Is the AMD Radeon R9 370X Exclusive to China?


AMD quietly rolled out its AMD Radeon R9 370X graphics card this week, but only in China. While a global release was expected to follow, it now seems that the Pitcairn-powered card could be a Chinese exclusive.

The Trinidad XT-powered card (AMD’s new version of Pitcairn), a rebrand of the R7 270X, silently hit Chinese shelves on Friday, in the form of the Sapphire Vapor-X AiB of the Radeon R9 370X. Boasting 1280 stream processors, 80 TMUs, 32 ROPs, with 2 to 4GB of GDDR5 and a 256bit bus, the Sapphire card has a core clock of 1180MHz, 5.60MHz memory clock, and a 179GBps memory bandwidth. The card supports DirectX 12, Direct3D 12 (plus feature level 11_1 support), and WDDM 2.0.

AMD’s Head of global technical marketing, Robert Hallock, has revealed on Twitter that the Radeon R9 370X will not see a release outside of China. His tweet was in response to a question regarding the card’s release beyond China. Hallock replied:

However, Hallock answered a question specifically regarding the Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon R9 370X, referring to that card alone as “designed for and released only in China”. Could that mean that the proprietary AMD Radeon R9 370X could hit markets beyond China at some point?

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AMD Radeon 370X to Feature 1280 Stream Processors

AMD’s Radeon 300 graphics card series, launched back in June, is about to get a new addition to the family, and we have news about the forthcoming Radeon 370X, thanks to a leaked screenshot of its specifications.

We don’t yet know for sure whether the new AMD Radeon 370X will be associated with the R7 or R9 series; while the model down – the Radeon 370 – is part of the R7 series, and it was assumed that the 370X would belong to the same family, a leaked GPU-Z screenshot, courtesy of Expreview, points to the card being an R9, and potentially a Radeon R9 270X rebrand.

Like the 270X, the 370X has 2GB GDDR5 memory across a 256-bit interface, similar clocks, and also sporting 1280 Stream Cores. The two cards even share the same Device ID. The only notable difference between the pair is a BIOS revision.

The 370X is the latest iteration of the Pitcairn graphics processor, which made its debut in 2012. With the launch of the Radeon 300 series, the GPU was rebranded as Trinidad, after previously carrying the name Curacao during the Radeon 200 generation.

It has been rumoured that the Radeon R9 370X could hit the shelves in the next two weeks, just in time to compete against the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950.

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