Final Fantasy VII Fan Turns PlayStation into Midgar

A dedicated Final Fantasy VII fan, operating under the name MakoMod, has modded an original PlayStation with a model of Midgar – the capital city of the game’s planet, Gaia – on top.

MakoMod spent 10 months crafting the model and affixing it to the top of his PS1, and the console still works perfectly. The Midgar model features the Shinra Building, the eight Mako reactors, the Sector 5 church, and even [SPOILERS!] the missing Sector 7 plate that Shinra dropped to destroy AVALANCHE.

The modded PlayStation is available on eBay, currently priced at 265 Euro ($300).

Source: Kotaku

Sony Sold 94 Anniversary PS4s for £19.94

Remember those special limited edition 20th anniversary PS4s? Well Sony has started selling some in Europe, after they all sold out online in the US and Canada.

They set gamers back about $500 in the US, but in the UK last Wednesday, 94 fans got their hands on one of these incredibly sought after machines for a jaw dropping £19.94. Yes, 20 quid!

It was all very cryptic you see, and SCEE uploaded the video below giving hints about a secret pop-up shop in East London that was to be selling the consoles. Adorned with nostalgia, the shop invited fans to get down there with a piece of their own PlayStation memorabilia and with a special password given in the video, that would allow them to purchase one of the ridiculously cheap PS4s.

The shop remained open to sell 50 more consoles at RRP – £399, on Thursday and Friday. All proceeds from the console sales went to charity GamesAid.

Kotaku reports that the console will be on sale again in the UK tomorrow online for full price, but we don’t yet know where or how.

Source: Kotaku

20th Anniversary PS4 “Accidentally” Sold for $1

Polygon reports that someone “accidentally” ended up selling one of those ultra-rare 20th Anniversary PS4s on eBay for an insane $1.

It’s not known how eBay seller medman6107 managed to end up pulling off the monumental mistake – monumental considering one recently sold for a verified $15,100. Polygon also outlines a number of other interesting points regarding sales of the console – someone rather stupidly ended up buying a picture of one of the consoles for $500, while the cheapest actual sale of the console was $830.

The console was released last week and sold out following unprecedented demand. They feature a unique grey design, meant to resemble the design of the original PlayStation. The console also features a small plaque detailing which number it is out of the 12300 made.

Source: Polygon

20th Anniversary PS4 Announced

Today is a very special day in the history of video games. 20 years ago on December 3rd 1994, Sony released the original PlayStation in Japan. The console quickly became the most popular of its generation, beating industry veterans Nintendo and Sega. To mark that occasion, Sony has announced a very special PS4.

This 20th Anniversary PS4 comes in the familiar grey colour scheme of the original PlayStation and carries the classic multicoloured logo. It features special PlayStation button etching upon the console’s exterior, as well as on the controller.

The consoles are limited, the most limited PlayStations ever according to Sony (what about the Net Yaroze?) and subsequently feature an aluminium plaque detailing the console’s number out of the 12,300 made – alluding to the 12/03 launch date.

This console must be a dream for collectors and I’m sure it’ll easily double its value in a very short period of time. Pre-orders start in the US and Canada on Saturday December 6th.

Source: The Verge

Ever Wondered What the Last of Us Would Look like on PS1?

A fan of PlayStation 3 and soon to be PlayStation 4 smash-hit The Last of Us, has recreated a shot of the game to make it looks like it was created for the PlayStation 1. A significantly less powerful machine that the PlayStation 3 (and yes we know, a whole lot less powerful than a gaming PC).

It’s a great homage to the original PlayStation, which suffered from smeared textures and wobbly geometry at the best of times, but still had some great looking games to its name. The image is still clearly recognisable as The Last of Us, at least to those who are familiar with the game, but to me it also seems like a fair homage to survival horror titles of the time such as the original (and best) Resident Evil series.

It may look a little rough compared to its higher resolution modern counterparts, but I would still love to play this game. With HD remakes being a popular topic for many developers these days, why aren’t we seeing more demastered games, sure it sounds stupid, but I’m certainly people would pay a few quid just for the amusement factor.

Thank you Playstationing for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Playstationing.

Sony Could Bring Back Crash Bandicoot And Spyro

At 21 I may not be old enough to remember the really old gaming consoles but I am old enough to have had a PlayStation 1. Anyone that played on the PS1 will have undoubtedly played games like Crash Bandicoot, Rayman and Spyro: these were all classic titles and for anyone around my age these were the bread and butter of childhood gaming. Comments from Sony Computer Entertainment’s CEO Andrew House suggests that classic titles like these could be making a comeback.

