New Free-To-Play Ridge Racer Driftopia Enters Closed Beta Today

I’m a big fan of the Ridge Racer franchise, or at least I used to be. I still regard the PlayStation 1 editions of the series to be the best around and there was a magic that has rarely been captured since. Yet nostalgia will get the better of me again because I really can’t wait to play this new title and given that it will be free makes it all the more likely that I will.

Ridge Racer Driftopia is the first ever free-2-play game based on the legendary franchise, and puts the series’ signature drifting and arcade handling right at the heart of the experience. Developed by Finland’s Bugbear Entertainment, the studio behind 2012 title Ridge Racer Unbounded, Ridge Racer Driftopia distils the experience to the essential elements of driving, drifting and destruction, with upgraded visuals that make every dust mote and gleaming fender shimmer with life. Players will be challenged to shave seconds off each other’s times as they tear up the streets and punch holes in solid concrete to reveal vital shortcuts. Beat other players’ times to climb the global rankings, level up cars and earn booster cards to get that racing edge over the competition.

Be one of the first to experience the game and provide your valuable feedback to the teams Go to and register to receive a beta key granting you access to RIDGE RACER Driftopia’s closed beta starting today on Steam.

Thank you Driftopia for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Driftopia.

Bugbear Entertainment Working on New PC Next-Gen Racing Game

Demolition derby is set to return in a very big way! Best known for their critically acclaimed, multi-million selling “FlatOut” series (FlatOut, FlatOut 2, FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage) and most recently for Ridge Racer Unbounded, team Bugbear is going to deliver the definitive demolition derby racing game soon.

“We are returning to our roots to make this game, re-interpreting what initially excited us way back in FlatOut days. It’s full-contact motor sports with cars built for crashing. We’re doing it because our fans have been asking for this kind of game for years. We get the messages every week.”

“Nobody else seems capable of delivering what they need, and there hasn’t been a proper demolition derby game for a long time. It’s about time the fans got an answer.”

“Technology now allows us to fully realize what we imagined back then – debris-filled scenes of high speed carnage. We’re taking destruction racing to a level you’ve never seen before. We can put tons more metal and dirt in the air now, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We want to make you feel the carnage. We’re calling it just our next car game for now. It’s coming for the PC and yet to be announced platforms. More news soon.”

The FlatOut games used to be a lot of fun on the PC, I even still go back for a few games of FlatOut 2 from time to time myself and the prospect of a next-gen fully up-to-date and no doubt packed to the max with epic physics based destruction makes this one game I really can’t wait to see in action.

Check out the teaser video bellow and let us know, are you looking forward to a new FlatOut title?


You can find more information on the upcoming title on the official website.