Humble Book Bundle Is Everything You Need to Play Pathfinder!

Sometimes you just want to get away from things, it can be your favourite interstellar video game or even a quick trip down the woods to fire arrows at Orc hordes. For some though you just want to sit at a table with your friends and conquer the dungeons and creatures that stir only in fiction and your minds. If you are one of those people or interested in becoming one, then the latest Humble Book Bundle is just what you need to play Pathfinder.

For just a single dollar you will gain access to everything you need to play, from the core rulebook and a digital copy of the beginner’s box to the Adventure titled In Hell’s Bright Shadow (sounds happy doesn’t it?). Paying more than the average will get you the advanced players guide to expand on your adventures, the bestiary to add a whole horde of creatures to your adventure, the ultimate equipment e-book to give you that edge you need to fight the hordes and the second adventure book in the Hell’s Rebels series, Turn of the Torrent, to name just a few.

If you wanted to take it one step further, at $15 or more you will unlock not only the third of the Hell Rebels adventure path series, Dance of the Damned but also the Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Magic and Combat books, alongside the Bestiary 2 e-book and so many more.

If this wasn’t enough for you then paying just $25 will also unlock you a physical copy of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Beginner Box. Be warned though that price doesn’t include the shipping cost, not that it will be stopping us!

Hackers Find Serious 0day Vulnerability in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla got word this Wednesday that a severe Firefox 0day vulnerability was being exploited by an ad on a Russian website. Although the company was swift in delivering a fix, they are now urging users to check that they are running version 39.0.3 or later to prevent hackers from gaining access to their sensitive data.

It looks like the vulnerability affected a non-privileged part of Firefox’s built-in PDF viewer, where hackers were able to inject JavaScript files. Since they are in the same origin policy as the local browser, hackers could then have the script search and upload data to a server located in Ukraine, as sources indicate.

Security specialists found that the exploit mainly targeted developer-focused content, though it was released to the general audience. However, the attack seems pretty neat because you can have a large number of audience on the website, but have data transferred from browsers with significant relevance. The guys looking into the hack found that it did not leave traces of it behind, which means that even experienced users may be unaware if they have been the victim of a hack or not.

Though the hack affected only Windows and Linux systems, Mac users should also be on guard, since the hack can also be modified to target Macintosh OS’ too.

Thank you Sci-Tech Today for providing us with this information

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Microsoft “Office Lens” Document Scanner App for Android Beta Released

Microsoft just released the Android beta app for “Office Lens”, an app that allows you to capture notes, business cards, receipts, and other printed material to be saved as a digital file. The app can also capture things like whiteboards and save them as a digital file, a useful tool for capturing meeting notes in the office.

The written text will be recognized with OCR, transforming what was written into text that you can edit. Using the app is very simple, and to start you just open the app and use the camera to capture your image.  The app takes care of the rest by framing, cropping, and enhancing the image. The resulting file can be saved to your gallery, Word, PowerPoint, OneDrive, OneNote, or as a PDF. To get started with the app you will need to join the beta community on Google+ and sign up to test the app.

Source: Android Police