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Get Your System Back From Petya Without Paying a Penny!

When it comes to security threats and risks, the community as a whole is at its best when it has a common goal. An example of this was two weeks ago when a new ransomware was…


Microsoft Wants to Know If You’ll Sell Back Your Digital Games

With the internet as fast as it is, and people gaining access to bigger and bigger storage options at cheaper prices, it comes as no surprise that people prefer the method of digital delivery for games.…


Futurama is Coming Back as an iOS Game

Good news everyone! Futurama is back after 20th Century Fox signed a deal with German game developer Wooga to create Futurama: Release the Drones. While it’s not the new series everyone hoped for, I’m just pleased to…


BBC Reportedly Offers Clarkson His Job Back

So we all know about the “fracas” between Jeremy Clarkson and one of the producers; if you haven’t, get from under your rock and read this. Well, now it turns out that with the massive support for…


Nvidia Mobile GPU Overclocking to Return in Next Driver Update

It was only six days ago that we could report that the latest Nvidia drivers disabled the overclocking abilities on mobile GTX900 chips and later issued the statement that the overclocking wasn’t an intended feature in their…


Pirate Bay Return Suspected to Be a Honeypot

We reported on the return of The Pirate Bay not long ago, but now suspicions are starting to rise that the new site may be just a honeypot setup by the FBI, one designed to lure…