Could a Live Action Pokémon Movie Be in the Works?

Pokémon is a series that has captured generations as they fight to become the Pokémon master, and with the 20th Anniversary bringing back classic games and cards, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you look at the impact that the popular series has had that there are discussions about a live action Pokémon movie in the works.

The reports come from the Hollywood Reporter who state that right now a “top-secret” (secrets out now people) auction is going on for the rights to make a live-action film of the franchise, with companies like Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros both apparently making a move for the rights while they go against the likes of console rival Sony for the movies rights.

With many live action films for video games getting bad or mixed reviews, with the likes of DOOM and Tomb Raider often causing smiles or tears, it would be interesting to see if such a popular franchise could break the ice in the world of cinema, a move that could even break open the door for other video game franchises such as the Metro 2033 film that could soon be hitting the big screen.

Are you excited about the film? Would you like to see Ash (or Red) conquer the Pokémon world or would you like to see a new character join the franchise amongst the hundreds of pocket monsters that you need to now capture to become a Pokémon master?

More Rumors Are Unveiled Regarding The Nintendo NX

Nintendo’s upcoming console has been the subject of numerous reports, leaks and even an elaborate hoax which many believed was a genuine source. Reports have suggested the NX will be a hybrid handheld/home console device offering greater performance than the PlayStation 4. However, it’s incredibly difficult to know what the real truth is because patents don’t always come to fruition. They’re concepts, and a way of protecting prototyped ideas. Whatever the case, the rumor mill is bound to continue until Nintendo makes some kind of official unveiling. The latest rumour comes from Reddit user, untypedhero who claims:

“As promised, I’ve decided to share some more NX information with you. This is second-hand information from trusted sources (like last time) and I have little reason to doubt its validity.

Here you go:

  • x86 architecture.
  • Backup data to Nintendo server (most likely My Nintendo).
  • Support for additional screen.
  • Can handle ports of current-gen games.
  • Will be able to interact with smartdevice apps.
  • Using NX software will unlock My Nintendo reward points.”

As always, it’s important to adopt a sceptical attitude especially when the information comes from one source. However, according to a moderator, the user’s background and credibility has been verified:

“This user has been verified by the mod team. We have confirmed that he has connections to Wii U developer(s) and/or development hardware and very likely has knowledge about the NX via those same connections. This verification is sort of general/open-ended and I unfortunately cannot verify specific details on a point by point basis.”

The X86 architecture would make porting of current generation games fairly simple and help forge the NX’s third-party library. This is essential when you consider how much Nintendo struggled to attract third-party developers on the Wii U. Hopefully, Nintendo will divulge some official information soon to stop the constant flow of leaks from various sources.

Leaked iPhone 6C Photos Leaked!

The next new iPhone may have just had pictures of it leaked by Future Supplier, that claim to show the rear casing of the rumored iPhone 6C. The authenticity of the photos has not been confirmed as yet, and there are noticeable differences to the back of the device compared to previous models.

The noticeable differences are the cutout for the camera flash, as well as the microphone and speaker holes, which are obviously in a different configuration. Setting this “6C” back from the current 6 models is the lack of a camera bump. As these are leaked photos that can’t be verified as of yet it is best to take them with a grain or two of salt, though many Apple leaks have turned out to be true in the past.

Source: 9to5 Mac

Rumors of Radeon R9 390X Water Cooled Edition Surface under the Shape of a Slide

VideoCardz leaked part of a slide from an in-house presentation called “2015 Future of Radeon” which is said to be shown next week to AIB partners. The slide seems to confirm rumors that the R9 390X 8GB HBM and that it will have a WCE variant as well.

The slide seems to show some key features of what seems to be the WCE variant of the R9 390X, though the information should be taken with a grain of salt as it might turn out to be just a rumor.

