Breaking News: Microshaft Finally Got Some Sense Knocked Into Them!

Breaking News! Xbox One will no longer require an internet connection, as well as that they are not going to restrict used games or game lending anymore. No more daily check-ins and it will be able to be used in all regions! At least that is what Andrew Goldfarb has told us.

Microsoft must have gotten some sense knocked into them by someone, perhaps it has been all of the BAD publicity that have been receiving recently! It has been one bad thing after another about the new Xbox One, which is not even due for release until November. Things like requiring you to connect to the internet at least once every 24 hours, requiring used games to have a paid registration, not allowing games to be shared or traded with friends and family. They will also no longer be locking Xbox One to specific regions, so you will be able to take your Xbox One where ever you please, great for if you like to travel.

Essentially Microsoft is removing all of the horrible features that they added, and they are taking a step back. They issued an official post to their website explaining their stance. The only time an internet connection will be required is when you initially setup your console.

Like the Xbox 360, disk based games will require the disk to be in the tray. Great news for those of us that like to share our games with our friends, or like to trade-in games when we are done with them, there will no longer be any restrictions. All of the downloadable games will work the same way, and will not require your console to be connected.

Perhaps these changes are because of the uproar of fans after Sony announced that the Playstation 4 will not require an internet connection or even authentication, as well as no fees for trading in your used games. Will Microsoft earn back some customers with this change of heart, let me know in the comments below.

Thank you IGN for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of eTeknix.