiloted and reusable spaceplane that will provide cheaper access to the dark beyond.

LAPCAT A2 will be a beast of a jet, something that will be capable of speeds of Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. The firm is currently testing the SABRE engine system, with the first test flights to start in 2019.

Source: Science Alert.

Corsair Gaming Christmas Giveaway!

Ready to get into the festive spirit? We’ve teamed up with the good people at Corsair to give you all a chance to win a cool bundle of peripherals to upgrade your gaming rig. What’s so festive about keyboard and mice you say? We’re announcing the winners on Christmas day! So when you’re done unwrapping your presents, perhaps they’ll be one more gift on its way to you.

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Corsair Introduces Ultralight Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB Mice

Corsair has introduced us to their latest Gaming mouse, the Sabre RGB. Well, actually it’s two mice as it comes in two versions, one with an optical sensor and one with a laser sensor.

Designed with input from veteran pro gamers, the new mice are engineered with a sleek and ergonomic shape. They are built with an ultralight chassis weighing just 100 grams for quick, fluid, and precise movements over extended gaming sessions.

“As a competitive Counter-Strike GO player, I need an agile and accurate mouse to allow me to get consistent head shots with minimal effort and maximum efficiency,” said Jason Christian, Product Manager for gaming peripherals at Corsair Gaming. “To this end, I designed the Sabre RGB mice from the ground up to be lean and ultralight with the same level of precision of our M65 and M45 mice.”

The first version comes with a 6400 DPI optical sensor with multi-colour for smooth and accurate tracking while the second model comes with an 8200 DPI laser sensor for ultra-precise tracking on nearly any surface.

The DPI is adjustable all the way down to 50 DPI on both models. The Sabre RGB also has a great 1000 Hz report rate that can be user-adjusted all the way down to 25Hz.

A sturdy USB connector and a 1.8 meter easy-flex braided cable connect the Corsair Sabre RGB mouse to the computer. It has eight programmable buttons based on high-capacity Omron switches rated for 20 million clicks. The buttons can of course be customized through the software.

The advanced CUE software further lets you fine-tune performance characteristics such as DPI, acceleration, and smoothing to customize button assignments and macros for optimal gameplay.

The mice also feature four-zone illumination with up to 16.8 million customizable colors, making them the ideal companion for Corsair Gaming RGB mechanical keyboards, as well as the new Corsair Gaming headsets.

The new Corsair Gaming Sabre RGB mice should become available soon. The MSRP is set to $69.99 for the laser version and $59.99 for the optical version.

Thanks to Corsair for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of Corsair

Worldwide Airline Delays Caused By Sabre Reservation System Crash

According to reports from Russia Today a huge outage in the Sabre airline reservation system overnight has been labelled as the cause of recent worldwide flight delays. The IBM system went down at 05:20 GMT (12:20am ET) on Tuesday morning and the company confirmed the outage stating that its team was working on fixing the situation. Within 2 hours they had managed to fix the system and get it back online again but not at the expense of causing delays and causing temporary mayhem to the air travel industry.

Sabre is used by many airlines all over the world including Alaska Airlines, American, Cathay Pacific, Frontier, Jet Blue, LAN, Quantas, United, Virgin America and Virgin Australia. Some airports were exempt from the problems as they do not use the Sabre system while affected Airlines and Airports resorted to manual checking-in processes in order to get flights out as close to on-time as possible but of there were inevitable delays to the check-in process for many flying with any of the affected airlines.

Image courtesy of IBM