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Study Reveals Gamers To Be More Educated, Social and Successful Than Non-Gamers

Gamers have always been thought to be comprised mostly by loners and rejects, the so-called nerds who live in their parent’s basement and play video games all day long. However, a recent study has shed light on this dilemma, revealing that only one perception is true from the previously mentioned, which is that gamers are truly nerds.

A study commissioned by the video game streaming network Twitch and conducted by social researcher Neil Howe revealed an entirely fresh perspective of the gaming community by suggesting that gamers are more successful, social and more educated than the non-gamer society. The company is said to have surveyed more than 1,000 people via the Internet regarding their gaming habits while also extracting some demographic information. For the case study at hand, it has been said that a typical ‘gamer’ was defined as an individual who has played a game on a digital device in the past 60 days, having over 60% of surveyed individuals in total fitting the profile.

According to The Washington Post, who received a copy of the case study, gamers are more likely to be living with others, such as family, friends or significant others, and are more likely to agree with the following statement: “My friends are the most important thing in my life”, having 57% of gamers agree with the statement. The study also reveals that gamers are also divided more evenly by gender, with 52% identified as being male and 48% female, compared to a similar study back in 2004 revealing an estimated 40% of female gamers.

Another aspect extracted from the case study is said to reveal that gamers are slightly more likely to be employed full-time, having 42% of gamers employed full-time, compared to the 39% non-gamer full-time employees. In terms of media habits, it has been identified that gamers spend more time using their gadgets and also tend to spend a lot of time with media through popular video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Though most modern gamers already are familiar and agree with the provided information, it is nice to see Twitch and Neil Howe providing some actual hard facts and truthful information regarding the definition of a ‘Gamer’ and hopefully diminish the false rumors which have been roaming around the non-gamer community for some time now.

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Images courtesy of Capital FM, GBeye and Keep Calm-o-Matic

iWatch Rumored To Cost Only $299, Rumored To Bring In $17.5 Billion In Just 12 Months

Smartwatches are still in their early days, having the first of their kind hit the market and manufacturers just started looking on how users are appreciating and utilizing the gadgets. Some may not be so awesome as the Galaxy Gear, but others have potential, having Pebble, Toq and other in mind. More are to come, but we will just have to wait and see what their impact will be when people start using them.

However, Apple is one of the main manufacturers which people are looking forward to bring the ‘revolutionary’ smartwatch to the stage, the iWatch. According to analyst Katy Huberty from Morgan Stanley predicted that Apple may sell $17.5 billion worth of iWatches in 12 months after the gadget’s initial release. Currently, it appears that there is no way of telling for certain when, or even if, Apple will launch its rumored smartwatch, but it could happen somewhere at the end of this year.

But having to believe the news about Apple selling more iWatches to customers who do not own an iOS device is proven hard to believe at the moment. The iWatch is rumored to be priced at $299, the same price rumored for the upcoming second generation of Galaxy Gear announced by Samsung which is bound to hit the stores in September. Whether it is a market strategy or coincidence, we will never know for sure until we see both competing on the selves.

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Rumors Point To a New Samsung Windows Phone Coming This Year

After Sony was reported to be in talks with Windows for a new Windows Phone, it seems that even Samsung is planning to release another one this year. Not to mention the announcement of Archos about releasing one themselves too.

When you hear about Samsung, all you can see is Android and more Android. Form Galaxy series, to Note and possibly Gear, but that is debatable. But most of us forgot about the Ativ S, the Odysseey, or even the Neo version of Ativ S. Though Samsung did not release any other Windows Phone model recently, it is rumored to release one soon enough.

.””>@evleaks is yet again ‘responsible’ , claiming that the smartphone might bear the codename ‘Huron’ and can have a model number similar to the following: “SM-W750V”. There are not a lot of details to go on, but @evleaks points to it resembling the late Galaxy S handset model, having round edges and being made out of a plastic shelling.

There has been no word about a possible release date, nor an estimated price. What is know however, as a rumor as well, is that Verizon is teaming up with Samsung to release a new Windows Phone handset in the US. This might be something else, but it might very well be the handset in question. In time, we will know more about it and its specs.

