Individual Uses Lighter While Refuelling Car And Sets Fire To It.

Indeed, thought this was self-explanatory but there you go, The Russian Independent Television is reporting as of late today (January 5th, 2016) that an Individual has accidentally set fire to their car while using a lighter near the fuel pump nozzle while routinely filling the vehicle up.

Below are the images of the incident, there not particularly graphic, but they do show a fire breaking out near a person and they are shocking, therefore, I thought I would pre-warn just in case.

As you can see, the fire is breaking out near the car, the individual had apparently held their lighter with the aim of seeing clearly what they were doing while filling up the car. The person then pulled the refuelling gun out of the car once they had spotted the fire.

Unfortunately this made it worse as fuel splashed out onto the pavement and also onto the car, it is unclear as to the outcome of this incident as of writing.

I did not think in today’s modern world I would need to say this, but please, no one try this at home, gasoline is highly flammable and diesel is a highly combustible liquid that can be extremely dangerous. Always take precautions and never treat it with anything other than respect and caution. 

Google Maps For Android Showing Pit Stops En Route

Getting from A to B has always been an everyday thing, from the front door of your home to school or work and sometimes it goes a little further, say across the country? For those times, and some shorter journeys too, people have used navigation software like that found on your sat nav’s and even on your smartphones. Google has been keen on making their navigation software both practical and useful by adding features such as alternative routes and traffic warnings, now you may find that a quick stop for lunch is even easier with an upcoming update to the Android app.

Available in an upcoming release for the American version of the android app, by selecting “search along route” people are able to track down gas, restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores, while the ability to also “search for more places” means that you are not limited to these choices and could soon find your favourite restaurant to stop for a quick bite while on that little drive.

With all these features and an added bonus of being able to see the closing times of gas stations, users could soon find their Google maps being a little more useful in the near future. Hopefully, their European version of this update will be released soon, giving us just another reason to take that long holiday we’ve been asking for.


Electric Bus Hopes To Power Your Normal Routes Envioromentally

We’ve all heard about electric cars. They’ve gone from the thing of dreams to powering sports cars and family friendly SUV’s. It’s hard to deny that electric vehicles are clearly something for the future, with companies and countries looking at new and innovative ways to use the environmentally friendly vehicles. The British government is even looking at building roads which will help charge your car while you drive down the motorway, how can that not show that electric cars are here to stay? But what about other modes of transportation?

Think about how many times you see that buses pass you, is it once a day or do you see it every hour like clockwork? Proterra, a new start-up, looks to help cities run a cleaner service by replacing those old petrol based buses with a new electric bus.

With the bus allowing automated docking with a charger, and with the charger looking to take at most five minutes, it could see that bus running the same schedule with almost none of the pollution. Currently, they have recorded a single charge lasting as much as 258 miles, a little longer than just popping down to the shops.

With towns and cities replacing their old petrol buses for new hybrid vehicles with a mixture of electric and petrol, we could maybe see cities push out petrol all together in their public transport.

Could you see your daily bus route running green and silent? Would you be willing to wait a few minutes at the start of your journey knowing it’s going to be cheaper and nicer on the environment?

Thank you Fast Co Exist for the information and images.


Cars: Electric Quick Vs. Fossil Fast

Lately we’ve seen the instantaneous rise of the electric vehicle (EV); popularity brought forward by supercars such as the Mclaren P1 and Laferrari. American grown company Tesla, has refined the EV, bringing all-electric, huge power and huge driving range to a pretty standard looking car.

Since its release, the Tesla Model S has impressed the motoring world, despite being electric; it is undoubtedly fast and costing essentially nothing to run is pleasing the green activists.

OK, it’s electric, it’s economically friendly, but what about consumer value for money, does it actually pay off to buy a Tesla compared to the likes of its direct competitor in terms of power and practicality? Well our friends over at Motor Trend have answered that question; they’ve pitted the Tesla Model S P85D against the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat.

The video here starts at the beginning with everything explained; however, you can skip to 12:41 to watch the outcome.

I know someone who is hyped over Tesla, but the buying guide within the video proves that you are better off buying the fossil burner after 5 years of ownership. Due to how new Tesla is, we can’t directly comment on resale, but with the ongoing advancement in battery technology, I’m sure prices will fall in a similar fashion to a standard car.

Flamethrower with 25-Foot Range Hits Indiegogo Next Week

Ion Productions is launching “the world’s first commercially available handheld flamethrower” on Indiegogo next week. From next Monday (23rd March), the XM42 handheld flamethrower can be pre-ordered for a pledge of $700, which is great news for pyromaniacal Americans, since there is practically no restriction on flamethrower ownership in the US, with California being the exception.

Most commercial flamethrowers have limited range and power, whereas the XM42 is more like a military incendiary unit, but doesn’t require a backpack of fuel. The XM42 is fuelled by regular petrol (gasoline) from its on-board tank, and forming a flame is as simple as activating the pilot light and pressing the trigger.

Now we wait and see how long it takes the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives to shut the project down.

Source: Digital Trends

New Peugeot Hybrid Ditches Electric Motors, Uses Compressed Air

The new Peugeot 2008 Hybrid Air looks set to make a mockery of the electric loving hybrid cars that are currently dominating the market. It ditches the electric motors in favour of an air compressor to provide some extremely clean power to the wheels.

While the car is moving, air is pumped into a cylinder with the aid of surplus energy from the petrol engine, energy recovered from the wheels and heat energy from the brakes. The car still uses a conventional petrol engine, but can switch to using a hydraulic air motor and pump depending on driving conditions.

The air motor is ideal for lower speed driving in cities, and it activated automatically when the car is going under 43mph. When climbing hills or accelerating, the can can draw power from both the petrol and air motors and for long distance cruising, petrol only power will be enabled.

A spokesman for manufacturer PSA Peugeot-Citroen said: ‘We are not talking about weird and wacky machines. These are going to be in everyday cars.’

The car will be available from 2016 for around £16,000 and can manage around 94 miles per gallon. For a car that doesn’t need recharging, or require extra heavy duty batteries, this is really impressive.

Thank you Daily Mail for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Daily Mail.