Roccat Ryos MK FX RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Roccat are back on eTeknix once again, this time with the latest and hopefully, their greatest keyboard they’ve ever produced! The new Roccat Ryos MK FX RGB Mechanical Keyboards takes everything we know and love about the already fantastic Ryos range, and gives it a glorious RGB switch upgrade, allowing Roccat to take their already impressive lighting engine to a whole new and far more colourful level.

“The Ryos MK FX offers fully customizable, ROCCAT®-enginereed Per-Key RGB illumination in two convenient modes: preset and custom. This means you can add awesome special effects in 16.8 million colors to your keystrokes, configure your keyboard to highlight your in-game and application key bindings, your modifier keys, your system controls as well as your macro sequences and cool-downs plus much, much more.” – Roccat

Of course, aesthetically pleasing lighting effects are one thing, but the Ryos MK FX is no slouch in other departments and is easily one of the best-equipped keyboards on the market today. With full 16.8 million colour lighting, two 32-bit ARM Cortex processors with 2MB of flash memory ensuring lag-free processing of lighting, macros recording, Cherry MX switches, AlienFX, Roccat Talk, Easy-Shift, dedicated macro keys, thumbster keys, n-key rollover and more.

“Do you pick style or performance when you look for the perfect weapon to add to your gaming arsenal? Do it the ROCCAT way: pick both. Purpose built for hardcore gamers, the Ryos MK FX is the most advanced mechanical gaming keyboard on the market. Using all of ROCCAT’s industry expertise and gaming experience, the Ryos MK FX boasts a feature set so comprehensive and a design so eye-watering you’ll be leading the pack by miles – complete with 16.8 million color per-key RGB illumination.” – Roccat

The packaging keeps in theme with all the other Roccat keyboards we’ve seen, but one noticeable difference is the extra aura of colour around the keyboard; very colourful!

A few technical details around the box tell us that we’ve got MX Brown switches, the UK layout and some of the cool features of the board, but since we’ve already discussed these, let’s move on and open up the box!

With the outer slip cover removed, you’ll find a sturdy inner box with a Ryos logo.

Inside that, the Ryos keyboard, protected with a lot of cardboard spacers to keep it safe, as well as a custom plastic top cover and some plastic strips to prevent scratches in transit.

The keyboard comes hard-wired with a thick braided cable and has dual USB headers for extra power, as well as a pair of 3.5mm audio jacks for pass-through connectivity.

Roccat RYOS TKL Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


Roccat has one of the best reputations in the PC gaming market. Time and time again they’ve delivered incredibly high-quality peripherals that offer class leading performance. Their Kone and more recently their Ryos gaming mice are still some of the best mice I’ve ever used. Their ISKU is one of the best membrane keyboards on the market and again, their Ryos MK Pro mechanical keyboard which I reviewed a year ago, you guessed it, one of the best keyboards I’ve ever used. It’s for these reasons that I have very high expectations of the Ryos TKL Pro mechanical keyboard I’ll be reviewing today.

The Ryos was a great keyboard, but it’s design meant it was pretty unwieldy and not of much use to those with limited desk space and even less convenient for those who wanted to take their keyboard with them to LAN gaming events, as packing it in a big would be a tricky endeavour. TKL means ten keys less and that means the Ryos has dropped the number pad on the right of the keyboard entirely, making it a lot less wide.

At my disposal today, I have the gorgeous Cherry MX Brown switch edition of this premium grade mechanical gaming keyboard. It comes hard-wired with a long and thick black braided cable, which should provide the cable with a lot of extra durability throughout its lifetime.

Typical of modern Roccat keyboard designs, the Ryos RKL Pro comes with an oversized chassis that forms a fixed wrist rest. It’s quite a big wrist rest too and should provide you with a comfortable hand position while working and gaming.

Another unique aspect of this keyboard is the popular Thumbster keys; perfect for deploying extra macros without taking your hand off the important WASD keys.

The keyboard features high-quality key-caps with a laser etched font to allow the internal LED lighting to pass through. There’s a nice black and grey finish to the keyboard chassis, which has an almost Carbon style appearance.

The keys are really nicely spaced, despite this being a TKL keyboard, it’s actually still quite large, but nowhere near as wide as its big brother, the Ryos MK Pro.

The Ryos comes equipped with an FN-Shift function, giving you access to a range of multimedia controls and popular shortcuts via the F-Keys at the top of the keyboard. Personally, I prefer dedicated multimedia keys, but Fn-Shift is certainly a lot better than nothing.

The wrist rest is really nicely designed and has a huge Roccat logo across the front.

The keyboard chassis is fairly thick to allow for the mechanical key fittings, but overall it still has a nice and flat profile.

Here you can better see how far the wrist rest extends out from the space bar. There’s a slight rise towards the back of the keyboard, but this can be increased further with the kickstands on the underside.

On the base, there are four large rubber grips to stop the keyboard sliding around your desk, although given the overall weight of the keyboard, it’s unlikely to slide around anyway. Another welcome feature, slots are cut into the base of the keyboard to allow routing of cables under the keyboard.

Nothing of interest around the back.

The key-caps are removable, although Roccat didn’t include a key-cap removal tool. The Cherry MX Brown switches are just like every other MX Brown switch you’ve seen before and feature built-in LED lighting; which we’ll be testing shortly.

Roccat Ryos TKL Pro Gaming Keyboard Revealed

Roccat has just revealed the latest entry to their popular Ryos range; the Ryos TKL Pro gaming keyboard. The new keyboard has been designed with a focus on the eSports and pro gaming communities. It comes equipped with a tenkeyless design that makes it LAN friendly, as this is easier to transport and it also allows a lot more space on your desk to maneuver your mouse.