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Bad News For Halo Fans, Halo 5 Rumored To Be Postponed Until November 2015

Some bad news is going to hit Halo fans this year, especially those who ordered the Xbox One to be able to play the latest Halo 5 title. According to a reputable poster on the NeoGaf forum, Microsoft isn’t preparing to release a true sequel in the Halo franchise until November of 2015.

Microsoft is said to bring some Halo goodies in the meantime though. There reportedly should be plenty of other Halo goodies to hold fans over until then. Within the span of a year, the source claims we will see five Halo games: Halo 2 Anniversary Edition for Xbox One on November 11, 2014, Halo 3 port for Xbox One, Halo 4 port for Xbox One and the aforementioned Halo 5.

Halo 2 Anniversary Edition is also said to ship with 1080p support and beta access to Halo 5. 60FPS support, however, is listed as “iffy” at this stage, however. It’ll arrive in two different versions: a “Collector’s Edition” and a “War Collection.” Some more rumors also include two live action video series during the same time span.

The thread also includes several other non-Halo tidbits. In no particular order, the poster claims Forza Horizon, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive will ship later this year, Fable Legends will arrive next summer and Crackdown 3 will arrive sometime in 2016.

The whole is said to be in addition to rumors of a white Xbox One and a cheaper Xbox One minus the Blu-ray drive that was reported yesterday. Though, the rumors should be taken with a grain of salt for the moment.

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White Xbox One Rumored To Be Disc-Free And White, To Be Released This Year

Xbox rumors point to a disc-free console in the works. VG247 has confirmed with a “well-respected… senior publishing source” that a cheaper version of the Xbox One is coming sometime this year. It means that a new model for the hardware, not just a price reduction on the existing $499 configuration for the system. It is said that a new system could come in at $399, but that price hasn’t been verified entirely.

Unnamed sources at The Verge have also reportedly confirmed a ntkrnl report that Microsoft is looking into a disc-drive-free version of the Xbox One. That follows reports from earlier this month that the company was considering releasing a disc-free Xbox One as late as June of 2013. The Verge also confirmed reports that Microsoft will be releasing a white edition of the console (matching the previous employees-only exclusive white model) later this year, that a major dashboard update is coming to the system in March, and that an Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive is being prepared for a November release.

Other rumored news at NeoGaf include a 1080p “anniversary” remake for Halo 2 in November (which will include access to a Halo 5 beta), DLC for Titanfall coming as soon as 45 days after launch, a 2015 release for Fable Legends, and a detailed list of launch dates for the Xbox One in various countries.

Microsoft doesn’t seem happy with this information being leaked. Kotaku reports that “one person familiar with the situation” said that Microsoft is trying to track down and “looking to take legal action” against the leaker. That doesn’t mean anything about the veracity of these claims, of course, but it does suggest the obvious: that Microsoft isn’t happy not being in full control of the information stream these days.

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New Rumors Surface For The Upcoming iPhone 6, Solar Charging Capabilities?

More rumors are rolling out for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. But they are not about to disclose any rumors regarding their product, of course, until they release the handset this fall. It is expected for Apple to strap in a faster processor, better camera, and other items that are generally refreshed each year. A major change might be on the cards though, like the iPhone 5s brought Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a new rumor hints towards iPhone 6 solar charging capability.

Seeking Alpha analyst, Matt Margolis, states to have found evidence that the sapphire glass panels which Apple is going to use in iPhone 6 will incorporate solar panels, allowing the users’ handset to harness the sun’s energy to charge their smartphone’s battery.

He also believes that Apple will use the same display technology in the 2014 iPod touch as well, though it remains to be seen if that product comes out since Apple’s quarterly earnings set them with 50 percent decline in the iPod lineup. Apple already has a large number of patents related to the use of solar power for charging batteries, having recently seen a patent being awarded to the company for solar-powered MacBooks.

