eTeknix 2015 Christmas Buying Guide – Treat Yourself or Someone Else!

The time for holiday festivities is almost upon us and as the modern tradition of consumerism continues to grow, it becomes harder and harder to pick the right gifts for people every year, or perhaps it’s just me who struggles? Either way, we’ve sat around a Christmas fire, or just a general fire in November and December, getting into the gift buying state of mind and picked a range of our favourite products which we’ve reviewed here at eTeknix throughout 2015, as what better products to recommend than the ones we’ve had in our own hands and tested!

We’ve got a huge range of budgets covered here today, although I think it’s fair to assume that given we play around with graphics cards and a lot of enthusiast friendly products, there are some real wallet busters here too. Of course, you can use this guide to find some of the best products of the year to treat your family, friends and more, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t just spoil yourself too!

Rock Band 4 Band in a Box

Get ready to rock out this Christmas and no doubt many other days. Pick up the guitar, drum sticks, or just butcher your favourite song on the microphone. Rock Band 4 – Band in a Box is a fantastic gift and it’s a great thing to deploy at parties too, certainly beats the usual Karaoke chaos! It comes with the guitar, microphone, drums and the game for $249.99. To save costs, the standalone game with the guitar is just $129.99. In the UK, the Band in a Box is £219.99, while the guitar and game is just £109.99.

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Chassis

The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Mid-Tower chassis is by far my favourite chassis of 2015, it just oozes high quality inside and out, with capabilities for high-end water and air cooling and so much more. It is available from Overclockers UK for £139.99 and is available in both Gun Metal and black.

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Raijintek Styx Micro-ATX Aluminium Chassis

What a fantastic little chassis this is! Built from beautifully finished brushed aluminium and available in a wide range of colours, this would make a great gift for someone building a new gaming system this Christmas. The Raijintek Styx chassis is available from Overclockers UK for just £64.99.

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be quiet! Silent Base 800 Chassis

Another expensive chassis on our list, but one of the best we’ve seen this year. If you’re wanting to build someone, or yourself, a gaming PC that not only looks great but is as silent as you could ever hope for, the Silent Base 800 Window is the way to go. It is available from most popular retailers for 149,90EUR/119 GBP/149,90 USD ex. VAT.

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Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent Red Mechanical Keyboard

Featuring the innovative Cherry MX Silent Switches, the Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is simply amazing to use. It’s packed full of features and is by far the quietest mech we’ve ever tested. A little expensive, but I’m sure anyone would be happy to unwrap this at Christmas. The Strafe is available for £139.99 from Overclockers UK, while the MX Red and the MX Brown are priced at £129.95. If you want the non-RGB version, you can find the MX Red and the MX Brown at £99.95 each.

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Thermaltake Commander Gaming Gear Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The TteSports by Thermaltake Commander Keyboard and Mouse Combo is a great gift for Christmas, it’s affordable, has a nice range of features and you get a keyboard and a mouse in a single nice and tidy (and easy to wrap) box! With prices around £23.99 it’s hard to say no to such a great deal! Readers in the US can pick one of from Newegg for an equally impressive $29.99.

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CM Storm Quick Fire XTi Mechanical Keyboard

RGB mechanical keyboards are everywhere this year, but the XTi from Cooler Master is my personal favourite so far. It’s no-fuss and bold design is great for home and office, gaming or work, with the added bonus that it’s incredibly durable and has some of the nicest lighting tones I’ve seen so far, even if it does only allow for a mixture of red and blue! You can pick up the XTi from Box for just £134, although there’s also a deal that includes a free mouse here!

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Corsair Scimitar RGB MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse

The Gaming Scimitar RGB MOBA/MMO Gaming Mouse is packed full of features that will put a smile on any PC gamers face. With RGB lighting, excellent performance and a customisable keypad on the side, it’s one of the best mice we’ve ever tested. better yet, it’s only £69.95 from Overclockers UK.

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Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is a prime example of how great a gaming mouse can truly be. This is without a doubt the best mouse sensor we’ve ever tested and the rest of the mouse isn’t exactly lacking in features either. I’d be tempted to buy this one for myself this Christmas, but you could always treat someone else with it too. It’s available directly from the Logitech website (with free shipping) for just £69.99.

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G.Skill MX780

A relatively new entry on the peripherals market, the G.Skills MX780 is a fantastic gaming mouse, with a switchable left or right handed grip that makes it ideal for a wide range of gamers. With a retail price of just $59.99 it is exceptional value for a Christmas gift, and given its spec, it’ll go head to head with many of the best mice on the market.

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Corsair Void Headset

We were absolutely blown away by the Corsair Void series, some of the best sounding, most comfortable and best-looking headsets we’ve ever seen! They would make a great gift, but be careful, if you try them out before you give them away, you may want to keep them. The Corsair Void USB 7.1 RGB Headset is available from Overclockers UK for just £79.99. This is £10 cheaper than the Wireless headset which is £89.99, I prefer the wireless and think it’s not much more to pay for the extra tech, but you’re own preferences will obviously determine which model you prefer.

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Astro A40 TR + Mix Amp Pro

Eager to get the best of the best gaming headset for you or your loved one? Then make no exception, the Astro A40 TR Headset with Mix Amp Pro is the way to go. This is one that’s sure to leave a dent in your wallet, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Available from the Astro store for £200, plus around £48 for the optional Mod Kit, the Astro is expensive, but the sound quality, features and comfortable fit are priceless.

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Crucial BX200 SSD

SSD prices are dropping constantly and there really has never been a better time to invest. If it’s for your own system, you can give yourself a great upgrade without spending a fortune, but the smaller drive sizes make excellent gifts to those who could do with a performance upgrade on their system. The Crucial BX200 comes with an MSRP of £234.49 ($299.99) for the 960GB model and £66.49 ($84.99) and £116.99 ($149.99) for the smaller 240GB and 480GB models, plus the small boxes are super easy to wrap up as a gift.

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QNAP TS-251 2-Bay NAS

Give the gift of a connected home this Christmas, from streaming your movies around the house, to backing up those important files, there are a lot of benefits to owning a NAS. Not the cheapest of gifts, but it’s one of those products where if you buy cheap, you’ll likely regret it in the long run. The QNAP’s TS-251 Turbo NAS can be found at NewEgg for $384.99, at Scan UK for £295.32, or through Geizhals starting at €284.