In an interview with the Telegraph in the UK Andrew House was posed the following question: Will we see a Crash Bandicoot or Spyro the Dragon revival anytime soon? In response he gave the following answer:

“This is very dangerous ground,” Mr House laughs. “In concept, it is something we’ve been thinking about and discussing, and this is a shift for us. We’ve started to say that maybe there isn’t anything wrong with going back and looking at characters that people still talk about, that were a big part of either their childhood or their youth. I definitely wouldn’t close the door on that.”

By no means is it a clear indication that there will be a comeback on that cards anytime soon, but it certainly seems like the possibility exists which is exciting news for PS1 users of a bygone age.

What PS1 games do you most want to see making a comeback?

Source: The Telegraph

Image courtesy of Sony

Is Emulation the Best Feature of the Nvidia Shield?


Emulation is a popular pass time for many PC gamers, and in recent year there has been a big increase in GPU horsepower in the mobile market, allowing us to enjoy many classic games on the go, not just  on our desktops. The Nvidia Shield is one of the most powerful mobile gaming devices on the market, and this is especially thanks to its Nvidia Tegra 4 GPU/CPU, which is not only capable of running many older games such as those from the Super Nintendo and Mega Drive, but also a lot more advanced 3D titles from consoles such as the Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and more. What I hope to find out today is whether or not these games work well enough to justify using the Nvidia Shield as a dedicated emulation device.

Obviously there are some grey area legal issues when it comes to emulation, most of which focus around the piracy of compatible roms, so I feel obligated to mention that I do not condone anyone downloading games, but that there are also many other ways to obtain these games. There are tools and apps out there which let you rip games you own, and this applies to both cartridge based games as well as disc based games. Fortunately I’ve been collecting games for many years now and can use games I already own and have at my disposal, but keep in mind that you’re responsible for sourcing your own titles how you see fit, as we here at eTeknix take no responsibility for this, nor will be providing sources to where or how you can obtain the games. Boring stuff out of the way, let us get back to the action!

Getting roms configured on your Nvidia Shield, or to be honest any powerful mobile device can be a little tricky. Generally the more powerful your device, the better chances you’ll have of getting your games to run, as the task of emulating hardware can be quite demanding, especially when it comes to more modern titles such as those from the Sega Dreamcast. So while I am focusing this article on the Nvidia Shield, there is no reason why you can’t try this out on your mobile phone or tablet, so long as you think it’s powerful enough to do so.

The Nvidia Shield has a few extra tricks that make it a great choice for emulation, firstly because it has a controller built directly into it, as well as a high quality touch-screen display. You can use USB OTG to connect wired controllers such as the Xbox 360 controller, a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable to put the device into console mode and play on your big screen and more, so you’re not going to be limited to only playing this as a handheld, but virtually anywhere you want, on whichever screen you want (so long as it has Miracast or HDMI).

Today I’ll be taking a look at the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, PlayStation 1, PlayStation Portable (PSP), Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. There are plenty more emulators and formats out there, but I feel the ones I have chosen cast a wide net over what is possible on mobile device emulation. Even older or less powerful systems such as Gameboy, MAME, NES and Master System generally all work from the same emulators I’ll be testing and already have widespread, proven compatibility with most mobile devices, so feel free to experiment with them at your own leisure.

Sony Celebrates With PlayStation Memories Video

Sony have a lot to be proud of when it comes to gaming and with the PlayStation 4 release creeping ever closer they’ve taken the time to celebrate their history with the PlayStation memories video which they simply titled “For the players since 1995”.

I personally remember playing on the PlayStation 1 the week it came out, playing around on Demo One with the 3D models of the T-Rex and Manta Ray. It was an incredible leap from the Sega Megadrive (Genesis) and the Super Nintendo that were the current favourites, of course not for getting the rather cool Sega Saturn (yes, I owned one and it was bloody awesome! Don’t let anyone tell you different).

The video is packed with nostalgia, as well as some stuff from the future of PlayStation. It is a bit of a marketing mockery of what companies like Sony think us gamers are actually like, such as the fact I’m fairly certainly these guys must be in their 30’s and still living at home by the end of the video… but let’s not get to much away from what really matters, those classic gaming moments!

Enjoy the video, let us know your favourite PlayStation moments in the comments section below.