Footage Allegedly Shows Who Damaged Hitchbot!

We wrote an article yesterday (August 3rd 2015) concerning how a poor defenceless robot by the name of Hitchbot was damaged by an unknown assailant on the mean streets of Philadelphia. This was a shame as this project offered an insight into our relationship with artificial machines, but we now have a possible lead with footage which appears to show who dominated the robot.

A Vlogger by the name of Jesse Wellens posted the footage which is below to Snapchat, it shows a lone man who no doubt was born and raised in this state, in a sports jersey repeatedly kicking Hitchbot until it falls to the ground. According to the time code, this individual allegedly kicks the machine at 5:46am in the morning with the date being (Saturday 1st August). It must be rather difficult to explain this without looking slightly insane, “where were you?” “After maxin’ relaxin in a playground, I beat a travelling robot to death”.

If this is genuine then it seems rather pointless to attack a robot out of the blue, it also shows careless disregard for the team behind this project who have spent many an hour planning every detail of these trips. If this is the perpetrator then it will be interesting to note if he will be charged with any offence, after all, apart from petty vandalism to property belonging to someone else, there are no current laws which include assault on a robot. If anyone recognises this alleged individual then his life will no doubt be flipped and turned upside down.

We have been warned by scientists to expect a rise of the machine overlords, if this happens then I know who the first target will be for enslaving.

Thank you to Gizmodo for providing us with this information.

3D Printed Guns Now Illegal In Philadelphia

Personally, I thought 3D printed guns were already illegal, given that their not licences, incredibly dangerous to the user (they tend to explode when fired), not to mention the fact that they’re cheap and practically untraceable. However it looks like I was wrong, and Philadelphia has just stepped up and banned 3D printed guns their state.

Now it is not like there is a 3D printed plastic gun war happening right now, especially since The Liberator 3D printed gun is currently the popular choice, which is to say the least a bit rubbish, no big surprise really as it is a gun made from plastic after all. This ban is more a preventative measure, staying ahead of the curve as 3D printing becomes more mainstream, and the technology improves.

It is good to see a legal system paying attention to such trends, but maybe this one is a tad pre-emptive.

Thank you Engadget for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Extremetech.