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Sapphire Nitro R9 380X 4GB Graphics Card

AMD have created a mighty powerhouse with the R9 380X and the Sapphire Nitro is one of the finest examples. It’s fast, sleek and affordable, more than enough power for 1080P ultra gaming, or 1440p high gaming, making it a great addition to anyone who wants the latest PC games for Christmas. The Sapphire Nitro R9 380X is currently available from OverclockersUK for £199.99. NeweggUS currently has this card listed for $229.99.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card

Spend a little more, get a lot more, the GTX 970 is a superb card, but one that may be getting a little expensive for those looking for a Christmas gift. With enough power to play anything on the market and even delve into high-end resolutions, it’s a strong contender for something to put under the Christmas tree, or even put on your own wish list. The Gainward Phoenix GTX 970 is currently available in the UK from SCAN for £273.56 and for an estimated $360 in the US.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 980ti 6GB Graphics Card

It wouldn’t be Christmas if we couldn’t all hope and dream, but the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX 980Ti is currently one of the best cards on the market and we would be crazy not to suggest the best of the best. Available in the UK for the £599.99 it’s certainly not cheap, although we’ve seen some great deals bringing it down below £500, so it’s best to shop around. Just imagine the look on your partners face when they unwrap this monster on Christmas day!

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Getting a little more back to reality and reasonable prices, DDR4 memory is dropping in price quite nicely now. It was super expensive at launch, but now you’ll often find DDR4 kits at equal or lower prices to their DDR3 equivalents. That makes them a great upgrade for Christmas, but make sure you have a DDR4 motherboard to go with it!

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Shield Android TV

Snapped up a 4K TV in the Black Friday deals? The Nvidia Shield Console is the most powerful Android device on the market, and it’s the perfect media player for Plex, 4K content on Netflix and more. Even better, it’s also a very powerful gaming system, with many AAA games available to play, as well as game streaming features that will leave you wondering why this device doesn’t cost more than £149.99! You can buy the Shield TV and accessories directly from Nvidia here.

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Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S

Think someone could do with a cooling upgrade for their system, or perhaps even parts towards a new system build this Christmas? Treat them to an AIO water cooler and they’ll be able to reduce the noise from their system and unlock its overclocking potential! The Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme S is a little expensive, but it’s still a competitively priced AIO at just £81.98 and would make a great gift, especially if you’re just going to treat yourself.

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Alpenfohn Atlas

The Atlas is one of the coolest coolers we’ve seen this year, a tiny form factor with big performance and virtually silent acoustics. Building a system for someone or upgrading your own, this is one cooler you’ll want to consider and given that it’s available from Overclockers UK for a very reasonable £42.95, it’s another great addition to our buying guide.

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be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim

Need a premium cooler but don’t want to pay a premium price this Christmas? The be quiet! Shadow Rock Slim is more affordable, but still packs some impressive performance figures. It’s available from for just £30.52 + shipping here in the UK and from for $49.90 + $9.80 shipping in the US.

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Inateck Mercury Box Bluetooth Speaker

Love your music on the go, when you’re out at the park, or anywhere for that matter? The Mercury box offers up a huge sound from such a tiny box. Built from aluminium and featuring a waterproof design, it’s one of the best mobile speakers on the market, great for listening to music wherever you are! Available from for just $48.99 and readers in the UK can get it from for £49.99.

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OnePlus 10,000mAh Mobile USB Power Bank

The perfect stocking filler, a 10,000 mAh mobile battery. This has enough juice to charge most mobiles several times, and it’ll even recharge high-end devices such as iPads with ease too. Perfect for travelling, and best of all, it’s super lightweight and affordable. The power bank is £13.99/$14.99/€15.99 and you can order it directly from OnePlus.

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Gaming Systems

Nothing says I love you like a kick-ass gaming PC. Of course, budgets vary wildly from hundreds to even thousands of pounds/dollars, but that’s the joy of buying a PC, or building your own, there’s so much to choose from! With so many awesome system integrators around these days, you can’t go far wrong. Chillblast, CyberPower, PC Specialist, Vibox, Freshtech or Overclockers UK.

Gaming in the living room? Why not invest in a CyberPower Syber Steambox! Prices start at £485 and go right up to £1905, giving you a great choice to suit your needs, and your budget.

A whole lot of gaming for not a lot of money from Chillblast, with their very competitive Fusion NightHawk, a great option for those looking for their first gaming PC at just £599.

Got a little more budget to play around with this Christmas? The super fast gaming systems from PC Specialist that feature ASUS Maximus VIII hardware also come with the gorgeous Gladius mouse! Systems in this category start at £890 for the i5 and GTX 960 model, all the way up to £1670 for the i7 and GTX 980 Ti.

Another mid-budget powerhouse, this time from Vibox with their Element X. At just £649, this MSI R9 380 and AMD FX-6300 powered computer is great for gaming and would make a great gift this Christmas.

Time to bring out the big gun’s and really treat yourself? Or perhaps you just want your friend or family member to open a present they’ll never forget? The FreshTech Solutions Stealth Gaming PC is an absolute beast, powered by some of today’s latest and greatest hardware. Of course, it’s not cheap at £1412, but this is not your run of the mill gaming PC.

Overclockers UK offer a range of gaming systems, and general day-to-day PC’s just like another other, but with the big advantage that they’re also a normal PC component retailer. If you want to build your own system, customise a build or pick a pre-built system, you’ll find lots to play around with here.

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Raijintek Styx Windowed Micro-ATX Aluminium Chassis Review


We’re big fans of Raijintek here at eTeknix, time and time again they’ve delivered stunning products at very attractive prices and that’s something I’m hoping to see yet again with their latest product, the Raijintek Styx.

The Styx features the very popular Micro-ATX form factor, meaning it’s great for a compact gaming system or workstation, as it’ll hold a high-end motherboard, water cooling, an ATX power supply and two graphics cards, giving it a lot of room for everything from a budget build, right up to a high-performance gaming monster. It also features a range of colours, as well as aluminium construction, so there’s no doubt that it’ll look great in a wide range of environments.