“I’m in it to win it, so you’ll never see us put gear in our eSports team’s hands that don’t give them an edge. Team ROCCAT uses the Ryos TKL in competition because it optimizes their play. They have to demonstrate the talent, we have to provide the quality tested gear to help them show that talent. From HyuN to our League of Legends Jungler Jankos and the rest of our amazing team, the Ryos TKL gives them that tool, and now our fans can have it too.” – Says René Korte, CEO and founder of ROCCAT Studios.

Equipped with Cherry MX switches, Roccat Talk, a 32-Bit ARM Cortex processors, 2MB of flash memory, per-key illuminations and Lighting Engine 2.0; the Ryos TKL Pro is incredibly well equipped.

The new Ryos TKL Pro is launching immediately and will already be in most major retailers both online and offline from today. Prices should be in the region of 139.90 EUR.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Cherry MX Red Mechanical Keyboard Review

Roccat make some of the most feature packed gaming peripherals on the market, their range of keyboards, mice and headsets are tailored to the needs of casual and hardcore gamers alike. Roccat are well-known to pack in extensive customisation into their gaming devices, including some of the best macro functions in the business thanks to their comprehensive software library and innovative Roccat Talk functionality that allows you to map keyboard commands to the mouse and vice versa, or macros that combine both.

The Ryos is the latest keyboard from Roccat and it borrows heavily from the design of their current range, of this much I am certain since I user their Roccat ISKU FX keyboard on my main rig and the Ryos bears a striking resemblance, albeit missing a few features and adding a few of its own. The Ryos MK Pro features fully mechanical keyboard in a choice of switches, however the model we are reviewing today features the most popular option, Cherry MX Red. These are super fast, low resistance keys and feature a stunning programmable blue LED back lighting.

As you can see from the specifications below, the keyboard is brimming with features such as per-key lighting, full anti-ghosting and n-key rollover, thumbster keys, dedicated programmable macro keys, a super low response time and it even acts as a hub for audio connections and USB 2.0 ports.

Technical Specifications

  • Per-key illuminated mechanical keyboard with 113 keys
  • Advanced anti-ghosting with N-key rollover
  • Choice of four CHERRY MX key switches
  • 3 programmable thumbster keys (T1 – T3)
  • 5 programmable macro keys (M1 – M5)
  • 94 other programmable keys
  • 1000 hz polling rate, 1 ms response time
  • 1.8 m rear-exit braided cable
  • 1 x audio in, 1 x audio out, 2 x USB 2.0 ports

The box is very well designed, something we’ve seen across the whole of the Roccat range. It features a nicely detailed image of the keyboard and a run down of all the major specifications and features (see above).

Around the back we have even more details on the features, including the Easy-Shift[+] technology, mechanical switches and the very cool Roccat Talk software (downloadable from the Roccat site).

The keyboard came nicely packaged in the box, with blue peel-off strips covering all the sensitive surfaces.

Roccat Office Tour & Interview with eTeknix

Roccat Office Tour & Interview with eTeknix

Earlier in the year, Andy and the team here at eTeknix headed over to Germany to get coverage on one of the years major gaming events in Europe – Gamescom. After the show had finished and the exhibition halls closed to the press and public for the last time, eTeknix had a couple of additional things planned and one of these included going to see one of Germany’s fastest growing peripherals vendor: Roccat.

Roccat – headed up by René Korte – are passionate about bringing the mixture of gaming expertise and German engineering together through a sweet medley of gaming peripherals and software packages to tie them together and this is exactly what René was keen to talk to us about.

In our interview with Roccat, René was more than willing to talk to Andy about the history of Roccat and how they got their name. Following a sit-down interview, we are invited to take a tour around the Hamburg offices and the stages of design and testing that the enthusiastic and skilled team go through to create a new product.


We would like to thank René and his team at Roccat for welcoming us into their offices and taking some of their time out to talk with us and share their knowledge on how a product at Roccat comes together.

Gamescom Roccat Ryos & Cave Headset Reveal

I’m personally a big fan and user of Roccat products when it comes to working and gaming, so I was super excited to get hands on with their latest flagship keyboard and re-designed headset, as well as getting to talk to their team on how they created the products, who were more than happy to walk us through all the technical aspects.

The Ryos is a mechanical keyboard and is similar in design to the Isku and Isku FX, featuring a choice of four mechanical switchs, some incredibly customisable lighting effects, macro settings and functions that Roccat have become well known for, all massively improved over their previous systems used on the ISKU and backed up with a huge 2MB internal memory as well as giving you access to the SDK to create truly custom effects and functions.

The Cave headset is a big product for Roccat, but it’s getting a little old now, so Roccat have been hard at work improving it with a lighter design, better fit, USB connection, mobile connectivity and more.

We’ve got a couple of videos coming that will walk you through the finer details and features of each so keep and eye on our YouTube page, Facebook or check back on this page over the next couple of days for more information.

Stay tuned for even more coverage of Gamescom over the next few days.

Gamescom 2013 Gallery

This week we have been hard at work touring the booths of Gamescom 2013 and we hope to show you some of the sights and latest products from this years record breaking event. The now sold out event will host entertainment and madness for 330,000 people a day, with seemingly endless gargantuan halls that are filled to the brim with the latest games, technology and certainly a few surprises such as a beach, complete with deck chairs, cos-play, dry snowboarding, rock climbing and of course… next-gen gaming hardware.

Keep your eyes peeled on this page as we update you with photos of our coverage from the event between our regular articles.

This page will be split into pages for each manufacturer/booth/area that we cover, and at the bottom of the page will be a handy navigation bar so that you can check out pictures of exactly what you want to see.