There has been another rumor that Foxconn had already produced 100 prototype units of the next generation iPhone covered with sapphire glass instead of the usual Gorilla Glass. The information feedback is hinting towards a solar-powered iPhone, which is normal given the recent changes. It is certainly too soon to say that solar charging capability will make its way into the next iPhone.

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Leaked Benchmarks Show NVIDIA’s GTX 750 Ti Slower Than The GTX 660

After a few rumors about the Maxwell chipset and its release date in February, we now hear about statistics regarding the GeForce GTX 750 Ti suggesting that NVIDIA’s first Maxwell GPU is slower than the current GTX 660, according to WCCF‘s article. Take the news with a grain of salt though, nothing official has been released regarding the Maxwell GPU, nor its performance. However, nobody can confirm, nor deny its authenticity.

We see the GeForce GTX 750 Ti is around 10 to 15 percent slower than the GTX 660. A bit of a good news comes from WCCF, stating that the benchmarks were made using Single Precision format, while the new Maxwell GPU is known for its Double Precision GPU. Also, it makes no sense for NVIDIA to release a graphics card which is slower than its previous series.

Whether the benchmarks are valid or not, it remains to be seen. In the meantime, we are awaiting more official information about the Maxwell GPU and possibly some more benchmarks of the GTX 750 Ti after its release. Maybe we will even see the GTX 750 Ti perform in the new PCMark 8 that was released a few days ago.

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Image courtesy of WCCF

Microsoft Employees Refer To Windows 8 As “The New Vista”

Windows 8 has its ups and downs, having opinions divided for both PC and smartphone or tablet users. Some PC users have got used to the new Metro interface, while others did not. There are also the users who are not used to the touch-screen features of Windows 8, while others find it hard to operate without them. That’s why most users associate Windows 8 with the buggy Windows Vista.

However, users are not the only ones associating the new Microsoft operating system with Windows Vista. It turns out that some Microsoft employees have been doing the same thing. The news comes directly from Paul Thurrott, the well-known Windows blogger, which adds credibility to this rumor.

The difference is that Vista was widely panned due to usability issues, while Windows 8 is getting its reputation based on “sales and market acceptance”, according to Thurrott. There were high hopes for Windows 8 to bring back some interest in PCs, or at the very least to steer consumers towards PC/tablet hybrids, but so far the public has been reluctant to choose Windows over Android or iOS offerings.

But this is not all bad news, because apparently even Microsoft has seen the Windows 8 flaws, and will be working on fixing the issues with the operating system. The question still remains on when will the issues be fixed. Since the other big update “Windows 8.2” will be arriving in April, we might see some tweaks and fixes with it. But the best bet will still be what Microsoft has in plan for the other windows operating system, Windows 9, which will be announced in April as well.

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New Rumors Reveal Samsung Tizen Launch In March 2014

More rumors surface regarding the Tizen project, Samsung and Intel’s project aimed at diversifying the Android and iOS monopoly. The last thing heard about the project was that Samsung and Intel left it for “dead”. Well, more speculation points out that Tizen is very much alive and getting ready for its official announcement.

According to a statement made back last year by Samsung CEO, J.K. Shin, the “Redmond” handset, it being the first Tizen-powered prototype, has been pushed back and will be unveiled sometime in 2014. And since no Tizen could be found at CES, it would only be logical for Samsung to reveal it at MWC. It has been a bumpy road in terms of Tizen’s development, but at least it is progress. Huawei and Fujitsu could also make an appearance with their own Tizen handsets alongside Samsung at MWC in February, but that is to be expected since Tizen’s launch will focus on Asia after its launch.

However, Tizen will also make its way to Europe, and maybe America after that. There are some talks about the Samsung Galaxy S5 being able to dual-boot with Tizen, but we are still a long way to speculate about that now. It is a possibility having a look at Jolla’s Sailfish and its Andoird dual-boot capabilities. Even so, Samsung could stop depending on Google’s Android in the future. But it all remains to be seen at what is going to happen when Tizen launches and if users will enjoy it more than the current Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems.