“STYX, RAIJINTEK’s new aluminum Micro-ATX case in 2015, has a remarkable elegant appearance design and high compatibility with your PC system. STYX is compatible with regular/ standard ATX Power supply, max. 280mm VGA card, 180mm height CPU cooler. STYX provides best cooling solution, 120mm fan pre-installed at rear, optional 2*120mm fan on top /side, optional 120mm fan at bottom and max. 240mm radiator cooling on top/side. Moreover, STYX offer a drive bay for Slim DVD on side. Entirely black coated inside, aluminum color hair-silk anodized appearance, STYX satisfies not only your request of looking for elegant taste, but simultaneously satisfies the joy of installing a performing case.” – Raijintek

All the basics are taken care of, with room for a good amount of storage drives, as well as a slim ODD, graphics cards of up to 280mm and CPU coolers of up to 180mm.

Cooling support is great, but keep in mind that a top mounted radiator could conflict with a multi-GPU configuration, so be sure to doubt check compatibility before doing so.

Check out this brief introduction from Raijintek, which shows you some of the great features you can expect to find in their new Styx chassis.

The Raijintek Styx immediately impressed, with gorgeous brushed aluminium panels on all sides, giving it a sleek and premium look. The left side panel is a blank panel, as the motherboard is mounted inverted, so this would be the “rear” panel behind the motherboard. The side panels are held in place with four small screws on the side, not the easiest to get into in a hurry, but at least you don’t have the large screws sticking out at the back.

The right side panel has a lot more going on, with a slim ODD slot on the bottom-front edge, which is discrete enough that you may not have seen it, had I not mentioned it. There’s also a nice side panel window, which is positioned so that you can see the motherboard, CPU cooler and rear fan mounting.

The front panel looks just as gorgeous as the side panels, with a nicely placed power button with LED trim at the top and a small Raijintek logo at the bottom; I must admit, this would look great sitting next to a TV unit as a HTPC.

There is all kinds of stuff going on around the back! At the top, you’ll find two routing grommets, which can be used to expand the water cooling or simply as a cable passthrough. There’s also a PSU cable pass-through here, as the PSU mounts towards the front of the chassis. Below all that, you’ll find five ventilated expansion slot covers, which come fitted with a clip-on screw guard.

The top of the Styx improves on the (fairly) similar Metis Mini-ITX chassis design, adding a large filtered air vent, perfect for water cooling, fans, or just improving the passive airflow.

On the base, even more ventilation for bottom mounted cooling, as well as the very important PSU mounting space. There are four rubber feet, which will help reduce vibration, but also provide a nice bit of ground clearance for the PSU exhaust.

Raijintek’s Latest Atlantis Range Now Available

Raijintek is the relatively new kid on the block when it comes to mainstream water cooling solutions, but it has shown many that All In One (AIO) water cooling solutions can also be customised.

Back in the day of the first AIO solutions, you had a basic radiator with black tubes linked to a clunky processor heatsink and water pump combination. Times have changed and the roles have changed, the processor block is now slimline and the radiator has grown to 240mm or even 360mm. However, there was very little in the way of customisation available; you could change the fans and tweak the LED colour. Raijintek blew this concept out of the water (ha!) by introducing the first commercially successful and customisable range, Triton.

Now we see an expansion of the water cooling range with Atlantis. These parts are fully modular, so you have limited freedom to produce your own water cooling builds while using parts that are known to work well together. This takes out a lot of the guess-work with truly custom water cooling builds.

The new range currently consists of five main aspects: Coolant, Tubing, Water Pump, Water Blocks and Reservoirs. The coolant is a plain and clear variant that comes with the Red, Green and Blue additives to fine tune your colour choice extremely well.

It’s nice to see a move from the integrated pump and water block with this addition. The RAI-PM5 pump is set to become one of the best pumps on the market, with a 480 L/h flow rate and a head lift of 4.5 metres; you could set up even the most complex systems with this pump without worrying about flow.

There are two Reservoir options available, the RAI-R10 and RAI-R20. The R10 is 150mm tall while the R20 is 250mm. Both feature the same input and output ports and colour options, so the question really is bigger better?

The CWB C1 CPU block is an all copper design, looking fairly similar to others on the market. It features the industry standard G1/4 threads, so finding compatible fittings will be a doddle. Let’s hope there’s a transparent model in the works.

The GWB-C1 isn’t the most attractive model, but this is a CPU core only model and would need to be combined with the VWB-C1 (top image) VRAM block to ensure maximum performance.

I’m personally building my own water-cooled PC right now and I’m now having second thoughts about the pump and reservoir now.

For more information on the Atlantis range, head on over to OverclockersUK and check it out.

Raijintek STYX Now Available at Overclockers UK

Raijintek was very successful with the METIS line of Micro Towers and it’s hard to see it going any other way with the STYX. Getting one of the new Raijintek STYX cases isn’t as hard as it was before as Overclockers UK announces that they’re stocking the entire line-up.

The STYX is built on the same basic principle as the METIS, it’s just larger and can accommodate Micro-ATX motherboards on top of Mini-ITX motherboards while keeping similar aesthetics with its brushed aluminium chassis. It is available in six colours as well as with or without sidepanel window. A bigger chassis also allows for more cooling and you can mount two 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator in the top of the case and one on the side. There’s also support for a 120mm fan on the rear and one at the bottom of the chassis.

You can mount graphics cards with a length of up to 280mm and CPU coolers with a height of up to 180mm in the Raijintek STYX. It is designed for use with default ATX power supplies and also offers plenty of storage bays. There is an opening for use with a slimline slot-in optical drive and support for three 3.5-inch and six 2.5-inch drives, allowing you to add plenty of storage to the system. The chassis also comes with front audio and two USB 3.0 ports.

You can pre-order one of the 12 available Raijintek STYX chassis now and get one as soon as the become available. The non-windowed version will cost you £62.99 while the one with a window will cost £2 more, a minor premium for those who want to be able to see inside their chassis.

Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Cooler Review


By now you have probably heard of Raijintek, established in Europe in 2013 they have gone from a small emerging company to a rather big name in a small amount of time. They already have a range of air coolers, such as the TISIS and the EREBOSS, a range of cases such as the AENEAS and the beautiful METIS and are looking to expand into power supplies and other products in the coming years.

Today we are going to look at the Triton, Raijinteks expandable AIO CPU cooler which has a few tricks up its sleeve. The Raijintek Triton supports all the popular socket types from both Intel and AMD. You can also see that we have a 12v pump, an aluminium radiator and a copper water block, all in the hopes to keep temperatures as low as possible.

The box for the Triton is really nice, it is quite “aggressive” with its font and an excellent picture on the front; it certainly makes it stand out. It has all the information you need about the cooler such as which sockets it fits and some nice pictures showing you what to expect inside.

Inside the box we get a nice bunch of brackets and fittings to allow us to mount the CPU cooler, the fittings are for both AMD and Intel. One of my pet hates with certain manufactures is giving a sachet of thermal paste rather than a syringe. The sachet can only be used once, meaning if you need to re-attach the cooler to upgrade the CPU or anything else, then you will have to purchase more separately, unfortunately Raijintek have opted to give us a sachet. It’s great that they do actually supply some paste, I just prefer to have more than one application.

You might also have noticed the 3 little coloured bottles, we will go into these a little later on, but they certainly make this cooler stand out from the crowd.

The two 120mm fans for the Triton are very simple looking indeed, this is excellent as they will fit almost any system, too many colours can put people off fans if they don’t match the rest of the system, so keeping to black and white is a great idea. The 1000 – 2600 RPM fans should work great with the 240mm radiator as they’re designed to provide a good amount of air pressure.

Raijintek have thought about this product a lot and to make sure you can balance between performance and noise, they have included this excellent little fan controller. When I opened the box I didn’t expect this and I wish I could get a box of these to work with other fans that I use; Such a simple idea makes a huge difference.

Before looking at the pump/rez combo, I want to show you the contact plate for it, this is a rather nice nickel plated copper which will ensure an excellent heat transfer from your processor to the fluid inside the cooler.

Now, let’s get onto this units party trick shall we? a new level of customisation for an AIO. As you can see below, we have a warranty void sticker over a G1/4 thread cap. This is to allow the use of the 3 dyes that are included with the Triton. I have been reliably informed that this sticker is to prevent novice users from opening the system, it will not void your warranty unless signs of misuse or excessive modification are detected, so using the dyes won’t instantly mean you cannot return the product. You will also notice from this picture that the inlet and outlet also have G1/4 threads, this is a very common thread size in custom water cooling, so this will allow you to easily expand the loop.

As you can see Raijintek give you 3 different dyes with their Triton cooler, Red, Yellow and Blue. This allows you to make a range of colours including green, purple, orange and more.

I chose the blue dye, and it is as simple as just adding as much as you like into the available port, less dye will give you a lighter blue, the whole bottle will give you the blue that you will see throughout this review.

With the full bottle we can see a really nice dark blue that really does change the whole look of the cooler; I really do like the idea of these dyes.

Another way that Raijintek make this cooler aesthetically pleasing, is by adding an LED into the CPU block, I can’t honestly say I saw it make too much difference, but I did test this cooler in the day time, after dark, it could change the look completely.

Installation for the Raijintek Triton is very easy, you just add the back plate to the motherboard using the screws and thumb nuts provided, you then add the front plate. Once you have done this, add the thermal paste and just simply attach the cooler to the front plate; simple!

When the cooler is in place there is plenty of space in between the RAM and the Triton meaning you can use RAM with large heat sinks if you like. So, we have seen how this product looks, let’s see how it performs!

Raijintek Aeneas Micro-ATX Cube-Style Chassis Review


Raijintek is quickly establishing a reputation for being one of the best chassis manufacturers around. Time and time again they’ve shown us that they can make fiercely competitive products, that are packed full of features, with great esthetics and build quality, while maintaining a very affordable price point. Raijintek have set such a good standard for themselves, so I have very high expectations of their latest product, the Aeneas Micro-ATX chassis.

The Aeneas is the latest addition to the booming cube-style chassis market. There’s a lot of great chassis’ now available in this form factor, catering to the growing demand of consumers and gamers, for powerful desktop systems. Just like the boom in Mini-ITX chassis after the release of the BitFenix Prodigy, Micro-ATX cube-style chassis’ are now growing in demand as system builders want more space for the latest generations of high-end graphics cards, multi-GPU configurations and of course, room for water cooling, especially with the increasing popularity of custom loop cooling.

As you can see from the specifications below, the Aeneas is a very capable chassis. It has room for Micro-ATX motherboards, five expansion slots, extensive fan/radiator mounting options, clearance for large graphics cards and CPU coolers and a whole lot more!

The left side panel has a large window with a slight tint, giving us a great view of the chassis interior.

The right side panel has a mesh-style cut-out; this will allow airflow to the PSU.

The front panel has a really cool design. There’s plenty of ventilation on the front panel mesh and there’s a 5.25″ and 3.5″ bay; perfect for fan controllers, card readers and optical drives.

There are two 140mm fans pre-installed around the back, with optional 120mm mounts. There are five expansion slots, with two routing grommets above them, giving you plenty of room for expanding your system. The PSU is mounted on its side, hence the ventilation on the right side panel; this should free up lots of space in the bottom section for storage devices.

The top panel matches the overall design of the front panel, with another large ventilated section; perfect for any top mounted cooling. Down the left side, you’ll notice four USB port and on the right, the power switches and HD audio jacks.

Finally, on the underside, you’ll find four durable feet with tough rubber grips; if you plan to put this chassis up on your desk, it shouldn’t slide around.

Raijintek Metis Mini-ITX Aluminum Chassis Review


Raijintek are one of the hottest components brands right now, they’ve only been on the market a couple of years and they’ve already proven time and time again that they can do great things. Of all the CPU coolers and chassis products I’ve tested from the Raijintek range, every single one of them has been an award winner. They’ve shown that they can make exceptionally well-designed products, with great build quality, premium quality features and still maintain a budget friendly price tag; which obviously makes them very appealing to consumers.

