iPad Software Glitches Lead to American Airlines Flight Delays

Last night there were more angry American Airlines travelers than there should have been, and it can be blamed on iPad software. Delays were caused for flights due to issues with software on the iPads that the airline uses in its fleet of airliners that were to take the place of manuals that could weight up to 35lbs.

The software issue proves that making things better with technology can also really come back to bite you. The iPads the pilots use in the cockpits replaces up to 35 pounds of manuals in each airliner, making a decent fuel saving in the fleet as a whole. But last night the iPads experienced issues with planes having to return to gates for a Wi-Fi connection in order to fix their issue.

On one of the flights, passengers were told that the pilot’s and copilot’s iPads went blank. On another cross country flight passengers were told that the iPads had to be “completely rebooted”. An American Airlines spokesperson said, “We’ve identified the issue, we’ve identified the solution, and we are working on it right now.” They claimed that the issue only affected “a few dozen flights”.

Maybe it is time for American Airlines to look into Android tablets, you think?

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of wikipedia.