Could a Live Action Pokémon Movie Be in the Works?

Pokémon is a series that has captured generations as they fight to become the Pokémon master, and with the 20th Anniversary bringing back classic games and cards, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you look at the impact that the popular series has had that there are discussions about a live action Pokémon movie in the works.

The reports come from the Hollywood Reporter who state that right now a “top-secret” (secrets out now people) auction is going on for the rights to make a live-action film of the franchise, with companies like Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros both apparently making a move for the rights while they go against the likes of console rival Sony for the movies rights.

With many live action films for video games getting bad or mixed reviews, with the likes of DOOM and Tomb Raider often causing smiles or tears, it would be interesting to see if such a popular franchise could break the ice in the world of cinema, a move that could even break open the door for other video game franchises such as the Metro 2033 film that could soon be hitting the big screen.

Are you excited about the film? Would you like to see Ash (or Red) conquer the Pokémon world or would you like to see a new character join the franchise amongst the hundreds of pocket monsters that you need to now capture to become a Pokémon master?

Pokémon Anniversery Celebrated in a Big Way

So today is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, the little critters that went everything from an electric mouse to a three-headed ostrich. Since then we’ve seen everything from creatures of the night to gods take form and battle it out in cards, movies and video games. If that wasn’t enough though you can now celebrate the anniversaries announcement of a new generation of games amongst other celebrations.

While we were given forewarning about the games yesterday, the Pokémon direct stream showed us the latest game concept art and the work Nintendo are doing to bring it to us this year in 6 different languages.

Sadly the video is more of an advertisement from the past rather than a teaser for the new games, but those of you who are seeking a craving a little too much can buy Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow tomorrow. It’s also been confirmed that Pokémon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby will be able to trade over to Sun and Moon through the ‘game.

If this wasn’t enough then why not enjoy the fact that you can even buy a giant Snorlax cushion for only $460? If that’s not your cup of tea why not enjoy the “Pokémon Afternoon Soiree” to be honest by none other than actress Drew Barrymore. The event is invite only with everything from stylists to bloggers invited to receive Pokémon inspired nail art, get a photo with Pikachu (who is set to make an apperance) and even receive a gift bag (contents unknown at this point, but we bet it’s going to be some amazing stuff).

Latest Pokémon Games to be Revealed Soon?

If you hadn’t been living under a rock since the new year then you probably know that the popular series, Pokémon, will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. With everything from card games and video games, to board games and cartoons, the series has gone from strength to strength with children and adults alike wanting to catch them all. Soon though you may have to catch a few more as Nintendo are looking to celebrate the anniversary with a bang!

On February 26th, the day that Pokémon turns 20, Nintendo will be celebrating with a Pokémon direct, a video stream where people all over will be able to join in the celebrations to enjoy the anniversary. This would be a big deal, but the event is overshadowed by a find from Nerdleaks who have managed to unearth two trademarks for what we can only assume to be the latest Pokémon games.

With Red, Blue and Yellow being released for download, you could soon find yourself running to catch the latest game in the series along with even more of the little pocket monsters. The two names revealed so far are Pokémon Moon and Pokémon Sun, drawing on Nintendos history of opposites with unique twists and Pokémon in each game.

With the stream starting at 3PM GMT on their Twitch channel or the Nintendo Direct Website, what other mysteries and gifts will we get to celebrate with Pikachu?

Pokémon Starts Celebrations For 20th Anniversary With Legendary Giveaway

Pokémon has become Nintendo’s most well-known franchise, spanning generations of children and pocket monsters, the dream of children all over the world was to capture all the creatures and become the Pokémon master. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the release of the first games and Nintendo wants to make it a big deal. Starting with their latest generation of games.

After announcing the re-release of classic trading cards, Nintendo wants you to celebrate a thousand different ways including new games and additions to some old ones. Every month between now and December you’ll be able to enjoy a new legendary Pokémon on X, Y, Alpha Sapphire and Omega Red.