The chassis I’m reviewing today is the Metis, a mini-ITX cube style chassis with aluminium construction. There’s a lot of mini-ITX chassis hitting the market over the last couple of years and their demand is still growing thanks to the booming LAN gaming market, as well as the need for sleek HTPC style systems and Steambox style system. The Metis comes in a wide range of colours, giving it a lot of appeal as it’s easy to find one that best suits your taste and to colour match to the rest of your setup, with the added bonus of a luxurious brushed aluminium finish that should look great in any setting.

This chassis may be small, but as you can see from the specifications below, it’s rather well equipped. dEspite its tiny size, it’ll still handle a 170mm graphics card, an ATX power supply, a pair of 2.5″ hard drives or a single 3.5″ hard drive and a 120mm cooling fan.

The brushed aluminium finish looks great from any angle and Raijintek has done a great job on the colour, the red really pops out and this is certainly a chassis you will want up on top of your desk where it can be seen. The left side panel is held in place by four small screws and there’s a little extra ventilation to help improve airflow within the chassis.

Many of us love to show off our build, so you’ll be happy to know that you can get a Metis with a side panel window. If you don’t want the window, you can get the Metis with another ventilated side panel; just like the one on the left side of the chassis.

A nice clean look on the front of the chassis, with just a small Raijintek logo at the front and the nicely designed power button at the top.

The curvy edges of the chassis look great, but I especially like the angled and polished edge of the front panel. On the top of the chassis you’ll find a pair of USB 3.0 and HD audio ports, more than enough for a chassis of this size.

Around the back you’ll notice that the motherboard is mounted inverted, with the expansion slots at the top of the chassis. There’s a PSU pass through cable at the back, since the PSU is mounted toward the front of the chassis.

There’s a range of rubber washers and keyhole cut-outs on the base of the chassis, this makes it nice and each to directly mount your hard drives to the base of the interior of the chassis. The PSU mounts vertically at the front of the chassis, as you can see from the huge cut-out there. There’s also four thick rubber feet that will help reduce and vibrations from the chassis, whilst also stopping it from sliding around your desktop.

Raijintek Zelos Low Profile CPU Cooler

Introduction and Packaging

Raijintek is a relatively new company, established last year in Europe they are still quite a small company. Having said that, they already have a range of air coolers, such as the TISIS, a few liquid coolers like the TRITON and a VGA cooler. They also have made a range of cases such as the AENEAS and the METIS and are looking to expand into power supplies and other products in the coming years.

We have our hands on Raijinteks Zelos today, its the smallest cooler that Raijintek with a low profile of only 44mm and has a tiny footprint of 94cm square so it will fit in the tightest of spaces. Let’s take a look at it and see what it looks like as well as see how well it performs.

The top of the box has a nice little bit about who Raijintek are and shows the spec of the cooler and also that it will fit most Intel and AMD sockets.

The other sides have basically the same information as the top, or are pics of the cooler like the one below, nothing particularly exciting, but the pictures are good quality and the more information the better.

What is particularly interesting with this cooler is that inside this box there is a plastic “burger box” style packaging that protects the cooler and keeps all the bits together, it’s really quite pleasant and I would like to see this more often, specially with smaller coolers.

Inside the package, you will find the heatsink, the fan, a bracket for AMD mounting, the screws, a little spanner and a sachet of thermal paste. I’m not a massive fan on sachets of thermal paste. Don’t get me wrong, it is nice that they supply paste, but syringes are far superior than a sachet, there is plenty of paste to do two applications with this cooler, but due to there being no way to seal the sachet, after the first application its time to throw it in the bin.

Raijintek Aeneas Micro ATX Chassis Revealed

Raijintek have done nothing but impress us since they first hit the market. They’ve released one impressive product after another, while maintaining prices that make them incredible value for money. Now it looks like they’re about to add another great product to their range with their new Micro-ATX chassis; the Aeneas.

The chassis features a dual-chamber design and supports a range of high-end components. There’s room for 180mm tall CPU coolers, 210mm long graphics cards, a 280mm radiator in the top and a 240mm radiator in the front; more than enough for a high-performance gaming rig.

There are two 120mm fans pre-installed in the front, with room for an extra two 120mm fans or a single 200mm fan. There are two 140mm fans pre-installed in the back and there’s room for two more in the top. The chassis measures in at 288x380x430mm and weighs 8KG.

The Aeneas is available in black and white, pricing and availability will be revealed very soon.

Thank you Modders-Inc for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Modder-Inc.

Raijintek Arcadia Mid-Tower Chassis Review


Raijintek is back once again with yet another product that promises great quality at an affordable price. Raijintek have been on a winning streak here at eTeknix; every product we’ve seen from the company has been excellent and competitively priced, can their new Arcadia chassis keep that trend going? I certainly hope so.

The Arcadia is a budget chassis. With a price tag of just £25 there is no doubt that this is an affordable product. Cheap cases are often associated with being lower quality, but in the last couple of years we’ve seen several chassis’ hit the market that offer incredible value for money, without skimping on features. I’m hoping we’ll see something similar from the Arcadia.

As you can see from the specifications below, the Arcadia is available in black or white and it supports ATX and MicroATX motherboards. There are two 5.25″ drive bays, a range of 2.5″ and 3.5″ mounts, USB 3.0 support and more. Cooling is managed via four 120mm fan mounts with a single 120mm fan pre-installed.

The packaging is nicely designed, with a graphic representation of the chassis on the front and the specifications around the sides.

In the box you’ll find a 120mm dust filter for the PSU and a 240mm dust filter for the top panel. There’s also a simple user manual, some cable ties and all of the major screws and fittings required to install your components.

Raijintek Morpheus GPU Cooler Review


Raijintek are still fairly new to the consumer market, but over the last couple of years they’ve come back again and again with products that offer award-winning performance at wallet friendly prices. Following the success of their CPU coolers, Raijintek are now moving into the world of graphics card cooling, starting with the Morpheus GPU cooler which we are reviewing today.

