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Pepsi Spokesperson Confirms Pepsi P1 Smartphone

Do you like Pepsi? Ever wanted a Pepsi phone? Your lifelong dream could soon come true. Ok maybe it’s not going to reach the top ten things on your bucket list, but it sounds pretty cool…


Pepsi to Release P1 Smartphone

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptic when I first heard about a Pepsi smartphone, but it looks like the company will actually be licensing its brand name for a relatively cheap smartphone that’s set…


Back to the Future’s Pepsi Perfect Coming This Month

We’ve had hoverboards, self-lacing Nike MAG shoes, and even a 30th anniversary cinema re-release of the film that born them, and now the latest vision of the future from famed sci-fi sequel Back to the Future…


Samsung TVs Inserting Ads into Third-Party Movies and Shows

Reports have emerged that Samsung Smart TVs have started interrupting third-party content – such as film or television streamed to the television from a computer – to insert Pepsi adverts. Many disgruntled users have been posting…