Tor Accuses CloudFlare Of Blocking Its Network

Content provider CloudFlare is no stranger to the spotlight, with being accused of protecting pro-ISIS by Anonymous causing it some issues. Now it would seem that they are instead on the throwing end of a claim, saying that requests they get from the Tor network (a network designed around allowing anonymous browsing on the web) are malicious 94 percent of the time. Tor accuses CloudFlare of mischaracterizing their users and blocking its network, with it going so far as to impact normal traffic.

Tor claims that its users are often getting stuck in CAPTCHA loops or outright failures, stopping them from accessing content in even the simplest of ways. In external research, Tor states that CloudFlare was found to block at least 80 percent of IP addresses from its service, with the number increasing over time. The CAPTCHA loop is caused by a measure CloudFlare has introduced that requires users of the Tor network to fill out CAPTCHA’s, but only users of the Tor network will see these.

Tor isn’t happy about this accusation and wants to see evidence regarding their 94 percent figure. Many are wondering how they reached this figure, or even how they deem if a connection is trustworthy. With so many people now using networks and systems like Tor, blocking or making the experience worse for users can’t be seen as a positive step when it comes to providing content.

Internet Watershed For Saucy eBooks

Have you ever contemplated if governments, authorities, and anyone who debates, writes and passes laws around the world genuinely understands the notion of the Internet? Over the years Pepperidge Farms has wondered this and so have I. A variety of experts have defended politicians stating that after analysing the results, there seems to be a logic, common sense if you will.

This tall tale with which I am going to write is 100% factual, this has not been lifted from a Disney book but rather has been reported by a respected outlet within a European Country. Apparently, I am not making this up; the Youth Protection Authority within Germany has handed down a law stating that Saucy eBooks cannot be sold on the Internet by German resellers until the hours of 10pm – 6am. This effectively means a law states that a watershed must exist on the Internet with the aim of content only being available from a specific time.

These kinds of Adult eBooks which I am told exist, fall within German telemedia and therefore infringe upon the Youth Media Protection State Treaty, therefore any youth endangering eBooks, not my words, the words of, IT News online website, or more factually, the words of Google Translate as I don’t speak German cannot be sold until 10pm at night.

These statements aimed at protecting Children have become more and more ludicrous, the notion of an Internet which upon command can be walled off for certain hours of the day is astonishing, it’s also not clear if this content will magically appear again at 10pm or not and if so, anyone who shouldn’t be viewing such content will just, erm, stay up past their bed time. Great firewall of China? No, what you really want is a great watershed wall of Germany, think Berlin wall that disappears at night.

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Original RickRoll Video Blocked by YouTube

It appears that the popular video-sharing website, YouTube, has blocked access to a seven years old RickRoll video, preventing users from hearing the still-popular “Never Gonna Give You Up” line. The video itself was uploaded by user ‘cotter548’ and was simply titled “RickRoll’D” and had nearly 71 million views, having YouTube blocking it in several countries, including the US.

YouTube did not comment immediately on the reason for blocking the video, which takes us to another similar but brief incident in 2012. Astley himself did not comment on the service’s action as well, but given that he did not write the song himself, he is thought not to have anything to do with the video’s removal. RCA is said to have released the track, which was co-written by Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman.

The track itself is said to have spent 23 weeks on the Hot 100 list back in 1987 and 1988, having it be the top song played during that period. The meme entitled ‘Rickrolling’ started to surface ten years later when Internet users started pranking their friends by sending a link of something that looked interesting and relevant, having it open to Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” shimmy.

It then quickly went viral and recipients over the years are stated to have included the Church of Scientology, the MTV Europe Music Awards, the new York Mets, MIT and various radio listeners. It is said that even the White House ‘roll’d’ a bored town hall attendee in 2011, having Astley himself popping out of an obnoxious float to Rickroll the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade in 2008.

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