Pebble Time’s Kickstarter Smashes Records by Raising more than $20 Million

Pebble’s Time watch has launched on Kickstarter a month ago and has recently closed with a $20.3 million funding campaign.

The Pebble Time is said to feature a colour e-ink display, 20% thinner body, a seven-day battery life and even has a waterproof feature. The watch was available at $179 during the Kickstarter campaign compared to the retail price of $199 you can find it today.

The company’s campaign apparently broke two Kickstarter records. The first one was on the day it launched, having it be the fastest project to raise a huge amount of money in a matter of minutes and the second one was achieved the following week, when it became Kickstarter’s most funded campaign.

For those of you who have contributed to Pebble’s Time watch campaign, it is worth pointing out that the company will start shipping the watches in May.

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Pebble Time Smartwatch Smashes Kickstarter Goal in Minutes

Smartwatch maker Pebble decided to return to its old stalking ground, Kickstarter, to raise funding for its new wearable device, the Pebble Time, and the $500,000 goal was decimated in a matter of minutes.

First time around, Pebble raised $10.3 million on Kickstarter, a new record. The Pebble Time is already up to $6 million on its first day, from nearly 30,000 backers. With 31 days left to run, the device is set to decimate the record set by its predecessor.

The most notable update to the Pebble Time, apart from its colour screen, is its streamlined notification system. Instead of being hidden in the respective apps, all notifications are listed in chronological order, and can be navigated via the ‘Past’, ‘Present’, and ‘Future’ buttons on the side of the watch.

The main advantage of a Pebble over other smart wearables, such as the Samsung Gear or Android Wear, is compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, though not all features are supported by both devices.

Pebble Time is due to ship to Kickstarter investors in May this year, with retail model becoming available soon after.

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Pebble to Push new Modular Smart Watch in 2015

2015 will see smart watch manufacturer Pebble release their next generation highly customizable product choices. Not only will they reportedly contain the ability to be strapped to your wrists via a plastic, metal case or leather strap – but advanced customization options are ticking in the pipeline.

Pebble was introduced to the world thanks to a Kickstarter campaign reaching great success, ensuring they could begin pitting their best against the plethora of smart watch offerings by multi-billion dollar tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, ASUS and LG.

Following the high-profile release of Apple’s first smart watch, Pebble have decided to entice customers to their brand by providing alternatives in styling, features and operation to these big-name competitors. The next models of Pebble watches will feature many secret developments in design and application, but unfortunately it’s very hard to get information out of them at this stage as to any specifics.

The most popular rumor is that of Pebble releasing modular smart watches, giving users the ability to do things such as change their wrist bands on-the-run and utilize different watch faces. It’s a smart concept as it then creates a product to suit many different users needs. Imagine a watch that you can dress up for a job interview, then simply change the fact and strap for a dance in a dingy nightclub.

At this stage there isn’t any more information available to us, including no set release date or pricing structure – we will report as the story develops here on eTeknix.

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Pebble Seeds Engineering Schools With 4000 Free Smartwatches

Pebble are looking to spark the fires of innovation with their new project which is aimed at education. The company will be donating over 4000 of their Pebble smart-watches to higher ed schools including Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, Virginia Tech and more. Overall the will be donating around $600,000 worth of devices and along side their SDK they’re trying to get their tech into the hands of top developers of tomorrow. If this doesn’t spur the development of new apps and features at a rapid pace, nothing will.

The company is looking to find the potential of the device, for people to push its limits and make wearable tech the next big thing for Pebble and naturally Pebble want to be a strong contender against rivals such as Apple, Samsung and every other company that will be, or already have released smart-watches.

This could also prove a great way to boost sales for the company as the PR work will now be done by the students via word of mouth, not to mention hands on experience that could tempt others into a purchase. Pebble are also offering a special discount through its institutional partners to anyone who wants to order a personal device through them.

How effective this strategy will be for both Pebble and the students involved remains to be seen, but it certainly looks like a promising project and we look forward to seeing the results throughout 2014.

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Nike To Release New Smartwatch Next Year

The Nike company isn’t afraid to dig deeper into the tech industry, introducing more and more gadgets for sport fans all over the world. Their partnership with Apple also helped them grow in this sphere and now word is that Nike is designing a new smartwatch to be released as early as Q1 2014.

Rumor has it that Nike has the new smartwatch under trial and testing, though speculations should be taken with a grain of salt as always. The fact that Nike’s FuelBand has been so successful, despite actually offering very little over the array of cheaper apps available for smartphones, suggests Nike could well have a big say in the smartwatch market. Pebble has released their version of smartwatches, having also both Sony and Samsung also competing with their own gadgets. Google and Apple are also interested in releasing their own wrist inventions, therefore we should see an interesting competition next year in terms of smartwatch devices.

Though the FuelBand is an exercise-orientated gadget, we could see more improvements and features in what is to come as Nike’s new smartwatch. Combining style, solid functionality and high prices, they are not so far apart from Apple’s marketing strategy, working in a “harmonious” environment together. Whether this partnership will continue as such in the future, we can just wait and see.

There is little information regarding Nike’s new smartwatch or even Apple’s own gadget, the so-called “iWatch”, therefore we can presume that Nike could also compete with Apple next year in terms of smartwatch features, or Apple could also take a different approach than Nike and offer non-sporty features, focus mainly on other areas such as entertainment, social media, and others.

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Pebble Smartwatches Available On The Amazon Store

Pebble smartwatches started shipping for $150, or even less, since Pebble is offering a $20 discount on its website, a sale that it decided to extend beyond Black Friday.

Pebble is also available on Amazon, both in the US and the UK. Not all colors are available at the moment, having only the white and red variants available on and white, red, gray and black variations on the store. The prices are also a key factor here, since there is a limited stock, early buyers will resell the watches at steeper prices.

For example, the Gray Pebble Smartwatch can reach the $379.99 price range on the US side of Amazon, while the Red variation from the UK side is priced at a steep £224.99. Enthusiasts can buy them at the previously mentioned prices, however a good advice is to wait for a stock refresh and a price drop. I’m pretty sure most people would not throw money at a watch just for the heck of it.

When Pebble finished its Kickstarter campaign last year, it had raised over $10 million, making it Kickstarter’s most-funded project at the time. High demand forced the company to delay its initial September 2012 launch before finally shipping out models to early backers earlier this year.

Pebble has since updated its SDK to allow it to communicate with smartphones, featuring support for both the iOS and Android operating systems.

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