The new cooler is compatible with many of today’s latest cards ranging from the Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti right up to the Nvidia Geforce GTX 780Ti, not forgetting of course the AMD ranges where it’ll find a comfortable home with everything from the older 78xx range, the R9 270 range and the high-end R9 290 range. It’s those higher models such as the 780 Ti and the 290X that are of particular interest, as these are high performance cards with very demanding cooling requirements; that should be some indication of how capable the Morpheus should be.

Today I’ll be putting it through its paces on the Sapphire R9 270X Toxic, I’ve chosen this card due to it featuring one of the best coolers in its class and it represents the level of performance your average high-end consumer is likely to purchase.

As you can see from the features and specifications below, this block is capable of handling up to 360w TDP though its bank of 12 copper heat-pipes.

  • Cooling capacity up to 360 watts TDP
  • 12 pcs copper heat-pipes and 129 pcs fins for efficient heat dissipation
  • 24pcs heat-sink for RAM & 1 big heat-sink for VRM
  • High compatibility with modern & future VGA cards
  • Thermal adhesive to lower RAM and VRM temperature significantly and assure proper bond
  • Compatible with AMD Hawaii chip (R9 290/290x) and Curacao chip (HD 7850, 7870 xt; R9 270/270x)
  • Compatible with nVIDIA GTX Series Chip: 650, 650Ti, 660, 660Ti, 680, 760, 770, 780, 780Ti
  • Supports two 120mm fans (4 fan clips in the box)
  • Whole heat-sink nickel plated

The box is pretty straight forward, it has a run down of the specifications and GPU compatibility, although do keep in mind to check with your manufacturer as some GPUs feature custom PCBs and this could interfere with compatibility.

In the box you’ll find the cooler, four fan mounting clips, a set of universal mounting arms, four screws with plastic washers and springs, a plentiful supply of double-sided sticky pads (enough for multiple re-installations) and a nice assortment of VRM heat sinks.

Raijintek Agos Mid-Tower Chassis Review


Raijintek have been on a winning streak ever since they hit the market, launching one award-winning product after another. Their real strong point has been class leading performance at affordable prices when compared to the competition and their CPU and GPU coolers are a prime example of this. Raijintek are now looking to tackle the chassis market and we’ve got their budget friendly Agos at our disposal to see if they can do the same for the chassis market, as they have for the cooling market.

The Agos is certainly affordable, with a price tag of just under £40 from most major retailers. This is a fiercely competitive part of the market and while many of us dream of owning ultra high-end chassis products that cost £100, the reality is that £30-50 is where most of us end up spending our money, so it’ll be interesting to see what the Raijintek Agos has to offer for this kind of money.

The chassis comes equipped with all of the features you could ask for when building a gaming rig; lots of airflow with dust filters, modular storage bays, USB 3.0 support, water cooling support, room for large air coolers, space for extra fans, tool free drive installation and room for large graphics cards of up to 410mm; more than enough for even the largest cards on the market.

The packaging is fairly straight forward, with a black and white image of the chassis on the front, the product logo and a quick run down of the major features and specifications (see above).

Around the back you’ll find a more detailed run down of the specifications as well as a representation of the chassis interior and fittings.

In the box you’ll find everything you need to get your components installed; including cable ties, screws and an internal system speaker.

Raijintek Triton AIO CPU Water Cooler Now Available

Raijintek have just launched their new Triton CPU water cooling unit. The Triton works like an all-in-one water cooler, but it retains the cool style of a custom water cooling loop. Equipped with a high-quality 240mm Raijintek radiator, 2 x 120mm Raijintek fans, clear pipes to show off your choice of cooling fluid and a unique pump/CPU block design with a clear chamber and internal LED lighting. The cooler comes pre-filled with clear fluid, but it’s also supplied with three dyes to allow you to customise it to your own build.

This is easily one of the best looking CPU coolers I’ve ever seen and I’ve heard rumours from industry friends that the performance is going to blow the competition away. What has really gotten my attention about this cooler, aside from the fact that it looks incredible, aside from the fact that it’s said to offer industry leading performance, is the fact that it is priced at just £69.99!

  • 240mm Aluminium Radiator
  • Low-noise pump with graphite pipe
  • Nickel-plated copper cold plate
  • Resevoir with 2 Integrated LED’s
  • Red, Green, Blue or Transparent Coolant
  • 2 x 120mm fans, Manually adjustable
  • Easy & Secure installation
  • Compatible to almost all sockets


  • Fan Dimension 120 x 120 x 25 (mm)
  • Fan Speed 1000 – 2600 RPM
  • Fan Airflow 38.889 – 100.455 CFM
  • Fan Air Pressure 0.744 -4.819mm H2O
  • Fan Noise Level 21.6 – 41.6 dBA
  • Fan Rated output 0.08 – 0.48 A
  • Power Consumption 0.96 – 5.76 W
  • Connector 3 pin
  • Radiator Dimensions 275 x 120 x 32 (mm)
  • Radiator Material 100% Aluminium
  • Pump Dimensions 38 x 56 x39 (mm)
  • Pump Bearingh Type Graphite Pipe and Ceramix Axis
  • Pump Q-Max 120L/Hr
  • Pump noise 18 dBA
  • Pump Life Expectancy 50,000 hours
  • Pump Speed 3000 RPM @ 12v DC
  • Pump Power 4 W
  • Copper Cold Plate
  • 2 year warranty

The Triton AIO water cooler is already available for pre-order from Overclockers UK and you can expect a full review from us in the very near future.

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Raijintek Reveal Metis Mini-ITX Cube Chassis

Raijintek have already established a great reputation for themselves in the cooling market and more recently they’ve had some interesting new entries into the chassis market. Now they’re back once again with the reveal of their colourful new Metis chassis, which comes with full aluminium construction, a tidy mini-ITX form factor and a wide range of colour options.

The exterior panels of the Metis are available in anodised brushed aluminium finished in black, red, silver, blue and gold, so it should be easy to coordinate the design with the rest of your build, or just simply grab the one you think looks the coolest. The interior of each model is brushed aluminium anodised black.

The small size of the chassis is far from limiting, as there is still room for a full ATX power supply, a 170mm graphics card and a 160mm CPU cooler. The case comes with two USB 3.0 ports and HD Audio connections on the top for easy connectivity.