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Leaked Images Reveal Nokia Android-Powered Smartphone UI

A few weeks back, @evleaks released a screenshot of a Nokia handset codenamed Normandy, which was said that will run on a modified version of Android OS. The handset specs were rumored to be fairly mid range, though it remains to be seen what the actual specs will be. However, it appears that we get more insights on the handset’s UI from @evleaks again, with the addition of three more screenshots detailing the UI look.

The device has just one physical button, which looks like a back button. Other than that the user interface will rely on on-screen navigation keys. In the pictures we can see Viber running, Skype running and the lock screen. The phone is a dual SIM according to the icons on the notification bar.

The user interface looks like a cross between the Asha UI and stock Android. To be honest it doesn’t look that bad. Nokia has never been known for their software aesthetic sense, but this looks like a rather impressive attempt. Now we will just have to see if the handset will actually be released.

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Image courtesy of @evleaks

“Quad-HD” 2560×1440 Panel Rumored To Be Featured In The New LG G3

According to a report from ZDNet Korea, LG is rumored to have leaked the specs of its LG G3, the next generation smartphone. The report shows the handset boasting a 1,440 x 2,560 pixel quad-HD display.

The Quad HD is the name for 2K resolutions, which refers to a display that has a horizontal resolution of more than 2,000 pixels. In the case of smartphones, the resolution refers to the vertical side resolution size. The rumor does not specify how large the display will be, but LG showed off a new 5.5-inch quad HD display this August. ZDNet Korea’s report also says that the G3 will feature a 16-megapixel rear camera and an eight-core processor. The G3 isn’t expected to launch until the second half of 2014.

The LG G2 shows some impressive specs, however it suffers from a focus on useless features such as its awkwardly placed buttons. As a result, the G2 has struggled, only selling 2.3 million units to date, which is far below the company’s expectation of 3 million units.

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Two More Assassin’s Creed Titles Rumored To Be Released In 2014

Ubisoft might be planning on releasing two Assassin’s Creed titles across next-gen and current-gen platforms next year. When Ubisoft announced that Assassin’s Creed is now an annual franchise, many gamers felt dubious about the possibility of it being a revamped engine having minor tweaks but the same gaming experience.

However, with Assassin’s Creed IV, Ubisoft has proven their promise. In Black Flag, Ubisoft handled gaming experience and uniqueness quite well and proved that the studio is still very much on its game. But whether the studio, and gamers for that matter, handle putting out two Assassin’s Creed games in the same year, that remains to be seen.

In a recent interview with Examiner, Ubisoft Sofia producer Momchil Gindyanov shared that “multiple releases are a possibility” for 2014:

“Definitely [multiple releases a year] is a possibility. That being said, I don’t believe AC Liberation and AC IV are in competition as both games provide different experiences and I’m sure our fans enjoy both.”

Based on Ubisoft’s announcement of a yearly Assassin’s Creed release, we can assume that there may be as many as two games for 2014: one being a brand new game for next-gen consoles and the other the HD re-released of Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. Further speculation arises whether Ubisoft will continue this trend past 2014.

One of the biggest concerns that gamers face with the possible “two Assassin’s Creed games a year” scenario is not being able to really digest the story and gameplay to prepare for a new game. That was one of the points that Examiner brought up, along with the concern that a new release so soon might affect sales figures.

Millions of players are enjoying Edward Kenway’s exploits across the 18th Century Caribbean, and quite a few of them haven’t really thought about a new Assassin’s Creed game. If Ubisoft is to release two Assassin’s Creed titles in a year, they might risk over-saturating the market as well as diluting your core constituency.

Although Ubisoft already has an idea on how the series will end, there’s a multitude of unexplored paths for the franchise that spans across the wake of time itself.

