PS4 Gets Surprise Releases of Bully and Manhunt

With all the new releases that seem to come out on an almost weekly basis, it is hard to forget about some of the older games that paved the way for you to enjoy today’s releases. The PS4 has reminded us of two such games, with surprise releases of Bully And Manhunt now showing that some old games are worth rebuying.

Bully was released in 2006 and is kinda like a junior GTA. You play as Jimmy Hopkins, a rebellious teen who was dumped at Bullworth Academy by his parents. The Academy is no picknick, with players expected to survive against bullies, absent-minded teachers and a busy school day with everything from a slingshot to stinkbombs.

Manhunt, on the other hand, was released in 2003 and was quite controversial upon its release and still is even to this day. With a mix of violence and stealth, the game sees you play as James Earl Cash, a death row inmate who is promised his freedom in exchange for surviving in a city filled with people who want him dead.

Two games that shaped many lives are now available on the PlayStation store in Europe (they could also be released in North America when the store is next updated) and both retail for £11.99. With both games upscaled to 1080p with features such as Trophies, Remote Play and share play, it would seem that they are keen on bringing the PS2 games to the PS4 with all its modern perks. You can find Bully here and Manhunt here, with Bully already receiving 960 reviews since its release on the 22nd.

Up to 80% Off Rockstar Games on PlayStation Store

Every Rockstar game you could ever desire – from Grand Theft Auto V to Red Dead Redemption and even Canis Canem Edit/Bully, is on sale through the PlayStation Store, with discounts of up to 80%, right now. Games are available for PlayStation 3 or PS Vita, and range from recent releases to old PS2 games.

Highlights of the sale include Grand Theft Auto V (PS3: £17.50), LA Noire Complete Edition Bundle (PS3: £6.60), Red Dead Redemption (PS3: £5), GTA: Liberty City Stories (PS Vita: £2.40), and forgotten gem The Warriors (PS3: £1.60), based on the cult classic 1970s film of the same name.

The sale, available here for UK customers, is on now and lasts until 25th March.

Source: Kotaku

PlayStation 4 Digital Game Download Sizes And UK Prices Revealed

The PlayStation Store has gone live here in the UK, just in time for the official launch of the PlayStation 4 this weekend, although there will also be a few people here in the UK that have gotten their hands on the console early as well.

Thanks to this early access, we now know the retail prices and download sizes for all major games that will be available on the PlayStation Network. Unfortunately, things are not looking good and while it is common that the first batch of games after a consoles release have elevated prices, Sony seem set on charging well above the retail price, again!

  • Killzone Shadow Fall: 38.2GB – £52.99
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts: 31.8GB – £54.99
  • FIFA 14: 9.9GB – £62.99
  • Battlefield 4: 36.4GB – £62.99
  • Need for Speed Rivals 16GB – £62.99
  • Knack 34.8GB – £52.99
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: 21.7GB – £57.99
  • Resogun: 460MB – £12.79 (Free with PS+)
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: 6.4GB – £52.99
  • NBA Live 14: 9.3GB – £62.99
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition: 21.7GB – £52.99
  • Just Dance 2014:  22GB – £42.99
  • Contrast: 2.3GB – £12.79 (Free with PS+)
  • Super Motherload: 393MB – £11.99
  • Trine 2: Complete Story: 2.6GB – £14.49
  • Putty Squad: 818MB – £13.99
  • Madden NFL 25: 13.1GB – £62.99
  • Angry Birds Star Wars: 1.5GB – £32.99
  • Warframe 4.1GB – Free

Just look at games like Madden NFL 25, who in their right mind would pay £62.99 to download a game that can be picked up for (this is where I checked Google shopping) £45 at Argos, with free next day delivery, or perhaps even Battlefield 4, which is you would have a hard time paying over £49.99 for in almost any decent retailer. In short, it is a bit ridiculous and while there are some good prices for games like Resogun and Contrast, these games were designed to be smaller transactions. However, the worst offender means that anyone who pays £32.99 to play Angry birds must be completely out of their minds.

Download sizes aren’t too bad, but be prepared for Killzone or Knack as they’re the only two over 30GB so far. People with broadband limits may want to make some changes to their internet package.

Thank you the SixAxis for providing us with this information.

EA Confirms It Will Remove Online Passes From Old Games

Two weeks ago we brought you the quite surprising news that EA was scrapping the online pass system for all of its games. However, we were unsure whether that meant old/current/new games would have the online passes scrapped. My educated guess would of been that new games and future releases would get the online pass system removed by according to an EA official confirmation all of their games that use the online pass will have it scrapped.

The move surprised quite a lot of people when EA took it, and now it appears they have laid out plans to gradually phase the online pass out. In the coming weeks EA will either remove the online pass from games via patches and updates or the company will make the passes free on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace and so on. Not many other details were given by the confirmation from EA but expect them to announce more details in the future such as a full list of affected games and what remedial actions will be used for those games to remove the online passes.

What are your thoughts on this story? Are you surprised to see EA going back to old games (in addition to new and current games) to remove their online passes?

Image courtesy of EA