Metis Features:

  • Aluminum colour hair-silk anodized appearance design
  • Entire Coating black internally design
  • Compatible with ATX POWER SUPPLY
  • Compatible with 170mm VGA card
  • Supports to max. 160mm height CPU cooler
  • 2*USB3.0 ports
  • Anti-vibration rubber for HDD installation
  • Supports to install 2*2.5″HDD & 1* 3.5″HDD
  • 120 mm performing fan pre-installed at rear
  • Large zone of Ventilation holes for airflow at side panel

We plan on having the Metis in for a full review in the coming weeks, but if you’re eager to know more, check out the product page at OCUK where the chassis is already available for pre-order.

Thank you Raijintek for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Overclockers.

Raijintek Themis Evo Pro & Tisis CPU Coolers Head-to-Head Review


Raijintek are easily my favourite cooling manufacturer of the moment, while they may be relatively new to the market compared to the established few such as Cooler Master, Thermaltake, be quiet! and more, they’ve already make a big impact on the industry. Every single one of their products we’ve reviewed so far has been an award winner, bringing class leading performance, great overall aesthetics and bargain prices; making Raijintek one of the best all round cooling manufacturers on the market.

With all that in mind, I’m expecting a lot from the two coolers we have here today, the Themis Evo Pro and the Tisis. The Themis Evo Pro is targeted at a more budget friendly end of the market since it will only set you back a wallet friendly £27.95, but I wanted to put it against the almost twice as expensive Raijintek Tisis to find out just how much more you get for your money; it is worth investing in one of their high-end coolers if you only need something like the Evo and of course should you want to overclock, will you need to up your budget for a high-end model like the Tisis?

Despite the budget friendly price, the Themis Evo is well equipped; it features four 8mm heat pipes which make direct contact with the CPU, aluminium fins, a good quality 120mm PWM fans and supports all major socket types.

UPDATE: The Tisis used to be called the Nemesys!

The Tisis is obviously a lot higher specification, featuring fives 8mm heat pipes, a nickel copper base, aluminium fins and two good quality 140mm PWM fans.

In the box for the Themis Evo you’ll find a simple install guide, fan clips, AMD and Intel mounting places, a universal motherboard back plate, high-quality screws and fittings, finally a set of rubber fan pegs.

The Tisis comes with an identical mounting kit, albeit with more rubber mounting pegs instead of a set of fan clips.

Raijintek Unleash Huge Range of Products at Computex 2014

Computex 2014: Raijintek are still fairly new to the market, and while  they’ve been steadily releasing a few CPU coolers and a chassis over the last 18 months, 2014 and 2015 is set to be the year their brand really takes off. They’ve brought along with them a huge range of new chassis products, CPU coolers and more, with feature sets that put the competition to shame and prices that made our jaws hit the floor, under cutting every rival in a like for like specifications vs price battle.

Their new water cooler comes pre-filled, features a 280mm radiator, low profiles fans and a very funky reservoir pump design that really stands out from the competition.

The Morpheus GPU cooler, which they claim offers incredible performance, fortunately I’ll be able to put that claim to the test myself very soon as we’re getting one in for review.

A huge new range of CPU air coolers on display, including their stunning black finish, which they claim is unlike anything else on the market today due to the unique way that it is applied. The end result is a stunning aesthetic that should look great in virtually any system build.

The Atlas is one of the best products I’ve seen at the show, priced at around £55 you’ll find room for micro-ATX motherboards, dual slot SLI setups, extra long GPUs, fully filtered air intakes, thick front radiator support, a fully removable motherboard tray, fully modular storage bays, including a separate 2.5″ bay that mounts directly off the back of the bottom fan, cable routing grommets, removable 5.25″ drive bay, USB 3.0, reversible panels, 200mm front fan support, top mounted cooling support, and the list just goes on and on. Best of all this budget friendly, high-end chassis will be available as soon as August this year.

This cute little number is cut from 1.5mm aluminium, features a sleek range of colour choices and good component compatibility that should make for a nice little desktop rig, HTPC or even a LAN gaming rig.

Raijintek AGOS Midi Tower Detailed

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Raijintek, they’re a fairly new brand to the market and have released a few coolers over the last year or so. They may be new to the market, but what we’ve seen so far has been really impressive, with a range of stylish, affordable coolers that perform superbly, so we’ve been eager to see what they can do for the chassis market. I actually saw the Raijintek AGOS last August at Gamescom, it wasn’t called the AGOS back then and we suggested a name change, looks like they took our advice (you’re welcome Raijintek).

The new chassis isn’t going to set the world on fire at its 50 EUR price point, as it is obviously targeted at the low-to-mid budget market. It does however have a very tidy looking design, lots of air flow. It will support ATX and micro ATX motherboards, measures in at 790H x 200W x 460D mm and has enough room for graphics cards of up to 410mm in length.

  • Three 5.25″ drive bays
  • Six 3.5 / 2.5″ drive bays
  • Seven PCI slots
  • two USB ports (1 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0)
  • 1 x 120mm fan pre-installed

The whole thing doesn’t sound terribly exciting, but it looks look pretty decent and the early prototype we saw at Gamescom was pretty great too. At this price point it’s obvious that Raijintek are playing it safe, but if they progress like their CPU coolers have, then I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer to this part of the market.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Raijintek Morpheus VGA Cooler Revealed

Raijintek is still something of a newcomer to the cooling market, but while they’ve only got a year or two under their belt, they’ve done nothing but amaze us with their wallet friendly prices, stylish yet simple designs and award-winning performance, pretty much everything you could want from a cooling product. Now they’re taking a detour from the CPU cooling market to try their hand at VGA cooling with their latest product, the Morpheus.

The Morpheus features a universal VGA mounting design and comes bundled with 24 small heatsinks for memory chips and MOSFETs, the GPU chip is cooled with a huge bank of 129 aluminium fins that will run the length of your card. The fins are fed via six 6mm nickel-plated copper heat pipes and a nickel-plated copper contact base. The who thing is actually pretty huge, with the capability of mounting two 120mm fans along the top of it, given that most 120mm fans are 25mm thick (you can get thinner), you would need at least three PCI bays to squeeze this and your GPU into your system.