In the month of February, you can add the first legendary Pokémon to your collection. Mew, the original legendary Pokémon, will join your party. If you want to add Mew to your collection you will need to visit Game in the UK, Gamestop in the US and EBGames in Canada. Ask at the counter for a code for Mew which you can then add via the Mystery gift option before you load into the game.

With everything from Mew and Celebi to the god Pokémon, Arceus, collecting the entire series will soon be possible, legends and all.

Nintendo Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Pokémon

Most people will remember the little pocket monsters (more commonly known as Pokémon). From the cute little Pikachu to the unstoppable power of Mewtwo, the classics of which many grew up either as parents or children. To celebrate Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary, Nintendo is releasing a whole bunch of Pokémon content to celebrate.

Styled after Tekken Tournament, Pokken Tournament will see you facing your favourite Pokémon off in epic, fast-paced real-time battles. With characters like Charizard and Mewtwo making appearances alongside some of the newer generations. With at least 16 fighters, with Magikarp (we don’t understand either) and Sylveon amongst those that are already named. Initially released as an arcade game in Japan, as with many games it didn’t take long for it to reach the rest of the world.

Set for a March 18th release date worldwide you could be fighting your favourite classics against each other sooner than originally expected.

As we mentioned before this is a big year for Pokémon with it marking 20 years since the series started. To mark this date, Nintendo are releasing a special 3DS with the original Pokémon red and blue pre-installed with interchangeable face plates of the classic Charizard and Blastoise. If this wasn’t enough you will also be able to download the games and Pokémon yellow from the Nintendo store.

If you own Pokémon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire or Omega Red you are in for a treat with monthly mythical Pokémon distributions starting February. With the likes of Celebi and Mew appearing in their announcement video (which you can find below).

If this isn’t enough check out the Pokken tournament website located here to find out more about the game and the action.

Classic Pokémon Trading Cards Will Be Re-Released

In order to celebrate Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, the media franchise is re-releasing the first edition of its renowned collectible card game at the beginning of 2016, albeit in Japan only. On February 27, Japanese Pokémon fans will be able to get their hands on a 60-card base pack that is set to reproduce the original editions from 1996. This means that the cards will feature the original character art and designs, which is fantastic news because the first wave of cards was actually retired at some point after the deck’s initial release. The new starter pack will comprise a coin marker and the player’s rulebook, but we should also tell you about the rubber playmat and the Classic-style booster packs, as these will also be released soon. The playmat will be available as part of a Pokémon Centre limited edition, but fans will also be able to get their hands on regular versions as well.

Since the cards were released officially in the UK in 1999, UK-based Pokémon fans might have to wait until 2019 in order to enjoy a similar release, but since the Japan celebrations are focused on the franchise as a whole, we can still hope to see these cards in European stores this year. It’s worth noting, though, that The Pokémon Company International has not released an official statement at the time of writing. Apart from the card deck, 2016 will also mark the launch of Pokémon Go – an augmented reality game for mobile phones that is being developed by Niantic.

Nintendo Names New President

Nintendo loves ‘new’. Following New Super Mario Bros. Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS XL, the company has announced the New Nintendo President. Following the sad death of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo has appointed Tatsumi Kimishima as its new President.

Kimishima is a figure unknown to many gamers, and for good reason – he’s the first Nintendo President to have a background purely in business, rather than game creation, since Hiroshi Yamauchi moved the company into the video game market during the Eighties. The man is Nintendo through and through, though, and has successfully held management positions at different levels throughout the company for over 13 years, when he moved from his role as President of Pokémon USA Inc. to become President of Nintendo of America in 2002.

Nintendo has also announced new roles for stalwarts Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda, who have become Creative Fellow and Technology Fellow, respectively. According to Nintendo’s announcement, a “Fellow” is an “individual selected from among the Representative Directors who has advanced knowledge and extensive experience, and holds the role of providing advice and guidance regarding organizational operations in a specialized area.”

Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s former Head of Software Planning & Development, has become the General Manager of Entertainment Planning & Development as the company prepares to move into mobile gaming in partnership with DeNA, while planning its next assault on the home gaming market with its NX console.

