Project Cars Receives a New Oculus Rift Update

The developers of Project Cars wanted the game to support the Oculus Rift VR headset at launch, and they certainly managed to fulfil this goal. However, as the Oculus VR is still getting tweaked and prepared for its final consumer version, there are certain game-related issues that need to be patched along the way. Apparently, Slightly Mad Studios has just released a brand new update for Project Cars, one that includes a series of bug fixes, new tracks, new cars, and some improvements to the physics engine. Aside from these improvements, the game has also received support for Oculus Runtime 0.8, which is not the final version of the Oculus SDK.

However, a Slightly Mad Studios representative has revealed that the team is currently working with Oculus SDK 1.0 internally, and while there are quite a few improvements on their way, these won’t be released to gamers until the Oculus Rift launches officially. Speaking of which, the headset is expected to begin shipping on March 28, which means that you’ll actually be able to get your hands on one soon enough provided that you’ll be willing to spend $600 on it. Project Cars will definitely be fun to play in VR, especially since we’re talking about a motorsport racing simulator rather than an arcade-style racing game.

Slightly Mad Studios Has Officially Announced Project CARS 2

Motorsport racing simulator Project CARS was developed and published by Slightly Mad Studios and was released for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just a few months ago. Even though it suffered from a few bugs and performance issues on certain hardware, the game was generally received with open arms by gamers from all over the world, which is probably why its creators decided to go ahead and create a sequel. Project CARS 2 has been announced officially by Slightly Mad Studios, and it looks like it will also be crowd-funded via WMD.

The next installment of Project CARS will be bigger and more impressive graphics-wise, and it will include a generous track table with more than 200 courses in 50 unique locations. Other highlights include over 40 individual vehicle classes, a co-op career as well as dynamic time of day and weather effects. Another thing worth pointing out is that the game will provide access to individual customizable Test Tracks that you will use to modify and test out cars according to your own preferences. During Online Track Days, you will be able to allow other players to gain control of cars that are usually driven by AI during your solo gaming sessions.

However, I personally believe that the developers should still focus on perfecting the first Project CARS before moving on to a second installment. What do you think?

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Ian Bell Clarifies Statement Regarding Project CARS’ DX12 Performance Improvements

Not too long ago, the head of Slightly Mad studios, Ian Bell, stated that DirectX 12 would enable a 30 to 40% boost in performance in Project CARS. However, he made the statement on a Xbox One thread, which is why gamers assumed that he was talking about a performance increase on the game’s console version. Well, it looks like Ian was actually talking about the PC version of Project CARS, and he clarified the whole thing by adding that the Xbox One version will only see a performance gain of about 7%. Even though it’s still a long way from 30%, this is still a notable improvement, and the good news is that it will be enabled by the next patch.

Ian also stated that Slightly Mad Studios will soon address the hardest hit areas on various circuits. Just in case you’re not aware, some circuits in the game suffer from a considerable hit in performance for reasons yet unknown. As far as the DX12 patch is concerned, it looks like slower quad-core CPUs will benefit the most from it, which means that those with slower configurations will finally be able to play the game decently.

The patch will probably come out sometime this year, but we’ll just have to wait for an official statement.

Thank you Dsogaming for providing us with this information.