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Apple’s iWatch Rumored To Arrive Next October

China-based report might indicate that the long rumored Apple iWatch will finally be launched in October 2014. According to a source who is said to have a good track record with leaks involving Apple, the Cupertino based tech titan is testing two different prototypes of the iOS powered timepiece. Both are equipped with a 100mAh battery, which is roughly one-third of the 315mAh capacity of the cell on the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. And despite an update last month that improved the Galaxy Gear’s battery life, it still is the subject of some complaints. In other words, if a 315mAh battery doesn’t provide enough battery life on Samsung’s smartwatch, what can 100mAh bring to the iWatch?

The report insists that the Apple iWatch will be able to support wireless charging from 3.2 feet away. This would mean that the wireless charging would not be based on Qi’s standards, but would use a magnetic resonance system similar to what Samsung is rumored to be using for its smartphones starting in the middle of next year. If you had enough chargers, you could set them up in certain areas of your home or in your car or office, and the watch could recharge once you were within range.

The report should however be taken as a rumor and nothing more, reports about what the iWatch will look like or its functions are just speculation. Even those who claim to have seen the watch with their own two eyes don’t know if what they were looking at was a prototype that could be changed before it is released.

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Nokia Rumored To Be Working On An Android-Powered Lumia Version

The well-known @evleaks posted a red colored odd-looking Nokia handset a few weeks back. We all thought it would be an upcoming Lumia device from its shape, as Nokia tends to keep the basic Lumia design looking as similar as possible. Surprisingly, according to The Verge, it’s not just any Lumia Phone. It is said to be Nokia’s long-rumored entry to the Android market.

Tom Warren from The Verge states several unnamed sources who claim that the handset is what’s being called internally “Project Normandy”. The report claims that the phone will run Android apps—but not in the way that you’d expect. Like Amazon’s Kindle Fire devices, it’s Normandy will supposedly run a forked version of Android that won’t deal directly with Google Play.

Warren also claims that the phone will be a cheap, Asha-level Nokia phone. It is to be expected, since Nokia has yet to test the Android related market with its products, so spending a lot of money on a high-end handset and watching it sit on shelves months onwards, mainly due to its production costs and prices it would have in stores, it would make sense to just test the waters first and afterwards make big plans.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just listening to rumors, because even if the Normandy project is real, it might never see daylight. Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s handset decision is all but a sure thing at this point, and making hardware for a rival operating system sounds like the kind of plan that might get dropped instantly.

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New High-Res Kindle Paperwhite In The Works

Amazon is rumored to have another Kindle Paperwhite in the works which is due for next year, considering that the previous Paperwhite released is just two months old.

The new tablet is said to have a high-resolution of 300 ppi and is designed to be a strong competitor for the Kobo Aura HD, boasting a 265 ppi screen and the current tablet with the highest-resolution display available in an e-reader, compared to Amazon’s current Paperwhite which has only 212 ppi.

In addition to an improved screen, the new model will resemble the Kindle HDX and be lighter than the current model. Some hardware makeovers include a display that is flush with the front panel rather than recessed. There are also reports of Amazon moving from plastic to a matte glass for the new model. Also, there are no major software upgrades planned for the new model, but Amazon is said to be developing a new custom font specially designed for the device. The company is also reportedly working on an option that will allow text to break with hyphens at the end of lines rather than a ragged right presentation.

Amazon unveiled the current Kindle Paperwhite device in September as one of its trio of new tablets. The device is Amazon’s first self-illuminating e-ink reader. The new Paperwhite is expected somewhere in the second quarter of 2014.

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Image courtesy of Cnet

Upcoming Google Nexus 10 – 2013 Edition Images Leaked

Two images portraying the Google Nexus 10 – 2013 Edition were leaked, according to NextPowerUp. Both pictures are property of LG which leads to the conclusion that Google and the Korean giant teamed up to make a Nexus device, and not a smartphone this time.