The Morpheus supports nearly all of the latest and greatest cards, including the Radeon R9 290 series, R9 280 series, R9 270 series, HD 7900 series, HD 7800 series; GeForce GTX TITAN and TITAN Black, GTX 780 and 780 Ti, GTX 770, GTX 760, GTX 680, GTX 670, GTX 660 Ti, and more. Measuring 254 mm x 98 mm x 44 mm (WxDxH), the main heatsink weighs 515 g.

We’ll get in touch with Raijintek as soon as possible to see if we can get one of these in for review, as I’m eager to see if it’s as good as their CPU cooling products.

Thank you TechPowerUp for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of TechPowerUp.

Raijintek Pallas Low Profile CPU Cooler Review


Today I’ll be taking a look at one of the latest products from Raijintek, who you may know as one of the coolest new names in the PC industry given that they’ve not been around very long, but they’re already gaining considerable reputation for their high quality, high performance and affordable prices. Their latest coolest, the Pallas is targeted at the low profile market, ideally for those who want a slim HTPC or narrow enclosure to slot into their home entertainment setup.

The cooler stands at just 68mm with the fan installed on cooler, which means its going to be compatible with an incredibly amount of HTPC cases and its 140mm design should also ensure that it’s cooling performance and acoustics are pretty decent since it users a larger, but lower RPM slim-line 10013 PWM fan. Available for £31.99 + shipping, the Pallas isn’t overly expensive, but it’s enough to have us expecting solid performance and quality, as there are plenty of slim coolers on the market for less money that do a fairly good job and with the current trend of people building slim SteamBox style systems, there is an increasing demand for high performance, quiet and slim CPU coolers for the new ranges of slim gaming cases that are hitting the market.

As you can see, the Pallas is nicely equipped with a copper and aluminium construction, it features 6 head-pipes and a 13mm slim-line fan with 4-pin PWM connection.

This being a low profile cooler, the box is pretty compact and overall the box is nicely designed with plenty of images of the cooler as well as the main specifications and socket compatibility on the top.

In the box you’ll find all the fixtures and fittings you need to get it installed. A pair of fan clips, thermal paste, plastic backplate, screws, bolts, spacers and the AMD / Intel mounting brackets.

Raijintek Ereboss, Themis or Aidos CPU Cooler Winners Announced

It’s time to announced some more winners, this time for the Raijintek competition that we ran. We had a lot of entries for this competition with a lot of eager entrants wanting the chance to win a brand new CPU cooler for their system. By random selection, the winners have been chosen as:

If you are interested in seeing any past competition winners then be sure to check out our competition winners page

If you would like to participate in one of our many competitions then be sure to check out our competitions section. We currently have a lot more competitions running which you can still enter.

Winners will be contacted shortly to request shipping details so please keep an eye out on your email account for correspondence from eTeknix.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Raijintek Ereboss CPU Cooler Review


Raijintek are a new comer to the PC market and while we have known of their presence for a while it’s only in the last few months that they’ve been bringing products to market. The Ereboss CPU cooler is just one sample of their range and the company intends to launch chassis products also, one of which we even saw at this years Gamescom in Cologne.

Picking the right CPU cooler can be tricky, especially in the low and mid budget price ranges. Finding the right balance of cost vs the performance you want to achieve can be tricky and with so many options on the market from many big, established manufacturers it may be hard for Raijintek to find a place. The Ereboss is Raijinteks answer to the budget friendly end of the market, those looking to get solid performance without spending too much money.

With a price tag £31.99 the Ereboss is affordable and as you can see from the specifications below it packs plenty of support.

The packaging is well designed, featuring a clear image of the cooler and its included fan.

Around the back we have a full run down of the specifications (see above).

In the box I found a great selection of high quality fitting components, as well as a simple to follow installation guide.

The mounting plate is compatible with multiple socket types, but Intel and AMD processors require different top mounts. There is also some bundled thermal paste in the box/

The included fan can be mounted using the rubber pegs, an extra set has been included for those who wish to add an extra fan (sold separately). All the spacers, screws and bolts required for install are really nicely finished with the exception of four plastic caps, but since these install under the mounting kit, they will be out of sight.

New Brand “ID-Cooling” Entering European PC Cooling Market

ID-Cooling are a new brand in Europe founded by “Shenzhen Wan Jing Hua Technology co., Ltd.” of China. They are looking to make an entrance into the European PC hardware market manufacturing cooling products. They apparently have a long history of making business and OEM cooling products, for 10 years. They were present at Computex 2013 and they have announce four series of CPU coolers. Strangely the product segmentations are represented by Scandinavian flags.

  • Finland is graced by high-end cooling – FI series
  • The high/mid-range is under the Swedish banner – SE series
  • Iceland is going to be thin down-draft coolers – IS series
  • And Denmark will represent the traditional “open cooler” style – DK series

Unfortunately they didn’t disclose names and details of products but you can see more at their website here.

Information will come next month when they release their products to the EU market. Hopefully we will be able to bring you guys some reviews and see how this new player on the block performs. There are exciting times in the cooling market as both ID-Cooling and Raijintek are joining the market after public displays at Computex 2013.

Images courtesy of ID-Cooling

New High-End Cooling, Case and PSU Brand “Raijintek” Coming Soon

It isn’t very often that we see any new brands hit the market. Reeven were the most recent new brand I can remember, a company involved in making cooling components such as fans and CPU coolers. However, we are getting word from our sources of a new brand looking set to hit the market. More interestingly they aren’t just planning to enter quietly with a specific niche of products, they are looking to shake the market up with an entire new range of high end power supplies, PC enclosures and cooling solutions.

This new brand is called Raijintek, and there slogan is “creating passion”, both of which you can see in the above image. All of their products are going to be designed in Germany, by employees formerly working for bigger well-known brands, and then they will be produced in Taiwan – typically where we see most products for the computer hardware industry produced.

There isn’t much more to tell but the Raijintek website will be up in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Following that we should expect to see some of their new products at Computex 2013. If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest developments with Raijintek, and we recommend you do because this could be a big development, then be sure to like their Facebook page.