BitFenix Prodigy M Colour Series Micro-ATX Chassis Review


It’s been two years since I first reviewed the BitFenix Prodigy M, but today, I’ll be revisiting this now classic Prodigy chassis design to take a look at the latest Colour series from BitFenix. Colour choices are always a welcome addition to any range and from a consumer perspective, having more choice is no bad thing. Colour coordinating your build becomes a lot easier when you can pick something that suits your needs and preferences. Today I’ve got the Prodigy M Red, as well as a few other bonus goodies from BitFenix to help with the build, such as the BitFenix Fury PSU, a 120mm Spectra Pro red LED fan, a BitFenix Alchemy white LED strip, as well as a red side panel window.

Prodigy M Colours available

  • Midnight Black
  • Arctic White
  • Fire Red
  • Atomic Orange
  • Vivid Green
  • Cobalt Blue

As you can see, this is the original Prodigy shape and design, the only real difference is the colour, which is obviously red.

The SofTouch treated front panel and the handle/stands on the top and bottom blend nicely with the soft finish of the red paintwork.

The black trim fits rather well, especially since most gaming hardware is in red and black these days; this should be one of the more popular colour choices.

The back of the chassis is still finished in black, which suggests the core of the chassis is the same across the whole colour range, with just the exterior panels being swapped; makes sense really.

The top ventilation cover.

Behind which you’ll find the dual 120mm fan mounts.

The bottom of the chassis comes with a heat guard, although this can be removed if you wish to install fans in the base of the chassis.

If you don’t want extra fans here, you can opt for mounting hard drives directly to the base of the chassis.

BitFenix Prodigy M Micro-ATX Chassis Review

The BitFenix Prodigy has been riding a wave of popularity for quite some time now, proving a popular choice for system builders, case modders, LAN gamers, HTPC user and more. Mixing an affordable price tag, unique styling and great component compatibility we’re all big selling points for the chassis and it is something that BitFenix look eager to continue.

The new model, the Prodigy M, is the answer to one question that has inundated BitFenix since the launch of the prodigy, “when will you make an mATX edition?”. Gamers flocked to the biggest little case in town to build their LAN gaming rigs, but ran into issues when they could only cram a single GPU in there. Given SLI / Crossfire is a pretty huge deal these days, BitFenix had only one option, give the fans what they wanted.

Not only have BitFenix kept the chassis at a similar price point to the original launch, but they’ve also kept it looking almost identical on the exterior! So fans on the Prodigy can hopefully upgrade to the new model and enjoy a larger motherboard, more expansion cards and still keep the exterior dimensions within the same space.

The box is pretty standard stuff, a large logo and the product name on one side.

Around the back we have a few high contrast images that detail the major features such as the FyberFlex handles, SofTouch surface treatment and 5 x expansion slots.

In the box I found a simple to use installation manual, cable ties, USB 3.0 to 2.0 converter and a wide selection of black screws and rubber washers for mounting all of your components.