Thank you Forbes and WIRED for providing us with this information.

Pokémon Go is Coming – For Free!

I’m so excited, I woke up this morning to a flood of links to the same video and I’m so glad I woke up and not just turned over. Pokémon Go is in the pipeline for iOS and Android devices and more importantly it’s free; well there will likely be in-app purchases, but at least we get to try it out first. The game will be in good hands, being primarily created by Niantic with key influence from Junichi Masuda of Game Freak; yes the game director of the Pokémon series.

The video starts off almost like episode one of the Pokémon series with players (or trainers) getting ready to go outside. Once there, the app is loaded and they are directed towards the possible location of Pokémon in the area. The video doesn’t really focus on anything in particular, you can seemingly just catch Pokémon or choose to battle if you want; unlike the previous games where you had to catch them to battle your way to progress through the game.

The ultimate ending is hundreds of ‘trainers’ in the middle of Times Square in NYC battling MewTwo. Maybe this won’t happen in real life, but who cares, it looks cool.

What’s good about this is that it seems to take real life maps and adapt the game around those, so you will have to go to completely random locations or maybe even climb mountains to find the legendary beings. From watching the video, am I the only one that thinks this game is aimed more towards adults/ anyone that has more freedom to roam around randomly?

Along with the mobile app, a rather large wearable will be released. Currently known as Pokémon Go Plus, it resembles the location pin from Google maps. Maybe this is a nod towards Google and that the stunt last year will be incorporated into this game.

Will you be downloading this game on release? Let us know in the comments.

Pokemon Recreated in GTA V is All Kinds of Weird

I’ve seen my fair share of strange Grand Theft Auto V videos, but that hasn’t stopped me seeking more of them. I’m not entirely sure why people do it, but there’s a seemingly endless number of TV show introductions recreated in Grand Theft Auto V, each seemingly more bizarre than the last and that’s especially true of this recent one.

Pokemon was a smash hit in my younger years, and to be fair, it’s still pretty popular even today in some circles. The video is strange, especially since we’ve got Trevor playing Ash and Michael as Pikachu, who looks more reminiscent of something from Sin City than a child-friendly cartoon.

There’s only one thing left to do “enjoy” the video.

What’s your favourite GTA V mashup video so far? Feel free to share your favourites in the comments section or on our Facebook wall.

Two Men Arrested at Pokemon World Championship With Large Weapons

Reports indicate that what could have ended as a major tragedy was averted thanks to tips from the public and a quick acting from the convention center management of the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center where this year’s Pokemon World Championship is hosted.

Two men were arrested and charged with several gun violations after making a “very real threat” [sic] via social media and then showing up at the convention with a lot of firepower. The two men that Boston police arrested this weekend, were Masters invitees James Austin Stumbo, 27, and Kevin Norton, 18. In the trunk of their car, Police found a 12-gauge Remington shotgun and a DPM5 Model AR-15 rifle as well as several hundred rounds of ammunition and a hunting knife. Both men were arrested back at their hotel on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, and other firearm-related charges as neither could produce a license to carry firearms.

The whole thing started when Stumbo posted a photo of the arsenal with the caption “Mayhem Pokemon Crew, Kevin Norton and I are ready for Worlds Boston here we come!!!”. There came a reply with “Good Luck” from a Facebook user to which Norton replied “With killing the competition?”.

Whether the two guys were just showing off a large e-penis or they intended a massacre at the Pokemon World Championship, it’s great to see the authorities acting so quick and prevented a possible large-scale tragedy. Pokemon players consist of a large portion kids and minors and it’s terrifying to think of what the two could have done at an event of this scale. It should also be used as a reminder for the less mature people, that you shouldn’t joke about things like that. With the charges put up against the two, it’s unlikely that they’ll play any more Pokemon anytime soon.

