Man Left With Amnesia After Hoverboard Accident

A man was left hospitalised after testing out the ‘hoverboard’ he bought for his son as a Christmas present, and when he woke up he thought the year was 2010. Mark Tamlin of Surrey, UK, was disappointed to find that the ‘hoverboard’ – a misnomer adopted by the popular-yet-controversial style of lateral two-wheeled electric scooters – he gifted to his eldest son didn’t work.

His son left disappointed, Tamlin mounted the vehicle to try it on 27th December, but soon after was launched to the ground, his head colliding with the ground. When Tamlin awoke in a hospital bed, he was unable to remember Christmas Day, and told one of his doctors that he thought the year was 2010.

“When I was thrown off it, both my sons were apparently screaming and crying. They were terrified, Tamlin told the Daily Mail. “It’s lucky I was on it and not one of my sons – one of them could have been seriously hurt.”

“I tried to work out what was going on with it so jumped on and had a go myself. The next thing I knew I was in hospital,” Tamlin said. “I don’t know what happened, but my sons told me it started vibrating really fast. Then it threw me up in the air and I hit the back of my head on the ground.”

After an initial boom in popularity, following celebrity endorsements from the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Jessica Alba, and Kendall Jenner, many ‘hoverboards’ were withdrawn from sale after reports of exploding batteries.

“I remember none of the day it happened, parts of Boxing Day and some of Christmas Day are also a bit of a blur,” he added. “The doctor said when I first come in he asked me what year it was and I apparently said 2010.”

Following a recovery period, and despite recurrent headaches, Tamlin has now regained much of his memory.

Huawei Present 55-Inch 4k Wireless Display Smart Device

Huawei has unveiled its new, well I honestly don’t know what to call it, lets just go with TV or smart-display-device for now, named Glory A55. This is unlike any other product on the market as it has no external connections except a power cord. It receives its signal wireless and also has its own system built-in.

The display is a 55-inch big LG IPS 4k screen that has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, a brightness of 300 cd/m², a contrast of 1200:1 and a response time of 9 ms. The body is 18 mm thick and it has a 7.8 mm bezel.

The A55 is powered by a Huawei Hass Hi3751 processor with four 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9 CPU cores and 8 Mali450 GPU cores. It also has 2 VPU cores (video processor) and supports H.265 and H.264 hardware decoding. It has 2GB dual-channel DDR3 memory and 16GB eMMC storage.

Connectivity is provided by 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, support for WiHD wireless display and Bluetooth 4.0. Sources have told that i can perform cold start in 7 seconds and only requires 1 second for a hot start.

While it doesn’t have any connections besides the power cord and doesn’t come with a default remote, it does offer support for IR remotes. It is however designed to be controlled by your smart phones or tablets.

It is running an Android based system and supports connectivity from Android and Apple devices among other wireless transmission protocols. It also supports the MHL function where the phone’s screen is displayed on the big screen.

The official sale should start November 11th and the mentioned price is 6999 Yuan which would equal to about £710 British pounds.

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