A Runner Celebrates Star Wars With Running Maps

The new Star Wars movie has become the fastest movie to pass the $1 billion mark in global box office sales which marks just how popular the franchise is and how many fans it has around the world. A lot of those fans have been celebrating the new movie in all sort of ways from baking their favourite character to cosplay and theme nights as well as much more. One fan who also happens to be a vivid runner chose to celebrate the new Star Wars movie by running maps that in return would show various Star Wars motives such as the Storm Trooper, Darth Vader, or a Walker.

Gene Lu from Portland, US used his fitness tracking app to record the routes he took before posting the results on social media where it gathered quite a bit of feedback. Darth Vader and the Walker are probably the easiest to recognize, but the Storm Trooper isn’t bad either.

Creating images with running apps and the streets at your disposal isn’t anything new and last year we even saw someone propose to their loved one by writing “Will you marry me” on the virtual streets with their fitness tracking app. Users who want to experiment with this phenomenon and post their own creations online should keep what start and stop locations they pick and what times they post it online in mind. You wouldn’t want to tell the burglar when you are out and even tell him where on the route you are located.

Are you one of the millions that already saw the new Star Wars movie and if so, did you celebrate this new entry into the popular franchise in any particular way? Let us know in the comments and photos are naturally also more than welcome if you dressed up as your favourite Star Wars character.

Running Mac OS 6.0.1 On The Amiga 500 Computer

The perception among the tech industry is one of constant updating, but retro tech certainly has its place within fans minds if this fun hack is anything to go by. A Reddit and Imgur user by the username of wowbobwow (yippi yo yippy yay) Sorry but that sprang to mind, used an emulator called “A-Max” which in turn allowed the Mac ROM OS 6.0.1 to run on the Amiga 500.

For a minute let’s talk uber tech with regards to this application, emulation is any other faster computer program which mimics the behavior of a piece of computer hardware. The problem with this process is that when a program is run via emulation, said program becomes slower and therefore is unable to run at full speed due to the lack of bandwidth when imitating another system.  Therefore this project is not true emulation but is rather defined by a statement from the clever Hacker which is as follows,

“Worth noting that this is not “software emulation” like how you might run Mini vMac on a modern computer. This setup literally connects two Apple Macintosh ROM chips (from a Mac Plus, in this instance) to the Amiga’s floppy drive, and via some unholy alliance of A-Max controller software + Apple ROM code + the Motorola 68000 CPU in the Amiga (the same chip that powered all the early Macs), this is a “hardware” emulation system. Interestingly, the Mac boot disk I have is too old to be 32-bit compatible, so while it “sees” the full 9 megs of RAM in the Amiga, it can only access 512k of it.”

This project has been coined CoMacintosh by the author and it again conveys little limitation of what can be achieved by a skilled ethical hacker.

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Treadmill Washing Machine Cleans Clothes as You Run

If you enjoy running but find yourself too busy doing household tasks, this might be the gadget for you.

This is “The Wheel” and will help to keep you fit whilst also doing the laundry. The concept is very simple, you put your dirty washing into the wash tubs with some soap and start running. Whilst your running inside the large hamster wheel, you will be creating kinetic energy, the wheel then converts this energy into electricity which powers the washers. The washers use “Eco Washing Balls” which are designed to improve cleaning efficiency whilst also cutting down on waste water and time.

The wheel has a flexible display on the inside of it, it has not been made clear as to what can be displayed on this screen but it would be fair to assume that it would have all the running information like distance, time and calories burned as well as having the potential to display your favorite show, film or running environments like woods, sandy beaches or mountains. The possibilities could make running far more interesting than a standard treadmill. If you want to run, but don’t have any washing to do, then the wheel can store energy until you do want to do the washing.

The creator of this wheel, Si Hyeong Ryu, has designed this as an entry to the 2014 Electolux Design Lab competition. This competition encourages design students to try and improve our health and lifestyles by inventing greener technology. Although this project hasn’t made it into the semi-finals, it is hoped that a prototype will still be made. There is no doubt that this is essentially a large hamster wheel, but the concept to get us fit as well as perform a mundane task could make this an excellent addition to your home gym, as long as you have enough space.

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