Thank you VG247 for providing us with this information

Studio Behind Pokemon to Produce “Badass” Elephant Game

Titles don’t come much better than, Tembo the Badass Elephant. On that alone, it could be the best game of 2015. It’s an upcoming side-scrolling action game that looks almost like Contra starring an elephant commando: you destroy tanks and soldiers, and at one point you can use a giant bowling ball to knock over your enemies. The first trailer for the game makes it look like a whole lot of fun.

So how does Pokemon relate to this? Well Sega is covering publishing duties, but the Japanese studio behind Pokemon, Game Freak, is dealing with the production side. However, while the company is closely associated with Nintendo and best known for games where fictional animals fight each other for sport, Game Freak has been known to release games on other platforms and in other series as well.

Tembo, meanwhile, won’t be coming to Nintendo platforms at all: it’s slated to launch this summer on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Thanks to The Verge for this information

Nintendo’s Spring 2015 amiibo Line-Up Revealed

Nintendo has revealed the six new amiibos – the Japanese gaming company’s series of character toys that offer perks when connected to selected games – due for release this Spring, plus the selection of games they are compatible with.

According to a chart on Nintendo’s website, the new additions will be Ness from SNES classic Earthbound, Fire Emblem’s Robin and Lucina, Pokémon Charizard, plus Wario and Pac-Man.

The new figurines will be compatible with Hyrule Warriors, Mario Party 10, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Robin and Lucina will also work with Code Name: STEAM.

A selection of Mario amiibos, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi, are set for release on 20th March.

Source: Polygon

Pokémon Trading Card Game Coming to the iPad

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is coming to iPad, according to Josh Wittenkeller on Twitter. The image shows what looks like a version of The Pokémon Trading Card Game being played on a digital table on a white iPad. On the back of the cards is the familiar Pokéball design. The iPad game appears to be a version of The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online that is currently playable on Windows PC and Mac.

A representative from The Pokémon Company confirmed this game is real, but could not provide a timeline or a release date. The Pokémon World Championship takes place this weekend at the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre in Washington, D.C, and features events for The Pokémon Trading Card Game and the iPad game is already being shown to some attendees.

The Pokémon Company has already created a number of apps for iOS devices, but this will be the first full game to be released on Apple’s mobile devices.

Thank you Polygon for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Jos Wittenkeller.

Fish Can Now Play Pokemon!

A fish has been playing Pokemon on twitch for the last few days and it’s amazing.

Catherine Moresco from the University of Chicago and Patrick Facheris from Columbia University are 2 developers who have a dream. Not only do these developers want a pet fish and want to enter a hackathon, they want the fish to be able to play Pokemon. So, they bought Grayson, a lovely little fish, and they set him up a fish tank. They then used a webcam and some motion tracking to let him control the character. Its slow, it’s tedious, and you can watch Ash standing next to a wall for hours, buts it’s just brilliant. The comments in the chat can be excellent and you do seem to get addicted to it quite easily.

Grayson started from the beginning of the game, only controlling the character via his random movements. There are 9 buttons that he can “press” as he swims around. Up, down, left, right, A, B Start, Select and “RANDOMIZE!”. The last button changes the order of the 9 buttons so that they are not always in the same positions. Grayson has actually made some progress. He somehow managed to choose his first Pokemon and even named it “AAAABBK”. He also managed to defeat Squirtle. He then made it out of the house and has been running around town since.There have been some concerns over Graysons health, but we have been assured that the fish sleeps quite often and isn’t in fact dead, they added that his health and safety was their primary concern.

To view the twitch stream click Here. Do be warned though, you do tend to sit reading the chat for quite some time.

Thanks to Twitch for supplying us with this information.

Lego Fan Creates Awesome Pokémon Models

First of all, I’m amazed that the world of Pokémon and Lego haven’t already combined, one of the most popular toys of several generations and one of the biggest cartoon collectathons of another. Sure I grew out of Pokémon a very long time ago, but you’re never too old for Lego and awesome looking Lego creations.

Lego wiz Dan McCormack got his inspiration from replaying the classic Pokémon game on his PC with an emulator. The nostalgia ran deep and since he had also recently taken his old Lego sets out of storage, McCormack just put two and two together, and pretty much relived a large chunk of his childhood, to create these cool models.