The rumor adds to the Google Nexus 8, which is also rumored to arrive in the coming few months, possibly made by LG as well. The LG Nexus 10, codenamed “LG-V510”, appears to be a compact 10-inch Android tablet with anorexic bezels, a trademark of almost all high-end LG products this year such as the G2, G Pad, Nexus 5, and now the Nexus 10. Also, the tablet looks to be pre-loaded with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system.

The only way to be sure about whether the tablet rumor is true or not is to check if it appears on the FCC in the following months. If not, we will at least know that the rumor is not as valid as we thought it to be.

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Apple’s Retina iPad Minis Rumored To Have Limited Stock Availability

It seems Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed another rumor when asked about the availability of the iPad mini with Retina display. Cook said that the new model will start shipping “later in November,” but that it’s “unclear whether we’ll have enough for the quarter or not”. Cook quickly pointed out that “we know how many we’ll have,” but that it’s difficult to predict demand for a product until it starts shipping. He seemed to be confirming persistent rumors that the Retina mini would be in short supply during the holiday shopping season.

Although Cook insisted that “we’ll do fairly well with iPad,” and that Apple will have a “really great holiday season,” the company may have reason to be concerned about not being able to meet demand for the new model. As reported earlier, iPad sales were flat compared to the same period last year, even while competitors are seeing major growth in tablet sales. Apple has seen its share of the total tablet market drop from 60 percent a year ago to just 32 percent today.

Apple is hoping, according to Cook, for “an iPad Christmas,” but it may be one that many customers will have to celebrate without the company’s most notable new model.

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A Couple Of 10-inch HP Tablets Surface At FCC

Thanks to FCC website, we now know a little bit more about two new HP. Now we see that HP has pushed two different models through the FCC, though not much is known about them. Other than at least one will run Android, the details are light.

First off is the HP Slate 10 HD, which sports a 1280 x 800 10-inch screen and Marvel PXA986 ARM SoC. Liliputing is reporting that it will also have Beats Audio, which could be the cause for the red housing. The Slate 10 will run a variant of Android, but a specific API has not been revealed yet.

The other tablet is dubbed the HP 10 1900, which it is believed to be a hint at a better screen resolution. a 1280 x 800 10-inch screen is a bit dated, but something more dense would be appreciated. While it is know that the Slate 10 will be an Android tablet, nothing was noted about the HP 10 190o’s operating system.

Both tablets have similar specs, too. Each will have GSM and CDMA capabilities, standard WiFi credentials, and Bluetooth 3.0. The Slate 10 is also said to be offered in WiFi or 4G variants, and support Micro SD Card storage as well as sport a front and rear camera. While they are not the best tablet, or maybe tablets, you can get with Android, the price will be the real determining factor.

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Sega: Spectrum, A New World Of Entertainment


Admit it, when you see the single word SEGA you can’t help but chime in with their sing-song of the name. Okay, you might be able to, but when I see it, I NEED TO DO IT! SEGA! Rumors are spreading, and like a California wildfire, Sega is going to bring us an announcement? A new game? A new console? Or are they going to do as they say and bring us “A New World of Entertainment.”

The image above appears to be from SEGA, a simple tease of an advertisement. At the top of the image there is Japanese lettering which gives us the words “A new world of entertainment.” Spectrum appears to be the name of the product that SEGA will be introducing to us, and they will be bringing us this announcement on June 12, 2013.

A post was found from shaowebb on providing us with a simple image, which they commented

Searched and found nothing. Lock/mock if old.

Text translates to “A new world of entertainment.”

What is this thing? Arcade board maybe? Digital platform? I’m clueless here…

This could be anything really with no solid information we can only assume that they are going to bring us an announcement rather than releasing a new game, though they could be telling us about a new game.

Has SEGA been tight lipped and kept a huge secret for their next generation of console, I don’t think so. I believe that if SEGA were to be gearing up for a next generation console they would have been announcing it from the roof tops, then again, with the bust of Dreamcast maybe they are keeping shareholders in the dark. We will just have to wait and see.