The feedback he has gotten so far is impressive, with many people thinking they’re official Pokémon Lego kits. The project has since inspired the Lego Ideas Project to promote getting an official set released.

Enjoy the gallery below, let us know what set you would love to see come to the Lego brand.

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Images courtesy of Mashable.

Twitch Completes Pokémon, Next Adventure Starts Today!

Yes I know this isn’t the real Kaz Twitter, still funny though.

It has taken tens of thousands of people more than two weeks to complete it, but the community has finally prevailed and completed the online phenomenon that has been Twitch plays Pokémon. The self-described social experiment has clocked up some impressive figures over the last 16 days, seeing an impressive 1,165,140 unique players give out more than 122 million commands. On top of that, over 9 million unique people viewed the game more than 36 million times, with a peak viewer number of 121,000! That’s more than a billion minutes of viewing time in total, and enough reason to make Twitch tweak their sever configuration to handle the traffic.

“It’s safe to say that Twitch Plays Pokémon has been the biggest cultural phenomenon to strike Twitch all thanks to The Creator and You, our passionate and absolutely preposterous community,” wrote Twitch PR director Chase

The game was simple, you watch the game running in an emulator that was streamed live on Twitch, then people issue commands via chat to control the game. At first the game was each person takes turns, but with hundreds of commands crashing in the normal more quickly became nicknamed “anarchy” as it was unplayable and slow, with trolls taking their time to ruin the game. Instead the host upgraded the game to a new “democracy” mode, where you would vote on the button press, and assuming more people want to actually progress, so would the game… and it did, right to the end!


Keep an eye on Twitch today, a new game is on its way!

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Image courtesy of Twitter.

Snoop Lion’s Latest Music Video Packed With Retro Game Parodies

Snoop Lion’s Retro Styled Music Video

Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Dog has released a new music video for “Get Away” in which he collaborated with Major Lazer. In a big change for Snoop he has gone for a music video which resembles retro gaming, also chucked into the music video is a nod to certain games, one of those being pokemon (which is great by the way).

Snoop Lion or Dog which ever name you want to call him by is no stranger to gaming having previously had a game on the Xbox Arcade and the Playstation network titled Way of the DogHowever seeing as usually Snoop’s music videos usually contain beautiful girls, cars and all the expensive things that many wish they could afford seeing this video was a bit of a shock to the system (in a good way though). Watch the retro styled Music Video for “Get Away” below.


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Image courtesy of Game Informer

Remember The Machine That Finds Shiny Pokemon? Well It Just Got Better

Gotta catch all the shiny Pokemon

Late November 2013 a modder by the name of dekuNukem was able to create a machine that was capable of finding the ever elusive shiny Pokemon. The machine called a “hands free shiny finder” spread like wild fire in the Pokemon community, with many (including myself) amazed at how the machine worked. The idea came from when it was found out that an easy way to tell if your about to encounter a shiny Pokemon is by simply looking at the bottom screen just before said encounter. Shiny Pokemon like other rare Pokemon in Pokemon X & Y have a special animation. Simply put a shiny Pokemon encounter will take longer for the bottom screen to load. Armed with this information dekuNukem created a light sensor to measure how long the bottom screen took to load. If a shiny Pokemon was encountered an alarm would sound and the user could come over to the 3DS and try to capture the Pokemon, if the Pokemon is not a shiny the machine makes the character run away and try another encounter.


Well now they have gone a step further with the machine now able to find and catch shiny Pokemon in any situation, (the previous version only allowed shiny Pokemon found in water to be caught) as well as breeding, naming and cloning Pokemon all without human input. An updated video showing off the  Poke-O-Matic can be viewed below.


Some in the Pokemon community claim that this machine takes the fun out of the game, while others who have never found a shiny Pokemon before are hailing it’s design and can’t wait to get their hands on one. What’s your opinion on this interesting piece of DIY technology?

Thanks to Kotaku for the information provided

Image courtesy of Nintendo Life